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This Emperor is Only An Actor

Vol. 1 Chapter 6

The Golden Finger indeed open up the opportunity

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Chapter 6 : The Golden Finger indeed open up the opportunity

Translated by Lian

Edited by Sera


“My Majesty, may I know what it is that you want from me? Is it to oppose Cao Zhengchun?”


After being deceived by Yue Guan a while ago, now Cheng Shifei got too excited and wanted to protect Yue Guan to death.


The ancient concept of loyalty to the Emperor and patriotism was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Even if you are just a little thug-like, Cheng Shifei, it will bring you honor. And since he is one of the main roles, Yue Guan should follow the rules.


To handle this kind of Cheng Shifei, Yue Guan would not be polite and holding back. He was just being direct: “Cao Zhengchun is only my servant. This Emperor can easily abolish him with a single imperial decree. Not even worth mentioning.”


Cheng Shifei is getting more exciting. “Then, what kind of enemy does My Majesty have?“


“My own imperial uncle, Zhu Wushi.” Yue Guan said it lightly.


And Cheng Shifei was shocked. He was a thug in this imperial city, so he knew almost everybody here, especially Zhu Wushi, the Marquis of Tiedan. 


People see this imperial uncle as a great talent in the world and heaven.  


Cheng Shifei subconsciously said, “My Majesty, Marquis of Tiedan is a loyal minister. You are not being deceived by Cao Zhengchun, right?”


Yue Guan laughed: “Cao Zhengchun is only an eunuch. Have you ever seen an eunuch plotting to take over the throne in history?”


Cheng Shifei shook his head. 


“Then, have you seen an imperial uncle try to usurp the throne?” Yue Guan asked with a smile.


Cheng Shifei didn’t even try to laugh. On the contrary, he could feel the cold sweat on his forehead.


Even though he is only a small thug. He also didn’t read many books. But he knew that Zhu Di, the King of Yan, had taken over the throne from his nephew Zhu Yunwen.


And not only him, the entire Kingdom knew this perfectly.


But if they really need to compare it, the background of this current Emperor was coming from the rebellious imperial uncle.


“Consider it carefully, Is the situation now quite similar to the previous one? Incompetent nephew and a wise imperial uncle.”


For every word Yue Guan said, Cheng Shifei felt more cold sweats on his forehead. And he realized the situation was truly similar.


Especially among the people, Zhu Wushi’s reputation was soaring high and up above the sky, but the Emperor’s getting downhill day by day.


Almost everyone felt that the emperor was muddle-headed. Blindly trusted the head of Eastern Berau, Cao Zhengchun. Even the entire imperial court acted against him. The people believed only Zhu Wushi had loyalty and patriotism that could plead for the people’s life.


“My…. My Majesty, you mean….. Marquis of Tiedan, he…. He…..” Cheng Shifei did not dare to continue.


Yue Guan finished the sentence, “He wants to take over the throne, otherwise how is it possible for him to have the position he has now. Ever since the beginning, has there ever been such a powerful imperial uncle in our people’s hearts? I am afraid not even Zhu Di was at his level.”


Cheng Shifei immediately knelt down, bowing his head. He does not dare to say a single word.


He believed in the Emperor. All the words the Emperor said are the truth.


There are several things that we didn’t even think that it was a big matter, but once other people brought it up, it will become a problem.


“This Emperor had investigated, Zhu Wushi has been privately colluding with the Japanese and the general in the border for a long time. The evidence is valid. But my power is not as big as my uncle, so I need to get support from Cao Zhengchun to balance it. Cheng Shifei, are you willing to help me share these burdens?”


Cheng Shifei just wanted to play dead.


His love for this country and the Emperor is real. But to step up against Zhu Wushi. He still needs a lot of encouragement. 


And this is still fit to his character.


Yue Guan was not disappointed. He still had one last shot.


“Cheng Shifei, do you know why This Emperor values you?”


He thinks for a while then answers: “Because I inherited Gu Santong skill?”


“Not only that.” Yue Guan eyed the thug. “It is because Zhu Wushi is your enemy.”


“What? I have bad blood with him?” Cheng Shifei didn’t believe it at all. “My Majesty, I know the Marquis, but he doesn’t even know my existence. A little dust like me, how can I have a grudge towards him?


“You indeed don’t have any contact with the Marquis, but your parents have.”


“My parents?” his pupils enlarged instantly. His entire body jolted with surprise. “My Majesty, do you even know who my parents are?”


“Your Father was Zhu Wushi’s best friend back then. But he liked your mother, so he deliberately framed your father, ruin his life. To protect your father, your mother was willing to be beaten to death.”


His fists clenched instantly.


“This Emperor has all the evidence, and I can promise you that I will let you see your mother in the future. Two of you, mother and son, will be reunited. I only have one request for you. When Zhu Wushi invites you to join the Hulong Manor, agrees to his deal. Be my spy there.”


There was no reason for Cheng Shifei to refuse.


“Then, My Majesty, I promise you.” He vowed to himself. “When will you let me see my mother?”


“She is now a living dead, and it’s useless for you to see her. Zhu Wushi is very obsessed with your mother. He has been looking for ways to save your mother for years. I will also look for medicines that can help your mother. If you do not fail me, This Emperor will not fail you.”


Cheng Shifei paid his respect to Yue Guan, which he deliberately accepted.


The agreement between these two men was reached.


Cheng Shifei was filled with expectation and fear, but Yue Guan was very calm.


He just brought the script of the last episode to the third episode ahead of time to show the existence of this young Emperor. But in Cheng Shifei’s eyes, Yue Guan didn’t expect much about success.


Zhu Wushi’s strength in this drama was just too buggy. Not to say Cheng Shifei, even Gu Santong is not Zhu Wushi’s opponent for now.


Basically, no one can defeat Zhu Wushi only from martial art skills. He was not only a master in martial art, but it was already at the cultivation level.


And considering the power itself, it was also hard to beat. Only the heaven knew how many conspiracies Zhu Wushi had done. 


Cheng Shifei was not the key to eliminating Zhu Wushi. His mother was. 


Apart from being a hypocrite and a hero, Zhu Wushi still had one vulnerability that only a few people knew of. That is his love obsession.


And Suxin is the key. If Yue Guan can control Suxin, then the life or death of Zhu Wushi in his hand. And to be able to control Suxin, first Yue Guan needed to control her son, Cheng Shifei. 


So, this is only the future pawn that he set for now. If Yue Guan wanted it to make it useful, he still needs a long time to go.


[Thirty minutes reached.]

[The self-experience finished.]


Those two lines appeared before his eyes. And the next moment, Yue Guan found he was already back in his own room. The Dragon Robe on his body was gone, replaced by the modern clothes he wore earlier.


He was back.


Although all the things that had just happened felt very vivid. Yue Guang still shook his head. He needed to sort out his thoughts.


And just right at that moment, his phone rang.


The caller ID is Wang Jing.


Yue Guan undeniably felt very weird, but he chose to pick it up anyways. And the first word from Wang Jing stunned him even before he greeted the director.


“Yue Guan, there are some changes in the script. I’ve sent you the new one to your email. Learn it well, everything will be based on this new script.”


He felt a little bit confused, “But, Director Wang, the filming had already started. Why did you change the script?”


Wang Jing answered it quickly, “I thought about it. As the final winner, the young emperor scenes indeed too little. I have discussed it with the screenwriter. We are going to add the emperor’s scenes and arrange an extra scene for you.” 


Yue Guan was filled with ecstasy. He listened to Wang Jing’s words attentively. 


“You and Cheng Shifei will have the contact earlier and proactively put him into Hulong Manor. In this way, the emperor’s character will be richer.” Wang Jing finished his word.


So, this is how the golden finger works.


It was a cheating system for him.


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