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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 29

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotations marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.

    T/N²: Thank you Eden for providing me a ko-fi.


    The morning was bright.


    I had a light breakfast and prepared to go out.


    Senna was quiet all day long as she dressed me in a thick coat and outdoor clothes for going out.


    “Madam, you have to stay still this time. Okay? It’s dangerous there because the earthquake happened.”


    “All right.”


    “But last time…”


    “I’m a grown-up now.”


    I thought my ears would bleed if I kept listening.


    When I closed my ears with both hands to stop listening, Sena burst into a small laugh.


    “Okay, because you’re a great madam.”


    I laughed as I adjusted my shawl for the last time.


    “I am not Sena.”


    “That’s not true. You’re doing great.”


    Even so, I will leave them behind.


    I’m going to divorce anyway because of a relationship that doesn’t match with Asellus.


    ‘Will you smile at me after that?’


    Even if I become someone they no longer need?


    ‘It will be difficult.’


    It was a vain imagination. I cleared my mind and clenched my fists.


    ‘No, that gonna not happen.’


    Finally, I was going to Mount Yachtria. I had to find a great sage who I didn’t even know where he was.


    The mission was crucial. There was no time to indulge in personal sentiments.


    I walked like a general ahead of the war. Senna laughed, saying,


     “Are you that excited?”




    I ride in a carriage.


    When I asked Asellus to ride together, he refused, saying he didn’t like the stuffiness. [T/N- no dear he just don’t want to be alone with you]


    Due to my constant request, my first destination was Mount Yachtria.


    As the snow mountain got closer, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut by the majestic scenery.


    “Wow——, it’s massive.”


    Mount Yachtria was as tall as its notorious counterpart. I couldn’t see the top even if I lifted my head.


    ‘Will I be able to find the great sage there?’


    Even if he hides, he probably doesn’t hide very profoundly.


    It was evident that I would freeze to death before I met him.


    ‘I can’t even find him anyway.’


    The knights looked everywhere to see how great the surveillance was.


    The Austell Territory had a fairly large knighthood due to its borders and many accidents.


    Half of them took part in this journey, and there were half of them participating in reconnaissance, and the other half was set up to escort me.


    Looking at this scale of movement, Asellus seemed quite unwilling to let me go out.


    Are you worried about if I cause an accident?


    ‘Because it’s useless, thorough.’


    While in the abundance of thoughts, Asellus slowed the horse’s speed and approached the carriage.


    “What’s wrong?”




    “You said you wanted to come here, but your complexion doesn’t look good.”


    “No, I love it. That’s cool. But it’s going to be hard to get into the mountain, right?”


    “Of course.”


    The knight next to him burst into laughter at the curt response.


    “Climbing Yachtria during this period is like suicide.”


    “Did you hear that, Brill? If you don’t want to die, don’t even look at the mountain.”




    I pondered for a long time as I can’t believe what they said.




    As Asellus said, he never left me alone.


    When he had to leave me, he attached a dozen guards next to me.


    From time to time, even that glanced at me to ensure that I was at an approachable distance.


    It was all due to the previous Avril’s characteristic.


    I waited and sat there until he came back.


    Of course, nothing was found about the great sage.


    I became bored and yawned, but a knight standing by my side spoke to me, breaking the silence.


    “Haha, you’re not having fun, are you? I hope you two enjoy your date here.”


    “No, we’re just friends.”


    “….Oh, Is that so.”


    The knight remained silent. It was amusing to see him displaying signals of difficulties due to his large body size.


    I have nothing to do, so I talked to him.


    ” Everyone here seems to be tall.”


    “Ah, everyone in the North is like this. Women and men are all tall and sturdy.”


    “But Asher isn’t.”


    He wasn’t small, but he wasn’t as tall as the knights. That’s was only one difference between Asellus and me.


    Then the knight laughed and said.


    “Because the growth period is from now on. Maybe one day he will grow up.”


    “Like you, sir?”


    “He will be taller than me.”


    In a tone of conviction, I tilted my head silently. No matter how much I think about it, I don’t think he will be as big and sturdy as the knight.


    When it was hard to believe, he kindly added an explanation.


    “Think of the former Lord,  can you imagine?”


    At that word, I shut my mouth and nodded.


    I don’t know what kind of person Asellus’s father was, but I believe he was tall and strong.


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