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His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce!

Chapter 49.1

Chapter 49

Translated by Baddie
Edited by Baddie


T/N: Special mention to @Andrea for waking me out of my hibernation, I’m sorry ya’ll for the extremely long break but real life’s been getting to me, I’ll try getting back on track with updates. Hope you guys like the new website, and thankyou for the Ko-Fi, Andrea, you’re a rock! This one’s for you~~!



    Yan Ke was still all fired up, looking at the water that had originally been prepared for his bath, and after scolding the man who had fled numerous times in his heart with a bitter expression, he walked into the water. 


    They’d flirted around for too long, and the water had already gone cold. When he stepped into the water, Yan Ke couldn’t help but shiver, and his lust half-disappeared instantly. 


    Yan Ke knew his own limits and didn’t dare to dally too long. He hurried to come out after he was done washing. When he lay on the bed, he’d been a little tired earlier, but after the events that had just transpired now he was wide awake. 


    Tossing around on the bed, he couldn’t fall asleep even after it became late at night, and sighed. He got up, put on his clothes, and like a thief, ran into Meng You’s yard. 


    “Meng You, are you asleep?” 


    Meng You heard his faint voice, opening the door and saying, “Have you come to beat up this Lord?” 


    “You’re crazy. I just can’t sleep, so I came to sleep with you.” 


    “This Lord has a feeling that we can sleep even less when we sleep together…” Meng You sighed and pulled Yan Ke inside. 


    Yan Ke crawled onto the bed, and Meng You gathered him into his arms. 


    Maybe because Meng You was accustomed to Yan Ke’s chilly body temperature, he frowned when he hugged a certain someone who almost felt like a little stove, and asked, “Why are you so warm?” 




    “Are you sick?” Meng You touched Yan Ke’s forehead, and felt his forehead was hot. He sighed and asked: “How did you get sick as soon as we got back?” 


    “I just took a bath, but the water was a little cold. It’s okay, let’s just go to sleep early, I’m feeling a little sleepy now.” Yan Ke yawned in a daze and rolled over in Meng You’s arms. 


    Meng You waited until Yan Ke fell asleep and sent for a bowl of ginger soup to be made. Looking at the sleeping Yan Ke, having received Yan Ke’s good instruction, this time he was especially enlightened to take a sip of it himself before feeding it to Yan Ke. 


    Yan Ke was sleeping in a daze, and his brain felt like paste. The only thing he could feel was the softness that covered his lips. 


    When he opened his mouth slightly, ginger-flavored sweet water was poured in. 


    Yan Ke pressed Meng You’s head closer, and after drinking the ginger soup, he lingered on his lips and tongue for a while, then let go of him, turning over and going to sleep again. 


    Meng You opened the bed curtains, handing out the empty bowl, and instructed the maids waiting on them outside: “Go to the palace and call for the physician.” 


    Meng You got up and quickly got dressed, tucking the quilt on either side of Yan Ke snugly. The steward had heard that the princess was sick, and had quickly woken up to wait at his bedside. 


    “How often did he get sick while I was away before?” 


    “The princess has been in good health for nearly a year now. He has been paying more attention to his health, so he hasn’t fallen sick very often.”


    Meng You glanced at Yan Ke. Yan Ke had most likely used cold water to put out the fire in his body after the turmoil last night. 


    “You’re really talking about back then? Wasn’t his health particularly bad when this Lord first went away?” 


    The old steward nodded in affirmation, and said: “In the beginning when the Prince was gone, the princess got sick very often, though he did not skip out on his medicine, neither did he skip out on acupuncture, so much that sometimes, his whole hand was green*.”

[T/N: *with pinpricks from doing acupuncture, poor baby] 


    “He didn’t eat anything to make up for his bad health? What about the gifts and supplements sent from the palace?” 


    “He does eat those, else the princess would be sick several times a day. The princess often makes medicated meals for himself.” 


    Meng You nodded, touching Yan Ke’s face with his rough and calloused hand for a moment, then leaned down and kissed Yan Ke’s face. 


    The old steward next to him smiled and lowered his head. It seemed that after going out to have fun this time, the relationship between the prince and the princess had improved quite a lot. 


    Soon after, the imperial physician came in a hurry, and after giving Yan Ke a consultation, he began to administer acupuncture on him. 


    Meng You watched the whole process beside him, his brows stretched taut. 


    However, the old steward next to him found it strange when he saw this scene. The one who was being given acupuncture was fast asleep, completely okay. 


    It was the one watching who frowned, as if the needles were piercing him instead. 


    After the imperial physician was done giving Yan Ke acupuncture, he performed Gua Sha* on him. It wasn’t long until a thin layer of sweat formed on Yan Ke’s forehead. 

[T/N: *a Chinese technique of chiropractic treatment, involving using a tool to scrape the skin and relieve the muscle or joint pain in that area.]


    “This is the prescription, put two slices of ginger in it.” The imperial physician handed the prescription to the steward and ordered. 


    “Okay, we have troubled you.” 


    “Then, Prince, we will retire first.” 


    Meng You nodded, looking at Yan Ke’s blood-red back after it had been scraped, feeling a little distressed. 


    “Does it hurt?” 


    “The scraping doesn’t hurt.” Yan Ke had woken up during the scraping. He sat up, put his clothes on, and nestled back into the quilt. 


    He glanced at Meng You standing next to him, opening the quilt and patting the space beside him, saying: “Come on, go to bed. You haven’t slept all night, don’t toss about.” 


    “This Lord can’t sleep.” 


    “Then go to my room and sleep over there on your own, so that I don’t infect you with my sickness.” 


    Meng You leaned down and kissed Yan Ke’s lips, feeling his hot breath, and the tip of his nose pressed against the tip of Yan Ke’s lightly. He didn’t rush to leave. He said: “I’m not afraid of being infected.” 


    “Weren’t you careful to only kiss my face before?” Yan Ke smiled. 


    Meng You simply lay down on the quilt without even taking off his clothes, gathered Yan Ke into his arms, and asked him softly, “Tell me, how much have I missed before?” 


    “There is too much to recount. If when we had gone out (on that trip), if you’d been a little more insightful, we could’ve long been happily acquainted* like immortals of yin and yang many times over back when we bathed together.” 

[T/N: *done the dirty]


    Meng You laughed together with Yan Ke, and then said: “Fortunately, this Lord wasn’t insightful at all. I don’t want you to disappear.” 


    “The old fortune-teller probably thinks that if we are in the same room and the yang energy is too strong, there is a risk of the jade pendant alone not being able to suppress it.” 


    Meng You nodded. 


    “It’s okay, I can wait.” 


    “Okay, go to sleep, just sleep.” Yan Ke stretched out his hand, held Meng You in his arms, and patted lightly. 


    Meng You hummed softly and kissed Yan Ke on the lips. Yan Ke opened his mouth proactively, letting Meng You claim his lips. 


    Then, Yan Ke gasped and pressed Meng You’s face away and said, “Okay, don’t light the fire, since you can’t take care of it.” 


    Meng You laughed lowly, closed his eyes, and fell asleep with Yan Ke. 


    Yan Ke didn’t know how long he’d laid with his eyes closed, but in the end, he couldn’t fall asleep. He felt so dizzy in the head that he got up gently. 


    After getting dressed, he walked out. 


    “Crown Princess, your medicine is being boiled.” 


    Yan Ke hummed, and said, “I’ll go to the kitchen and make some breakfast.” 


    “Crown Princess, you are sick. Don’t go into the kitchen. This old slave shall get someone to prepare it for you.” 


    Yan Ke smiled and coughed slightly: “I can eat whatever, but Meng You has such a picky palate, I’ll just whip something up for him.” 


    The steward smiled and didn’t persuade him anymore. Now, this was the honeymoon* period of their love, and he wouldn’t listen. 

[T/N: *rough translation]


    After Yan Ke had prepared breakfast for Meng You, he warmed it up in a pot, and asked people to prepare bath water for himself. Since the doctor had done Gua Sha on him, he had been feeling sweaty all over, sticky and uncomfortable. 


    Once he’d soaked in the hot water, the tiredness and weakness of  his body seemed to abate. Right when he was done taking the bath, the steward knocked on the door outside his bathroom. 


    The steward: “Crown Princess, your medicine is here.” 


    “I see.” Yan Ke opened the door and looked at the plate that the steward was holding. There was a bowl of dark-looking Chinese medicine and a bowl of sweet-looking greasy pieces of candied fruit. Yan Ke smiled and ate the traditional Chinese medicine. 


    “You don’t need to give me the candied fruit. I’ll lie down for a while. When Meng You wakes up, ask him to eat his breakfast. If it gets too late and he hasn’t woken up, go and wake him up. The three square meals must be eaten on time.” 


    “But Princess, you haven’t eaten anything since you woke up this morning…” 


    “Yes, I drank a bowl of medicine.” 


    The old steward: “…” 


    Yan Ke closed the door and lay on his bed, not wanting to move or get up. Had it not been for the pig needing to be fed, he would have stayed paralyzed in bed for the entire day. 


    When Meng You woke up, his hand touched the cold bed next to him. He got up, put on his clothes and went to find Yan Ke. 


    “Is he in there?” 


    “The princess fell asleep not long after drinking the medicine. In the kitchen, there is breakfast prepared by the princess for the prince and it has been warmed up in the pot. Do you want it to be brought over to you after you wash up?” 


    “Hmm.” Meng You opened the door gently, looked at Yan Ke lying on the bed, and touched his forehead. It was still hot. 


    “Is this doctor useless? If he is this useless, tell him it’s better he go back home and try a hand at farming instead!”


     “Don’t make trouble, just go eat your food.” Yan Ke rolled over, frowned bitterly, feeling uncomfortable all over. 


    Meng You washed by the side. Looking at Yan Ke, he said, “Since you’re so sick, don’t get up to make breakfast for this Lord. Don’t you know your limits? Just lie down in bed.” 


    “Oh, I guess I just made a fool of myself.” 


    “This Lord just means that your health is more important than me eating. I can go hungry for a day, but if you go hungry for a day, this Lord is going to be very irritable and very distressed.” Meng You paused, obviously it was unexpected that Yan Ke would misunderstand him, and quickly explained. 


    Yan Ke waved Meng You over impatiently. 


    Meng You walked over. 


    Yan Ke gently tugged at Meng You’s hair and pulled him down, then kissed his lips. After thye kissed for a while, he pulled away from him. Yan Ke said, “Shut up! You’re so noisy!” 


    Meng You, with a bit of the bitter taste of Chinese medicine, glanced at Yan Ke, and gently touched Yan Ke’s head. 


    After hearing from the steward that Yan Ke had not eaten, Meng You ordered the kitchen to cook some porridge that was easy to eat. 


    He forced Yan Ke to get up and drink a bowl of porridge before letting him sleep again. 


    By noon, Tang Qi, who’d heard that Yan Ke was ill, rushed to the Prince’s Mansion to visit him as soon as he was done with his duties at the palace. 


    Meng You looked at him come empty-handed, and his expression was so ugly that Tang Qi was almost driven out by the servants. He said, “Do you not feel embarrassed to come empty-handed?” 


    Tang Qi didn’t know why: “If not empty-handed, how else should I come? Should I have come with a mahjong set? Yan Ke is sick. If I asked him to play mahjong, wouldn’t you kill me?” 


    Meng You said indifferently: “This Lord thought you would at least bring the princess something when you come over, such as the thousand-year-old ginseng of the old man in your family.” 


    This again! 


    Again! !



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