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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up

Chapter 51

Things you can obtain in someone else's territory (14)

Translated by X-treme
Edited by X-treme


Chapter 51: Things you can obtain in someone else’s territory (14)


The moment Ganev was about to land, Yurasia attacked him! Ganev swung his sword to block the attack, thanks to this he landed on the railing. He did not have enough momentum, probably because he had changed the direction of his sword at the last minute to block Yurasia’s attack.

“Attack him now! Don’t let him create a gap!”

The soldiers rushed to Ganev at once, Zint was at the head of the group and attacked Ganev with the [Nameless Sword]. Ganev’s expression changed at the unexpected attack, and he focused on Zint. This was the moment I had been aiming for, when Ganev was distracted by Zint!

[Do you want to use Crush?]

With my martial force now at 95, the power of [Crush] is a whopping 100! I summoned Daitouren to use the skill that had reached the S-class.

In the midst of this, Ganev, who was fighting Zint, suddenly sheathed his sword. Zint seized the opportunity and attacked him. I also quickly activated [Crush]. Then, Ganev pulled out the sword from its scabbard activating a skill. A powerful blade of light erupted and his martial force instantly increased to 102. I reflexively used [Invincible for 30 seconds] on Zint to save him.

After offsetting Ganev’s mana skill with [Invincible for 30 seconds], [Crush] would pierce his chest! That was my plan; however, Ganev noticed [Crush] and twisted his body. He changed the direction of the light blade that was pointing at Zint and used it to parry my attack.

Because of the sudden change in direction, he couldn’t repel [Crush]. As a result, my attack that flew at his chest was deflected and went through his shoulder. The power of the skill he used was 102, if it had been a head-on collision, [Crush] would have been completely obliterated, fortunately, I was able to injure him.

Ganev lost one of his arms, at the same time he was pushed off the railing by the impact of my attack and fell off the castle wall!

In the midst of all this, Ganev pulled out the third of the four swords he had on his belt and swung it towards the ground. The mana released from the sword created a repelling force which slowed down his falling speed. As a result, Ganev succeeded in landing without getting hurt. Blood spurted out like a fountain from the mangled section of flesh where his arm had been severed, after he landed Bridget’s soldiers rushed to his side.

This could be seen from a distance, and the signal of retreat began to sound in the enemy camp. Too bad I couldn’t kill him, but I did blow off one of his arms. Judging from the amount of blood that he lost, it was not an injury from which he could recover quickly.

As the enemy retreated I checked the status of the armies.

[Allied forces 28,700]

[Bridget’s Royal Army 30,110]

We won thanks to the advantage of the city wall. The number of the enemy was greatly reduced, but there was little damage to our army.

“I can’t believe he survived that.”

Yurasia forgot the joy of victory when she saw that Ganev survived.

“I couldn’t kill him, but this much is enough for my plans. Because this is where the real battle begins.”

I emphasized my strategy once again so she won’t lower her guard. Yurasia nodded strongly at my words. Today’s victory was not a big deal, because this is where the real war begins.

The plan was to kill Ganev here, because it was obvious that the Bridget king would use him to attack the city walls. We were unable to kill him, but the core of the enemy army was badly injured, so there should be no problem in implementing my strategy. If we hesitate here, we will lose the opportunity to end this war sooner.

For this reason, I entrusted the royal capital to Yurasia as I had told her beforehand and I left the capital with the 1,000 cavalrymen I had prepared through the north gate, which was located on the opposite side of the south gate where the enemy was stationed. The enemy will be able to grasp our movements through reconnaissance, but I don’t care if they know, because it’s too late.


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