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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 23

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotations marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.



    It was the morning of the day Asellus returned.


    I listen that Asellus returned to the mansion at dawn when the darkness of the night was over.


    If Asellus came at dawn, he would have been sleeping.


    I asked Sena, leaving her hair trimmed.


    “Will Asher be joining  for dinner today?”


    Senna nodded and said.


    “Yes, Young Master has already started his daily routine.”


    “Asellus is very diligent.”


    “My lady is also diligent.”


    But I am just living everyday life.


    While Asellus was overhauling the estate, I also ordered the repair and maintenance of the mansion, but the butler and Rell helped a lot.


    It was all that I sat down and thought about and said my thoughts.


    It was a piece of cake compared to the past when I worked in a couple of part-time jobs.


    Waiting for Asellus, I prepared a small gift.


    It was in return for a gorgeous paper bouquet surrounded by jewels.


    “I know Asellus won’t like everything I give him.”


    However, no matter how politically engaged we were, we were a couple.


    The ceremony was not held, but the moment the king’s seal was stamped on the documents and handed down to the royal palace, we will be formally married.


    ‘We’ll have to live together for several years, but we don’t need to be close together.’


    I have not decided which ring I should choose from the catalog.


    In this situation, I was thinking of wearing a beaded ring as a temporary measure and look at the ring design.


    I went down to the dining room with a small box. Senna followed me with an eager face.


    “Young Master will definitely like it. It’s so pretty, madam.”


    She chirped like a bird.


    I was greeted by the servants and entered the dining room.


    ‘Again, Asellus, come here first.’


    I also didn’t get up late. I started my day at dawn when the sun rose.

    But Asellus wakes up faster than that. At this point, I wondered if he slept or not.


    I spoke to him.


    “How are you?”


    “What about you?”


    All of a sudden, Aselllus was asking about my wellbeing.


    I stared at his sparkling golden hair and then looked away.


    It was a choice that Avril was forced to make because he fell in love with him. 


    “I’m good.”


    After that, a heavy silence fell.


    It’s not a comfortable feeling, but the silence that leads to awkwardly hiding the insides of each other.


    ‘I’ve been hiding a gift, so why is he doing that?’


    Leaving the question behind, I inadvertently touched the ring finger of my left hand.


    My hands touch the beads ring I made after staying awake all night.


    He heard that the ring finger was closest to the heart, so he wore a wedding ring on his left ring finger. 

    Thinking about information that doesn’t come to mind.


    It was still before meals came over.


    I opened my mouth first because I wasn’t busy.


    “Excuse me…”


    “You know Avril…” – Asellus


    By the way, it seems that Asellus had something to say.


    I signaled Asellus to tell him first. Then he slowly opened his mouth.


    “I’m sorry, Brill, I couldn’t tell you in advance.”


    Asellus adverted his gaze.


    He fluttered his long lashes and looked at me for a moment, then turned his head when he made eye contact with me.


    It was beyond my comprehension.


    ‘What the hell are you sorry about?’


    I couldn’t figure it out, so I only looked around, but Asellus didn’t talk anymore.


    Eventually, I asked Asellus.






    “What are you sorry about?”


    At my question, Asellus opened his eyes wide as if panicked. I silently looked at Asellus.


    Only then did he mutter low, resignedly.


    “I canceled the wedding without saying anything.”


    He bowed his head like a sinner who had committed a great sin.


    I shrugged my shoulders at him, who seemed really sorry.


    “I’m fine. Oh, I prepared this rather than that.” -Avril


    While Asellus bowed his head, I quickly brought out a box smaller than his palm in front of him.


    Asellus casually got up from the seat and accepted the box.


    He politely took the box with both hands and hastily put it down on the table.


    Then he stammered with astonished eyes.


    “This, what is this?”


    For some reason, I stuttered until the end. It seemed scary that I might have given you something weird.


    Instead of answering, I stretched out my left hand and showed him the ring on my ring finger.


    “Wedding ring. I made it with a jewel in the bouquet you gave me.”


    At my words, Asellus opened his eyes and blinked quickly. Then slowly untie the knot tied to the gift box.


    I looked at Asellus’s hand as he unties the knot.


    His fingers are long, delicate, and thin. He seems to be a scholar rather than a warrior, but a remarkably big hand.


    ‘If you’re looking for something that suits Asellus, jewelry would suit you better than a sword or a pen.’


    ‘I didn’t say it aloud to save Asellus’s face.’


    Although he seemed to be embarrassed, there was no sign of dislike. I’m Glad.


    Asellus picked up a ring with a golden sapphire in the center of the dark gemstone and gently touched it.


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