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    I Dislike the Male lead’s child.

    Chapter 15

    T/N: In this novel single Quotation mark (‘) is used for internal monologue, and Quotations marks (” “) are used for external dialogue.


    Avril was waiting for him to sit on the couch.


    In case there was a trap, Asellus, who carefully checked the cushion, sat down.


    I looked down and glanced at the papers in Asellus’s hand.


    Only then, Asellus coughed and returned with his original cold expression and spoke.


    “The butler gave it to me.”


    I nodded.


    What was in Asellus’s hand was the papers I struggled with throughout the day.


    Eventually,  my eyes meet with Asellus, who was observing me. 


    I couldn’t control myself from asking.


    “Is there something wrong?”


    “…no, it’s so neat. That’s why it’s weird.”


    Why is everyone giving a strange reaction?


    If I knew this would happen, I would pretend to be sloppy.


    Thump-! [sfx]


    Before the body stopped listening, just like in the breakfast room, I quickly bit my lip and replied.


    “…..Of course. I only studied a little while I was in Lobtree.”


    “Hmm, judging from your complexion doesn’t seem like you are sick. Isn’t it?”


    “And you still like me now.” – Asellus.


    He grinned. It was a dazzlingly sweet smile.


    Somehow I was dazed looking at his smiley face.


    My body didn’t move like it was frozen.


    ‘WTH, what’s wrong with my body!’


    Maybe it’s a side effect of being possessed?


    That’s why the original heroine faced many obstacles after possessing the princess.


    I tried to move my body, but the body was as heavy as a rock.


    Even blinking my eyes and exhaling felt awkward.


    Meanwhile, Asellus approached.


    He gently grabbed my chin. I was avoiding his gaze but accidentally made eye contact with him.


    His red lips came into my view, made a quiet voice, and said.


    “Honestly, I was a little surprised. I can’t believe you know how to do this.


    I wondered if Asellus hesitated a little, then lightly stroked my head.


    Annoyance sprang up in me because Asellus was treating me like a child.


    ‘What is this. Why isn’t my body moving in front of Asellus?’


    However, as he covered my head with his big hand, I felt a thrill and warmth flowed through the whole body.


    ‘It’s been a long time since someone hugged me.’


    It felt so comfortable. 


    Then Asellus was preparing to leave and get up from the seat.


    “I’ll take care of what the butler asked. I’ll leave the catalog here, so check it out when you have some time. You must be tired, so get some rest. I’ll be busy from now on.”


    He left the bedroom without even listening to my answer.


    Only then my body started to move.


    I inadvertently tapped my head with the other hand.


    I can’t believe it feels so pleasant when someone stroked my head.


    Or is it because Avril’s body likes Asellus?


    The reason was unknown.


    I rubbed my cheek and wrote my new findings in my notebook.


    [7. Avril’s body doesn’t work appropriately in front of Asellus.]


    ‘But it wasn’t always like that.’


    If so, what are the conditions?


    In the wagon, in the breakfast room, and even now, all of a sudden, my body becomes stiff.


    I’ve been pondering about the reason and soon made up an assumption.


    ‘When I have made physical contact!’


    Every time I touched Asellus, my body didn’t listen to me.


    I quickly wrote ‘avoid contact’ next to number 7.


    After grabbing the pen from the notebook, I thought about it for a moment.




    It was a so-called love affair.


    I only talked with a man when I was doing a group project with them.


    There was no other reason.


    In my busy life, making a relationship felt like a waste of time.


    I thought there would be no marriage in my life.


    I didn’t even want to.


    Watching my mother struggling, I pledged to live alone my entire life.


    ‘Everything like a happy marriage is a big fat lie.’


    After falling in love, people would never get rid of this emotion. 


    That’s why I vowed that the feeling of love would never blind me.


    And I lived in a world where I was in a hurry to take care of myself and my mother.


    So, I can’t indulge in vain delusions.


    “Now, I can’t believe I have become Avril now.”


    As soon as I possessed Avril, I got on the wagon and had no time to rebel.


    While I was here, I was trying to figure out how to survive in the future.


    There was no excitement in me for becoming a bride.


    But I’m not an emotionless person.


    I glanced at the catalog that Accelus left behind.


    I was discussing it with the butler during the day and later forget to pick it up.


    The butler said it would take up to half a year to make dresses.


    However, the marriage between Asselus and I was urgent, so I would mend and wear a dress that had already been made.


    The butler asked if it would be okay if it weren’t a custom dress, but it didn’t matter at all because I don’t care about romance or marriage.


    However, it was also true that there was a gentle breeze in my frozen heart after looking at the catalog.


    “So pretty——“


    The catalog was filled with dresses drawn in oil paintings.


    There were pure white wedding gowns, scarlet or turquoise blue, and refreshing, light-colored dresses that burned like the setting sun in paintings.



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