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    I Became The Male Lead’s Female Friend

    Chapter 48

    I Became The Male Lead's Female Friend Chapter 48

    Translated by Niks





    「To the timid Rudrick,


    You’re going to meet a lot of friends like me, right?


    I want to make friends just like you.


    Such an innocent child who’s pretty, cute, lovable, and good to tease!


    But you were the only one like that.


    I went to a meeting for the first time… Everyone’s looking at me


    It’s even more difficult because I could honestly say that I don’t have to read their gazes.


    I just smiled at them while they were staring at me. I almost had an upset stomach because I forced myself to eat the snacks.


    Looking back, you were like a fairy.


    So you shouldn’t cut off writing letters with me. You got it?


    Don’t say such nonsense to have fun alone and write me a letter if you sometimes think of something…


    People would think I’m your boss, not your friend.


    Just write to me when you want to.


    No, not when you want to, but often!


    Because losing your letter was the most depressing thing for me. Understand?


    Do you want me to give you some good information for you, who looks lonely?


    The fact that a pretty girl named ‘Dahlia Averine‘ is celebrating her birthday in the early spring!


    If you think about my birthday gift, won’t your loneliness decrease a bit?


    Well, I’m not really asking for a birthday present!


    (Of course, I took care of you on your birthday ^^)


    Then I’ll be looking forward to your reply.


    May the road ahead of you be full of money.


    ㅡDahlia, who’s looking forward to it.」




    Soon after, a large box arrived with Rudrick’s reply.




    「To Dahlia Averine,


    Happy birthday, Dahlia!


    If I were there until your birthday, I could have seen you in person and congratulated you. It’s very unfortunate.


    I hope to have a birthday party together on my next birthday. I was really happy when you congratulated me…


    And you were right.


    Looking for your birthday present made me feel less depressed. It was the most enjoyable time I’ve ever had in recent years.


    Actually, it’s the first time I’m giving a friend a birthday present, so I’m not sure if this is the right way to send it.


    The dress was chosen by my mother.


    Reminds me of the last time I got your dress dirty, so I tried to pick one, but I didn’t know what was good…


    I thought the most colorful one was good, so I chose it, and my mother stopped me. Maybe I don’t have an eye for clothes?


    In the end, I got help from my mother, but I think it will suit you well.


    I hope to see you wearing it the next time we meet.


    And… I chose the one below it, because as soon as I saw it, I thought of you.


    You often tie your hair up, so I chose it because I thought you would need it.


    …I hope you liked it.


    I’m sending you this letter in a hurry, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it on your birthday.


    It would be nice to arrive on the day of your birthday and make a surprise gift, but that’s unlikely.


    I want to meet you in person and celebrate your next birthday.


    Once again, Happy Birthday.


    May the road ahead of you be filled with blessings from now on.


    Thanks for being born and being my friend, Dahlia.


    Then I’ll write to you again.


    —Rudrick Bouser.」





    「To my best friend, my lifelong friend, and soulmate, Rudrick,


    I really like the gift!


    No, I didn’t mean to start with this. Anyway, I really like it. Enough to use it twice!


    How did you choose the one that I like so much?


    Of course, as soon as I saw the dress, I knew you didn’t choose it.


    The ribbon hair tie was really surprising!


    Did you remember that I like red?


    How else would you know that I like something sophisticated and pretty that’s not too fancy?


    Did you really choose it? I’m really suspicious.


    That means it’s so pretty!!


    You must have thought of me a lot. I just said that as a joke. It’s really touching…


    Thank you, I’ll wear it every day.


    I’m writing this letter with the hair tie you gave me. Can you feel my happy heart through the letter?


    My parents say it’s pretty and others praise me a lot.


    I think I can fly in the sky now.


    I’m so excited I don’t know if I’ll be able to read the letters.


    Anyway, thank you for congratulating me, Rud. I wanted to let you know how much I liked the gift.


    Thanks to you, I think I had a really wonderful birthday.


    I hope we can meet and spend my next birthday together.


    I’ll think about your next birthday present from now on.


    Write me a letter again!


    ㅡDahlia with the corners of her lips stuck in her ears.




    Oh, of course, the dress was nice. Tell the Duchess I’m thankful! 


    I think it’ll be fun if you pick one for me on your own later.


    For your information, if you pick something too strange, we’ll play crossdressing again…」






    「Dear Dahlia Averine,


    Hello, Dahlia.


    I’m glad you liked the present.


    Actually, I didn’t know you’d like it that much. If I had known this would happen, I would have given you a present earlier when I was in the capital.


    But thank you for being so happy.


    I’m honestly embarrassed… I’ve been thinking hard. What gift do you need the most? I’m sure you did, too.


    So it came to mind. You said before that your hair was thick and curly, so you always had no hair ties left.


    So, when my mother called someone to fit your dress, I ordered it together, and I chose the one that came to mind when I saw the design, and it was the right answer.


    I ordered it with a special material so that it doesn’t break, so it won’t wear out easily even if you use it often.


    But please don’t treat it too harshly.


    Because I want to see you with that hair tie too!


    I’m curious and looking forward to hearing that everyone else complimented how well the ribbon fits you. To the point where I want to see you right now.


    But I’ll leave it as a pleasure later.


    Because I think it will be really good to see you while looking forward to it.


    I hope that day comes soon.


    We’ll be able to see each other soon, right?


    ㅡRudrick Bouser.




    I told my mother that you were grateful.


    It’s been a while since my mother laughed. Next time, she advised me to just do what I chose.


    And the dress was a bit… You’re growing up these days too, so I couldn’t choose a dress for you even if I wanted to.


    My knees hurt every night, and my mother told me that it looks like I’m already an inch tall.


    The next time we meet, I may be taller than you!」





    「To Prince Rudrick, who’s growing rapidly.


    Wow really~?


    ‘My knees hurts these days, and I’m an inch taller~’ 


    It’s amazing~!


    Do you want to know more amazing news?


    I’ve grown up by a span!


    You’re one span tall, and I’m one span taller too. So who’s taller now?


    I’m sure I’ll be taller than you this year!!


    So we must meet this year.


    Because I need to meet you before you grow up so that I could act as your older sister.


    I’m getting more reliable with each passing day.


    In a nutshell, the knight looks at me and says I looked like the boss. Wasn’t it really too much for Lady?


    Anyway, I couldn’t forgive Rudrick for being taller than me. I need to see you somehow before it changes like that.


    I want to go see you right away, but you and I have to get permission from our parents. I want to become an adult at times like this.


    Let’s make an appointment between us first.


    When are you okay?If I go up on time for your birthday… Will it be too cold in winter? A little faster too?


    Please think seriously and reply. ‘Cause I’m in a hurry!


    ㅡImagining the tall Rudrick gives me goosebumps. Dahlia.」





    「Dear Dahlia Averine


    Dahlia, how have you been?


    Sorry for the late reply.


    I was scolded by my father, and all the stationery to write to you was taken away.


    My father is not feeling well these days. Fortunately, my mother secretly delivered the letter, 


    My father has been in a bad mood lately. Fortunately, my mother said she would secretly deliver a letter, so I could barely write it.


    I… I don’t think my father will allow me to go to the capital right now.


    My father doesn’t even like me writing to you. If I want to see you, they’ll lock me in the room.


    But if you could come… Wouldn’t summer be better?


    It’s winter on my birthday. The northern part was much colder than the capital, so if you come then you might catch a bad cold.


    It’s been a while since we met, but I don’t want to see you sick,


    I think it’ll be okay because the weather gets warmer in the summer and sometimes the sun comes up.


    But I’m not sure about this summer. Will my father allow me to visit even if you come? I think next summer or spring would be better if it was a little earlier.


    In the meantime, if I work hard and live up to my father’s expectations, then he may grant me permission.


    I’m worried about whether I’ll be able to live up to it, but I could do my best if I look forward to the day we meet again.


    ‘Cause I could work harder! Because that’s what I’m good at.


    If I work hard and win my father’s heart… Then maybe I’ll be able to go see you this year…


    I really wish that day would come.


    Next time, I will try to reply faster.


    And I’m really growing taller. The next time we meet, it might not be that big, but we might be similar in height.


    So I’ll make sure to meet you and show you.


    Please wait for me…


    —Rudrick Bouser.」




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