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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up

Chapter 9

Rogue Lords (9)

Translated by X-treme
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Chapter 9: Rogue Lords (9)


[You have earned level-up points.]

[Points owned: 700]

Every time you level up, you get level-up points. This time, I was able to earn a whopping 700 points by leveling up to level 8 at once.

These points are precious, I have a lot of things to do with them.

[Buy Skills]

[Martial Force Enhancement]

[Item Enhancement]

Points can be used for these three categories. Not only that, but you also need points to activate purchased skills. Without points, you can’t use a skill, even if you have it. Of course, this is the case for general skills, and weapon skills have specific limitations, regardless of points.

Leveling up from 90 to 91 will give you a significant amount of points so you don’t need to worry about points at that point. But at a lower level, like now I have to spend my points well.

What I need to do now is to enhance my martial force, the stronger I am, the less risk of death I have. Because in war, being strong is justice.

[Martial Force Enhancement]

[Strengthen martial force? 200 points]

My martial force is 58; beyond 60, the points required for enhancement increase. So, the strengthening of martial force is not as easy as it sounds, it takes quite a few points. I have only one life so martial force is the most important, this was the top priority anyway.

[Martial force is now 59.]

Immediately my martial force went up by one. My goal is 60, so I tried to strengthen it again.

[Martial force is now 60.]

I spent a total of 400 points and increased my martial force by 2. The reason why it should be over 59 is simple. By keeping my martial strength at 60, I’ll be at exactly 90 when I use the perk, which means I’ll be at A-class, which is way stronger than B-class.

After raising my martial force to 60, I chose the martial force enhancement again.

[Strengthen martial force? 300 points]

It had gone up from 200 to 300 points, probably because I reached D-class. Now I have 300 points left.

Hmmm, what to do……

I’ve achieved 60 points in martial force, should I try to buy some skills? Skills are another essential part of the battlefield. It allows you to perform special abilities, so if you have a few, you can use them to get out of a dangerous situation.

Of course, strengthening weapons is not a bad idea either because the stronger the weapon, the lower the risk of death. Naturally, enhancing Daitouren is going to consume a lot of points.

[Daitouren Lv.10/10]

[Enhance item? 5000 points]

I just checked to make sure, all I could do was laugh. Without bothering with it, I quickly moved to [Buy Skills]. People in this world use skills by utilizing a unique energy called mana.

A stronger general has many unique skills. Of course, there are cases where they are just strong and have no skills. I can’t use mana since I’m not from this world. But in my case, I can embody skills in the system instead.

[Buy Skills]

[Attack Skills]

[Defensive Skills]

[Special Skills]

There are three types of skills.

Now all I need was an attack skill, attack is the best defense.

[Buy attack skill? 200 points]

As soon as I bought a skill, the message was updated.

[skill acquired]

[Wipeout] [Lv.1]

[For enemies with armor value from 0 to 40]

[Kill all enemies within a 2-meter radius]

[50 points per use]

A basic skill that can kill a large number of enemy soldiers at once has been generated.

It is a very useful skill on the battlefield but it consumes 50 points.

I had just 100 points left, so I could use the skill twice.

Just two times is no guarantee of survival. So, leveling up is extremely important.

Anyway, I’m the only one in the world who can level up and can increase his martial force.


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