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His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce!

Chapter 48

Chapter 48

Translated by Baddie
Edited by Baddie



T/N: I’d forgotten to add trigger warnings to the last chapter and added them in a bit late, sorry for any of you who needed to be warned, here’s another: 

⚠️!!TRIGGER WARNING: Potentially disturbing content; mentions of s*xual abuse, violence, suicide and t*rture, read at your own discretion!!⚠️

ALSO…⚠️!!NSFW Content Ahead!!⚠️ (yayyy teehee)

With that being said, here’s your chapter!



        Meng You was kicked out by Yan Ke before he could finish washing up, holding his clothes and standing outside, quite an embarrassing sight.


   He’d thought that yesterday, he had been almost patronizing, enjoying himself thoroughly, and had forgotten to rub Yan Ke’s back, so Yan Ke had kicked him out.


   So today, he’d worked hard to serve him, but he was kicked out again.


   Right now, Meng You had two big characters written all over his face: unwilling!


   So, Meng You stood in the cool night breeze, touched the window of Yan Ke’s room, opened the window gently, and then crawled in from the outside.


   Yan Ke lay on the bed and leisurely watched the whole process of the wise prince climbing in his window.


   He watched Meng You crawl in neatly, then put his clothes on the wooden rack, and walk to the bedside.


   Yan Ke finally opened his mouth: “Where did this little thief come from?”


   Meng You had waited outside for a long time before coming in. He’d thought that Yan Ke was asleep. He was caught unaware when he heard Yan Ke suddenly speak, feeling guilty.


   “He came to steal someone.”


   “Go away, don’t you have a bed of your own? If someone sees this, do you still want to hold onto your princely dignity?” Although Yan Ke said this, he subconsciously moved in to give space.


   After reacting this way, he felt that this idiotic behavior did not match his words at all, and moved a little back to the outside, praying in his heart that Meng You hadn’t noticed it.


   Meng You climbed onto the bed and forcefully squeezed Yan Ke to the inside.


   “Did you come here to rub the bed?” Yan Ke asked amusedly.


   “Your bed? You still call this rubbing it? It’s almost like laying on ice cubes. This Lord is here to warm your bed.” Meng You gathered Yan Ke into his arms.


  Thinking carefully about what Meng You said, it seemed not that bad of an idea after all. He hadn’t slept with Meng You these days, so he’d had to huddle in a ball with cold hands and feet all night.


   It really wasn’t the same when you were used to having a personal hand warmer.


   Yan Ke very rudely placed his foot on Meng You’s leg, and he heard the sound of Meng You gasping very clearly.


   “Is it very cold?”


   Meng You bullshitted with his eyes open: “Not cold at all! Very warm-hissss, very warm.”


   Yan Ke placed his hand on Meng You’s neck, and couldn’t help laughing as he heard Meng You suck in a cold breath and maintain his still position.


   After making mischief, he took his hands and feet back. Even he couldn’t stand his own cold hands and feet, let alone Meng You who was warm and comfy.


   Meng You pressed Yan Ke’s hands and feet to his body again, hugging him tighter, and said, “I said, this Lord is here to warm your bed.”


   “It’s too cold, don’t hold it.”


   “Tsk, stop moving around.” Meng You pressed Yan Ke’s head and saw that Yan Ke was still moving under the quilt, and then threatened: “If you keep moving this Lord will move his mouth.”


   Yan Ke said: “Fine.”


   Meng You placed a kiss on Yan Ke’s face.


   Yan Ke immediately exploded. The time and place was right, and the one with him was right too. The night was dark and the wind was strong. Both of them were laying on the same bed and hugging each other.


   Shouldn’t your way of moving your mouth be to place a kiss especially on this Laozi’s* lips?!

[T/N: *ancestor, referring to himself.]


   Yan Ke pinched Meng You’s chin, holding back his temper, and asked, “When you said you’d move your mouth, is that exactly all you meant?”


   “Mhmm.” Meng You hummed matter-of-factly.


   “…Oh, then good night.” Yan Ke turned over, turning his back to Meng You. Perhaps, when dealing with Meng You, he really should be a little Buddha*!

[T/N: *saint, abstinent.]


   He couldn’t force Meng You to do those unspeakable things. He just hoped that Meng You would get the hang of it soon, or they’d live a lifetime simply going in circles without a taste of meat*.

[T/N: *….doing it?]


   Meng You was shocked by Yan Ke’s cold back because Yan Ke had just allowed himself to kiss him and had been quite happy. He asked, “Was I not supposed to kiss you?”


   Yan Ke said dully: “Meng You, promise me, I beg you to demand a little more, go a little farther. You are a f*cking prince, don’t be short-sighted! You have to think about the future.”


   Meng You nodded: “This Lord’s princess is right!”


   “Then what shall we do now?”


   “Sleep! I have to get up early tomorrow.”


   “…” Oh well, as long as you’re happy. Yan Ke sighed and gave up his counselling: “Go to sleep, Silly Spore.”


   The next day, Yan Ke was awakened by voices outside. He touched the bed, and found that the place next to him was already cold. It had probably been a long time since Meng You’d gotten up.


   He got up and dressed, and saw that the owner and waiter of the inn they’d been staying at had just been brought in.


Meng Han kicked the waiter’s ass, flinging him directly to the ground. He said: “These guys were trying to run away, and we got the people guarding the city gate to catch them. Brother, your plan was really clever !”


   “When the tree topples, the monkeys scatter*. These people only dared to be so arrogant because of the presence of that snake-like Yang Shi, so now that something has happened to Yang Shi, they naturally sharpened their wits**, trying to run away.”

[T/N: *idiom, similar to ‘abandoning a sinking ship’.

**understood their plight.]


   “Then are they to be handed over to the new county magistrate?”


   “Yes, we should leave now. We’ve been on the road for too long.” Meng You saw Yan Ke coming out, greeting him and very naturally taking Yan Ke’s hand.


   “Have you eaten? If you haven’t eaten yet, I’ll go make something.”


        “Princess, it’s this little one who didn’t know Mount Tai* when he saw it. I have offended you. They say you have the heart of Saint Buddha. Please, ask the prince to let us go!” The waiter crawled to Yan Ke’s side, hugging Yan Ke’s leg and begging for mercy.


   “Let go!” Meng You shouted coldly.


  The shop waiter was frightened, trembling so hard that he loosened the hold he had onYan Ke’s legs to be let off easily.


   Yan Ke laughed: “Little brother, you’re not here because of me*. If you’re innocent, you’ll be let off immediately. If you’re not innocent, I can’t help you out even if you ask me to.”

[T/N: *he’s not here because Yan Ke’s angry he was scammed by him, but because he’s been scamming people for years.] 


   Meng You pulled Yan Ke away, and the two walked into the kitchen side by side.


   Meng You said: “You can go ahead (and cook), I won’t disturb you. I’ll just watch you from the side.”


   Yan Ke smiled and said as he washed his hands, “Dummy.”


        Meng You placed his hands on the table and watched Yan Ke with a smile. Yan Ke focused his attention on the pan, flipping the fried pancakes and serving the fried dishes, giving one to Meng You.


   “Eat that.”


   “These days, I never got the chance to ask you. If you’re not that Yan Ke, where are you really from?” Meng You asked while eating.


Yan Ke paused, and then smiled: “Perhaps you may not believe it when I say it out loud, but I come from the future. I am a senior chef in the future, more than a thousand years later. After I died, I was directly sent here. “


   “More than a thousand years into the future…does the Yue Kingdom still exist? Which kingdom are you from?”


   “In a thousand years, the territories have all been unified.”


   “Then…will you go back?” Meng You took a bite casually.


   “I’m already dead over there, and, after this long, my body might’ve long been cremated. If one day, I really do go back, I’ll probably just be particles fluttering about.”


   “I don’t know how I crossed over, so I don’t know when I will be transmigrated back.”


   As soon as Yan Ke finished speaking, he was embraced.


   Meng You said in a deep voice: “Then don’t go back, stay here and accompany this Lord.”


   Yan Ke hummed: “Mmm.”


   Tang Qi came in from outside, clutching his stomach. He’d been so busy all morning, and he felt like he was going to starve to death: “Yan Ke, are you done yet…”


   Seeing Meng You holding Yan Ke as Yan Ke made the pancakes, Tang Qi rolled his eyes, instantly feeling full*.

[T/N: *when people are exposed to PDA(slang: dog food), it is called being force-fed dog food, so Tang Qi feels full.]


   By the way, they seemed to be sharing the same bed these days, so it wasn’t once every ten years? Simply holding a hand could blind a short-sighted person like Meng You for a long time, so when would he finally get the hang of it?


   Yan Ke looked at Tang Qi who’d run away again, and pushed Meng You away, quickly finishing the breakfast.

[T/N: *when people are exposed to PDA(slang: dog food), it is called being force-fed dog food, so Tang Qi feels full.]

   “I made extra, we can eat on the road.” Yan Ke took the snack box he had brought and put some cakes and vegetables in it.


   Right when he walked out, he saw Mu Tang walking towards him.


   Mu Tang looked at Yan Ke with a smile, and handed him a small note: Thank you brother, Mu Tang is going to the Prince’s Mansion today!


   Yan Ke laughed: “Good.”


   Mu Tang took out a couple of small purses from her sleeves, giving one to Meng You and the other to Yan Ke.


   They were embroidered with two little mandarin ducks.

[T/N: *mandarin ducks symbolize faithful love and a happy marriage, often used on couple accessories back in the day.]


   Yan Ke said: “Thank you, I like it very much.”


   The little girl glanced at Meng You, but did not dare to talk to him, only smiling and walking away.


   Yan Ke smiled, and after placing the purse close to his body, he went to eat breakfast.


        After eating breakfast, the few of them packed up their things and got ready to hit the road. As Tang Qi lugged his bags and was about to get into the carriage, he saw a person he recognized at the corner of the street. He frowned and walked over, bringing that person along.


   Meng You glanced at the man from the carriage, then looked at Tang Qi, in silent inquiry.


   Tang Qi explained: “He was the one who told me that the place we were going to would be scenic and a lot of fun.”


   “In fact, I got the prince to come here, just because I wanted you to know what the people’s lives are like in places you can’t see.”


   “So, you brought us here deliberately?” Meng You asked.


   The man nodded: “This lowly one is called Zhao Xing. Would the prince spare me some of your time and let me clarify the ins and outs of the situation?”


   Meng You nodded.


        “Four years ago, I was travelling by the border and was ambushed by mountain bandits. At the time, I was just a poor scholar. Without money, I could only lose my life there. I saw a carriage passing by, and called for help from the people in the carriage.”


        “The carriage carried a person who had also come to Beijing to write the exam. He was a young master from a wealthy family. He saved me and pulled me into the carriage. He thought we would be able to escape. We did not expect that the mountain bandits would ride horses and chase us up. .”


        “He could have escaped, but in order to save me, he was hacked to death with a knife. I was too scared to look back until it had gotten dark. Then I searched around on the young master’s body and found a blood-soaked purse, which had a strand of green silk inside.”


        “I knew that only lovers would exchange this. I traveled to many places, investigated many people, and found out the identity of the young master. He was the son of a big-shot family and had promised a beautiful girl a hand in marriage. I didn’t dare tell the girl that the young master was dead, and seeing that the matchmakers coming to her were growing fewer and fewer in number, I grew anxious.”


   “Three years later, I finally told the girl that the young master had won the prize for the top scorer in the exam in Beijing and had married a wife so that she would not wait for him any longer.”


         “The girl believed it. I thought she would forget the young master and start a new life, maybe was now married and even had a child. I did not expect that when I went to check on her half a year later, there was a scandal in town that she had hanged herself and had been pregnant out of wedlock, and that her only relative had become a mute. I learned from the girl’s sister that the girl had been forced by the county magistrate and then found out that she was pregnant and hanged herself. I wanted to kill that dog of a county magistrate and take revenge for the benefactor’s lover. But after all the arm cannot twist the thigh*, and neither could I save the girl’s sister, nor could I redress the girl’s grievances.”

[T/N: *the weak cannot rival the strong.]


   “So, the best course of action was to lead the Prince here.”


   Although the story was totally consistent (with the facts), Yan Ke still asked: “What was the name of that young master?”


   “Gu Sheng, the young master of the governor’s house.”


   Yan Ke was silent. Gu Sheng didn’t win the prize for the top score, because he had died on the way there, and he didn’t marry another wife. Hai Tang had been the only one in his heart.


   But Haitang hadn’t known. Haitang died with hatred, waiting for three whole years, only to be met with the betrayal of her sweetheart and the injustice of the world. Yan Ke didn’t know what extent of despair killed that woman, one dead body and two lives, ended so decisively and simply.


   “The gifted and the beautiful, their story ended.”


   Meng You’s eyes were calm. He glanced at Zhao Xing, and said, “This Lord forgives you, for you are naught to blame.”


   Zhao Xing knocked his head a few times and said, “I beg the prince to prove the benefactor’s and Hai Tang’s innocence.”


   “Go to the new county magistrate. This matter involves a wide range of things, and it also involves the governor. You can take care of it yourself.”


        With this episode, Yan Ke’s heart was heavy as they hit the road. He was not an emotional person. On the contrary, he even thought he was a little cold. He had never met his mother, and his father had been a good parent at first, never absent from activities at the kindergarten. But after he was successful in his career, he married a new woman who gave birth to a new child, and as for Yan Ke, he was sent to live in his grandmother’s house.


   The living expenses that they were sent each month grew lesser and lesser. Then later, his cheap step-brother fell ill with leukemia and needed a bone marrow donation.


   That man who hadn’t visited grandmother’s little cottage for several years, knelt outside for a whole day, trying to ask his grandmother to let him donate his bone marrow to his cheap step-brother.


   Grandma did not agree.


   Later, on the way to school, he was directly caught and tied up by that man and sent to the hospital to do the bone marrow matching. The matching had been successful.


   He’d been forced onto the operating table.


       After he’d gotten off the operating table, he was taken care of by a nanny, still in pain, and through the small slit in the open door of the next ward, he saw that indifferent man, buying all kinds of toys, all to coax that crying cheap brother of his, the picture of a warm and sweet family.


   At that time, he’d been eight years old.


   “What are you thinking about?” Meng You looked at the person sitting next to him with a cold face, stretching out his hand and shaking it twice in front of Yan Ke.


   Yan Ke came back to his senses and looked at the face magnified in front of him, freezing for a moment, then smiled and said, “What to eat for lunch today.”


   “Have you decided?” Meng You asked warmly.


   “No.” Yan Ke smiled.


   Meng You pressed Yan Ke’s head onto his shoulder, ignoring the two extra people in the carriage, and said affectionately: “If you have something to say, just talk to this Lord.”




   Meng Han and Tang Qi exchanged glances, and the two of them went to sit outside.


   Although this journey had been unexpectedly complicated, Yan Ke thought that at least the ending had been good.


   When they arrived at their destination, the group of them looked around at the so-called paradise on earth with expressionless faces, unanimously agreeing to return to Beijing.


   Oh, yes, and they also agreed to arrest that Zhao Xing and beat him up.


   Spurring the horse to go as fast as it could, they rushed back in just a day and a half. When they arrived at the Prince’s Mansion, it was already late at night.


   Yan Ke yawned and didn’t let anyone wake up the steward who had fallen asleep. He prepared to go back to his room to take a shower and then hit the bed.


   Meng You was following behind, and when he saw him go in, he quickly followed him in.


   Yan Ke turned around, glanced at Meng You, and continued to take off his clothes expressionlessly, preparing to take a bath.


   Forget about undressing in front of him, even if you tried to seduce him, he would only think you were cramping.


   Therefore, Yan Ke sighed for the prince who did not have any untoward thoughts about him, not knowing if he was actually stupid or just faking it.


   Meng You turned his back, not daring to indulge himself to see Yan Ke. He’d imagined several things before, but later, he felt that if Yan Ke didn’t like it, he wouldn’t dare to think about it either.


   Yan Ke looked at Meng You who turned around and found it funny. This guy didn’t seem to be a block-headed person normally, so why does he not understand only when it comes to this kind of thing?


   “Turn around.” Yan Ke half ordered.


   Meng You turned around and saw the pale and tender princess standing behind him, his eyes tightened instantly and he held his breath.


   The first few times they’d taken a bath together, he’d dared not think about anything, because he’d been afraid that he might lose control if he thought about it.


   However, now that Yan Ke was standing behind him wearing nothing but a pair of underpants and allowed him to admire it, Meng You felt the blood all over his body begin to boil.


   Yan Ke pinched Meng You’s chin: “Do you not feel anything seeing me standing in front of you like this? Even if you are sexually less inclined, you wouldn’t be this indifferent?”


   “… Didn’t you say it yourself, to take it slow? This Lord dare not think about anything else.”


   Yan Ke: “!!!”


   So when he’d been making trouble for so long, it wasn’t that this guy didn’t want it but was restraining himself? Just because he’d said to take it slow?


   “I’ve said so many things before, and I haven’t seen you be so obedient about all that!”


   “You said you wouldn’t let this Lord touch you or kiss you, it wasn’t my fault…” Meng You spoke, with an aggrieved tone.


   Yan Ke pulled at Meng You’s clothes, smiled and said to him: “Then I want you to kiss me now.”


   Without hesitation, Meng You kissed Yan Ke on the face.


   Yan Ke: “……”


  The main reason was still that he was stupid.


   Then he broke out: “Would kissing my lips cause your mouth to f*cking rot?”


   “No…no. This Lord…can I really kiss your lips?”


   “…No you can’t, now get out of–“


   “!!!” Yan Ke looked at Meng You, who grabbed his waist all of a sudden and pressed their lips together, his eyes wide open.


   Suddenly, Meng You’s boyfriend aura was so overwhelming that he couldn’t react.


  According to the script, he thought that after he’d finished speaking, Little Princess Meng would cry and go out, wondering why he couldn’t kiss him.


   Meng You held Yan Ke’s head in both hands, and kissed Yan Ke’s lips over and over again, with excitement in his eyes.


   Yan Ke: “……”


   When he opened his mouth, the Silly Spore backed off, and when he closed his mouth, the Silly Spore ran over and kissed him again.


   Do you think you’re going to be eaten if you opened your mouth?


   Sure enough, he could only rely on himself!


   Yan Ke suddenly exerted force, pressing Meng You on the back of the chair, and then straddled across Meng You’s thighs.


   He raised his head and kissed Meng You’s lips.


   “Idiot, learn carefully.” After saying this, he bit Meng You’s lip, and Meng You opened his mouth in pain.


   Right as he was wondering whether Yan Ke liked to be rough in these things, a slippery thing entered his mouth, scouring it wantonly.


   Meng You inhaled and hugged Yan Ke, gently allowing the tongue that Yan Ke had stretched out to explore the way.


   It was almost as if they had found a way to the door of enlightenment. On and off, the two people’s tongues were constantly entangled.


   The atmosphere gradually became thin and heated.


   Meng You could feel the changes in Yan Ke’s body through Yan Ke’s thin underpants. He took a breath, distracting himself enough to take a piece of clothing from the wooden shelf and cover Yan Ke with it.


   Yan Ke was now feeling extremely hot. He untied Meng You’s belt, desperately hoping that Meng You can warm his bed like winter, and now give him ice.


   He threw reason out the window. As he unbuttoned Meng You’s clothes, he followed Meng You’s lips and kissed him casually, going all the way down, gently biting his Adam’s apple. He stretched his tongue out to lick at it, and kissed along Meng You’s collarbone all the way…


   “Move to the bed!” Yan Ke gasped and ordered.


   Meng You was also panting, his clothes now draped on his body in a mess, and he carried Yan Ke to the bed, pressing him down, and the overwhelming kiss ensued.


   Yan Ke was enjoying Meng You’s kiss while thinking: So he likes to be on top and move on his own*?

[T/N: *cough cough…..he still thinks he’s going to be the ‘top’, soooo….he’s wondering whether Meng You wants to ride cowboy style]


   Meng You was still afraid that Yan Ke would feel cold, and grabbed the quilt from the side of the bed, placing it over the two of them.


   Meng You kissed Yan Ke a little more, and asked Yan Ke, “Is…is it really okay to?”


   “Yes, it is! You sit up, quickly.” Yan Ke was almost driven crazy by Meng You. They were already this far, of course it’s okay, brother!


   Right when Meng You’s hand hooked on Yan Ke’s underpants, they were interrupted.


   The steward: “Crown Prince, this old slave has something to give you here.”


   Meng You ignored him: “Give it to this Lord tomorrow.”


   “It was that Taoist* who asked this old slave to give it to you.” The steward said.

[T/N: *if you remember, the man who said he’d drive away the bitchy original Yan Ke.]


   Meng You looked at Yan Ke, who lay on the bed, his entire body flushed red, and got up annoyedly, muttering: “This old guy really doesn’t know about timing.”


   When Meng You stretched out his arm to take the thing, the steward knew that he had disturbed his master’s good deeds*.

[T/N: *secksy time.]


   So, he added again, desperately: “Crown Prince, this old slave still wants to remain here after retirement.”


   “…” Meng You took the letter, threw it aside, and walked to the bed without sparing a glance at it.


   Yan Ke: “You don’t want to take a look?”


   “I’ll look after we’re done.” Meng You felt like a paw was scratching at his heart, eager to relieve the itch. Right now, nothing else mattered more.


   “Let’s just take a look.”


   “…You’re this way, and you still want to !” Meng You glared at Yan Ke, took the letter from the table, and roughly opened it.


   After he’d finished reading the letter, his face suddenly cooled down.


   Looking at the beauty on the bed again, at that moment, there was only a sense torture in his heart, not sweetness.


   “What’s the matter?” Yan Ke got out of bed and looked at the letter: During the chasing out of the soul, it is forbidden to share the same room.


   With a face that screamed MMP*, he held the letter to the candlelight and burned it.

[T/N: *internet slang, abbreviation for profanity meaning ‘your mother is a wh*re’.] 


   “It should be okay just once… Didn’t you tell me you’d just look at it later? Let’s just pretend we hadn’t seen it before, okay?”


    Meng You refused with a bitter face: “No.” He turned around to go back and take a cold shower to lower the fire.


    Yan Ke grabbed at him: “Don’t go, Meng You, are you still human? You make me like this, and now you’re leaving?”


    “…It said, we can’t share the same room.” Meng You ran away hurriedly after pulling on his clothes.


    “Meng You! Meng Shu Li! Don’t let me see you tomorrow, I’m going to kill you!” Yan Ke roared as he looked at the escaping man, the sight making him feel like he’d just stolen from others.


    Sure enough, there was no ‘worst’, only ‘even worse’.


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