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This Emperor is Only An Actor

This Emperor is Only An Actor (Web Novel)

Author: Ping Ceng
Rank 79
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Last Update 1 month ago


Yue Guan is known as the man who built China for five thousand years.

From Emperor Qin Shihuang who unified all the eight countries, to the Emperor Wu of the Han Dynasty who opened up the land; from the only military strategist Emperor Taizong of Tang dynasty, to the extreme comeback from Emperor Ming Chengzu; even the King of Shang and Zhou from the ancient era.

Five thousand years of China’s history, there was no emperor that Yue Guan couldn’t play. He has created countless classic images of the emperor on the screen, and many people directly revered him as his majesty.

In response to this, Yue Guan has always been very humble: This King is Only An Actor.


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