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    Chapter 2 : I Dislike the Male Lead’s Child 

    Translated by Bonsai

    Edited by Briggy 

    ‘I guess one comment can literally change your life.’


    Fortunately, it wasn’t long after the beginning of the book that the main story came to life. I wrote down useful information in my notebook just in case I forgot.


    1. Now Asellus has lost his parents just like my parents.

        First of all, comfort him.

    1. Avoid the first night as an excuse for being young.

         Keep each room open.

    1. A sea monster is expected to appear later when Asellus is revered as a warrior.

        Must find the great sage who awakened Asellus!


    ‘And, what else was there—’ I searched through my memories as hard as I could, but I didn’t remember much more.


    Not because my memory was bad, but because ‘Tame the Warrior’ is a romance-fantasy. The unfortunate male protagonist’s past passed by quickly, and the romance with the female protagonist, the princess of Cortella, took over immediately. Therefore, I knew only very little of Asellus’s past.


    I turned a page over and renumbered it.

    1. The Austell Estate is located in a faraway land where the soil is rough and the accident happened at Mount Yatelia near the mansion. The soil was so rough that an avalanche would kill all of the male lead’s family
    2. Avril’s body is weak, so health care is essential!
    3. Keep a friendly relationship with the male lead.

    As I wrote the last sentence, I frowned. I knew too little about Avril. The close relationship between their two mothers is so tight-knit to the point where they are willing to form an engagement between their two children.


    There was also the northern Austell estate where male lead resided and the South where Avril’s family resided.


    The Rovtree estate of Wealth is far from Austell estate, to the point where reaching the Austell estate takes a full month through carriage, so they wouldn’t have met very often.


    ‘Maybe they just remembered each other’s faces.’ I had no choice but to guess so.


    I looked at the scenery outside the window that turned desolate as time went by. There was a  chill in the carriage, signalling their nearing arrival at the north. After a whole month, the end of the damn wagon trip was finally approaching. At the end of this trip, there was only one thing to remember.


    “Do not conceive Asellus’s child.”




    The wagon ran quick and entered the Austell estate. The huge Yachtria mountain covered in snow all year round could be seen from outside the window. ‘If I had a camera, I would have taken a picture.’ I felt like I was facing the Himalayas that I’ve only ever seen on the internet. I was fixated on the sight of the overwhelming mountain range.


    “Wow—” It was more thrilling than I thought to face a scene that I never imagined I would see in my life.


    My body, which had been exhausted from the long wagon trip, was instantly rejuvenated. As I was looking at the mountain for a long time, the carriage started shaking as it entered a dirt road. The Austell Estate was large, but the climate and terrain were rugged. It was due to the fact that Austell was placed directly on Mount Yachtria.


    Yachtria was said to be named after the cannibal god that eats people. It was famous for its height and size, making climbing extremely difficult.


    As a result, even the border-facing empire could not target LeTella, the nation that faces the mountains above and the sea below. It was a flamboyant kingdom.


    ‘The place where Asellus meets the Great Sage was also the Yachtria Mountains.’


    Before forgetting, I wrote (Great sage) next to number 4, but the shaking of the carriage caused a line to be drawn out of the notebook. After I stared at the protruding line for a moment, I closed my notebook.


    Just in time, the carriage also stopped. The driver escorting me carefully knocked on the window and spoke to me, “My Lady.”


    I slightly opened the window and looked at him. The cold eyes of the knight turned slightly downward. “I was unable to find a proper town for you to rest in, so we have to camp.”


    “Alright.” I smiled and closed the window again, minimising the number of interactions I have with other people. I didn’t know anything about Avril’s original character, so I might have come off as suspicious. If I got caught, it would’ve been a headache.


    I hugged the blanket and curled up. “How much longer will it take to get to the mansion?” A sigh flowed out of my mouth, realising that after entering the estate, the carriage still had to keep going for three to four more days before finally reaching the Austell mansion.


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