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    I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 21

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotations marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.

    Chapter 3.2- The blood-soaked wedding


    After the earthquake, Asellus jumped in all directions to see the situation.


    The conclusion was that the damage was worse than expected.


     Still, the cursed Austell estate was blessed with only an earthquake. 


    Other places in the Kingdom of Latella suffered severe damage.


    Even the communication was cut off.


    The Latella Kingdom was a country surrounded by the Yachtria Mountain on the top and the sea on the other three sides.


    And trading merchandise over land is nearly impossible because you have to cross Yachtria Mountain to get in touch with other countries.


    That’s why maritime trade was the only way to import or export goods from other countries. 


    However, in the eastern sea, a huge sea monster that could not even be measured in size appeared.


    Every time monsters appear, the whole country shooked.


    The southern seaport and the western seaport were severely damaged, and the ships were unable to go back and forth properly, and communication was disrupted.


    The kingdom of Latella fell into panic.


    Even the laid-back aristocrats were busy trying to find a way to make ends meet.


    There couldn’t be any guests to attend because the wedding was leisurely held in such a situation and we have to face other aristocrats scorning eyes.


    Above all, if we held a grand ceremony in a disaster situation, we will face backlash from the kingdom’s people.


    ‘It can’t be helped.’


    Asellus decided to cancel the wedding.


    Instead, he only handover the wedding documents to a knight who will send this to the royal palace.


    Because Asellus couldn’t leave the marquise position empty anymore.


    ‘I should have consulted with Asher first.’


    However, he could not return to the mansion for a while because he had to renovate the area around Mount Yachtria.


    Instead, he bought paper flowers sold in the streets as an apology.


    It was the most colorful thing by putting jewels in every corner.


    Since there are no flowers in the Austel estate, it was used a lot as a substitute for a flower bouquet.


    Even so—-


    “But I  still feel bad.”


    there was nothing to say even when I heard why he acted this way.

    [T/N: wedding was canceled so Asellus coaxed Avril by giving flowers]



    (Asellus’s POV)


     Asellus was lost his thoughts.


    Avril’s face, who smiled brightly, saying she had chosen a dress, fluttered in her head.


    At the same time, Avril’s appearance during the earthquake also came to mind.


    “The two of them each hide under a side table and instruct the north and south personnel to hide under a large object.”


    “The Lady tells those are outside do not enter the castle and stay in the garden without falling objects!”


    It looked like he was leading the battlefield.


    Avril’s attitude was completely different from herself, who turned pale for a while in the earth-shaking disaster.


    Just half a year ago, Avril, who thought I was her whole world, was unbelievably calm.


    But she screamed fervently but did not even take care of her own safety.


    She tried to evacuate others without knowing that the giant chandelier was swing right above her head.


    At that moment, Asellus’s eyes overlapped with the appearance of Avril and his deceased parents.


    ‘Why is it feel like the accident was similar to my parents?’


    ‘Aren’t the people of the land struggling.‘ -Asellus’s parents


    ‘If you are a noble, you need to know how to listen to their voices.’ 


    My parents, who went directly into the danger zone, ended up dying from an avalanche in the same place.


    But even Avril almost faced the same situation.


    ‘Asher! Don’t come this way-‘


    ‘Are you crazy? Get out of the way!’


    Asellus flew reflexively to save her.


    After confirming that she was safe, strangely, my body trembled.


    I didn’t know if it was because of the death of my parents who died, or Avril was about to die, or because the earthquake was a special situation.


    Inexhaustible anger boiled inside. It was all Avril’s fault.


    ‘Avril’s safety comes first, before anything else.’


    If something went wrong, Austell’s honor would touch the ground.


    Asellus was really angry with Avril.


    ”Why are you leading the servants? Who should take care of your body first? Tell me, Brill. Look in my eyes and talk!”


    But the answer that came back was absurdly ridiculous.


    “Even you are angry. You looked handsome.”


    At that moment, my body feels exhausted.


    Believe that Avril had changed so far, I felt stupid.


    After he swallowed his anger inside, he pushed Avril into a safe corner.


    ‘How can you say such absurd things in a situation like this?’


    As expected, Avril is obsessed with me.


    When he was hiding from the earthquake, Avril looked so different that he couldn’t believe it with his eyed.





    She trembled at the sound of breaking things.


    It was the opposite of the old days. Avril used to throw bowls and vases when she was angry.


    It felt like watching someone else.


    Involuntarily, he embraced Avril and patted her back.


    ”Why are you worried, Brill.  I’ll protect you.”


    ”thank you.” This time her reply was normal


    Avril, who was in charge of the situation or Avril has a crush on me and the terrified Avril,


    Asellus couldn’t figure out which side was Avril’s true self.


    But what is clear is that Avril today is not as foolish as before.


    On the contrary, Avril kept revealing herself to my eyes.


    At that moment, Asellus realized his mistake.


    Maybe Avril was also working hard to improve herself.


    That’s why she looked so different.


    Why did I think of her as a childish girl?


    Why did he pretend that Avril will not change and hurt him?


    Avril would also have her own scars and worries.


    Asellus reflected on himself and made a promise.


    He wouldn’t treat Avril the way he did before, and he would be more honest with Avril.


    At least as long as Avril is his wife, Asellus take responsibility and make her happy.


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