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How to Keep a Distance from a Beautiful Girl

Vol. 1 Chapter 8.4

"I'm not in the mood today"

Translated by Raze
Edited by Raze



I suddenly stood up involuntarily.


I changed my position and looked over below the stairs without making a noise.


Tachibana seemed to have been slapped on the face by one of the girls.


Tachibana, whose cheek was not swollen, didn’t look away from the girl and was staring at her with her back straight.


I was confused.


Even if I don’t interfere, Tachibana will be fine.


On the contrary, if I do interfere and stop them, they might return a second or third time.


But if they think they can’t win against Tachibana, then this harassment will probably be repeated.


“…are you done now?”




“W-what is wrong…with her.”


“If you’re done, I’m leaving. Well then.”


But Tachibana was the complete victim.


She did nothing wrong.


This is completely unreasonable.


Even if you don’t seem to want help, is it alright to just stand by and watch?


“Huh…? Wait!”


“…You still have to say something?”


“You just have a pretty face. All the boys who approach you are only interested in your face!”


“…That’s right”


A completely childish attack on her.


However, for some reason, Tachibana’s words didn’t have the same demeanor as before.


It seems that the other girls also noticed it.


The two girls got better and started to curse at Tachibana together.


I guess it’s now my time to act…


“Everyone hates girls like you, you know?”


“That’s right! If the boys knew about your personality, they would hate you as well.”


“Takeda-sensei! There is a lot of commotion going on here.”


From above the stairs, I shouted while plucking my nose.

(TL: Maybe to change his voice? Voice-changing-nose-plucking Jutsu)

This is my special magic. Takeda summoning Jutsu.


The effect of this Jutsu seemed to be great this time as well. The girls ran down the stairs like bugs. 

Only Tachibana stood there and looked at me who was on top of the stairs.


Apparently, my true identity had been revealed.

(TL: What is he? A ninja?”


“…Were you peeking again?”


“Again, it was by accident” 


“Takeda-sensei…isn’t here, is he?”


“The summoning failed.”




Tachibana tilted her head with a confused look.


The place where she was slapped was now painfully swollen.


“Are you okay?”


“I’m fine.”


“Not only your cheeks but also if you’re okay emotionally.” 


“It’s nothing. It was just a little uncomfortable.”


“But you looked a bit off towards the end.”


“…Eh! No, that’s not the case.”


I didn’t expect Tachibana to be affected by a few insults like that.

However, Tachibana’s face had clearly shown a very hurtful face earlier.


That’s why I decided to stop overthinking and intervene like that.


“…It’s nothing. It’s just your imagination.”




“Okay then. I’m going home.”


“Ah…Let’s go together then.”


“I’m not in the mood today”


If she’s alone, there is no guarantee that she won’t get involved with those girls again.

As I was thinking so, Tachibana quickly escaped and went down the stairs.


It felt wrong to force her to go together, so I went home slowly.


However, I had no intention of following her.


As I wanted to stop by somewhere on my way home.


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