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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up

Chapter 52

Things you can obtain in someone else's territory (15)

Translated by X-treme
Edited by X-treme


Chapter 52: Things you can obtain in someone else’s territory (15)


“How dare they attack our supply route?”

Bautor was unable to contain his anger at the report of the chief of staff. His self-assured expression was a little gloomy. It was no wonder that even the king had not eaten any food today.

He ordered his men to search the surrounding fields, but they couldn’t find any food nearby. Still, if he sent his troops too far away they might get attacked by the enemy. Eating the rice and wheat that had just started to grow green was no different from eating grass. Rather, the unfamiliar food would just give them a stomachache.

“If we continue to send troops to resupply it will interfere with our ability to attack King’s Landing!”

Just as Isenbahan, the chief of staff, said this with a troubled look on his face, a new report came in.

“What now?”

When Bautor raised his voice, Isenbahan hesitantly opened his mouth.

“That’s…….Even the iron cavalry we just sent to protect our supply route has……disappeared.”

“Damn it!”

Bautor clenched his teeth and shouted. But the more he did so, the hungrier he got.

“If this keeps happening why don’t you send Pohorizen?”

“No, we can’t. If we send him, he might eat up all our provisions to satisfy his hunger and the enemy might trick him into not coming back!”

Isenbahan listened to the king and was immediately convinced. Pohorizen was not the right man for the mission because he pushed forward without thinking.

Weakness is a curse. They were hungry and tried to attack, but there was no progress in the capture of the royal capital. In fact, all of their siege weapons were burned today.

If the king starved for a day, it means that the average soldier starved for more than three days. The lack of progress is a natural result. Ganev, who had lost one of his arms still hadn’t woken up so Bautor could only be angry.


[Allied forces 28,700]

[Bridget’s Kingdom Army 30,110]


[Allied Forces]

[Troops: 27,300]

[Training level: 20]

[Morale: 95]

We were victorious in a siege that lasted three days! Our army’s morale was boosted by this battle. Due to the nature of siege warfare, there were not that many casualties. However, a major change occurred in the army of the Bridget Kingdom.

[Bridget’s Kingdom Army]

[Troops: 26,110]

[Training level: 80]

[Morale: 50]

The number of their soldiers was less than our army because of the many deaths in the ensuing defeats. Perhaps because of this, morale plummeted from 90 to 50. It is natural for morale to drop after a series of defeats, but the reason it dropped so drastically was, of course, because they were starving.

Bautor and his soldiers were unable to receive supplies and I managed to erode the morale of the enemy. A thousand cavalrymen, led by Zint and me, had been destroying the enemy’s supply units like a ghost. When the enemy scouts reported in, their supply route was already destroyed.

Bautor could no longer stand the hunger and began to retreat from the royal capital to Rhonav Castle on the fifth day. Of course, this was largely due to the success of Yurasia, who defended the capital without losing morale with her 97 command ability.

There is only one thing the enemy can do. After they finish preparing their army at Rhonav Castle, they should march slowly to the royal capital with all their provisions.

Of course, I could have occupied Rhonav Castle before the main army retreated and burned all the provisions but I didn’t do that. If I occupied Rhonav Castle, the enemy would have received the report and would have retreated to another occupied area. No matter how hungry the enemy was, a force of 1,000 men would not be able to defeat their main army.

So I watched as the enemy retreated to Rhonav Castle. Of course, I wasn’t just watching, my next plan was already in effect.

* * *

Bautor was taken by surprise by the allied forces with Rhonav Castle in front of him.  However, he sent Pohorizen and the attack was easily stopped.

“Look at them running away!”

Bautor smiled broadly as he watched them. He was able to confirm that no enemy was a match for his elite soldiers.

During the retreat, Bautor’s mood was terrible. He was so angry that he wanted to take control of the royal city of Roserun as soon as possible, but there was nothing he could do because he had no provisions. It was his own fault for being so hasty but after repelling the surprise attack his spirits rose.

“Even without Ganev, we can open the gates of King’s Landing if we have enough food. The Royal Army of Roserun that we fought is such a weak army. In addition, they are also stupid. If they hadn’t just targeted the supply troops and retaken Rhonav, we would have been forced to retreat further back!”

“That’s true. We only had a thousand men left in Rhonav because we kept sending them back to keep bring more supplies.”

Isenbahan replied in agreement.

“They were so focused on cutting off the immediate supply that it didn’t occur to them to dispose of the food in Rhonav. Idiots.”

Bautor sneered even louder, highlighting what he thought was his enemy’s blunder in an attempt to rub out his mistake this time.

“It’s all because I let my guard down. I’ll get my troops in order immediately and head back to King’s Landing with provisions. I will not be careless anymore, this time I will ruin King’s Landing!”

Bautor’s self-esteem had already been damaged by the retreat, and all he could think about was the fall of the royal capital. His chief of staff, Isenbahan, wanted him to consider the enemy’s strategy a little more carefully, since the enemy seemed stronger than he had expected, but it was impossible to broach the subject.

It would be a blow to Bautor’s self-esteem and Isenbahan did not have the courage to risk his life on it. There was no one to stop him, so Bautor repeated the word ruin over and over again.



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