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    I Dislike the Male lead’s child.

    Chapter 11


    If someone grabs me and says, 


    ‘When you grow up, a noble person will come, so you have to flourish yourself well until then.’


    My first reaction will be: Did you escape from an asylum?


    Besides, Asellus didn’t have any good feelings towards me in the first place.


    ‘Did I only make him doubt me more?’


    As I expected, he said with a firm expression.


    “Don’t be foolish, Brill. If you want to get my attention like this-“


    “This is the truth, and I mean that. Let’s be friends.”


    He shut his mouth. His face was full of absurdity.


    However, I did not mind and continued to speak neatly.


    “It’s a political marriage anyway.  Think of it as an alliance between us. Later, if you find someone you like, you can divorce me without regret.”




    “We’re still fifteen. We need to adjust to the situation. So let’s sleep in a separate bedroom after we get married. It’s better to sleep in an another bedroom and keep the middle door locked.”


    “……Are you serious?”


    “Of course. Sexual intercourse isn’t good for the body, especially at this age.”


    No matter what the background of the novel is, I am still a modern person.


    Asellus can also relieve the curse of the manor without me using his magic resistance.


    He will be much happier to hang out with the female lead, who has a high magic affinity.


    But for some reason, Asellus’ expression was strange.


    He lowered his head a little as if he hadn’t heard anything and bit his lip.


    When I looked closely, the tip of his ear was a little red.


    “Are you sick, or do you not like what I said?” I asked, tilting my head.


    “What’s wrong? Do you have any complaints?”


    Asellus hurriedly waved his hand and said.


    “That’s not it, Brill.”




    “…….It’s so sudden.”


    Asellus averted his gaze. His gaze turned to the people behind him.


    There were ten maids, servants, and butlers in the breakfast area, standing still with an embarrassing look on their faces.


    The faces looked as if they sat on a thorn cushion because they overheard the secret conversation of the couple.


    I understand their reaction, but Asellus’ response was entirely unexpected.


    I thought it was good news for you, but it looks like it’s not?


    Or maybe I brought up a rude conversation that nobles couldn’t frankly speak aloud.


    Either way, it was necessary to be careful.


    “I’ll be careful next time.”


    Asellus nodded with a trembling expression.


    I went back to my bedroom after finishing my meal.


    As soon as the bedroom door closed, Senna, who had followed me in the dark until then, shouted in excitement.


    “Oh my God! Madam, you’re so cool.”




    “Really! I almost fell in love with you!”


    Senna fluttered in excitement.


    It seemed that Senna was hiding her innocence in the dark.


    ‘Wouldn’t it be hard for a maid to do that in an ordinary noble family?’


    Senna quickly solidified her body to prove my prediction was correct.


    “Oh, sorry  I was rude……”


    She took notice of me, but I shook my head to mean it was okay.


    “It’s okay. But you better be careful outside.”


    “Yes, yes! Of course.”


    “Especially if you see Oden, you’ll get seriously scolded.”


    It was a joke but hearing what I said, Senna trembled.


    I was puzzled and spoke.


    “What’s wrong?”


    “…….Madam is right. If the butler knows, he will scold me.”


    “It’s okay. I’ll keep it a secret.”




    As I nodded, Sena noticeably rejoiced.


    I was wondering, ‘How strict is the butler?’


    Even the butler, whose master died and was replaced with a young successor, had to keep his head straight.


    ‘But everyone seems naive except the butler, right?’


    The maid, Sena, and other servants were nice and not very angular.


    I even promised to be friends with Assellus, so I think I’m doing well.


    It was when I was feeling proud of myself for completing the plan step by step.


    knock, knock 


    I heard a knock from outside.


    At the same time, an old but powerful voice resonated.


    “I have something to tell you. Could you please come to the reception room for a while?”


    It was the voice of the butler.


    I answered nonchalantly.


    “I got it.”


    I heard the sound of walking.


    I, too, tried to look out softly, but Senna’s complexion became white.


    “What’s wrong, Senna?”


    “…. The Butler…”




    “Gee, the butler’s hearing is pretty sharp!”


    Is that so frightening?


    I shook my hand, saying it was okay.


    However, Senna’s reaction was unclear, and she was staring at me with a weird expression on her face.


    I was wondering if it would be okay to talk.


    At this point, I was inquisitive about the words she had to follow and urged her.


    “It’s okay to speak comfortably.”




    “Senna is just helping me adjust to the mansion.”


    Senna opened her eyes wide.


    As I smiled at her, Sena hesitated and said.


    “The butler has a solid background. To a certain extent, you remember what happened a few years ago.”




    “Yes, you’ve just heard the words, so be careful in the drawing-room as well. The butler often scolds master Asellus.”


    He’s powerful enough to punish the mansion’s only heir.


    ‘Somehow.’ It seemed that he was not an ordinary butler.

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