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His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce!

Chapter 46

Chapter 46

Translated by Baddie
Edited by Baddie



T/N: Again, dedicated to @Andrea! Thank you so much!



Fortunately, although he’d fallen from upstairs, it wasn’t very high, and Tang Qi grabbed a pole so he didn’t get hurt.


    Tang Qi raised his head and saw Meng Han stick his head out to check. Feeling aggrieved, he didn’t know what to say, simply pointing at Meng Han, and not saying anything for a long time.


    Meng Han also jumped down from the window and frowned at Tang Qi, “How are you? Let me see if you’ve hurt anything.”


    Tang Qi retracted his hand and snorted, “What is it? His Highness the Seventh wants to make another try after attempting murder once? I can see right through you! You’ve been thinking about this for a long time, haven’t you?”


    Meng Han followed Tang up, back upstairs, and when he was about to enter the room, seeing that Tang Qi was about to slam the door on him, he squeezed in and stuck a foot in the crack of the door.


    Tang Qi: “Go away!”


    Meng Han: “No, open the door and let this little Lord come in and check your injury.”


    “Get out!” Tang Qi closed the door forcefully, and then, seeing Meng Han’s gradually changing face, finally reluctantly opened the door.


    After Meng Han entered, he was about to close the door, only to meet the eyes of the two people sitting at the table in the opposite room.


    Meng Han glared at Yan Ke, then snapped the door shut.


    Yan Ke laughed: “Haha, he pushed others down all by himself and still glares at me!”


    Meng You: “It’s probably because you didn’t stop Tang Qi.”


    “You didn’t stop him either, did you?”


    “But does he dare to glare at me?” Meng You asked, raising an eyebrow. “Furthermore, about Tang Qi, if he can’t jump from this height even after this Lord has trained him this well, does he need to be coaxed? If Meng Han hadn’t showed up and he’d had to stay here for a while longer, he would’ve jumped down by himself.”




    While the two of them laughed, the waiter had called over the officers and soldiers, and he pointed at Yan Ke and complained.


    “It’s him, the one who eats and doesn’t pay up.”


    Yan Ke laughed: “I haven’t eaten anything yet, it’s all still downstairs. Also, not to give the money is not to be righteous*. We will still pay any money that should be paid.”


    “Then we’ll be troubling you to come with us on a trip to the Yamen.”


Meng You stood up, pushed away the people who were about to take Yan Ke, and dragged Yan Ke to follow the Yamen officers himself.


     Yan Ke glanced at Meng Han and Tang Qi who were still holed up in their room, knocked on the door, and said, “Come out, we’re going to jail.”


      Hearing Yan Ke’s voice, Tang Qi was instantly relieved. He ran all the way out in shambles, looked at Yan Ke, and complained with snot and tears running down his face: “That guy is crazy. He just asked me to take off my clothes and show him where I fell and hurt myself!”


      Yan Ke chuckled with a sneer. His eyes turned to Meng Han, and said, “Is it really just to see where he fell and hurt himself?” 


      Meng Han said indifferently: “Otherwise? What else would this little Lord want to see? I have a little Lord junior* as well. If I really wanted to see something else, then can’t I just look at myself?


      Meng Han snorted and went ahead.


      Meng You whispered in Yan Ke’s ear: “I don’t like to look at my own though, I want to see yours! He’s definitely unmarried. What’s so good about looking at your own thing.”


      “As if you’ve seen it before.”


      Meng You smiled and said: “Then let’s take a bath together when we get back home later~”


      Yan Ke couldn’t stand it, and pushed Meng You away, saying, “We are going to jail.”


      “In the entire Yue Kingdom, a prison that can detain this Lord is yet to be built.” Meng You licked his lips, and after speaking so majestically, the conversation fell through, and the topic returned to his question just now: “Let’s go back and take a bath together. Sounds good or not?”


      “…No, get out!” Yan Ke looked at Meng You, and he thought about whether Meng You knew which part of him he would have to use since they were the same gender. So, he pulled him to go down the steps. The guy walked behind him slowly.


      Then he said softly: “Do you know what will happen if we take a bath together?”


      Meng You didn’t even think about it and said, “We will both wash ourselves very thoroughly.”


      Yan Ke: “????? Oh.”


      Meng You said: “Don’t you think so? This Lord can scrub your back, and you can scrub my back.”


      “I don’t think so, thank you. Now get out!” Yan Ke said coldly.


      “You were still fine just now. Weren’t you very happy to ask me if I knew what would happen? Why did your expression suddenly change?”


      Yan Ke: “…”


      What can I do? I thought you were begging for something to do with your hips, and was preparing to spread some knowledge to you. In the end, you really just wanted to take a bath together, because they could wash each other very thoroughly if they bathed together?


      It wasn’t too believable, that he wanted to take a bath together just to scrub each other’s backs!


      “Looking at your dissatisfaction, does the idea of ​​rubbing each other’s backs not satisfy you?” Meng You smiled and put his arms around Yan Ke’s shoulders.


      Yan Ke: “That’s not it! Don’t talk nonsense!”


      “Since you don’t want to scrub backs, then let’s—” Meng You leaned in halfway and pressed against Yan Ke’s ear.


      Yan Ke guessed what Meng You was about to say, his face was slightly flushed, and he murmured, “Shameless!”


      Meng You: “We can still scrub each other’s feet!”


      Simultaneously, Meng You also said what he hadn’t finished.


      Yan Ke: “…oh.”


      There was no way to know what this Silly Spore was going to say and when, Yan Ke thought, flabbergasted.


      “Why are you so red?”


      “None of your business!”


      “??” Meng You frowned as Yan Ke pitter-pattered over to Tang Qi’s side moodily. Why was it so shameless to take a bath together?


      When the group arrived at the Yamen, the county magistrate sat there. He looked at the people below, and said, “Kneel down.”


      Yan Ke glanced at Meng You and said, “He told you to kneel down.”


      Meng You said nothing, and simply glanced at the county magistrate with cold eyes.


      “Kneel down!” the county magistrate said again.


      Seeing that there was no response from the group of people, a government official came over and was about to force the four into kneeling down. Before he could even touch Tang Qi, he was beaten to the ground by Meng Han.


      The county magistrate frowned. What kind of stubble* had he stepped on this time? Nevertheless, how hard could they be!

[T/N: *problematic thing.]


      “I heard that you didn’t pay for your food?”


      Yan Ke laughed: “How can that be, how would I not pay for food. I just don’t want to be taken advantage of.”


      “Either you give the money to the store, or this officer will hit each of you with the board a few times.” The county magistrate knocked on the table and looked very impatient. He didn’t know how many times he had dealt with this kind of thing. He just needed to scare them. Say that they’ll have to get the board, and they would immediately hand in the money.


      “This is how you try your cases? Just listening to one side of the story? Or… Is it that doing this kind of thing would make things perfect for you?” Meng You said coldly. If he hadn’t come here, he wouldn’t have known that there were still these kind of corpse-position vegetarians* that ate imperial food and did not take care of their duties in Yue Kingdom.

[T/N: *again, idiom for one who holds down a job without doing a stroke of work.]


      “This officer has been judging cases here for decades. Do I need you to teach me how to judge cases?” The county magistrate looked at Meng You contemptuously: “Since these people value money more than life, then… …hit them.”


      Yan Ke saw Meng You’s temper rising, and quickly pulled Meng You back, who was close to exploding, to calm down: “Don’t be angry, don’t be angry.”


      Meng You was angry initially, but then Yan Ke’s hand fell on his chest to help him catch his breath.


      All of a sudden, he forgot that he’d just wanted to tear down the Yamen in front of him.


      Then, Meng You held Yan Ke’s cold hand and solemnly said: “Listen to this Lord, once the Lord succeeds the throne, you must not come to the court with this Lord!”


      “??” Yan Ke glanced suspiciously at Meng You.


      “Beauty really does cause the country’s downfall*.” As soon as Meng You had finished speaking, Yan Ke glared at him fiercely.

[T/N: *idiom for when a king is too obsessed with his beautiful queen to focus on the nation’s matters.]


       Looking at Yan Ke and Meng You flirting next to him, Tang Qi frowned and said, “I don’t know if you two remember this, but we are being tried now.”


      “If you don’t have any money to pay and would rather be hit with the board, go ahead.” Meng You pointed to Meng Han and said, “Start with him first.”


      Meng Han was standing next to Tang Qi. He kept his head down and was in a daze the whole while. Suddenly being called on, he raised his head, glanced at Meng You, rotated his wrist muscles, and said, “Think you can take me on?”


      Yan Ke covered his face, but he could still clearly see the county magistrate’s collapsed expression. How come this whole group had gone crazy?


      “Soon, the list of all the merchants and businessmen that have colluded with the Yamen will be written and submitted to this Lord, and then, even the exact amount of silver that was embezzled in between, and the cases that you have handled in recent years, will be brought to this Lord.”


      Meng You looked at the county magistrate, and finally spit out a few more words: “Be honest and I’ll be lenient, and will pardon you not to die.”


      Yan Ke felt that he should applaud Meng You now. His aura was so full to bursting that it was almost an A!


      The county magistrate looked at the few people who were wearing Chinese clothes underneath, and didn’t panic, thinking they were just pretending.


      “Even if the Emperor, Son of Heaven, himself came, you have to pay the money before you leave!”


      Yan Ke could actually sense that the county magistrate had already been frightened by Meng You. He’d said before that he was going to have them hit with the board, but now he wanted to retreat. As long as they gave him the money and left, he was impatient to send them away.


      If Yan Ke had sensed it, naturally Meng You had sensed it too. He smiled, turned his head and said to Yan Ke in a voice that only the two of them could hear: “Let’s go back, and take a bath together with this Lord, okay?”


      Yan Ke: “…Get lost.”


      Meng You was rejected by Yan Ke, and turned his attention to the county magistrate. There were the words, “The princess has just rejected me, so I’m going to make you miserable” written all over his countenance.


      When he moved in front of the county magistrate, the county magistrate knocked on the table: “What are you doing, standing there in a daze? Come on! Don’t you see that these gangsters are coming at this official!” When the servant below was about to act, Meng You whistled, and the shadow guard who was hiding in the dark jumped down.


      Meng You stretched out a hand to hold down the county magistrate that was already panicking and trying to escape. The force exerted by his hand was great, and after dealing with the county magistrate, one hand picked up the county magistrate’s seal on the table and placed it in his hand. After playing with it for a while, he threw it to the ground fiercely, and said coldly: “The Yue Kingdom is paying you to do service for the people and be good caretakers for them. If it weren’t for this Lord to happen to come here for a walk, I wouldn’t have known that there are such parasites like you.”


      “You…who are you?” The county magistrate’s voice trembled slightly, looking at Meng You in fear.


      Meng You took out the Crown Prince’s seal from his sleeves and put it on the table.


      Although the county magistrate was stationed far away from the emperor and he had never seen Meng You, he knew the Prince’s seal. He glanced at Meng You and the Prince’s seal on the table, then immediately fell from his chair to the ground. The eyes that stared at Meng You were as wide as copper bells, and they were full of fear.


      Meng You: “This Lord will need to take a look at the Yamen’s account books, as well as the cases in recent years. All the cases that you have handled are to be brought to me.”


      Meng Han originally thought he would have to deal with the people, but when they saw the shadow guards, they stood still and didn’t dare to make a move. Seeing that, he gave Meng You a dissatisfied look and said, “Brother, where’s the fun if it’s like this. How boring! What an upright guy you are, using officials to suppress others.”


      “Suppressing people with officials, huh?” Meng You glanced at the county magistrate, who was obviously terrified and sat on the ground blankly.


      Everyone: “…”


      Meng You imprisoned the county magistrate in a cell first, and after he’d checked how much embezzlement this little county magistrate had committed and how many people had been encroached upon, he would settle the accounts with him.


      Meng You asked the shadow guard to take the Prince’s seal to the capital to delegate troops.


      And the four of them, making a clear division of labor, took over the entire Yamen. Meng You was in charge of going over the cases tried by the county magistrate in the past few years, auditing and commenting on them once in a while. The more he looked at it, the worse his face became.


      Tang Qi and Meng Han were in charge of reading the account books, and they were stunned by the Yamen account books.


      Tang Qi: “This little magistrate has a richer family than mine!”


      “It is estimated that in recent years, the people’s oil and water (riches) have all been stolen.” Meng Han was also quite angry.


      “Keep it down for this Lord, and note down how much money has to be given out. I’ll go to the county magistrate’s house to search for the assets and confiscate as much as is possible!”


      Tang Qi smiled: “Confiscate? This is a small fortune in itself.”


      Meng You closed the book of cases and said coldly: “There are several cases here, and many of them are very doubtful. The prisoners in the Yamen cell are to be arraigned once in the afternoon. Anyone who was given a wrong sentence can receive compensation from the Yamen and be acquitted. “


      Tang Qiran nodded his head clearly: “The silvers can be used for compensation. Did I mention that this little county magistrate is quite daring? Isn’t he afraid of people reporting to the capital?”


      “Maybe he felt that the capital is so out of reach here, and he could do whatever he wanted to.”


      Tang Qi felt that it was reasonable, but after thinking about it, he still didn’t think it made sense. He said, “For so many years, the people and businessmen who have been oppressed by these corrupt officials have not gone to the capital to file a complaint?”


      Meng Han slapped Tang Qi’s forehead: “Are you stupid? Who can drag their whole family there? Is it possible for one to drag their whole family to the capital just to file a complaint? Besides, since the county magistrate dared to make a wrong sentence In the case, it must’ve been well planned out. The people who were wrongly convicted in the cases had little say and were threatened. They could only grit their teeth and swallow it into their stomachs.”


      “It’s pitiful.” Tang Qi sighed.


      Yan Ke walked in from behind, glanced at the three people who were looking at the case and account books with sullen faces, and said, “It’s time to eat. Eat first and then go back to reading.”


      Meng Han and Tang Qi put down their account books, and they immediately walked towards the kitchen.


      The one who was usually the first to come to the table still sat there taking notes.


      Yan Ke took the brush from Meng You’s hand and placed it in the pen holder. He observed Meng You’s frowning brows, stroking between them with his finger, and comforted him in a low voice, “Meng You, it’s not just you, nobody is clairvoyant. You can’t find all the injustices in this world. Even if you did find them, you can’t reach them. It is difficult even for Buddha to alleviate all the misery in this world, let alone us mere mortals.”


      Meng You took Yan Ke into his arms, secretly indulging* in Yan Ke’s face, and said, “This Lord knows.”

[T/N: *literally translates to ‘stealing incense’]


      “If you know it, I will kill you if you dare to speak with that mouth next time!” Yan Ke stared at Meng You.


      Meng You: “How am I supposed to speak without my mouth? Why don’t you demonstrate for this Lord how?”


      “Just get out and eat!”


      “Okay, Crown Princess.” Meng You took Yan Ke into the kitchen together.


      After eating, Yan Ke helped Meng You look through the cases with him. Once there was anything of suspicion, he would mark it out for Meng You. Looking through it, Yan Ke was shocked.


      After reading the last book, Meng You, who had always been calm, looked at the notebook on the table, and angrily wanted to pull the county magistrate out and give him Ling Chi* now!

[T/N: *punishment by a thousand cuts on the body, torturing and bleeding them to death, one of the worst punishments in the book.]


      “Tang Qi, go to the Yamen and post a notice, stating that those who have been wrongly sentenced in the past can now come to redress their grievances. If they were wronged, they can come to the Yamen to receive compensation.”


      After the notice was posted, word spread out throughout the whole town. Even if they weren’t victims of unjust, false or corrupt cases, many people came to the Yamen to see what the excitement was all about.


      Among them, there were quite a few people who were victims of unjust cases but were afraid to beat the drums*. They were afraid of being tricked and conspired against by the Yamen. They were all waiting for the first person to stand up.

[T/N: *system of beating a drum or gong outside the Yamen office to bring attention to a complainant.]


      When it was time for dinner, Yan Ke stood inside and looked out the door. There were a lot of people, but no one dared to come forward and sound the drums. He nudged Meng You and said, “Take that corrupt official out for a walk. The people here are probably scared of him. Go out and give them some courage.”


      Meng You directly handed this task to Tang Qi.


     Tang Qi ordered his people to take the county magistrate out of the prison, and then shoved him to the ground, saying: “Don’t be afraid, now this dog of an official has been arrested. All unjust, false and corrupt cases will be handled by our Prince. There will be a retrial if there is an injustice. Who will come forward and beat the drum?”


      A woman came to the forefront, and finally walked up angrily and in tears, rang the drum outside the Yamen.


      Tang Qi glanced at the woman who had started to cry before she even spoke, and took out a silk scarf from his sleeves and handed it to her to wipe her tears with.


      Meng You: “What is your name? What is your grievance?”


      “This girl’s name is Zhang Lian, and she wants to sue the nephew of the county magistrate, even if it costs me my life doing so!” As soon as Zhang Lian had heard the notice was posted at the gate of the Yamen, she’d brought all the evidence at home, regardless of whether it was true or not. Yes, she had a glimmer of hope.


      Meng You had read the case book. Zhang Lian was a local, and her newlywed husband had died drowning in the water. She’d made a lot of noise in the Yamen and was detained for three months.


      “Do you have evidence?”


      “Yes! This was given to me by my husband before he died.”


      Zhang Lian looked at the letter that was so old that it was almost impossible to read the words, and her tears fell: “This maiden dare not bring such an important thing to that dog of an official, so I could only keep it with myself, thinking one day, there would be a great master who would arrive to vindicate me.”


      Yan Ke leaned over and glanced at the letter, and the grief in his heart was instantly magnified: “They would kill someone just for a couple of pennies?!”


      “Tang Qi, go and bring back this nephew of the county magistrate. Meng Han, you go and close the gates to the city, and stay there. People can only be allowed in, and not out!” Meng You passed the letter to Yan Ke, and Yan Ke took the case book to re-record it.


       The evidence was solid, and the nephew of the county magistrate saw that Meng You was about to sentence him, so he confessed to everything.


      Seeing the woman crying at the door, Yan Ke helped her up.


      Zhang Lian said: “Thank you, benefactor, thank you for giving us orphans and widows another chance at survival.”


      Yan Ke looked at the child in the hands of an older woman who was crying with teary eyes below the steps, and his heart felt desolate. In these ages, the man was the pillar of the family.


      Their pillar had fallen, so how would the old and small in his family survive.


      Yan Ke took out some silver from his sleeves and placed it in Zhang Lian’s hand, saying, “Take this silver and go do some business. If someone bullies you, you should come to the Yamen to complain about it. Don’t be afraid of straw ropes for ten years after being bitten by a snake once*, believe that getting help from the Yamen is always better than dealing with things by yourself.”

[T/N: *idiom similar to ‘once bitten, twice shy’.]


      Zhang Lian took the silver and knelt beside Yan Ke’s feet, and Yan Ke quickly helped her up.


      Soon, the people swarmed up with complaints.


      When Yan Ke turned his head, he saw Meng You sitting there with a trace of fatigue on his face, looking at him with a faint smile.


      Yan Ke sighed and continued to sit back and began recording cases.


      All the cases were turned upside down. Those who had no proper evidence could not be retried by Meng You, but the compensation they were given was no less.


      As  late night approached, Yan Ke looked at the people crowding outside, frowned and said: “Everyone, go back first, and come back tomorrow. It’s so late, and it’s cold outside, go back home and rest.”


      “What if you leave by tomorrow?”


      Meng You came out from inside. His butt had been stuck to the chair for a whole day, and now he finally got up and walked around.


      He took off his outer robe, putting it on Yan Ke, and told them, “This Lord will not leave. You can come back tomorrow.”


      When everyone looked at Meng You and then at Yan Ke, they immediately guessed Yan Ke’s identity, knowing that the prince had married a male princess, (and were finally convinced).


      Yan Ke smiled as he listened to the words of the guy who seemed to be a living deity for the chaotic crowd.


      He sighed and said: “I really wouldn’t know if I hadn’t seen it myself. I was so shocked. It’s not wrong to say that these officials have pressured people to their deaths.”


      “Yeah.” Meng You also followed with a sigh. Under imperial rule, there were many loopholes, and many things could not be taken into account. Were there many places just like this one?


      Meng You and party directly stayed in the Yamen. Since he’d taken over the Yamen, everyone in the Yamen had been trembling, for fear of doing something wrong, since the prince from the capital was keeping a close eye on them.


      But at this moment, Meng You didn’t have any thoughts to keep an eye on them, ordering people to prepare water for a bath, and then half pulled and half pushed, finally hugging Yan Ke as he walked into the room.


      Yan Ke pinched Meng You’s hands and said, “Let go of me! Is it not shameless of you to hold me like this?”


      Meng You: “I’m giving you an opportunity, can’t you just follow this Lord obediently?”


      Meng You picked Yan Ke up and sighed: “Why are you so light?”


      “I’m light but I have good stamina.” Yan Ke didn’t know what he was thinking to suddenly come up with this sentence. Then he reacted, and quickly explained: “No…I mean…??”


      No, buddy, what is up with that look in your eyes? !


      Yan Ke looked at Meng You’s bright eyes, and his heart felt like it had been tickled by a feather.


      “Good stamina? That’s good!”


      When he got to the room, Meng You stripped Yan Ke head to toe, leaving only a pair of obscene underpants.


      …Oh, no, Yan Ke felt like Meng You was driving a duck onto a perch*, and he was the said duck!

[T/N: *pushing someone to do something beyond their abilities.]


      Meng You also took off his clothes and got into the water.


      Looking at the princess sitting behind him, he moved over.


      Yan Ke cried, covering his face, and said, “Meng You, don’t come over! This is too sudden, it won’t be able to get  hard…”


      Then, Meng You put a towel into his hands.


      Yan Ke: “???”


      Meng You lay on the side of the tub and closed his eyes, saying to him: “Come on, help me wipe my back!”


      “By the way, what were you just saying couldn’t get hard?”


      Yan Ke took the towel, threw it at Meng You’s face, and snarled: “Go away, you Silly Spore!”



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Baddie's notes:

T/N: Btw, this is the chapter where most of the earlier deviation I was talking about happened, and the restaurant scammer was being such a bitch that Yan Ke punched him before he left LOL, and Meng Han gets caught and he uses a 'Yan Ke's belt to lure Meng You to get caught and put in jail too (because Meng You goes wherever Yan Ke's belt is haha, he's really mad that Meng Han has it) - turns out Tang Qi and Yan Ke had gone shopping for belts together and have identical ones, and that was Tang Qi's (yep, TangHan is canon) and when he asks Meng Han why he got him arrested, Meng Han says its payback for asking the emperor to grant him a concubine HAHAHA. But now Tang Qi and Yan Ke are escaping to the capital to get help alone (because there are scary people here who might kidnap the Mengs if they find out they are princes, what with the war going on with Ming and Chu countries), and they are ambushed, so Tang Qi being the only one knowing martial arts holds them off so Yan Ke can escape, which lands him in jail as well, and the three stooges have to sit there waiting for poor Yan Ke to deal with the mess all alone, and Yan Ke is worried since he doesn't exactly have a track record of being a loyal citizen lol (he literally stole a city defense map) so the emperor might suspect him of colluding with the traitors to do something to the princes and he might end up in an even worse situation than the three idiots, but I swear to god I still want to know how that would've ended, the author changed things up to be less complicated, but anyway, for anyone who wants to know, now you do.  If you like my work, please consider supporting me on Ko-Fi to keep me motivated!        

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