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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up

Chapter 70

The Night Before (8)

Translated by X-treme
Edited by X-treme


Chapter 70: The Night Before (8)



When I looked at the ledger I had taken from Gensema, I couldn’t help but let out a sigh of admiration. The ledger was filled with the names of the leading nobles of Lunan. In addition, at the top of the list was the name of Duke Ronen, the highest nobleman in Lunan.

Ronen was also related to the Doro Trading Company, unfortunately, he did not use the slavers himself. It was Ronen’s son who was doing business with the slavers.

“So you were going to hand the girl over to Duke Ronen’s son?”


“……You’ve got to be kidding me.”

I kicked Gensema in the face; he really was a piece of human garbage. Zint grabbed Gensema by the hair as he rolled on the floor and got him up.

This is why it was impossible to get rid of slavers in the Lunan Kingdom. In other words, I am the only one in Lunan who can eliminate these people. I don’t care if it’s the king of Lunan or Ronen, I don’t need to worry about what anyone thinks anymore

However, I no longer needed to visit Ronen. The ledger was so detailed that I could go to my target immediately. Since Ronen’s name was mentioned so directly, I went to visit Elheat.

“Is this for real!? You’ve got to be kidding me……!”

Elheat began to tremble with anger as he looked at the ledger. This man was one of those rare nobles who had nothing to do with the slavers. In fact, he was a man who could not tolerate such injustice.

Because of his character, the other nobles must have been desperately trying to hide the facts about the slavers. That’s probably why they kept Lunan in such a pure state, so that he would be completely unaware of the real situation.

“I tracked down the assassins, who attacked me, and I found their fortress, and I even got the ledger from their hideout in the royal capital. All the evidence is there, my lord.”

“You mean to tell me that His Highness really knew about all this and left it alone?”

Elheat asked again in disbelief. His face said please deny it, but I can’t do that.

“If anything, it was His Highness Ronen who took advantage of the slavers. Just look at what Selville did.”

I pointed to Frill, who was happily playing in Elheat’s garden. Frill was picking flowers with an innocent look on her face. Yurasia sat in the garden and put a flower on top of Frill’s head.


Elheat fell silent as he watched the peaceful scene.

“With His Highness Ronen power, he could have taken care of the slavers, but he did not. Rather, he introduced the slavers to the other nobles, and by seizing their weaknesses, he made it impossible for them to make a move against him. You can see it clearly in the ledger.”


Elheat hit the table with his fist, he was furious.

“I can’t believe it…….I can’t believe they’re doing this to……”

Well, I guess that’s a natural reaction, since he was supposed to have pledged his loyalty for life. His reaction should lead to a disagreement soon.

“You may give the ledger directly to His Highness Ronen. It’s too much for me to handle alone.”

If I show this to the King of Lunan, nothing will happen. So, the only thing I would gain from this was the anger of this man. Of course, this wasn’t going to be enough to completely break the relationship between them. But for now it was enough to create a small rift.

* * *

“Is this true, Your Highness?”

Elheat was a man with a straightforward personality. So he immediately visited Ronen with the ledger in hand.

“Selville is naïve, he can make mistakes and it’s inevitable that he would exhibit that level of weakness in order to influence the nobility. Have you lived your whole life without knowing that?”

“But I didn’t know it was human trafficking. Isn’t that a whole other story?”

“Human trafficking? I don’t remember anything about that. What are you talking about?”

Ronen raised his voice and Elheat’s eyebrows twitched. He couldn’t trust those words right now, no matter how much he wanted to. Who didn’t know about the inevitable connection between slavers and human trafficking?

“Your Highness, does that mean it’s true that the slavers were deliberately neglected?”

“Where the hell did you get that ledger?”

Elheat kept his mouth shut. Erhin said he didn’t mind talking, but he was not the kind of person who gave out people’s names easily.

“I got it by accident, but I couldn’t believe it until I saw the signature of Your Highness.”

“Well, all right, give me the ledger. I’ll take care of it.”

“But, Your Highness!”

Elheat stood up.

“You dare to oppose your master? Elheat, you!”

Ronen yelled at him. As a result, Elheat fell silent. He had no choice but to do so.

“I will give you the ledger. But the punishment for the nobles here is…….”

“I think you’d better go and cool down for a while.”

Elheat’s head began to feel fuzzy. The idol to which he had pledged his life’s loyalty was completely out of sight. Ronen’s desire to protect his country was genuine, and unlike the other dukes, he was the only one who went to war himself.

It was precisely because of him that Elheat had pledged his loyalty to Ronen. However, the way he protected Lunan was so ugly. It was understandable that he was stunned.

“Make sure you go to the border fortress for a while.”

No matter how good a commander you are, you’re still dealing with slave traders and I can’t just let this slide.

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