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    I Dislike the Male Lead’s Child – Chapter 10

    Recognized as the Madam -part2

    Asellus leisurely turned around the table and sat back.


    Then the maids, who had noticed, began to move in haste.


    I also sat down in a dazed spirit.


    Still, the lips were sealed and did not open.


    ‘What, why is it like this?’


    This body seemed to lose its control if Asellus was in front.


    I wanted to open my lips even with my hands, but my hands didn’t move either.


    I resigned myself and waited for Avril to stabilize.


    ‘I can’t show a ridiculous appearance for no reason.’


    Fortunately, I was able to hide my anger steadfastly.


    Asellus insulted me what I had just said to the butler.


    He ignored me in front of countless employees in the family.


    ‘How much do you know about me ?’


    I was boiling with anger inside.


    Just in time, the maids served food.


    The start of the meal was morning bread with a fragrant scent.


    Asellus put the bread on my plate before starting the meal.


    Looking at the graceful hand gestures, and only then my body returned to its original state.


    I checked my gleaming lips and clenched my fists.


    My fingertips trembled.


    The anger that I endured is going to explode.


    I have to get away.


    What’s the point of being so cold-hearted when you will feel guilty after Avrill dies?


    ‘Isn’t it a plausible excuse made to draw out Heroine’s sympathy?’


    I barely swallowed the rising anger.


    Yes, Asellus and I were in a contractual relationship anyway.


    Asellus doesn’t seem to have any good feelings for me either.


    So it didn’t matter.


    I had to raise Asellus in moderation and hand it over to Female-lead when she comes.


    It’s rather fortunate if the two of us are far apart.


    But I have to correct this; They can’t ignore me all the time.


    ‘I have to solidify my position.’


    I spoke clearly to Asellus, who wasn’t even looking at me.


    “Land, property, title? Only for that reason, you will marry me? That would be not enough.”


    At my words, Acelus crumpled his face for the first time.


    It’s as if he has a weakness.


    “What? Repeat in.”


    “That’s not going to be enough. You just said you’re going to fulfil your decease parent’s wish .” 


    At my words, Asellus was silent.


    But I didn’t care and kept talking.


    Only my lips moved so that the servants around him couldn’t hear it.


    “Do you want to release the curse of the manor?”


    However, the curse’s existent was secret and passed on to very few.


    Asellus’s face hardened fiercely as if he was confirming that I knew about the curse.


    “How do you know that?”


    I pretended to be calm, lifting the teacup, and spoke.


    “Because I’ve been engaged to you since I was a child. So I listen to what the elders said.”


    Asellus was not easily convinced, but there was no way to confirm.


    I said without giving him a chance to think.


    “And I know how to break the curse.”


    Asellus opened his eyes wide.


    His eyes were full of smeared with suspicion and disbelief.


    ‘He seemed to be dubious.’


    But I couldn’t tell you the correct answer right away.


    It was not yet when the heroine possessed the princess of LeTella, and she was an illegitimate child of the king.


    If you go to the Daemyeon Kingdom and find the princess, there is a chance for your neck to be cut off.


    I opened my mouth, not to look easy, but twisted my words when I told the truth.


    “Someone else knows it, not me. The person was very noble, and we’ll be able to meet them when we become adults. He put a condition on us. Until then, become a great man.”


    So I have to be a great Marchioness, and you have to be a great marquise. Do you understand?”


    Asellus laughed at me after hearing my story.


    Contrary to his fair face, he covered his face with his big hand, lowered his face, and said.


    “….After your explanation, if a dog heard this, it would also laugh.”


    I agreed.

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