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I Become a Rogue Lord in a World Where Only I Level Up

Chapter 11

Rogue Lords (11)

Translated by X-treme
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Chapter 11: Rogue Lords (11)


“You’ve been exploiting the taxpayers under every guise you’ve ever created. What does it matter if it’s one more thing?”


“Viscount Boldt, please.”

“But it’s already a huge tax write-off, so I don’t know if we can create more pretexts……”

“I see. Then I’ll have to rethink it. We’ll have to rethink it.”

“You are very quick to understand! I am indebted to you!”

Viscount Boldt is not a bad guy? Is Erhin is the only bad guy?

“You can go now.”

“I’ll get right to it.”

I shouldn’t draw any conclusions just yet, I need more evidence. I’ve been going through the documents for a while now. As I suspected, these taxes are all the result of a conspiracy between Viscount Boldt and Erhin. It was precisely Viscount Boldt who created the various pretexts for taxes.

It doesn’t make sense that he would be a good person because he cooperated with me so much and then stopped trying to raise taxes even more. It’s a mistake to have cooperated from the beginning.

Isn’t that precisely what makes someone like Haddin, who was imprisoned for saying the right thing, a good person? I began to get confused, because it’s possible that he’s just a worldly person.

I’m getting a headache, maybe it’s because I’ve been looking at papers all day, but it feels more painful than usual.

“Chamberlain! Prepare a bath!”

So, I decided to take a bath, after all a bath is the best. The warm water soothed my fatigue for a while. I felt a little better, and by the time I finished my dinner, my headache had subsided.

I came back to the bedroom in such a state. If it were just a game, I wouldn’t have to worry about it so much. After all, if it’s a game, I can start over. But now, if I press the wrong button, I can’t take it back. That’s why my head hurts so much from worrying about it.

I walked over to the bed and sat down with that frame of mind. At that moment, I felt something very soft in my hand. I couldn’t help but pull my hand away.


I looked over at the bed in surprise, there was someone there. This was the feeling of touching someone. It was also a rather soft and chunky part of the body, I flipped up the covers.

I was about to hurriedly enter the command [attack] when I froze, under the covers two naked women were sleeping in my bed.

Two beautiful women lying in my bed, they both had massive breasts. I backed away, my nose was about to bleed and I couldn’t look at them.


The women looked at me, they seemed somewhat surprised at my reaction. The bouncing of their plump breasts as they got up nearly drove me crazy. Fortunately, the two women seemed embarrassed and hid their bodies under the covers. That hid their breasts, but the sight of them was also erotic. I mean, no, no, no!


“Yes, master!”

I called the chamberlain again. I’ve been calling for the chamberlain all day, but I needed him now. I’ve never been as desperate for the chamberlain as I am now.

“You wanted to see me?”

“What the hell are these women?”

“Prepared, as usual, everything is as it should be. Of course, Viscount Boldt has prepared the women for you today. He laughed vigorously as he left, saying he thought the master would like it……”

As usual? Ah…….I had forgotten all about it. Yes, I was Erhin.

Erhin was a woman-crazed man. The day Aintorian fell, he was caught playing with women and had his head chopped off.

So it’s not surprising. But even though he was drowning in women, he was still doing this at night? With women on both sides?

No, that’s not important. I’m sure if it’s just a matter of time before I’ll be able to find a woman after I take off the mask of a rogue lord

So Viscount Boldt had sent them, it’s proof that Viscount Boldt is not a decent person after all.

“Chamberlain. You can step back for now.”

“Yes, yes……?”

“What’s up? Something to say?”

I’m not sure I’ve ever heard of this before. I’m not going to be able to say that I’m a good person. He also looked a little disappointed, only for a moment though, he quickly regained his poker face.

“No, no, nothing!”

And then he rushed out of the room. What was that? Well, that’s not the point now. I turned my attention back to the two women again. The unexpected nudity calmed my excitement and I looked at them calmly, their bodies shivering under the covers.

I asked questions from a little distance so as not to provoke them by approaching.

“Calm down first. Who are you two?”

“Yes, we’re……”

The two women looked at each other and opened their mouths almost simultaneously.

“I’m Nella from the village of Meran.”

“I’m Nala from the village of Yulta.”

Then they each said their names and started crying. Perhaps the original Erhin would have been even more delighted to see them cry.

“It was Viscount Boldt who sent you, wasn’t he?”


“And you followed it to the letter. Do you know what it’s like here?”

“I know.”

“I know.”

Why are you crying? What I got back was not the answer I was looking for, I guess I should change my ways a bit. I moved closer to the bed.

“You don’t seem to have heard the rumors, do you?”

I walked up to them, and they started to shake more.

“Ugh, rumors?”

“Rumor has it that Lord Erhin likes to bully women who cry. The more they cry, the fiercer he gets.”

I sat down on the bed and gently grabbed the woman in front of me by the head.

“It’s pretty brutal too. He’s going to rape you in front of your parents and then kill you all. How’s that for a bad taste?”

“Oh, no!”

“God, no…….! Please help! Please, please!”

No, no, no, and the women begin to cry again.

“Tell me honestly all about what Viscount Boldt said to you that made you sacrifice yourself in this way. Otherwise, I’ll get your parents right away. I hope you realize that I’m a more horrible person than Viscount Boldt, right?”

The bad reputation of the lord must have spread throughout the territory. Gripped by fear, the two women looked at each other, sinking into tears and muttering to each other.

“Duh, but…….But…….”

“I don’t know what kind of threats you received, but I could save your life, if you tell the truth. Or maybe you’d like to have a nice evening?”

“Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee. No!”

“If we talk you …… really, really help us, don’t you?”

“I’ll keep my word. But you can choose me, or you can choose Viscount Boldt. Your chance is now, even a child would know who has more power.”

They looked at each other with scowling eyes, but eventually, one of them started to confess the truth.

“I’ll tell you……Viscount Boldt said he would kill my parents……if I didn’t do as he said. And, when the lord is asleep, this……is what I will give him to drink.”


The woman took out a small elixir from somewhere on her body and prostrated herself on the spot.

What is this?……Don’t tell me it’s a poison pill?

“Help me, please. Please…….I don’t want to be in that hell. I’d rather be killed like this. No, please help me…….I don’t want to die!

I’m disgusted.

Honestly, I’m not going to hold these women. That’s why I wouldn’t have taken those pills, though, I almost didn’t notice.

I was just going to use them to investigate Viscount Boldt, hoping to learn more about him. Instead of sending a woman to try to flirt with me, you were plotting to poison me from the start?

“No way, is it a poison potion?”

“Please help me, I’m not…….He said it’s not a poison pill. He said it’s just a nutrient that will only let you sleep for a few days…….And he said he would help us when he became the lord…….”

It’s ridiculous that he will help you. It’s not a sleeping potion, it’s a poison. If I die, these two women will probably be the first to be killed as assassins so that they can’t find out who is behind it.


Eventually, once again, I had to call the chamberlain.

“Master! How can I help you?”

“Protect them. It appears that Viscount Boldt has plotted to assassinate me.”

“Oh, no!”

The chamberlain had an astonished look on his face.

“In the meantime, I want their parents to be with them, and no more women in the bedroom. So much for the womanizing Erhin, if I’m going to be like that, my dream of rebuilding the territory will never come true.”


The chamberlain asked again when he heard those words.

“Philandering is not the way a lord should be. You know what I mean?”

“It’s……. No, um, I’ll get it right away!”

“One more thing, send people immediately and tell Haddin to gather in front of the castle with the army!”

It’s good that I changed the barracks commander; Haddin’s a stark contrast compared to Burke and Viscount Boldt. In a way, the reason why Viscount Boldt did such a despicable thing is that the military authority has suddenly fallen into my hands, isn’t it?

Well, no one can compete with me when the military authority is in my hands.


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