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    Chapter 13 : I Became The Male Lead’s Female Friend

    Translated by Niks

    Edited by KBJ



    “Yes, it’s rare for Rudrick to come to the capital.”




    As I looked at the Duchess of Bouser without realizing it, the Duchess, who met my eyes, kindly smiled at me.


    However, I realized it only when I saw her not embarrassed by my mother’s sudden suggestion.


    ‘You did a good job.’


    Otherwise, the Duchess couldn’t proceed and convinced Rudrick.


    “Rudrick, are you okay with that?”


    “Ye- yes?”


    Rudrick’s eyes were round as if he didn’t know he would be asked.


    “You never had a chance to shop together in the North.”


    “Yes, there are many things to see in the capital. I’m sure it’ll be fun.”




    Rudrick, puzzled by the attack of his mother and Duchess of Averine, nodded reluctantly.


    Was it really okay to do that? I don’t like it, but I couldn’t refuse. When I looked at Rudrick unconsciously out of concern, Rudrick, whose eyes met mine, turned his head awkwardly.


    Seeing Rudrick like that,I made up my mind.


    ‘…This might work out better.’


    Perhaps my Mother’s trick was the answer. We’ll have to solve this awkward atmosphere so that Rudrick and I could talk or apologize later.


    Looking at the various attractions of the capital, Rudrick would be amazed, and there would be a chance to talk naturally.


    When the atmosphere was softened after eating something delicious.


    That’s when I would bring it up.




    I looked at my mother with respectful eyes.


    My mother, who just met my eyes, smiled trustfully, and I secretly raised my thumb at her.


    Yes, this opportunity that my mother made for me. I’ll try to use it properly.


    It’s time to let go of this depression by shopping, and make up with Ludrick!


    I wouldn’t know. Maybe with this opportunity I could get closer to Rudrick. If that happens…


    ‘Now should I say the words?’




    I tried to stop the giggling that was about to leak out. Then I shouted vigorously at my mother.


    “Let’s go!”


    But soon after, I regretted this action.


    I didn’t know until then.


    I was drinking juice silently…


    “Are you two going to sit down together?”


    We decided to go shopping in the downtown area of the capital and quickly proceeded as if roasting beans in a lightning fire.


    In fact, I did nothing. Knowing this would happen, my mother prepared everything in advance, and we just had to follow them and get in the carriage.


    There was a wagon standing outside the mansion.


    Looking at the horseman standing next to the carriage as if he had been waiting for us, my mother looked at him and asked in a tone as if passing by.


    And I also nodded as if asking something like that.


    I’ve always been close to Rudrick since the first time we met. I thought it would be the same this time even if it got a little awkward these days.


    But it wasn’t the same with Rudrick.




    I turned my head to the sudden voice. Then I looked at the other person from afar.


    There was Rudrick.


    Rudrick, with a look that I had never seen before, had a strangely stiff face.


    He said in a voice that seemed somewhat determined.


    “I’ll sit with my mother.”




    * * *


    From then on, I know without saying how awkward we had to go by carriage.


    Even my mother, who doesn’t lose her composure in most situations, said it because she was restless.


    There was a breathtaking silence in the carriage throughout the ride.


    I secretly wiped my sweat-soaked hands on the hem of the dress and looked around.


    My mother and the Duchess seemed embarrassed and without talking, just staring at each other they seemed to understand the situation.


    The Duchess, who only thought that the two of us were fighting, but did not know the details, looked at my mother, asking, ‘What happened?’


    I wanted to ease my mother’s troubles, but I also couldn’t afford it. I also shrugged looking at Rudrick.


    ‘I guess he’s really angry.’


    Maybe I was taking it too lightly?


    What if Rudrick was really upset, but I was being overly friendly with him, and he’s mad until the end, and I thought that if I just apologize, he would forgive me?


    If I touched him a little, his face would quickly turn red, and it would be like that if the tender hearted Rudrick, who didn’t know what to do, even refused to sit down with me.


    ‘What can I do!’


    I’d rather say something. Rudrick, sitting quietly on the carriage looking out the window, was just shutting his mouth tightly like a clam.


    I looked at Rudrick with frustration.


    Before long, we were able to reach the main street.


    Although it became more awkward between us because we planned to go shopping, it was our situation and we had to digest the set schedule for now.


    My mother, who was looking at us with troubled eyes, pretended to be determined and took something out.


    It was a shopping list that my mother happily wrote last night.


    “Where should we start?”


    My mother seemed to think that she had to move first to solve this awkward atmosphere.


    She pushed the wrong button first, but the atmosphere might gradually loosen while shopping.


    And maybe it wasn’t only my mother who thought that way, and the Duchess who glanced at us also actively helped her.


    “Since we’ve had lunch, you’re going to the restaurant first, aren’t you?”


    “There’s a famous salon close by. Would you like to go there?”


    “I’m good, but the kids…”


    Despite such tearful efforts by our mothers, I was stamping my feet nervously rather than actively participating in the schedule.


    My mother and the Duchess talked and fell into a world of their own, and I was left alone with Rudrick again!


    ‘Please let’s just go anywhere…!’


    When I was twisting my body, I couldn’t stand the awkwardness I felt for the first time.


    I glanced sideways at Rudrick without realizing it. I was just wondering if he was feeling awkward like me.


    But Rudrick was looking elsewhere, contrary to my thoughts.


    What he was looking at was a view of the busy street.


    The busy streets were not as crowded as the festival, but there were still quite a few people because it was midday.


    The street was vibrant with the sound of people buying and selling things and the sound of family talking.


    Looking at him, Rudrick was looking around, but pretending not to be interested.


    ‘Was it because it’s different from the North?’


    As I made that guess, I flicked my finger in a flash of thought.


    ‘Aren’t I supposed to guide you?’


    Unlike Rudrick, it’s a daily routine for me.


    If we go around the capital and guide him, I would naturally have a chance to talk to him.


    If we exchanged one or two words like that, the atmosphere would loosen, and that was the opportunity.


    If Rudrick feels better, I’d get to the point. And say that I’m wrong!




    But my perfect plan was soon shattered by my mother’s voice.


    “Then shall we go to the dessert shop?”


    I whispered, looking back at my mother, I wanted to cry right now!




    The dessert shop was the worst of the worst!


    Knowing why, I rushed out to catch my mother, but my mother’s steps were faster.


    It was because there was a dessert shop near us, and my mother turned around as soon as she talked.


    Since we are children, they seemed to have made the decision because they thought we would feel better if they handed over sweets to us.


    But Mom! That’s a wrong judgement!


    Rudrick, also…


    ‘Rudrick hates sweets!’


    I immediately looked back at Rudrick.


    As expected, Rudrick’s face was pale.


    Rudrick really hates sweets!


    I knew the fact from my experiences.


    Although Rudrick didn’t tell me he hated sweets, and he probably didn’t know I knew it, that’s the truth.


    But Rudrick would never tell the truth.


    ‘What if he has a hard time eating again?’


    I hate to see him like that, so at least I tried to refrain from desserts as much at least when Rudrick came. It was just before the efforts so far became bubbles and blew away.


    I ran to catch my mother in a hurry. Sadly, however, my mother was faster.


    Once she made a decision, my mother, who rushed to the dessert shop without hearing my words, thought “Dessert Shop” was a pretty good idea, so she stepped into the dessert shop before anyone else.


    Then, when we came to our senses, we were sitting in the VIP seats in the dessert shop.


    “What do you want to eat?”


    Mother kindly put out the menu in front of us.


    I was always excited and actively opened the menu, but on that day, I glanced at the menu as if I was looking for something.


    There was Rudrick sitting side by side with the Duchess as before.



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