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His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce!

Chapter 45

Chapter 45

Translated by Baddie
Edited by Baddie



T/N: Sorry for the delay guys, with my college exams coming up and other shit I’m all tied up this month, but I’m churning these out coz @Andrea’s been such a support with the Ko-Fi’s, so this one and the next are dedicated to you, luv! Enjoy~!



Yan Ke, whose sleep had been interrupted again, opened his eyes irritably, and as soon as he turned around, he felt Meng You hug him tighter, and he smiled angrily: “You want a fight, do you?”


    Meng You nodded and said, “Our voices will definitely cover the ones next door! This Lord is confident about it!”


    Yan Ke sneered, holding down the hand that was rubbing his waist, and said, “Okay, you asked for this, Crown Prince. If this doesn’t satisfy you, I’m sorry.”


    Meng You felt that there was something wrong with this sentence. Before he could even think about it, Yan Ke had pinched his waist severely.


    Meng You snorted, grabbed Yan Ke’s hand, and said, “My Lord is not talking about that kind of fight!”


    “Oh? What fight are you talking about then?” Yan Ke asked knowingly.


    Meng You: “Taking off… Taking off your clothes… Umm, Yan Ke, you…you you…you’re actually going to do it with me? You really wanna give it a try?!”


    Yan Ke hit Meng You’s shoulder backhandedly.


    Meng You: “You want to try that again?! Don’t think you can do whatever you want to your husband just because he likes you-hissss.”


    Yan Ke: “Get out! You deserve it!”


    Meng You: “You!!!”


    Meng You glanced at Yan Ke, who was trembling with the cold, and snorted: “If you don’t want to keep me here, there are other places for me to stay! This Lord will go!”


    Yan Ke: “…”


    Meng You: “Put the quilt on!”


    In the end, Yan Ke kicked Meng You out and climbed back onto the bed neatly. The movement in the next room which seemed to have been frightened to a stop by Meng You’s shouts, had probably resumed more quietly next door, so that was fine.


    Yan Ke turned over, but he couldn’t sleep. It was so late, would it be cold outside?


    While Meng You was leaving, he saw Meng Han holding a pot and being driven out by Tang Qi on the other side.


    Tang Qi: “Get out!”


    “…Have you thought over the consequences of doing this?” Meng Han looked very pitiful holding the pot.


    “No matter what the consequences are, I just want to sleep now! You can kill me tomorrow, and I’ll buy the coffin tomorrow myself! Now I just want to sleep!” Tang Qi shut the door with one slam.


    The two brothers looked at each other. Both silently went to ask for two more rooms, but they were told that they were all full.


    They couldn’t go too far away, so they had to stay in the carriage for the night.


    Yan Ke sighed resignedly. After getting up again and getting dressed, he went to look for Meng You. After asking the shopkeeper, he figured out that they had gone to the carriage behind. The desolate brothers were shrinking in the carriage. He called Meng You down.


    Hearing Yan Ke’s voice, Meng You’s eyes lit up: “Your sister-in-law has come to find this Lord to go back and sleep.”


    Meng Han raised his head, and looked at Meng You indifferently. He looked calm on the surface with no ripples, but in his heart he was actually repeating the phrase ‘I shouldn’t beat him up, I really shouldn’t’ many times.


    Yan Ke shrunk from the cold wind, watching Meng You, who was drowsily saying goodbye to Meng Han on the carriage, with a helpless expression on his face: “In three hours, you’ll see him again. There is really no need to act like you’re parting for life and death.”


    Meng You: “Look at this prince’s brother, this man who still needs to find a place to sleep, and look at your sister-in-law, who still gets up in the middle of the night to find this Lord.”


    Meng Han: “…”


    Why have we stopped talking about the screaming back in the room and the lonely back of the figure that had just been kicked out of it?


    Yan Ke glanced at Meng You and said, “Meng You, are you coming or not? If you aren’t, I’m going. You’re crazy, still chatting in the middle of the night, and won’t go to bed?”


    Meng You jumped out of the carriage and very naturally hugged Yan Ke in his arms: “It’s cold outside, I’ll hold you!”


    “Get your paws off me! Don’t touch this ancestor, thank you for your cooperation.” Yan Ke pushed away Meng You’s arm from around his shoulder.


    Although he thought that bending* was only a matter of time, it was impossible to ask him to roll in the sheets with Meng You all of a sudden. He liked things to happen naturally, and the days when Meng You wouldn’t get out of bed would naturally come when his feelings came to be.

[T/N:*as mentioned, means turning gay. And baby, we all know who’s going to be the one not getting out of bed, please stop deluding yourself]


    The next day, Yan Ke borrowed the inn’s kitchen and prepared breakfast. When the food had just been put on the table, the storekeeper ran over and said to him, “Customer, you haven’t paid the money up yet.”


    Yan Ke took out some silver change from his sleeves and asked, “Alright, how much do I have to give you?”


    “One dish is ten taels, and you’ve had thirteen in total, so one hundred and thirty taels altogether.”


    Yan Ke put away the hand holding the silver, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly. Were they trying to trap him in a killing pig pan*?

[T/N: *slang for scamming, the ‘killing pig scam’, because the victims are called ‘pigs’ for falling for the scam.]


    He said, “Little Brother, do you really dare to say that? I cooked all of these dishes myself, and I merely borrowed your pot and firewood, rice, oil and salt, and yet you tell me that you want me to pay ten taels per dish?”


    The shopkeeper was indifferent: “We have food to eat here, but since you choose to make it yourself, you have to pay up the money.”


    “Then why didn’t you tell me before I used the kitchen?” Yan Ke listened to the shopkeeper’s weird reasoning, put away the playful smile at the corner of his mouth, and became serious.


    The shopkeeper: “This little one can’t manage all those things at once. Since you have used it, you have to pay the money, guest.”


    Yan Ke looked at several strong men coming out of the back of the kitchen, and grew angry, saying with a smile: “Is there no law here?”


    “One hundred thirty-two, if not, we will send you and your companions to the Yamen*.”

[T/N: *ancient Chinese equivalent for a police station.]


    Yan Ke frowned slightly when he heard those words. Under what circumstances would this thief dare so blatantly send him to the Yamen for his own fault?


    Except for there being a collusion between officials and businessmen, Yan Ke couldn’t think of other possibilities.


    Also, here, even if it was a case of collusion between officials and businessmen, those passing by who had fallen for the scam were right to be unlucky. After all, the emperor was far away, and it wasn’t realistic to sue the capital of the Yue Kingdom.


    “I’ll go upstairs and get the silver.”


    Yan Ke was escorted to the door of the room by two people. Yan Ke struggled a bit and frowned, “Let me go.”


    “Ask the people inside to take out the silver.” Not only did the strong man not let go, he also tightened Yan Ke’s hand behind him.


    Yan Ke: “Meng You! Bring out the silver.”


    Meng You got out of the bed, picked up the silver purse from the table, opened the door to hand it over.


    Seeing Yan Ke being held in custody, the temperature on his face dropped several degrees. Without even thinking, he kicked hard, hitting the middle of one guy’s chest, and the other one’s wrist was grasped by Meng You the same way the guy had grasped Yan Ke just now, with tremendous force.


    Yan Ke rubbed his wrist, and listening to the sound from the strong man’s wrist, it was probably dislocated by Meng You.


    With a cold face, Meng You pushed away the brawny man who was cradling his hand in pain, and brought Yan Ke into the room, and asked, “What’s going on?”


    Yan Ke told Meng You about the situation, and Meng You coldly scoffed: “In this world, there are many corpse-position vegetarians*, people who only eat imperial food and do nothing.”

[T/N: *idiom for one who holds down a job without doing a stroke of work. Here, he’s talking about the Yamen officers who collude with the restaurant guys to scam customers.]


    “What should we do now?”


    “We’ll wait for the Yamen officers to come. This Lord shall rub your wrist for you, don’t you know how to shout when you are being bullied?” Meng You grabbed Yan Ke’s wrist and gently rubbed it.


    Yan Ke said helplessly, “No, no, I’m not that squeamish.”


    “This Lord will rub it for you, so don’t move!”


    As soon as Meng You’s words fell, a few men came in from the outside, and the small room suddenly seemed a bit crowded.


    Meng You raised his head and shouted at the opposite door: “Tang Qi, are you still eating? Don’t eat, I’ll finish it myself!”


    Almost as soon as he’d finished speaking, the door opposite them opened.


    Then, Tang Qi’s voice came: “Save some for me!”


    The corner of Meng You’s lips curled, and said, “Okay, I’ll leave it all for you, soldier Tang. It’s time for you to protect him.”


    Tang Qi looked at the people in Meng You’s room, and asked, “Why are there so many people in your room?”


    “They’ve come to make trouble.”


    Tang Qi turned around indifferently and prepared to go back to his room: “I’m sick. It’s not that I can’t handle such a small number of people, but I’m not working now.”


    Yan Ke held his face and said lightly, “Soldier Tang, remember, three years ago, when you were drunk, did you say anything to me in the kitchen of the Prince’s Mansion?”


    Tang Qi’s leg that was about to walk out could no longer take the step, and he turned back around and shouted, “I’m going to kill all of you! You sons of b*tches!”


    Yan Ke looked at Tang Qi, who was suddenly bursting with fighting power, and cheered beside him.


    “This Lord remembers that he wasn’t so fierce before.”


    Yan Ke laughed: “It might be because he’s picturing those men as me.”


    “What did he say to you three years ago?”


    Yan Ke was about to say it when Tang Qi kicked a person towards his feet. Tang Qi stood alone in the middle of the room, and several strong men fell to the ground around him and howled.


    Tang Qi glared at Yan Ke: “Yan Ke, you’re going too far!”


    “I’m sorry.” Yan Ke apologized very sincerely.


    Tang Qi: “…”


    Meng You knocked on the table and said, “Confess and I’ll be lenient.”


    Tang Qi looked at Yan Ke, who wanted to talk about his unbearable past and knew that he was most likely to be killed, and opened his mouth himself.


    Tang Qi: “I just said I wanted to elope with him when I was drunk.”


    Yan Ke: “He said that my dumplings were delicious.”


    The two people spoke almost at the same time. Tang Qi stood there frowning. He didn’t know whether he should be happy that Yan Ke didn’t say the real story and that they were still good brothers, or whether he should be sad that he who had been stupid enough to tell it on his own might not be able to withstand Meng You’s persecution.


    Tang Qi: “I don’t know if it’s okay to tell you that I was actually joking just now…”


    Meng You sneered: “What is the meaning of this? This Lord treats you like a brother, but you still want to try and dig this Lord’s corner*!”

[T/N: *to steal someone else’s lover or belonging.]


    Tang Qi looked toward Yan Ke for help.


    Yan Ke stretched out three fingers.


    Tang Qi: “…” Then nodded, wasn’t it just three hundred taels? He could get it!


    Yan Ke: “He also said, ‘you’re welcome’ instead of ‘my friend’s wife’, and ‘there is nothing more delicious than dumplings, and there is nothing more comfortable*’ for ‘sister-in-law’ .”

[T/N: refer to Chapter 37 when Tang Qi drunk talks.]


    “Meng You, he actually wants to play me!”


    Tang Qi: “…The transaction had already been negotiated and there was even room to increase the price, Yan Ke, you’re not being fair!”


    The corner of Yan Ke’s mouth bent, and he said, “Who was negotiating with you? I just wanted to send you three words: You are pitiful.”


    Tang Qi pointed at the window irreverently, and said to Meng You and Yan Ke, “Can I die if I jump from here? I want to die in front of you! I want you guys to be guilty for a lifetime!”


    Meng Han yawned and was about to see why Tang Qi had gotten up. He heard Tang Qi’s voice and looked sideways to see Tang Qi standing by the window, and ran over, ready to pull Tang Qi away from it.


    His foot got caught on the leg of the table. He’d meant to pull Tang Qi away, but instead head-butted into Tang Qi’s ass, and— knocked him down…


    Tang Qi: “???”


    Meng You, Yan Ke: “…”


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Baddie's notes:

  T/N: Our two CPs are getting closer by the day, look at them double-dating so shamelessly but aaarrgh!! The author rewrote this chapter, but the first version was super cute, where Meng You, Meng Han and Tang Qi get thrown in jail, and Yan Ke has to go to the capital and find troops to save them. I really wanted to know how that would’ve gone. If you like my work, do consider supporting me on Ko-Fi to keep me motivated!    

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