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        I Dislike The Male Lead’s Child

    Chapter 12


    As I (Avril) was worried, I shuddered.


    There was only one thing I could do anyway.


    To thoroughly act as a good and sincere madam!


    Anyhow, even if the butler wields power, will he be the only one to oppose me? But if there’s nothing to blame, he’ll shut up.


    “Don’t worry, Senna!”


    Then I left the bedroom with a light heart.


    However, I soon faced a great crisis.


    “-Where’s the drawing-room?”


    I looked around. However, the spacious hallway continued the same visits and windows as if copying and pasting.


    Whiing – (SFX)


    The wind blew the curtain.


    I muttered as I stared at the curtains drifting blankly.


    “It’s too wide.”


    In addition, the mansion was six floors above ground, two underground floors, and eight floors in total.


    How did you find the Drawing room among them?


    ‘That would look weird if I ask for help.’


    Seeing that no one is guiding me, it seems that Avril had been staying for a long time at the Austel residence.


    “Somehow, Like a lost child, I wandered around in the hallway.”


    For a few minutes, all of a sudden, a door opened, and Asellus appeared.


    “Look, I’m surprised.”




    “What’s wrong? If you’re going to pass by, go.”


    Like when he was in the breakfast parlor, he raised his eyebrows.


    Oh yeah. That was Asellus’s habit.


    He used his eyebrows to express his opinions if there was anything he didn’t like.


    “I was amazed that Male lead’s eyebrows seemed to move alive.”


    I didn’t understand what it meant when I looked at the text, but it was full of liveliness when I saw it in person.


    He moved his eyebrows well.


    Amid admiration, a voice that sank low was heard.






    “The drawing room is where we used to eat cookies.”


    Maybe you heard what I muttered.


    Wasn’t the room supposed to be soundproofed?


    I slowly nodded and answered.


    “….-that’s right.”


    “Where you put my doll’s eyeballs on.”




    “You don’t remember the place where you called me a serenade?”


    What should I do in this situation?


    But I couldn’t say I didn’t know.


    I had to avoid buying suspicion from Asellus.


    I shook my head desperately and answered.


    “No! Of course, I know.”


    But Asellus didn’t know what to believe.


    ‘Anyway, I only noticed it quickly.’


    He joked as if to look somewhere.


    Looking at the uncomfortable gaze, it seemed that I shouldn’t be like this. I stepped out recklessly.


    ‘I should have asked a passing servant for direction.’


    I have just walked a couple of steps.


    Asellus grabbed my wrist.


    At the same time, my heart jumped again without remorse.


     Warmth rose on my face, and my mouth was loose.


    Then Asellus smirked and said.


    “Did you intentionally pretend you don’t know?”


    “…….Ah, no.”


    “Well, I was going to go there anyway.”


    He looked at me. Then he took my hand and went down to the 2nd floor.


    The drawing-room was the first room to come out as soon as you went through the hallway on this floor.


    There was a terrace next to it so that I could see a frozen fountain with spiny decorations.


    “Good luck.”


    He left me and walked straight away and grinned wickedly.


    I stared blankly at his back and shook my head.


    Finally, the body has returned to its original state.


    There was something more suspicious than that.


    “Why did you say good luck?”


    Did I unintentionally look at the door of the parlor?


    Somehow, it seemed that a dark aura was flowing from the door.


    It was like standing in front of the dungeon with the final boss.


    Come to think of it. Senna said that the butler often scolded Asellus.


    I was silent for a moment, then raised my hand and knocked.


    “Here you are.”


    Inside, the butler opened the door and greeted me.


    I stepped inside and nodded.


    “What happened——?”


    But before I even finished speaking, I had to fix my gaze somewhere.


    There were a bunch of Documents the size of my height piled up on a side table in the corner of the drawing-room.


    I looked at the papers with a sick expression.


    ‘You don’t mean to ask me to deal with that.’


    But it can’t be.


    The words I thought flowed from the butler’s mouth


    “You are here to take over. You said you wanted to be a great madam of the Austel family.”


    “…….I did.”


    “It is the job of the Madam who will be the Marchioness of the Austell family, as well as managing the mansion and socializing, but also organizing this marriage.”


    He asked me back to the silent me.


    “Can you do it well?”


    With a sly grin, like Asellus made a while ago.

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