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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up

Chapter 15

Talents Only I Can Recognize. Hidden gems (1)

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Chapter 15: Talents Only I Can Recognize. Hidden gems (1)


[Aintorian Territorial Army: 13.432 men]

[Training level: 50]

The training level, which had been significantly declining, was steadily increasing due to Haddin’s efforts. With a few more months of hard work, the newly drafted troops would be transformed into a decent army. The figure of the people’s spirit was also unchanged from 70 due to the tax policy.


While sitting in a chair in the shade of a tree watching the soldiers training, Haddin came running with a shocked look on his face.

“Sir! According to the urgent news that just came in, the northern border has also been invaded…….In addition, the border has collapsed and now the Narja Kingdom Army is invading Luong territory!”

What came out of Haddin’s mouth was history as I know it. After I prevented the Narja Kingdom invasion here, the butterfly effect has not yet appeared, and their invasion of the Lunan Kingdom seems to be taking place just as history says.

That was a rather good thing for me. It means I can use that history to my advantage.

“Is it true?”

“Yes. It’s a big army, too. The enemy is said to be more than several hundred thousand soldiers!”

“I see. Well, we can only continue to train harder. Pull yourself together Haddin you’re the commander.”



This time, the chamberlain came running to me.

“You’re the chamberlain you don’t have to run around like that…”

“Master, that’s not the point. There’s an imperial envoy with a royal edict over there!”

The chamberlain pointed out the outside of the barracks, gasping for breath. A general and soldiers were riding horses with the king’s flag on them. The man on the horse was holding what looked like a scroll, a royal edict?

That’s totally unexpected. The war in the North remains history as I know it, but other than that, I feel like a completely different history is unfolding. Whether that’s good or bad for me, I still don’t know.

Anyway, I headed over there because I heard the imperial envoy was coming. If you are not rebelling, the imperial envoy must be treated like a king, that’s the royal law. When I arrived at the barracks entrance, the imperial envoy dismounted from his horse and asked me.

“The Lord of Aintorian, Earl Aintorian Erhin?”


As soon as he heard my response, he immediately unfolded the imperial envelope in the shape of a scroll.

“The Aintorian lord shall receive the king’s command!”

When I heard his powerful voice, I first knelt. It is natural for lords to kneel to the king’s imperial envoy. I’m not the only one who does that.

“Earl Aintorian Erhin, I praise you for preventing the invasion of the Narja Kingdom. You are to be commended for your abilities. Now, you will join the Royal Army and put your skills to work. Due to the emergency situation, your position as a border lord is hereby revoked. The borders are now left to your territorial forces, and you must head to the front lines to defend your country.”

What? So, you want me to go to the front line by myself and be a commander?

The Royal Army is the superior equivalent of the Territorial Army. Usually, the king’s army defending the capital city is called the Royal Army, but in the event of war, the territorial armies are gathered together to form an allied army.

The exception is the regions that border other countries and are always in danger of war breaking out. Territories in the border region do not transfer their forces in the event of war.

Of course, if the situation becomes more urgent, the capital will be given top priority, and a general mobilization order will be issued, but we are not at that stage yet.

So, for now, it’s just for me to come. What are the real benefits of going to the front lines? There is enough money to rebuild the territory.

In order to grow an army, I must increase the population of the territory. Money is used to absorb people from other regions to grow and rebuild my forces.

However, the biggest problem in the current situation is the lack of talents. There is not a single outstanding individual in the territory.

Talents are essential for the unification of the country. I don’t have any talent in Aintorian, but what about the front lines? The front line attracts many generals. So naturally, there will be many excellent people.

Besides, there are few opportunities to level up in Aintorian. This is because we are in a situation where we don’t know when a battle will occur. On the other hand, battles happen every day on the front lines. This means that I can level up, that is actually the most important thing. Of course, there is that much risk involved but I have an advantage!

It was worth a try because I have Daitouren; there is no success without a challenge.

In the history of the game, this war will destroy the Lunan Kingdom. If that happens, Aintorian will fall as well. I have to put a stop to that for now.

Right now, Aintorian is still not strong enough. I needed to prevent the destruction of the Lunan Kingdom and gain more time to develop my territory. In other words, I need the Lunan Kingdom to play the role of a shield.

Talents, Levels. Time.

When I finished calculating, I carefully accepted the imperial edict and said, “Aintorian Lord, Aintorian Erhin, I humbly accept the royal edict!”

* * *

The Lunan Royal Army’s temporary headquarters was established at the Linon Castle in the Linon territory, not too far from the current capital.

The general of the Lunan Royal Army is Duke Ronen. He’s been in a meeting with Hayna, the chief of staff of the Royal Army, to discuss personnel changes.

The general is the commander-in-chief of all the units in the legion. Although there is a position of deputy general just below the general, it is the chief of staff that practically plans the operations of the kingdom’s army.

This position, the flower of controversy, had already been changed three times after the invasion of the Royal Army of Narja. The first was killed in action and the second one disappeared.

This time, the newly appointed chief-of-staff was the capital’s famous and clear-headed Berchyn Hayna. She was also a relative of Duke Ronen.

Usually, anyone would want to be appointed to the position of chief of staff. However, it is also a position that no one wants to be in now that they were defeated by the Narja Kingdom in successive battles.

“Where the hell are we going to send Earl Aintorian?”

“I’ve given it some thought too……”

In response to a question about the treatment of Earl Aintorian, which wa the primary source of concern, Hayna paused for a moment and continued.

“A supply depot would be nice.”

“Is that a serious statement?”

Duke Ronen asked back with a puzzled look on his face. The supply unit at the supply base was an essential unit that replenished the battlefield with food arriving from the capital.

“We intend to put him in the position of Earl Nolan, the current commander of the supply corps, who was killed in the North.”

“No, no matter what, Earl Erhin would never be in that important position.”

When Duke Ronen strongly objected, Hayna continued to explain.

“But general! Can you trust him with thousands of soldiers and send him to the front line? You were worried about that and told me to look for a suitable position.”

“If you send him to the front line, he will be of control. He might destroy the forces entrusted to him. I’d rather send him to a supply troop that I can monitor and control. I’ll keep a close eye on him, if he behaves in a strange way I will immediately report to the king to revoke his order. Believe me; I have a plan for everything.”

Because of the king’s order he must be given a position so this was the only way for Hayna.


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