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    I Became The Male Lead’s Female Friend

    Chapter 51

    I Became The Male Lead's Female Friend Chapter 51

    Translated by Niks






    “What drug did you say it was?”


    “It’s poison. But, there’s nothing wrong with taking a small amount, however if you take such amounts for a long period, not only the fetus, but also the life of the mother can be at risk…”


    Whatㅡ what?”


    My mother’s mouth opened in dismay, seeing that I also stopped struggling against the knights.


    It’s ridiculous.


    The mother I knew was not a person who would harbor malice against others, even if she gave up and lived.


    And didn’t he visit my mother’s room every day? If my mother was plotting, he should have noticed it first.


    And my mother also shook her head quickly, perhaps because she had the same feeling.


    My mother was desperate even though she would have been dizzy after being slapped just now.


    “No. I didn’t order anything like that, honey. Listen to me. Where would I get that poison…?”


    “There must be a lot of ways to get it. Is the Duchess seat a good place? That’s why you’ve been quiet for so long.”


    “No way! I was just following you… Why are you doubting me…!”


    “There are so many reasons to doubt you. A woman’s jealousy is ugly. And since there’s a witness here. There’s no reason not to have doubts.”


    My father was looking at my mother with a contemptuous gaze as if he really thought so.


    No matter how much my mother pleaded, my father did not listen.


    He was just looking down at my mother like a worm squirming on the ground, and spoke a few words.


    “Put her in the annex. Watch her closely so she can’t move even a single step.”


    So that’s how mother was locked up in the annex.


    For a while, even Rudrick was under such desolate surveillance that he could not visit his mother.


    After the commotion, rumors began to circulate in the Duke’s residence.


    From the reaction that the docile Duchess did not know that would happen, to the accusation that the Duchess was also blinded by jealousy.


    There were several comments, but most of them were negative.


    In particular, the criticism intensified when they saw my father’s woman had miscarriage and suffered greatly.


    ‘The jealous witch!’


    People began to point fingers at each other, and those who defended my mother were turning their backs one by one.


    Rudrick, who was watching that, grew increasingly anxious.


    In addition, the annex was strangely quiet.


    I just couldn’t tell if my mother was really staying quietly or if my father tried to prevent any words from leaking out of the annex.


    However, Rudrick secretly left the room in the middle of the night because he couldn’t just stay still.


    Guessing that my training so far had not been in vain, I hid my presence, and was able to safely enter the annex.


    Rudrick stood in front of the room where there was sobs leaking and opened the door carefully.


    And I saw it. My mother has gone crazy.


    “Calix, Calix…?”


    My mother didn’t recognize me. No, she was rather seeing my father in me.


    His mother’s eyes, staring blankly at him with an unfocused gaze, flashed with a strange light. Rudrick, who felt frightened at the moment, stepped back, but his mother was faster.


    His mother crawled hurriedly and grabbed Rudrick.


    My mother’s hand held my arm so tightly that her handprints remained, her fingernails half peeled off and covered in blood.


    Like someone who kept scratching to open a tightly closed door.


    By the time Rudrick looked at his mother’s hand in confusion, his mother began to beg like a frightened person holding onto Rudrick.


    “Honey, please listen to me. I didn’t do that. I don’t know about it, either. I can’t do something like that. No, it’s not. It’s all my fault. I hurt your peace. So please…”




    “Please get me out of here… Calix…”


    Rudrick will never forget those for the rest of his life. The trembling, bloody hand that was holding him and praying earnestly…


    After that, my mother sometimes had seizures.


    At first, the degree of seizures was so severe that several people had to hold her.


    However, as a result of continuous treatment with medication, her symptoms began to improve little by little.


    However, there were times when the seizures were as severe as today.


    When she heard the news of his father or had a nightmare, and… When Rudrick went to see her.


    Rudrick still remembers.


    Hearing that she has improved a lot, he mustered up the courage to go to the annex, and as soon as he saw her, he saw the image of his mother who lost her reason and rushed to her.


    He no longer had a mother who, until a few days ago, smiled dimly as she looked at him.


    Although it was complicated, he looked at her with a little affection, but only hatred was in his eyes.


    All because he resembled his father in appearance.


    Perhaps there has never been a time when he was more resentful of his appearance than back then.


    How did he resemble his father, and why was he born like this and made his mother suffer?


    ‘So pretty!’


    Sometimes, he could hear Dahlia’s voice like hallucinations, but Rudrick couldn’t help himself.


    My mother was terrified of me, so I didn’t even look in the mirror for a while, wondering if I was actually a monster who resembled my monstrous father.


    In the end, I had no choice but to watch my mother from afar. And hopes that my mother, who has regained stability as it was, returns to her former self.


    But today, without a doubt, my mother had a seizure.


    Even if I didn’t visit her…


    ‘How long do I have to be like this?’


    Looking at his mother lying in bed who had lost her mind, Rudrick vaguely thought.


    Would it be okay if I disappeared from her eyes? Or if she leaves this mansion? Wouldn’t it be okay if she didn’t see my father?


    No, but the stigma of being a witch would follow and haunt her…


    ‘I need to resolve the false accusation against my mother.’


    But how? My father has already pointed out my mother as the culprit, and even most people think so.


    A headache caused by not sleeping properly for a few days came back.


    Rudrick frowned, the headache that keeps stabbing was quite severe, so he hadn’t noticed until someone sneaked up next to him.


    And when someone grabbed his shoulder, he looked back in surprise.


    There stood a knight with a face that he had never seen before.


    “Oh, I don’t know if this can be done…”


    The knight looked around cautiously. Then, like someone doing something bad, he hurriedly searched through his arms and pulled something out.


    Soon after, there was a luxurious letter in his hand.


    Rudrick’s eyes, who’s suspicious of the knight’s actions, widened. It was because he recognized the letter he was holding.


    I had no choice but to find out.


    It was the letter that we had been exchanging steadily until a year ago, and although it’s now impossible to deliver it, it was the letter that I secretly pulled out from time to time and read it over and over again.




    As soon as I realized it, my heart started pounding violently. And just then, the knight secretly handed me the letter.


    “The lady told me to deliver it. If I get caught, it’s over, so this might be the last one. Of course, to your Excellency…”


    As he was rambling, he glanced at Rudrick, and Rudrick recognized his gaze and nodded his head slightly.


    As if relieved, the knight slowly left the room with a brighter expression on his face.


    Rudrick looked around again and confirmed again that no one was there. Then he opened the letter carefully.


    His hand was shaking lightly as he opened the finely folded paper.


    ‘I thought I wouldn’t be able to get this anymore.’


    I said ‘the end’ without even explaining the situation to Dahlia, who had been waiting for my letter.


    Even if Dahlia was disappointed in me, I had nothing to say.


    Still, if we meet again, when that day comes, I decided to tell her everything, but… When I think of her, I get depressed without realizing it.


    But, as always, Dahlia, far from being disappointed, took the first step and put it into action.


    This time again, she managed to trick and deliver the letter to him.



    「Dear Sir Chapman,



    After reading the first line, Rudrick smiled slightly.


    Dahlia, who pretended to have written a letter to others to avoid being caught, was cute.


    But the more he read the letter, the more his smile faded.


    At last, I frowned and bit my lips. That was when I read the last line in her letter.



    …Because you’re a good kid」



    Something hot seemed to rise through my throat.


    Rudrick closed his eyes tightly.


    Since I came back to the North, I haven’t cried no matter how hard it was.


    Why does it seem like tears keep coming out of those ordinary words?


    In the end, Rudrick had to bury his face in the letter and stay like that for a long while.


    And how much time has passed? It was only after the overflowing emotions calmed down that he could raise his head.


    Suddenly, a faint smile appeared on Rudrick’s lips. He whispered to himself.


    “Thank you, Dahlia…”


    Thanks to Dahlia’s last letter, it gave him courage again.


    At the same time he also knows what he should do first.


    I must talk to my father.’




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