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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up

Chapter 49

Things you can obtain in someone else's territory (12)

Translated by X-treme
Edited by X-treme


Chapter 49: Things you can obtain in someone else’s territory (12)



[Earned Experience List]

[Strategy Grade B x2]

[Defeat an A-grade opponent with D-grade power x4]

[You are now level 21]

Having defeated Errante, my level jumped twice, from 19 to 21. From 19 to 20, I got 300 points and from 20 to 21, I gained another 300 points. Combined with the remaining 100 points, I now have 700 points.

The higher my level, the more experience I need to reach the next level. Even with the x4 multiplier I only leveled twice. Well, it’s still important that I’ve leveled up. Since I had 700 points, I decided to improve my martial force.

[Martial force is now 65]

I was left with 400 points so I decided to buy one more skill. Since I had used flashy skills to boost morale in this war, I decided to get one defensive skill this time. There seemed to be a lot of enemies with high martial force, and I needed a defensive skill that would allow me to escape if my strategy failed.

The problem is that I can’t buy the skills I want to. The system automatically generates skills when I purchase them. This way all the generated skills are equally powerful. By using them over and over again my proficiency will increase and the skills will become stronger.

Anyway, what I needed now was a defensive skill. So, I spent 200 points to buy it.

[Gained invincibility for 30 seconds]

I obtained a skill necessary for escape, but I felt that the time it lasted was not enough. It would have been nice if it had a longer duration.

* * *

“What did you say!? Have you lost your mind?”

Bautor glared sharply at him and asked again.

“I’ve checked over and over, and it appears to be true!”

The look in his eyes frightened the thousand-man captain into answering.

“20,000 troops wiped out and even Errante dead? That’s bullshit!”

Bautor kicked the thousand-man captain. He fell to the ground and hurriedly knelt down again to adjust his stance. But the fact remained unchanged, and he continued to bow his head.

“I told him that sieges are forbidden. How can 20,000 troops be annihilated!?”

“Your Majesty, I’m not that far from…….”

Bautor swung the sword he had drawn. Then, after receiving Rhonav surrender and killing all the nobles he returned to the castle and started killing the maids.

“Oh, my God, please help me!”


Screams echoed in the lord’s castle for a while. After the carnage was over, Bautor muttered to himself under his breath.


He was one of the three swordsmen who had been most loyal to him and who would play an active role in the war to come. Errante was not the kind of person who would die in vain like this.

How dare they kill one of my most important men?

“Is Errante really dead?”

Isenbahan, who had been working to find out as much as he could about the situation, rushed in and knelt before Bautor, who was shaking with anger.

“It appears to be true, Your Majesty……”

“What are the details?”

“Well, we don’t know yet, Your Majesty. But I’ll do everything I can to make it clear!”

Bautor shook his head at Isenbahan’s words.

“That won’t be necessary. I will march towards King’s Landing immediately. I must kill the entire royal family of Roserun to comfort Errante’s soul!”

Bautor’s eyes were bloodshot as he shouted.


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