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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up

Chapter 13

Rogue Lords (13)

Translated by X-treme
Edited by X-treme


Chapter 13: Rogue Lords (13)


“What the hell are you doing chamberlain?”

“That…….I heard that you will dismiss Viscount Boldt and fix the tax system!”

“Well, I’m going to. What does that have to do with you getting on your knees?”

Don’t tell me, is there some kind of relationship between the chamberlain and Viscount Boldt? So you’re going to turn yourself in when your conscience tells you to?

“As I recall, you said earlier that you would stop playing with women and work to restore the territory……”

“What about it?”

The chamberlain did not answer my question but instead looked up at me.

“Because I’ve suddenly changed, but you still doubt me?”

Indeed, the chamberlain would have noticed the difference between the real Erhin and me and would’ve felt uncomfortable.

“I’ve been thinking about this since I was a kid. I should experience a lot of things, only by being vicious can I dream of reviving the territory. That’s why I’ve endured so far. If word gets out that I’m incompetent, people will underestimate me. That’s why I was able to win the battle against the Kingdom of Narja. I’ve revealed my true form in this war, so I’m done pretending!”

“I was well aware of the change in master’s mind recently. I am truly thrilled…….If you don’t mind, I would like to know master’s aspirations?”

The chamberlain asked this without even trying to get up from his kneeling position. I don’t think he has anything to do with Viscount Boldt, not only that, but he also comes from a highly loyal family that has served the Aintorian family for a long time, since his ancestors.

“Aspirations……That would be, well, the restoration of Aintorian. I’m going to make it into a territory where all the people can live in abundance.”

“……Oh, master! That’s exactly what the previous lord said! ‘He is my son, so he will one day obey my wishes’……”

You don’t have to cry like that.

“Stand up now. What if you kneel like that and the other servants see you?”

I propped up the chamberlain’s body. He staggered to his feet and when he bowed to me again.

“As a matter of fact, I have something that the previous lord instructed me to give to you master when you become a man capable of carrying on the thoughts of the ancestors. I’ve been wondering about that for a long time…….I have been waiting for the day when I can give it to you as soon as possible!”

The former lord has left something for his son Erhin? Apparently, the former lord also knew that his son was a devil. That’s probably why he told his chamberlain to hand it over to him when he became sensible and then left the world.

“You said my father left me something?”

“Yes. This way, finally, this burden is lifted from my shoulders.”

The chamberlain urged me, so I followed him downstairs. Without stopping on the first floor, we went further down. I could see a large iron door that led to the space where the tablets were, and I earned the perk. However, the chamberlain did not stop there either. It seems that the destination is not behind the iron door.

“It’s a dead-end chamberlain?”

The chamberlain shook his head.

“Sure, it’s a dead-end, but there are secrets here that only I and the previous lord know.”

After saying this, the chamberlain held the pendant he was wearing to the wall at the end of the hall.

Suddenly, a huge mana formation, like a magic circle, was drawn on the wall. It mainly appears when you activate a skill in this world.

As soon as the mana formation vanished, the wall disappeared and there was a staircase leading down.

“Master, this way.”

The chamberlain calmly descended the stairs. I didn’t know there was this kind of space hidden in the lord’s castle. I looked at the space that suddenly appeared for a while and then hurriedly followed the chamberlain.

It was quite a long staircase. The surroundings were dark, un this space, only the stairs emitted light. There seemed to be no doubt that this was a place related to mana.

The chamberlain who was walking in front of me finally stopped. It seemed the stairs were finally over, so I picked up my pace. As I stood next to the chamberlain at the end of the stairs, he pointed forward.

“Over there, master. These are the jewels that I have been collected for the restoration of the country from the days of the Aintorian Kingdom until now when master became a border earl!”

When I looked in that direction, I was blinded by the brightness and couldn’t open my eyes. I squinted my eyes and gradually got used to the blinding light, in front of me was a plethora of gold bars.

“You mean…….Is this the war chest……that the Aintorians have been raising for generations for the dream of restoring their country?”

“Master, please sympathize with the former lord’s heart. If you do so, I will have no regrets when I die now!”

What’s with this kind of money? I couldn’t help but smile.

This changes a lot of things. It’s as if one of the things that have been bothering me has been resolved—the management of the territory, preparation for war, and the reserves of power.

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