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His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce!

Chapter 44

Chapter 44

Translated by Baddie
Edited by Baddie



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Yan Ke looked back and saw an old man standing behind him, his heart trembled slightly, and he asked in uncertainty, “You…what did you just say?”


    “Since the young sir understands, why bother asking again.”


    Yan Ke smiled suddenly, and fearing that he didn’t have enough money, he tore off Meng You’s wallet from his waist, looked at the fortune teller, and said, “Old man, let’s find a quiet place to talk.”


    Yan Ke glanced at Meng You and said, “You guys… can go back first, I have something to do. I have money, so I will return after I’ve finished my business.”


    Meng You looked at Yan Ke who was leaving with someone just because of a single sentence, and felt very depressed, saying to Meng Han and Tang Qi: “This Lord will go and see.” After that, he rushed in the direction in which Yan Ke had disappeared.


    Yan Ke found a restaurant, ordered a few dishes, and asked the old gentleman opposite him to eat while they talked.


    The fortune teller said: “When I look at you, I can see that your fate is different from others.”


    “Is there really a way?” Yan Ke only cared about this matter at the moment.


    The fortune teller nodded: “Of course there is, otherwise this old man would not dare to disturb you nobles.”


    “What way?”


    The fortune teller took out a jade pendant from his cloth bag and placed it in front of Yan Ke: “As long as the nobleman carries this jade pendant with him, this old man promises that within a short period of time, the other soul will cease to exist.”


    “Originally, this kind of jade pendant was designed to deal with the strange cases of possessions, but the young sir is different. The young sir is a traveler from a different space and time, and you have not robbed the body. If it were not for you, this dead body would also never come back to life again.”


    “Did I really die before I came here? And how did he come to life again?”


    “You have a lot of yang energy, young sir, and the original body’s resentment is too heavy. If you put it in another way, you are letting him hang onto his last breath.”


    Yan Ke blinked. These words sounded so unbelievable, but – his soul had come from the 21st century to ancient times. It seemed that there was nothing harder to believe than that.


    “Then this is…”


    “It suppresses your yang energy.”


    As soon as Yan Ke reached for the peculiar jade pendant, he felt a chill. He looked at the jade pendant in surprise and asked, “But what will happen to him?”


    “Following the laws of this world, naturally, the soul will be scattered.” The fortune-teller finished eating a bowl of rice while he spoke. Yan Ke served him a second bowl. He went on to say, “Filial piety comes first, like our fortune-telling gods say, what we pay attention to is the causal cycle – what kind of cause gets what kind of result. And the result of sowing evil is naturally detrimental.”


    “The young sir needn’t feel guilty.”


    Yan Ke laughed: “I don’t feel guilty. You said it yourself. If I hadn’t come, he would have already been dead.”


    He was indifferent to watching others kill his own mother, and not to mention, he’d actually even crawled out to kill his pig* while he’d been sleeping!

[T/N: *……Meng You.]


    As if it was easy for him to have raised it for three years!


    “That’s good, that’s good, then young sir can count out the silver.”


    Yan Ke nodded, “How much should I pay the master?”


    The fortune teller stretched out five fingers.


    Yan Ke: “Fifty taels is too little!”


    The fortune teller shook his head, and continued to stretch out the five fingers.


    Yan Ke understood: “Five hundred taels! That’s just right!”


    The fortune teller continued to shake his head and held out his five fingers, unchanged.


    Yan Ke: “…five…five thousand taels?”


    The fortune teller nodded.


    Yan Ke looked at the two heavy pouches on his waist, estimated it in his heart, and said, “I don’t think I have that much money…”


    “What about the young sir behind you?”


    Yan Ke turned his head and saw that Meng You had been standing behind him since who knew when. Yan Ke quickly stood up. When had Meng You come?


    Meng You walked over. He glanced at the jade pendant on the table, reached out and took it, and then tied the jade pendant that the fortune teller had given him on Yan Ke’s waist. The moment he put it on, Yan Ke felt like he’d been dunked in ice and snow for a second, and couldn’t help shivering.


    Meng You didn’t say anything, and just ordered the waiter to give him a pen and paper, wrote out a cheque, and gave it to the fortune teller.


    “Twelve thousand, you can go to the Prince’s Mansion to get it.”


    The fortune-teller quickly took the cheque and said, “Thank you, nobleman.”


    “This kind of thing must be harmful to the body, so he can’t wear it all the time. How long will it take till it can be taken off?


    The fortune-teller said: “Three months later, this old man will come to the Prince’s Mansion to visit the nobles again, and we’ll talk about it then.”


    “I’ll trouble you.”


    After the fortune-teller left, Yan Ke paid the money for their food, and walked behind Meng You, enduring a chill.


    Meng You stopped, and Yan Ke walked into him from behind, bumping into his back.


    Meng You’s low laughter came from the front, and Yan Ke raised his head to meet Meng You’s gaze as he turned around to look at him.


    Meng You took off his robe and put them on Yan Ke, and then asked, “Who cooks for this Lord?”


    Yan Ke: “…me.”


    He asked: “Who tried to kill this Lord last night?”


    Yan Ke: “Him.”


    Meng You: “What about the one who likes Su Yu?”


    Yan Ke: “Him.”


    Hearing this satisfactory answer, Meng You bowed his head slightly, looking at his princess who was looking increasingly pleasing to the eye and attractive, and stretched out his hand to pinch Yan Ke’s chin: “I am very happy now.”


    Yan Ke nodded: “I can see that.” His tail was happily wagging.


    Meng You: “Let’s go, we’ll go find Meng Han and the others.”


    Meng You took the initiative to hold Yan Ke’s cold hand, grabbing Yan Ke’s hand and stuffing it into his wide sleeve, and said to Yan Ke, “Put your hand inside it, it’s warm inside.”


    Yan Ke looked at the silly prince, smiled, and said, “No, just hold it.”


    “You said it yourself… so I’ll just hold it.” Meng You repeated with a smile while holding onto Yan Ke’s hand tightly.


    Yan Ke: “…”


    Yan Ke looked at the Silly Spore who was leading him away, and he didn’t know why, but he remembered all the little things from the past.


    When the original owner stole the city defense map and no one believed him, only Meng You believed him and got him out of prison.


    In the past, during the holidays, though he was fighting in the frontier and could not come back, he would always send something for him back home.


    After the war, he’d hurriedly brought lychees back for him. Looking back at it, he probably hadn’t eaten even one on the way.


    Although Yan Ke was a little bit resistant to it, he had to admit that this was the f*cking algorithm for bending*!

[T/N: *turning gay]


    Meng You knew nothing about what Yan Ke was thinking in his head. After taking Yan Ke to find Tang Qi and the rest, he smiled and said, “Let’s not go home anymore. We’ll keep going!”


    Meng Han glanced at Yan Ke who was behind him and said, “Are there no problems with him anymore?”


    Meng You said firmly, “No!”


    Yan Ke stepped forward, glancing at the two people who had been terribly frightened by the original owner yesterday, and said, “Sorry, I was just playing a prank yesterday.”


    Tang Qi immediately exploded: “How can you prank us like that?! Yan Ke, you are just too wicked. You made me worry about you for nothing. I was wondering if it was because Meng You cheated with someone and you were emotionally hurt, so you didn’t even want us friends.”


    Yan Ke smiled stiffly. Meng You glanced at Tang Qi, and shut Tang Qi up with a single look.


    Meng Han didn’t say anything, and they re-embarked on the journey together. When they passed by a river, Yan Ke saw fish swimming around in it and asked Meng You and the others to go catch the fish, while he set up a pot on the bank. Meng You, as a qualified foodie, was the first one to move, not caring about whether he was hungry or not.


    Meng Han deliberately walked with Meng You, with the excuse of catching fish, and he said, “Brother, was the matter really that simple?”


    “Otherwise?” Meng You took out the dagger from his waist, quickly and ruthlessly threw it out, and then carried a fish ashore.


    “Aren’t I great?”


    “Tang Qi has already caught three over there, and you two brothers have just been chatting. I would be ashamed if I called you amazing.” Yan Ke lit a fire and laughed mercilessly.


    Meng You stretched out his hand and caught Yan Ke’s hand, frowning, “Shall I get you a quilt to cover yourself?”


    “It’s not that bad…” Yan Ke laughed. This kind of cold coming from the inside out was like it was flowing in the blood. Even holding a quilt, it could be felt.


    Yan Ke took the dagger from Meng You’s waist and was stopped by Meng You’s hand.


    Thinking about the matter last night, he guessed that the Silly Spores had a shadow about the dagger, so he explained: “I am sober…”


    “This Lord will do it.” Meng You took the dagger and walked to the river with the fish. He began to kill the fish in a decent way.


    “Meng You, you just need to cut it’s belly open, and the internal organs must be removed cleanly.” Yan Ke squatted next to Meng You, where he acted like a supervisor.


    Meng You watched him squatting next to him, so close that as long as he moved forward a little, he would touch Yan Ke’s forehead.


    While he was distracted, the dagger in his hand scratched his other hand which held the fish, and with a little pain, he retracted his gaze from Yan Ke’s eyes.


    Yan Ke frowned: “I can do this, just roll*, I’ll come, just go to the carriage and get some medicine by yourself.”

[T/N: *get lost.]


    When Yan Ke was about to push Meng You away, Meng You grabbed his hand, and a gentle look covered his face.


    “You are just so close, I can’t help but…” Meng You kissed his lips, smiling as he looked at the dazed Yan Ke.

[T/N: guhhh adorbzz]


    “…” Yan Ke didn’t say anything, but saw that by the time he’d raised his hand, the culprit next to him had already run three meters away.


    “Meng You, I will kill you!” Yan Ke roared.


    “Haha.” Meng You was walking on air, floating over to Tang Qi’s side, and ridiculed him on his way: “Tsk tsk tsk, this Lord here has already kissed, yet you are not even married yet. “


    Tang Qi threw his dagger angrily, nailing the fish, and then glared at Meng You: “I heard it.”


    “It’s useless just to hear it, you have to see it. Did you see it just now?”


    “No, I only heard Yan Ke saying that he would kill you.”


    “Do you actually believe what he says? ‘I won’t make dinner for the Lord later’~”


    “Yan Ke, did you hear that?” Tang Qi said to Yan Ke who was standing behind Meng You, “If I were you, I would starve him to death.”


    Yan Ke took the dagger and walked closer to Meng You, step by step. Then, he thrust the dagger toward Meng You, putting the dagger into it’s scabbard.


    Seeing Meng You’s stiff face, he smiled.




    Meng You looked at Yan Ke who was getting ready to cook, stretched out his hand and pinched Yan Ke’s face. Yan Ke raised his spatula, looked at him, and smiled.


    “If you try that again, I’ll let you eat salted pork knuckles.”


    Meng You whined wrongedly: “You didn’t refuse this Lord when I kissed you just now.”


    “I f*cking wanted to refuse, but you ran away too fast by yourself.”


    “Then I will kiss you for a while longer and let you refuse me again?” Meng You smiled and leaned over.


    Yan Ke picked up the dry wood he was going to add to the fire, smiling, and said, “Try it.”


    Meng You: “…”


    Tang Qi was about to lose his teeth from the sourness of watching the two people beside him. He couldn’t help but cut in, and said, “Yan Ke, can you do it quickly? If we stay here for longer, we probably won’t be able to make it to the next town by night.”


    “Alright.” Yan Ke nodded.


    Due to their limited conditions, Yan Ke only made a pot of fish soup. Since the river was unpolluted, the fish soup tasted very fresh and extremely delicious.


    After eating, the group of people started on their way again.


    Yan Ke always had the habit of taking a nap. After getting on the carriage, he began to fall asleep, leaning on the carriage. It’s sway made it impractical for him to sleep.


    Meng You held the person close in his arms and put Yan Ke’s cold hand on his face to warm him up.


    Yan Ke woke up after sleeping for not too long, and sat up abruptly, waking up Meng You who’d fallen asleep.


    “What’s the matter?” Meng You frowned as he looked at Yan Ke sweating.


    Yan Ke shook his head, wiping off the cold sweat on his forehead, and sighed. It seemed that there were side effects to wearing the jade pendant. He’d often heard people say that if you had insufficient yang energy, you would wake up easily from your sleep. .


    The group of people went all the way to the next town and found an inn. Meng You asked for four rooms.


    He and Yan Ke, Meng Han, Tang Qi, and the coachman had one each.


    “Three rooms will be fine.” Meng Han said.


    Meng You raised his eyebrows: “Don’t you want one?”


    “…You don’t need to ask for one especially for me.”


    “Alright, then you can sleep in the carriage and look after the pot. If we lose the pot on the road, we’ll have to buy a temporary one.” Meng You patted his sensible brother on the shoulder.


    Yan Ke: “…”


    Tang Qi listened to them and smiled, glancing at Meng Han. He didn’t dare to laugh, pulling Yan Ke aside, and whispered, “These two brothers are really too much if they go out with each other. One has to bring a pot with him just for a night, and the other has to sleep with a pot when he goes to bed, tut tut tut.”


    Meng Han’s face darkened.


    Yan Ke looked at Tang Qi, who was ruthlessly mocking him, and burned incense for Meng Han in his heart, and then said, “Tang Qi, I thought you were smarter than Meng You.”




    Yan Ke glanced at Meng Han sympathetically. He’d thought that anyone with eyes could see that Meng Han wanted to sleep with Tang Qi. It seemed that he was the only one who had eyes.


    Meng Han saw that the only person who understood his thoughts was Yan Ke!


    “Okay, it’s very late. It’s time to rest, so guard the pot, and let’s go to sleep.” Yan Ke yawned and returned to his room drowsily.


    Seeing Meng You already nestled in the quilt, Yan Ke took off his coat and climbed onto the bed.


    When he saw Meng You sleeping inside, he was about to sleep on the outer edge, but Meng You stretched out his hand to bring the person in, and gave him his warmed bed.


    “How is it, is this Lord not good to you?”


    Yan Ke had been very moved. The Silly Spore had warmed him as soon as he entered the room. However, after hearing these words, his touched feelings were greatly reduced, and he turned over and made a perfunctory hum.


    At night, as Meng You was sleeping well, some strange sounds came from the room next door.


    “It’s so big, it hurts so much,…hmm~”


    Meng You opened his eyes.


    “Little bitch, I’m going to do you to death.”

[T/N:  (☉_☉) ]


    “Ah, ah…”


    Meng You couldn’t sleep anymore, and Yan Ke was pushed awake in the midst of it.


    Yan Ke opened up his eyes blearily, still sleepy, and he was very angry when he woke up. He looked at Meng You unhappily and said, “What are you doing? So late and still not sleeping.”


     “Do you hear any strange noises?” Meng You asked.


     Yan Ke listened carefully. After hearing those sounds, the corners of his mouth twitched. The soundproofing quality of this ancient inn really was quite bad.


     Meng You asked again, “What are they doing?”


     “Fight…they’re fighting.” Hearing Meng You asking him so naturally, he presumed that the innocent prince really didn’t know what was happening, and said with an impatient face.


     “…It sounds like that woman is in pain, should this Lord go save her?”


     “No, no, no… No need.”


     “Oh, then let’s go back to sleep.”


     Yan Ke blushed listening to the undulating voices next door, and covered his ears.


     Not long after, Meng You covered him, hugging him in his arms, and said calmly, “This Lord… This Lord wants to fight with you too.”



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