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His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce!

Chapter 47

Chapter 47

Translated by Baddie
Edited by Baddie


T/N: Surprise chapter! I felt like updates have been slow lately and got time tonight to edit my last draft, plus I wanted to dedicate one more to @Andrea, so here’s to you! Happy reading!

⚠️!!TRIGGER WARNING: Potentially disturbing content; mentions of s*xual abuse, violence, suicide and t*rture, read at your own discretion!!⚠️



       Meng You took the towel from his face and put it in Yan Ke’s hands, saying, “Hurry up and wipe my back for me.” 


       Yan Ke took the towel and wiped Meng You’s back. The man said he liked him, yet didn’t even react while they were taking a bath together…


       Looking at the scars on Meng You’s back, Yan Ke reached out to touch them. They were likely to be wounds from the war. They had scarred a long time ago, yet they lasted so long. Would it have been painful for him back then? 


       “Meng You, your scars, do they hurt?” 


       Meng You shook his head: “They don’t hurt. Hurry up and wipe me quickly, are there ink stains there or what?” Meng You urged him, wanting to divert Yan Ke’s attention. 


       Yan Ke looked at Meng You, then slid his hand slowly from Meng You’s shoulder blades all the way to his tailbone. Seeing that the man did not respond, he sighed. 


       Does this fool really think of himself as Liu Xiahui, sitting still amidst the chaos*? Meng You saw Yan Ke was about to get up and quickly grabbed him, asking, “What are you doing? Leaving (drenched) like that and not even done bathing, aren’t you cold?” 

[T/N: *Liu Xiahui was a man of high morals in ancient China, exceptionally untempted by worldly desires like beauty and money, like Meng You even when he’s bathing with Yan Ke.]


       Yan Ke threw Meng You’s hand away and stepped out of the tub. Then he got a little embarrassed, so he took a bath towel and wiped the water off of himself. 


       “…You won’t let this Lord wipe your back for you? Look at you, running away as if I was going to eat you.” 


       “If I don’t run, you’ll be sorry. Alright, don’t be cheap and stay here, and just finish bathing quickly and hurry back to your room. You have cases to try tomorrow, so go to bed early.” Yan Ke took his and Meng You’s clothes from their luggage and handed them over. 


       Meng You took the clothes, stood up, and promptly began to remove his (drenched) pants. 


       “F*ck! Can you please put away your bird*?!” When Yan Ke was handing Meng You his robe, he happened to see Meng You taking off his pants, and his eyes were automatically filtered, with mosaics added. 

[T/N: *slang for…*ahem*..thingy.]


       “Tsk, I’ve covered it already.” Meng You smiled, getting dressed. When he was about to go out, he came back unwillingly and asked: “You obviously slept with me just yesterday, so why can’t we sleep together tonight? 


       “Get out!” Yan Ke said curtly. 




       After Meng You left, Yan Ke took off his drenched underpants and began to change clothes. After changing his clothes, he sighed and laid down on the bed to sleep. 


       In the morning, Yan Ke’s biological clock woke him up. He put on his clothes, took the jade pendant under his pillow, tying it to his waist, and went into the kitchen. 


       The kitchen was filled with fresh ingredients, and thought that Meng You might have bought them. Yan Ke heard the sound of the drums* in the front. 

[T/N: *of people coming to complain at the Yamen]


       It was always better to eat lighter in the morning, so their main dish was rice porridge. He fried a few side dishes to make it a meal. 


       After it was done cooking, he went ahead to give it to Meng You and the others. 


       Meng You glanced at the food put next to him, and after dealing with the case in his hands, he picked up the porridge from the table and ate it in a single gulp. 


       “Help me copy this to the bankbook.” Meng You took a time-out, throwing a small notebook to Yan Ke.


       Yan Ke flipped through it. Meng You gave him a rough idea of ​​what had happened, and it seemed he had asked the emperor to send someone to take over from here. Yan Ke nudged Meng You and said, “Move out of the way, give me some room to sit.” 


       Meng You reached out and embraced Yan Ke, pulling him to sit on his lap. As soon as Yan Ke’s butt landed on Meng You’s thigh, he immediately shot up. 


       Yan Ke took the bankbook and went to find a seat for himself. As he walked away, he gave Meng You a passing glare. 


       “Which Laozi wants to sit on your lap! Would you like me to hold you (on my lap)?”


       “I’d like that. You can hold me, I would only be too happy!” Meng You answered naturally, and then raised his eyebrows meaningfully. He said again: “So, do you want to hold this Lord of your’s?” 


       “Don’t want to! Can’t hold you!” Yan Ke refused especially concisely. 


       After Meng You finished eating, he had people come take the things away. He watched Yan Ke, who was writing very seriously on the bankbook below, and appreciated the view for a while before continuing to busy himself and began examining cases again. 


       Meng You tried cases for three days in a row before they finished all the suspicious cases. The Yamen cell was now mostly empty, with a lot of unjust, false and corrupt cases being cleared, with the exception of those who’d died. 


       Three days later, the new magistrate arrived, and Meng You handed over the case of the former magistrate to the new magistrate. 


       Then, with the shadow guards and the people sent to him by the governor, he directly went to the former county magistrate’s mansion. 


       The county magistrate’s mansion was built in a special style, and the two big lions at the door were even bigger than those at the door of Crown Prince Meng You’s mansion. 


       A sarcastic smile lingered at the corner of Yan Ke’s mouth, and he said, “It doesn’t look as good as the set of the Ninth-rank Sesame Official*.”

[T/N: *a comedy movie where corrupt officials cause innocent people to be in jail. Thus, the set has such overly luxurious mansions similar to this one.]


       As soon as they entered, he saw the county magistrate’s family kneeling in the yard, wailing. 


       “Tsk tsk, the Madam alone has five bedrooms!” Tang Qi sighed. “In the future, when I grow old, I don’t need you to give me anything. Just throw me to a poor town somewhere and let me be a sesame official*.”

[T/N: *low-ranking official.] 


       Meng You nodded: “This Lord will set up three capitals in the place that you’ll be in charge of to deal with you.” 


       “You have no conscience!” 


       Yan Ke frowned and looked at all the silver jewellery and antiques that had been confiscated. He placed it in his hand and looked at it twice. Then he suddenly sneered: “He really took everything from the people, so including the very last needle and thread, everything should be taken away from him.” 


       “This damn corrupt official, chopping him ten times over is not enough to dispel my hatred of him!” Meng You looked at the people who were kneeling on the ground indifferently: “This Lord will get people to calculate the salary that Yang Shi should receive throughout these years. This county will have a new magistrate moving in soon, so you can find a good time to move out.” 


       “Crown Prince, I know that our family’s Yang Shi has sinned greatly, but, I beg the prince to please save his life! In the future, I won’t let him do bad things again.” An old man with gray hair grabbed at Meng You’s clothes. 


       Meng You narrowed his eyes and said, “If you’d told him these words before he did all those bad things, and persuaded him to get lost and return as a prodigal son, he wouldn’t be where he is today. Why? Old man, you think that your son is a son, so are other people’s sons not? In the case of your son Yang Shi’s verdict, you don’t even know how many wives he has scattered around, who have no (monetary) support at all.” 


       The old man knew that saying anything was useless, and he also knew that his son deserved this for his sins, but he was overwhelmed and fainted. 


       After Meng You got all the people to search around, he looked at the real gold and silver in the carriage, and patted the carriage, ordering: “These are to be used as official silver in the Yamen. This Lord has given silver to compensate people the first time, so from now on, fill the Yamen coffers with this first and take it from there.” 


       Tang Qi nodded: “If we use the amount of silver we found in Yang Shi’s house to fill the discrepancies that have occurred in the Yamen treasury’s accounts these days, it’ll probably only be extra and not less.” 


       Just as the few people were leaving to make the necessary preparations, Yan Ke, who was walking at the back, had his clothes caught by someone. 


       Yan Ke turned his head and saw a little girl standing behind him with a pair of big and smart eyes. 


       The little girl took out a letter from her sleeve, put it in Yan Ke’s hands, knelt on the ground, and pulled at Yan Ke’s sleeve. 


       From beginning to end, not a word was said. 


       “Do you want me to read this?” 


       The little girl nodded. 


       Yan Ke opened the letter and saw five pieces of paper filled densely with writing in it. Yan Ke took them out and read them with Meng You. 


       The girl’s name was Mu Tang, and her sister was Hai Tang. Hai Tang was a well-known beauty in this town. When she had become of marriageable age, their house’s threshold was almost worn through from the matchmakers coming, but Hai Tang did not fancy any of the proposals. 


       Only Mu Tang knew that among the many noble sons who had dreams of Haitang, Haitang only liked Gu Sheng, the governor’s young son. When Gu Sheng went to Beijing to write the exam, the two exchanged keepsakes and made a secret promise to be together for life.


       Hai Tang waited at home for three years. What awaited her wasn’t news of Gu Sheng’s return to his hometown with his name on the Golden list*. Instead, what awaited her was the disappointing news of Gu Sheng’s prosperity in Beijing, marrying the princess, and becoming a husband.

[T/N: *list of top-scorers on the imperial exam.] 


       Hai Tang was unwilling to let her three years of waiting go to naught and packed her luggage, a girl leaving her family to go to the capital all alone to find Gu Sheng. 


       It’s okay if she had really been able to leave, but the night before she left, she was summoned to the Yamen, and was arrested for several days. 


       Mu Tang didn’t know what had happened to her sister, except that when Hai Tang came back, she was messed up and had no eyesight anymore. She went into hiding in her room to take a bath, changing the bath water three times. One month later, Mu Tang had gone to deliver food to Hai Tang who was in her room as usual, only to see Haitang hanging, her body already stiff. 


       During the autopsy, it was found that Hai Tang had been pregnant. Getting pregnant out of wedlock, even if it didn’t warrant death, it was a crime serious enough to warrant a dip into the pig cage. Hai Tang’s corpse was wrapped in a straw mat and thrown into the mass grave. 


       Not reconciled to let her sister’s death be in vain, Mu Tang went to the county magistrate’s mansion alone. After spending half a year in the county magistrate’s mansion, she finally found out the truth when Yang Shi was drunk. But her arms could barely twist around his thighs, and in this small town, Yang Shi held the sky up with one hand*. Before Mu Tang could seize the chance to escape, Yang Shi had her tongue cut off. 

[T/N: *had control of everything]


       Yan Ke clutched the letter tightly in his hand and looked at the little girl who was kneeling on the ground, only fifteen years old at best. He squatted down, frowning, and said warmly: “Come on, let this brother look at your tongue.” 


       Mu Tang opening her mouth slightly, Yan Ke’s eyes stung at the sight of the slightly trembling short tongue. 


       Only fifteen years old, in modern times, was young enough to not understand anything about the world. 


       Yan Ke was very distressed and said, “Alright, this brother is going to help you drive away all the bad guys, and will also help you avenge your sister.” 


       The little girl cast her eyes on Meng You and knocked her forehead on the ground a few times harshly. 


       Yan Ke helped Mu Tang up and said, “I don’t think she can stay here now. Would you be able to arrange a place for her? This little girl is very wise and looks like a clever child.” 


       “Then let her be sent to the Prince’s Mansion.” Meng You said. 


       “Okay.” Yan Ke squeezed the hair tied into two balls on either side of Mu Tang’s head and smiled. 


       On the way back, Yan Ke was in a good mood. Looking at the hands of the Silly Spore hanging at his sides, he stepped forward and held them in his. 


       Seeing Meng You suddenly turn around and look at him in amazement, Yan Ke curled the corners of his mouth slightly, and said, “What are you looking at me for? Look at the road.” 


       “…Okay.” The cold touch on his hand travelled from the palm of his hand to his heart. Meng You felt it was funny. His princess was really easy to satisfy, he simply arranged a little girl to be sent to the prince’s mansion and he’d taken the initiative to hold his hand. 


       If this kind of thing happened several times… 


       Meng You had already imagined the scene where Yan Ke took the initiative to take off his clothes, lying on his bed and saying to him shyly: “Come quickly, husband”. 


       A warm current flowed out of his nose. Meng You reached out to touch it with his hand and felt blood… 


       This scared Yan Ke: “What’s wrong with you? Why are you bleeding?” 


       Meng You sniffed his nose and said, “Let’s take a bath together again tonight. I keep feeling that there was something I didn’t do yesterday.” 


       Yan Ke endured his temper and took a piece of paper to wipe Meng You’s nosebleed. After he’d stopping the bleeding, he grabbed Meng You’s ears and said: “You’re f*cking serious!” 


       At night, Yan Ke was thrown into the bathtub by Meng You in the same way. Looking at Meng You approaching him, Yan Ke’s face turned red: “I, I, I…I I’ll be gentle.” 


       Meng You grabbed Yan Ke by his body, turned him over, pressed Yan Ke’s head on the side of the bathtub, and then began to wipe his back: “I told you, yesterday you let this Lord relax, so today I’ll let you relax instead.” 


       Yan Ke’s face turned from red to white, and then from white to black, amazed: “…” 


Yan Ke thought emotionlessly: What is Laozi* looking forward to? And if this kind of sand sculpture* is not driven out, was he to be kept for the New Year?

[T/N: *referring to himself

** internet slang, literally homophone for ‘stupid d*ck’, meaning dumbass] 


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