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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up

Chapter 7

Rogue Lords (7)

Translated by X-treme
Edited by X-treme


Chapter 7: Rogue Lords (7)


“Are there any special places in the castle, chamberlain?”

Since I couldn’t find it no matter how hard I looked for it, I asked the chamberlain who knew the castle best. It seemed that it was hidden in some historical place, an old building or something like that.

“A special place…….There are tablets of the previous lords in the basement, and there are even tablets from the kingdom era, so it’s special…..”

The tablets from the kingdom era, that’s certainly special. I got a hint from the chamberlain.


I heard the voice of the chamberlain in the distance, but all I could think of was the word “perks”. Runing like a madman to the basement a large iron door. I opened the door and went inside, where I found a large space. In that space, as the chamberlain had said, many tablets were stored. Not only are there tablets from the time of the lords, but also from the time when the Aintorian family was the ruler of the kingdom.


While looking at the tablets, I found something a little strange. The box placed in the center of the tablets was conspicuous. It was a long and narrow box that made me feel something special, I put my hand on it without hesitation. The moment I touched it, a message appeared.

[Perks Earned]


[Martial force +30]

[Effect time: 30 minutes / Cooldown: 5 hours].

[Weapon skill: [Crush] available once every 30 minutes]

Daitouren? A divine sword from Japanese mythology.

Because the administrator is a god I got Daitouren, a divine sword? Well, aside from the name, the ability of the item was a perk itself. I’ve never seen an item with a +30 martial force bonus. Even a Special S-class item has at most +10 martial force.

I couldn’t help but smile; of course, there was cooldown time. But if used in the right circumstances, this is clearly a cheat.

If it is +30, my current martial force which is 58 will become 88, that means I’ll exceed 90 just by leveling up a bit. Then there will be almost no enemies in this world that I can’t compete with!

After I level up my martial force to 70, I’ll get 100 martial force for 30 minutes, this item is so good that I can’t stop smiling.


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