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Tsundere Beastman Tamer

Tsundere Beastman Tamer (Web Novel)

My profession was "Tamer" but somehow it troubles me as I am only popular with the Beastman. She has yet to realize that he’s a certified tsundere beastman.

Author: しましまにゃんこ
Rank 87
7 Releases 40 Views 1 Bookmarked Ongoing Status
Last Update 6 months ago


Lilia is a tamer girl who just became an adventurer in the Kingdom of Alicia this spring. I want to act as an adventurer as soon as possible, but I’m impatient because I haven’t been able to tame any of them yet.

Lilia, an unaware natural doji character, is attacked by tentacles when she enters the forest and by beastmen when she walks around the city.

Rolf, a black leopard beast who loves Lilia and watches secretly in the shadow, is always swayed by Lilia.

In fact, there is a secret between them! ??

In a fantasy world where you can use swords, magic, and magic tools, a girl who wants to play an active role as a tamer and a beast boy who likes it but doesn’t like it are misunderstandings, doting, jiregire, and sometimes yandere slapstick romantic comedy!


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