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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up

Chapter 21

Talents Only I Can Recognize. Hidden gems (7)

Translated by X-treme
Edited by X-treme


Chapter 21: Talents Only I Can Recognize. Hidden gems (7)


“Then you will attend the meeting on behalf of Yusen.”

“Yes, are you sure?”

“I’m going to give orders to each centurion and I need a representative.”

After talking to Yusen’s men for a while, I went back to the commander’s barracks and called an emergency meeting. Even if there is something the enemy is aiming for, as the commander of the supply unit, I have to be prepared for a surprise attack.

“You all know that during yesterday’s reconnaissance we captured an enemy soldier who confessed. The enemy forces advancing on Ganen Castle have discovered a detour to the supply base and are planning a surprise attack.”


“Commander, is it true?”

“A surprise attack!?”

The centurions gathered in the commander’s barracks began to panic. That’s how much of an effect the news had.

“I don’t know if there’s actually a surprise attack or not.”

When I replied, Hadan’s men immediately raised their voices.

“Report to Castle Linon immediately. In the absence of a second-in-command, at this time!”

“I’ll report back but we’ll take action first…….”

What difference does it make where he is?

The supply base is located in a hilltop fortress on the road leading to the capital. It was not very high, but walls surrounded it. The structure has doors in each area for the convenience of transporting supplies.

“There is no time for that! I’ll go report in!”

The centurion, who must be one of Hadan’s subordinates, and had been keeping an eye on me since yesterday, ignored my words and ran out.

“……Well, that’s it. Whether the surprise attack is real or false, we can stop it if we’re prepared.”

Of course, we’re inside a fortress, so we’ll be able to withstand an attack to some extent. Not only can we expect a fairly prolonged battle, but we also won’t be able to carry out any supply missions during that time. If that happens, the enemy will be right on target.

Furthermore, with their current level of training and morale, it is doubtful that they will be able to hold out in the event of a prolonged battle. Although the terrain looks favorable, we are at a disadvantage. What would we do if our supply unit gets isolated?

We had the advantage of terrain outside the base. If there was a way to fend off the enemy at once by using our advantage, that would be a more effective method. It’s not too late to hide in the fortress after that strategy fails.

“I’ll give each centurion another order for countermeasures. First of all, disperse and explain the situation to the soldiers. Be ready to go out at any time!”

After giving the order, I ended the meeting, and only Givens remained because I had something to ask him.

“Givens, you can stay a little longer.”

Givens looked around and saw that the centurions had all left and walked over to me.

“Is it about the captain?”

“Nope. Yusen will be back in time. I have something else to ask you.”

“What is it?”

“Tell me about the centurions who are unhappy with Hadan, the one who don’t follow Hadan.”

“The centurions who are unhappy with the deputy commander? Well, that’s almost everyone…….Besides that centurion who just went to report, everyone else hates him except for one other person!”

“I see.”

“Yes. The deputy commander is……really scum……”

Insulting a nobleman, it’s disrespectful and to be punished immediately. Givens hurriedly covered his mouth as he remembered that I was a nobleman too.

“You can insult a scum like Hadan as much as you want.”

I selectively allowed it. If you insult me, I’ll punish you, but if it’s that loathsome Hadan, I’ll allow it.

“Ho, really?”


“Let me tell you, he’s a scum to the core. He’s always getting into trouble for every little thing and flogs the centurions……”

“I see. You’re frustrated, aren’t you?”


That was pretty good information. Now is my chance to eliminate Hadan and take control of the troops!

“Then who among the centurions is close to and trusted by Yusen?”

“Almost all of us are close to the captain, but I’d say centurion Jido is the closest of them all.”

“Good, then the centurions should be ready to go at once. And send centurion Jido here.



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