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His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce!

Chapter 49.2

Chapter 49

Translated by Baddie
Edited by Baddie


T/N: I was able to finish part 2 earlier than I thought! Huge thanks to @min for the Ko-Fis, enjoy~!!



    Tang Qi backed up a few steps, keeping a safe distance from Meng You, and then pointed at Meng You’s nose and said, “I knew you hadn’t given up on my father’s treasure! This is too much!” 


    “Five or six years ago, you told this Lord that your father wanted to use the thousand-year-old ginseng to steep in wine. It has been soaked for so many years, and your Tang family still considers it such a treasure. It is better to give it to those who need it. In this way, we can also strengthen our brotherhood.” 


    “Brother Tang, this Meng will remember your kindness.” 


    Tang Qi: “…” 


    “Prince, this slave is actually here to let the prince know, the emperor wanted this slave to tell the prince not to forget the prince’s ancestral worship the day after tomorrow.” 


    “This Lord knows. Now make your way back carefully, mister Tang, I no longer want to be your brother.” 


    “The Prince does not have to send me back, and this slave never wanted to be your brother anyways. “


    “I wasn’t planning on sending you back anyways.” 


    “This slave wasn’t planning on leaving either, anyways.” After Tang Qi finished speaking, he kicked his feet and ran towards Yan Ke’s yard. 

[T/N: Why are they so childish aww]


    “…” Meng You chased after him, and successfully intercepted Tang Qi at the door of Yan Ke’s room, and said, “Fuck, he just fell asleep, don’t bother him.” 


    “He wasn’t so sick before. How hypocritical! Yan Ke~” Tang Qi shouted at the door. 


    Yan Ke opened his eyes angrily. Meng You had fussed over him all morning, feeding him porridge and water, and he’d finally managed to drive him out. As soon as he’d closed his eyes, now Tang Qi had started shouting outside. 




    “Come out and have fun, let’s play mahjong!” 


    Yan Ke turned over and cursed the mentally retarded. 


    “Yan-hissss what are you doing, Meng You?” Tang Qi asked with a frown as he was kicked mercilessly by Meng You. 


    “This Lord will tell you once more, get out!” 


    Tang Qi timidly took something out from his sleeves and put it in Meng You’s hand: “Yan Ke likes to eat this shortbread, I actually went and bought the shortbread for him, and you kicked me!” 


    “…” Meng You looked at the shortbread in his hand, feeling a little uncomfortable. He had been away for three years, and now he didn’t know such little things about Yan Ke. 


    “He just ate and can’t eat anymore now. Come with this Lord, I want to ask you some things.”


    Meng You grabbed Tang Qi and left Yan Ke’s yard. The two hid in the study. Tang Qi was caught and almost half-forced to tell all of Yan Ke’s preferences that he knew of. 


    Tang Qi wrung his brain for a long time, but couldn’t think of anything much. He begged for mercy: “I know this. Don’t you think that if you wanted to know these things, you should ask the steward or maybe Yan Ke himself?” 


    “You can show yourself out.” 


    Tang Qi glanced at Meng You: “But you’re going to have dinner now.” 


    “What is it? Want me to invite you for dinner?” 


    Tang Qi was about to nod his head, and then heard Meng You say: “Okay, bring that thousand-year-old ginseng for this Lord.” 


    Tang Qi immediately said, “Farewell!” 


    Meng You wrote a menu, sent the steward to the kitchen, and said, “Keep it light.” 


    Yan Ke slept firmly all afternoon, and after sweating it out, finally became energetic again, so he prepared water and was ready to take a bath. 


    “Why are you up?”


    “After lying down all day, my bones are soft. I got up to take a shower.” Just as Yan Ke was taking off his clothes to take a shower, Meng You opened the door and walked in. 


    “Then… you take a shower first, and this Lord will go out first.” Meng You looked at Yan Ke and seeing a little lack of meat, frowned slightly, but then he thought of how he’d felt that body, and suddenly thought of yesterday’s scene. 


    Yan Ke’s whole body flushed, his appearance of unbearable sensation, it really was particularly tempting. 


    “Find my robe and underwear in the cabinet and take them out for me.” When this body fell ill, the illness bore down on him like a mountain, and his whole body had felt uncomfortable as if he was about to die. 


    However, now that the disease was gone, Yan Ke began to feel like being cheap. 


    Thinking of the useless appearance of this guy escaping last night, Yan Ke couldn’t get rid of his anger. 


    “…Didn’t you take it out yourself before taking a bath?” 


    “Aren’t I asking you to find it now? If you don’t want to come find it, I guess I’ll just have to find it by myself.” 


    “…” Meng You was helpless, knowing what bad waters* Yan Ke had up his sleeve, but couldn’t refuse. He found Yan Ke’s robe and pants in the cabinet and placed them on the bed. Looking at Yan Ke’s slightly raised face resting on the side of the wooden barrel with a smile, fogged over by the hot water in the barrel, his eyes loosened up and he walked over. 

[T/N: *cunning schemes, bad ideas]


    Meng You placed his forehead against Yan Ke’s, feeling Yan Ke’s body temperature to be normal, and heaved a sigh of relief. 


    “This Lord wants it more than you do, but we can’t.” Meng You said, and kissed Yan Ke on his forehead, and then touched the side of Yan Ke’s head with his hand. 


    Yan Ke enjoyed this kind of intimacy very much, and even thought to himself whether he had cat-like preferences. 


    Why hadn’t he known that he’d liked such a touch before? 


    Yan Ke squinted his eyes, and Meng You seemed to see that Yan Ke liked this kind of touch, so he simply sat by the barrel, stroking Yan Ke’s head over and over. 


    “Alright, alright, you’ve petted the cat enough.” After Yan Ke was done enjoying, he straightened up and looked at Meng You with a smile. 


    “Okay. Don’t soak in it for too long and get up quickly.” 




    “This Lord will wait outside for you.” 


    Meng You, seeing that Yan Ke was about to stand up, hurriedly rushed out, and Yan Ke eyed the prince’s useless performance vividly. 


    Yan Ke’s laughter came from behind, and the corners of Meng You’s mouth raised slightly, chuckling with him. 


    The two had dinner together, and Yan Ke went to his mahjong hall to show his face. He hadn’t been there for a long time, and many people invited him to sit down and play two sets with them. 


    However, when Meng You came, the originally noisy mahjong hall suddenly fell silent. 


    Mu Tang had been arranged to work at the mahjong hall by the steward. When she saw Yan Ke coming, she hurriedly walked over, hesitantly giving him a happy smile. 


    Yan Ke smiled back: “How is it here? Are you used to it yet?” 


    Mu Tang nodded fiercely. 


    “It’s good that you’ve gotten used to it. If you need anything, just let this brother know.” Mu Tang nodded again. 


    The steward came over. Although he didn’t know where Mu Tang had come from, he had been paying special attention to Mu Tang in the past few days. The girl was smart and hardworking, but it was a pity that she couldn’t speak. 


    The steward: “The little girl is very diligent, sensible and smart, really very well-behaved.” 


    Yan Ke said, “Hmm, I knew she was a smart girl at first glance.” 


    Mu Tang liked Yan Ke, and when she heard Yan Ke praise her so much, caught off-guard, her face turned red and blushing, the little girl ran away. 


    Meng You reached out and pinched Yan Ke’s waist. Yan Ke didn’t need to smell the sourness*, he could see Meng You’s stinky** face.

[T/N: *smell of jealousy

**expression of jealousy]


    Yan Ke smiled and said, “Since when are you jealous of a teenage girl, do you still want the dignity of a prince?” 


    “Why haven’t I heard you praise me?” 


    “Don’t I praise you every day? ‘Silly Spore’, ‘Silly Spore’”. 


    “Don’t think that I don’t know you’re actually insulting this Lord.” 


    “Not at all, I’m praising you. Praising you for being smart.” Yan Ke secretly smiled. 


    Meng You hummed. After following Yan Ke around the mahjong hall, the two of them went back into the room and didn’t come out afterwards. 


    The steward asked from outside: “Master, do you want me to prepare the hot water?” 


    The two people who were playing chess looked blankly at each other. 


    Yan Ke finally reacted and said: “Prepare a pot for your prince, and prepare the medicine for him while you’re at it.” 


    The steward: “……? ? 


    Indeed, it wasn’t as he’d thought! 


    Meng You raised his head, met Yan Ke’s smirk, and the corner of his mouth twitched helplessly, letting go of the matter. 


    On the day of ancestral worship, Meng You entered the palace early with Yan Ke. 


    Dawn had just broken, and Yan Ke had been waiting in the imperial mausoleum for a long time. 


    Meng You took out a shortbread from his sleeves and put it into Yan Ke’s hands, saying, “You eat this quickly. I didn’t see you eat much in the morning. “


    Yan Ke looked back at the emperor who had looked over, obviously having heard the noise. He nudged Meng You lightly. 


    Meng You looked up and saw the emperor who was staring at him, and then looked at the shortbread in his hand, reluctantly handing it over: “Father, I will give you a piece. Next time, remember to ask someone to bring you a little. I actually brought this for Yan Ke. “


    The emperor: “…” 


    Yan Ke: “…” 


    Brother, your father is looking at you, not because he wants to ask you for something to eat, but because he wants you to be more serious on the day of the ancestral worship. 


    Yan Ke whispered : “Behave, and worship the ancestors!” 


    “Then eat this.” 


    Yan Ke, with an embarrassed face, gobbled up the shortbread that Meng You handed over in front of all the civil and military officials. 


    When the ancestral worship had reached halfway, the royal family stood at the forefront to pray for Yue Kingdom, and they knelt down below. They had kneeled for nearly two hours when…


    Meng You looked at the gloomy sky, then glanced skeptically at the high priest who was muttering words with a side-eye, and asked: “Didn’t you say that there would be no rain today? “


    The high priest opened his eyes and replied humbly: “Perhaps it’s just that the weather is rather gloomy today. The astrologers have predicted that it will indeed be rainless. “


    After he was done praying, Meng You walked towards Yan Ke, stretched his hand into Yan Ke’s wide sleeves, and took hold of his hand. 


    Yan Ke held it back, satisfying the prince’s little hobby of holding hands. 


    “It’s going to rain today. “As soon as Meng You’s words fell, the big raindrops fell. 


    Meng You gathered Yan Ke into his arms without even thinking about it, and locked his eyes onto the only raised umbrella. 


    Then, he took off his clothes. Putting it on Yan Ke’s head, he said, “This Lord will go get you an umbrella. 


    “Where is there an umbrella here?” 


    Yan Ke followed Meng You’s gaze, finally landing upon the umbrella that the eunuch next to the emperor had held up for the emperor. The corners of his mouth twitched and said, “Brother, you aren’t that crazy, are you?” That was your own father! 


    “Father’s bones are very tough and strong, nothing like yours, sick and crooked!”


    Meng You shook off Yan Ke’s hand and walked to the front. 


    Meng You quietly stood beside the emperor and asked softly: “Father, is your body still tough now?” 


    The emperor seemed to be in a good mood and replied: “Hmm, well I guess you won’t be able to get the throne in the coming few years.” 


    “As the emperor father said, your sons and ministers hope that the Father Emperor will be fit and healthy, and be blessed by the heavens.” 


    Meng You’s eyes floated towards the umbrella held by the little eunuch next to him from time to time. 


    The emperor glanced at Meng You and said: “If you have anything to say, it was never like you to be the kind of person who slid and slapped a horse*.” 

[T/N: *beat around the bush.]


    Meng You smiled: “This child just wanted to ask you for a little something. As you know, Yan Ke’s body cannot stand the rain. He just got sick the day before yesterday…” 


    The emperor waved his hand impatiently, thinking that Meng You was looking for some kind of supplement again, and said: “Fine.” 


    “Thank you, Father!”


    Then, Meng You stretched his hand out and snatched the umbrella from the eunuch. 


    The emperor, who was suddenly drenched in the shower of cold rain, looked back with mixed feelings and watched as his most important son used the umbrella to cover his daughter-in-law’s head. 


    Yan Ke’s guilty eyes met the emperor’s midway. 


    He could hear the emperor’s heart cracking from so far away. 


    It wasn’t long before the steward came and gave Meng You an oiled paper umbrella. 


    Meng You said: “Our umbrella is so big, this Lord will go and return this umbrella to the emperor. “


    Yan Ke: “…” 


    Yan Ke initially thought that Meng You was going to at least speak a few sweet words and coax the emperor who was obviously feeling very bitter. 


    Then, he heard the following conversation. 


    The emperor: “Now you’re giving this to me? You’re not giving it to your crown princess? “


    Meng You: “The people in the Prince’s mansion brought us an umbrella. That umbrella is bigger than father’s, and the rain is so heavy. It’s better that we take the bigger umbrella.” 


    The emperor, Yan Ke: “…”

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