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    I Became The Male Lead’s Female Friend

    Chapter 50

    I Became The Male Lead's Female Friend Chapter 50

    Translated by Niks






    ‘I have to send it.’


    The letters I sent over and over again were already returned.


    Perhaps the letters to Rudrick, or most of the contacts to the Duke’s residence, seemed to have been cut off.


    Even my mother’s worried letter to the Duchess was never delivered.


    But I couldn’t give up. It was even more so considering the misfortune that Rudrick would experience.


    I picked out the words I wanted to convey to Rudrick and wrote them down in a letter. There were many things I wanted to write, but in the end I only wanted to convey one thing.


    ‘We can meet.’


    Having barely finished, I asked for anyone who could enter and exit the Bouser’s mansion and sent him a letter.


    Hoping that my last letter would be delivered safely to Rudrick.


    ‘Please take care of yourself, too.’


    Hoping that Rudrick won’t have a hard time.





    “Get out! Get out now!”




    Rudrick suddenly raised his head when he heard the noise from the opposite room.


    As if reprimanding him for being distracted, the sound of objects breaking, screams, and tearing could be heard in the room.


    Rudrick knew the owner of that voice, whose voice was completely hoarse.


    A person who always looked at him with a complicated gaze.


    His mother, who liked to brush his hair when he was young and laughs softly in the capital.


    Charrina Bouser.




    Suddenly, the door opened and the maids inside left.


    Their appearance was marred. Some of them had their clothes torn in pieces or even had injuries from objects thrown by my mother.


    Each of them was in a different state, but most of their gazes toward the room were similar.




    Rudrick followed them, looking through the gap in the door that had not yet been closed.


    There was my mother.


    Her platinum blonde hair, which she had always combed neatly, was in a mess, and her white pale hands holding the broken piece of glass with all her might were already covered with blood.


    And empty looking eyes.


    It’s lonely, but her eyes, which used to be a little lively, have completely lost their light and are out of focus…


    Rudrick took a step back without realizing it.


    Recognizing his small presence, his mother’s head, which had fallen to the floor, turned towards the door.


    When their eyes met through the loose tangled hair.




    Just then, someone came out from behind Rudrick.


    It was the butler and a couple of knights who managed the mansion.


    My mother’s eyes, that had lost consciousness, showed signs of hideousness for a moment. Where did such strength come from, my mother grabbed and waved the butler’s arm and shouted like a madman.


    “Calix, call Calix, come on! Hurry up…!”


    “Madam, you’re very injured. First, we should treat…”


    “Honey, I didn’t. I can’t. Why don’t you trust me? Please listen to me. Calix! Calix Bouserㅡ!”


    “What are you doing! Hurry up and catch that witch!”


    Knights held my mother from both arms, who was about to run straight forward.


    My mother struggled desperately to shake off their hands, but the more she did, the stronger the grip of the knights became.


    Was that really how they treated the Duke’s wife?


    Rudrick couldn’t believe it.


    Whether it was my mother who struggled without dignity, or a knight who pressed down and held my mother as if he was treating livestock.


    But the thing I couldn’t believe the most was myself, who couldn’t even say anything even in this situation.


    Still, when I was in the capital, I believed that I had grown a bit.


    From the time I promised to change with Dahlia, I was able to build up my courage little by little while playing serious and playful games.


    However, when reality came, I became a fool who could not do anything, let alone courage.


    He’s like the protagonist in a fairy tale, whose magic was unleashed at midnight.


    I was the same wretched again that I had no choice but to stand still.


    ‘How come, like this… ‘


    Rudrick stared at his mother, who was exhausted and collapsed on the floor.


    Obviously, until a few days ago, my mother was fine.


    No, in fact, my mother had never been okay from the moment she returned to the North, but she didn’t break down to this extent.


    We don’t know what stories were told between mother and father in the capital.


    However, considering that my father’s affair has calmed down since then, I could only guess what conditions his mother had put forward.


    And in that appearance, Rudrick had hope.


    Maybe peace would come to his house. Although we may not be as close as the Dukes and Duchess of Averine, there may be no more fights.


    But it was all just a weak wish of my own.


    My father broke his promise not long after. It’s clear that my mother grabbed my father and shouted ‘liar’ at his face.


    No matter how much my mother cried, begged, and shouted, my father remained the same.


    Even after hearing that my mother was going to divorce him, I turned coldly hoping for it.


    And after a few days of absence, my father returned one day with a woman.


    She was a small, delicate-looking woman.


    The woman, with her curly hair and smiling lovingly at my father, was stroking her own full belly.


    Seeing that figure, Rudrick realized.


    ‘It’s over.’


    That the peace of the family I hoped for was completely destroyed. My father’s face looked so happy that I had never seen it before.


    It wasn’t enough to bring a woman into the main building, my father even gave the woman the room next to me and my mother’s.


    My mother held on to my father and complained, saying this was ridiculous, but the words returning were relentless.


    -‘Keep your mouth shut and live quietly. If you don’t want to lose your seat right now.’


    Rudrick would rather wish for them to divorce as his mother said.


    Although divorce in aristocratic society, especially the divorce of high-ranking aristocrats, was a flaw, it was not without such cases.


    If it’s going to be so painful, I think it’s better to be separated from my father.


    But my mother never divorced him. Even though she suffered unbearably every moment she saw my father and that woman, she chose to remain here until the end.


    Rudrick doesn’t know why his mother made that choice.


    However, I only sometimes saw a bitter emotion faintly in my mother’s eyes looking at my father and then disappear.


    Still, until then, my mother did not lose her sanity.


    Even though she stared out of the window for a long time, as if she had lost her mind, my mother seemed to adapt to the situation as if time was medicine.


    Sometimes whenever Rudrick visited, she used to smile a bit.


    But it was only for a brief moment that everything was distorted.


    She had a miscarriage.’


    As usual, while Rudrick was drinking tea in his mother’s room, one of the maids delivered urgent news.


    My mother was dumbfounded like a person who heard strange things.


    Then, in an instant, her face turned pale.


    Rudrick clearly remembers how he felt at that time.


    Confused, and fearful.


    Obviously, the woman was about to give birth, it was just around the corner. So everyone in the Bouser knew how much my father lived with her.


    But such a woman had a miscarriage. Rudrick vividly drew in his mind how angry the face of his father would be.


    But he didn’t know.


    I only thought that the Duke would tremble with fear as if he had died for a while due to the woman’s child, but I didn’t know this would go so extreme.


    Maybe no one could have imagined it.


    “No, madam ordered me to take the medicine.”


    It was an instant when my mother was framed.


    She was dragged by the knights without knowing the reason, and my mother was soon thrown to the ground.


    In front of him was his father with cold gaze.


    Rudrick, who had been held by another knight since his mother was taken away, barely managed to shake off the knight and run away.


    And many people saw the inside surrounded by a circle.




    The appearance of my father slapping my mother on the cheek.




    Rudrick held his mother helplessly falling on the floor. Then she gasped like a suffocated person and managed to speak out.


    “Oh, Father. What is this…!”


    “Take her out.”


    With that word, Rudrick was not even able to be by his mother’s side.


    No matter how much he struggled, it was not enough to escape from being suppressed by several adult knights.


    My mother, who had fallen down while receiving countless gazes, seemed to have frozen for a moment.


    Mother, who was staring blankly at the floor, belatedly came to her senses and raised her head.


    With her lips torn and a bleeding on her red swollen cheeks, my mother eagerly repeated.


    “Honey, honey. No, it’s not. I really don’t know…”


    “Tell me again. What did you say?”


    However, my father’s gaze wasn’t toward my mother. A maid, lying flat next to father, immediately began to speak out.


    “Madam told me to take a small amount of medicine once a day, little by little. I didn’t know what medicine it was and just followed it…”



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