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    Translated by WuXing
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    “It must have been really hard for His Majesty.”


    The Countess refused to comment on it. Though she really wanted to continue on the topic, she felt uncomfortable gossiping about Royalty.


    “I’m sorry Miss Sera but I cannot continue on this topic anymore. If you want to know more about the details, I recommend reading the Royal Magazines or newspapers. Miss Sera, you understand why if I have to stop here, right?”

    “Of course, Madam.”


    On her way home, Sera stopped by the bookstore and bought two copies of Royal Magazines. Though she picked the best looking ones, the quality of the magazines were kind of low.


    [Confession of a Nanny from the Royal Palace – XX twins Highnesses. My Tiring, and Troublesome resignation. (p 2~3).]


    [Palace gardener Mr. XX: “There Are twin Demons in the Palace”. The Nightmare of working in the Palace (p 5~8).]


    [Royal History – The Most Mischievous Children in History (p 22~25).]


    [A Woman’s Fantasy – A Night with the Gentle Emperor. (p 27~40).]


    “What’s this? This fanfic is trash!!” Sera opened page 27 out of curiosity and was shocked at what she read. She threw the magazine away from her in disgust.

    She had skimmed through the content of the magazine and confirmed that the twin Highnesses Rosé and Ferre’s conditions were abnormal. If what the magazine wrote was true, she could understand why the Emperor summoned Marchioness Leticia Bennett just to ask about Edward’s education.

    The two children’s level of mischief was of a whole new level compared to the children she normally taught. In addition to being annoyed and rebellious, the royal twins had attacked people, damaged buildings, vandalized properties, interfered with government affairs etc.


    ‘Though they are just gossips from magazines, they may have some truths in them. I think I should refuse any offers from the Royal Family to become a tutor for the royal twins. Even if my reputation takes a hit, it is still possible for me to live on comfortably.’


    Sera brushed away all notion of getting further entangled in the affairs of the Royalty. Earning money was way more important and she really wants to retire comfortably as a landlord. She had no interest in reviving her family’s title and for now, she just wanted to pay back all her family debts and live comfortably for the rest of her life.

    Her last ordeal with Duke Bethman was still fresh in her mind. She did not want to go through the same thing ever again.

    However, things did not go as she planned…


    Knock. Knock. Knock.


    During the dark hours of the night, someone knocked on the door of her house. She carefully opened the door and a stranger stood in front of her. He was carrying several baskets of letters. She thought he was a postman at first, but the golden embroidery on his chest showed that he was not an ordinary postman.


    ‘No, wait… From the start, there shouldn’t be any postman making their deliveries this late in the night!’


    She had an ominous feeling that something undesirable would happen soon.


    “Miss Sera Popo?”

    “Yes, I’m Sera Popo.”


    The postman looked at Sera’s face seriously and smiled. He handed her a letter and it did not look like a tax bill. The envelope was covered with gold floral patterns.


    Sera thought, ‘This can’t be real…’ and looked up. The postman was gone before she could ask him about the sender.

    Sera walked back into her house and placed the envelope on the desk. She was not ready to open the letter yet.


    Ba thump. Ba thump. Ba thump


    Sera could hear the sound of her heartbeat.


    ‘Are they really going to ask me to work in the Palace?”


    She turned the letter to the other side and checked the seal. An intricately drawn seal resembling a Daisy Chrysanthemum, the national flower of the Adelio Empire was engraved into the wax.


    ‘Is this really from the Royal Family?’


    She quickly opened the letter and read its content.


    [Dear Miss Popo.


    Your excellent skills in teaching children have caught my attention. I implore your services as a tutor in the palace. As you may have already known, my siblings Roseline and Ferreritan are currently seven years old and are in need of your guidance.


    (Signed) Emperor Helios Adelio.]


    ‘It can’t possibly be the Royal Family, right?’


    Sera turned the letter around several times in disbelief. The sight of the tidy handwritings on the letter gave her a lot of pressure. It’s a letter written by the Emperor himself!


    She started working as a tutor just to earn herself a living. However, she might not survive if she ever got involved with the Royal Family. After all, the life of a person without political backing had similar or less value compared to a fly in front of Royalties, right?

    Her eyes caught sight of the magazines she threw away earlier. The royal twins are not normal people either. There was no need to walk a more difficult path. After all, she had already taught many children from noble families, becoming the tutor of the Royal Family would not bring her much benefits.


    ‘No, I must refuse this.’


    Sera sat down and quickly penned down her reply.


    * * *


    Sera froze and couldn’t say anything. She looked at the man sitting in front of her… and the two people standing behind him.

    She did not dare to look directly at their face. She could not see them anyway as they were wearing dark hooded robes.

    However, one of the hooded men was holding a knife, its hilt bearing a gem too extravagant for any petty thieves or criminals.


    ‘What’s that knife for? Are they going to kill me? No, if they are here to kill me, I would have died a long time ago.’


    Due to the anxiety, Sera swallowed her saliva dry and tore through her innocent fingernails subconsciously.


    ‘I only opened the door because you said you’re from the palace! You even showed me the royal seal!!’


    Sera had only unlocked the door to let the man in but two other hooded men suddenly appeared from the dark alleyway and forced themselves into her house. She regretted her decisions immediately and sat on the chair restlessly.

    Just as she was pondering her fate, the three men lowered their hoods simultaneously and revealed their face.




    Sera took a deep breath upon looking at the man’s face. It seemed that the photographs taken of him had done no justice to his beautiful face. She could now understand what the Countess had once told her. “… once you’ve seen His Majesty once, you will be sure that he will lead Adelio very well…”

    The man with dazzling purple eyes in front of her was the Emperor of the Adelio Empire, Helios Adelio.

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