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    Translated by Bonsai
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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 24

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotation marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.

    T/N²: A special thanks to Batty for providing me a ko-fi. And thanks to other readers for providing me your support and liking this story.


    Asellus picked up a ring with a golden sapphire in the center of the dark gemstone and gently touched it.


    He muttered unexpectedly.


    “..Did you made it, Brill?”


    “Yes, is the wedding ring is lacking anywhere?”


    “No, it does not lack at all. Pretty.”


    Asellus hurriedly put on the ring as if someone was taking it. It was a modest ring in comparison to his stunning appearance.


    However, I felt proud for some reason when Asellus put the ring on his slender finger, which was devoid of any jewelry.


    “Do you like it?”


    “Yes, it’s lovely.”


    I chuckled for no apparent reason when I heard the word lovely.


    I haven’t given a gift to anyone in a long time.


    Warmth spread through my heart.


    ‘I’m glad you like it.’


    If Asellus coldly refuse my gift, I would be upset.


    I raised my head to meet the intense gaze.








    “It’s nothing, Brill.”


    Asellus avoided my gaze. It was already the second time.


    ‘Why are you doing that?’


    But my question was cut short. There have been more pressing matters.


    With a rushed demeanor, A knight greeted Asellus.


    “Please wait a moment, Lord. I needed to speak with you.”


    “Of course.”


    Asellus left before he finished his meal.


    I ate alone, without him, and then went back to my bedroom. Since I wasn’t drinking tea, all kinds of thoughts flooded in me.


    I will become a married couple with Asselus once the emperor approves the documents.


    But there were already sea monsters running wild in the eastern sea of the kingdom.


    Before things got out of control, I had to find Asellus’s future teacher. But how?


    I sighed as I realized there was no information.


    “How to track him down in Yachtria Mountain.”


    Even if I was going, finding the great sage, there was another problem.


    If I can only find the great sage right now, only then I can hope to get rid of everything else—


    But it was not an easy task.


    With a sigh, I flipped through my notebook, submerged in distress. However, nothing less comes to mind.


    ‘It can’t be helped.’


    I should stop relying on the original and focus on what I can do here.


    I rummaged through the books on the history of the kingdom of LaTela that I had obtained from the butler.


    I have a scroll of parchment paper next to me to take notes on.


    I was about to start studying, but I suddenly thought of Asellus.


    ‘My main plan was to look after Asellus’


    Today he was rushed out of the mansion, unable to sleep and to skip meals, and his clothes were too frugal.


    He has dressed in a silk suit and his coat given to knights. 


    ‘The mansion’s finances would not be so scarce.’


    I shook my head while thinking about the eggs and bacon, bread, and salad I had for breakfast.


    That was not enough.


    It wasn’t enough to eat meat with many medicinal herbs every day when you lived in such a cold environment.


    Besides, he came back at. So he couldn’t have a proper meal outside.


    ‘It’s my duty to take care of him.’


    I asked Sena, who just came in.


    “Where is the kitchen, Sena?”


    “What about the kitchen? Do you want to eat something? It’s next to the breakfast room on the first floor.”


    At her question, I shook my head.


    “I’d like to make a dish.”


    Senna was frightened at my words and stepped back.




    Senna followed me persistently and pleaded to me.


    “Madam, no. What do you mean cooking all of a sudden? What if there’s a rumor?”


    “There’s nothing to gossip about. In any case, it’s just the employees here.”


    “It’s not such a problem. Leave this task to us.”


    Sena was restless and persuaded me to change my mind.


     On the other hand, I turned a blind eye to her distress.


    ‘I can’t bear the frustration of life like a slug.’


    But I can’t say anything here, so I pressed it and swallowed it.


    Instead, I opened the kitchen door and walked in.


    “Everyone must be busy.”


    At my words, the hustle-bustle of the kitchen, which was due to preparing lunch, subsided.


    And the head chef of the mansion stepped forward.


    “Madam, what’s the matter?”


    When asked by the chef, I rolled up my sleeves and said.


    “Can I borrow the kitchen for a while?”


    “…what? You’re want to use the kitchen?”


    “I have a dish in my mind that I want to cook.”


    I formed a smile. The chef then had no idea what to do and just blinked.


    He managed to open his mouth after fixing his slipping hat.


    “……. for whom?”


    “Asellus.I’ll prepare a meal for him.”


    “Well, um, are you serious?”


    The chef seemed to think I was joking.


    But I was serious.

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