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His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce!

Chapter 43

Chapter 43

Translated by Baddie
Edited by Baddie



T/N: Sorry I’m slightly overdue, I had exams this week and I wanted to do justice to the Ko-Fi’s from @Paula and @Andrea, so here’s an extra long chapter to thank you guys. I didn’t break it up also because the plot is thickening!! Enjoy~!




Meng You stood in front of Yan Ke and chuckled, “Is there any secret that this Son* can’t listen to? Let this Son stay and listen, so that if Zigui’s** answer is wrong anywhere, this Son can remind him .”

[T/N: *Meng You used the royal address for son, ‘Er Chen’ here.

**Referring to Yan Ke, it’s his given name. Like Shu Li to Meng You.]


The emperor glanced at Meng You and just said, “Get out.”


Meng You put away the fake smile on his face, and blocked in front of Yan Ke with a calm face: “If Father has something to say you can say it to the two of us, there is no need to avoid this child of yours.”


Yan Ke pulled at Meng You’s clothes, implying that he was fine.




Meng You stretched out his hand and gently squeezed Yan Ke to comfort him. He walked to the door and didn’t go too far, just waiting outside in the outer hall.


“Rest assured, I didn’t keep you to find trouble for you.”


Yan Ke nodded. He stayed at the Prince’s Mansion all day long. Even if the emperor wanted to find trouble for him, there was no trouble to find.


“The emperor has something to discuss directly with this Yan Ke.”


The emperor nodded and said, “Shu Li is the Crown Prince. After a hundred years, this throne will be passed on to him. I know that it is not very appropriate to tell you this now, but I have to say that Shu Li should also have an heir to be my heir.”


This was to tell him that a concubine for Meng You was about to arrive.


But… shouldn’t this kind of thing be said directly to Meng You?


“I understand, but the emperor should say this directly to the prince. In the Prince’s Mansion, he is the person in charge, after all, and whoever is let in and whoever goes out is his decision to make.”


By saying this, he was politely rejecting it. Of course, he wasn’t rejecting the emperor’s suggestion to let Meng You marry a concubine, but he was rejecting the implication that the emperor had revealed in his words – to persuade Meng You to marry a concubine.


This would’ve been a pointless task anyway. If he went to Meng You and talked to Meng You about it and then Meng You refused, the emperor would say that he hadn’t done his best. Therefore, if the father and son talked by themselves, it would be much better than an outsider like him intervening.


The emperor glanced at Yan Ke. Naturally, he’d heard the reluctance in Yan Ke’s words, and chuckled: “I know that you are a sensible child. You have been waiting for Shu Li in the Prince’s Mansion for three years, and he remembers how good you’ve been to him. So, I have no choice but to force him to take a concubine. As they all say, the king of a country without an heir becomes a joke in front of his people.”


Yan Ke sighed and said, “Emperor, you should tell him this yourself. If he is not happy with it, it’s useless to tell him otherwise. If he is happy, I will naturally follow what he decides.”


Seeing Yan Ke had rejected him again, the emperor frowned and said, “Why don’t you listen to me, child!”


Seeing that the emperor was angry, Yan Ke watched the maids and eunuchs kneel down in the hall, so he also knelt together with them.


Meng You had heard the conversation clearly from outside, and walked into the inner hall, pulling Yan Ke, who was kneeling on the ground, up, and said: “Father, this Son will not have a son, what are you forcing him for? Are you trying to get him to lay an egg or what, forcing him to such anxiousness?”


Yan Ke: “…”


Old… man, your father was only asking you to take a concubine, not to make me give you a monkey*

[T/N: *internet slang for making babies.]


The emperor stared at Meng You: “I didn’t know he could give birth? I mean–“


Before the emperor even finished speaking, he was interrupted by Meng You: “But father, you are right, the number of royal heirs are indeed quite low, so–“


“Father, shouldn’t you give a concubine to that boy Meng Han? A person of his age usually already has a family. Meng Han is also not too little anymore. If you can do that, then in the future, your son will become the emperor, and I’ll borrow an egg from him to be this Prince’s heir. He can start working hard right away.”


Hearing these words, Yan Ke thought of Meng Han who was dedicated to Tang Qi. What did the strength of tricking your daddy* look like? This was it.

[T/N: *internet slang for ‘Are you kidding me?’ but literally means to trick your daddy, daddy being the speaker regardless of whether he is the daddy or not to exude a sense of superiority. Here, Meng You is literally trying to trick his daddy.]


Meng You had already made it clear. The important point was that he would not marry a concubine, and he would find an heir from Meng Han if he had no children.


The emperor’s unspoken words that were meant to persuade him to accept a concubine were blocked in his mouth.


The emperor looked at the backs of the two people leaving, sighed, and said to himself: “First I asked you to marry, and you didn’t want to, saying that you were going to marry a woman. Now you really can marry (a woman) but you won’t.”


After going back to their seats, Yan Ke glanced at Meng You, who had an ugly face, reached out and poured a glass of wine into his empty glass, and then said half-jokingly, “Why,  does the beautiful young miss not want to?”


Meng You looked at the wine in his wine glass. This person, would he be able to accept anything so readily just because a higher-up ordered him to obey him, even such an unfavourable demand?


For the past so many years, he had always been heartless, and he had never tasted the feeling of heartache. Now all of a sudden, he realised very clearly that Yan Ke did not like him, and he really didn’t like the feeling.


“Just now, why didn’t you just reject my father when he asked you to persuade me to take a concubine?”


Yan Ke said, “I did refuse.”


“You refused, but you only refused to do it yourself so that it would have nothing to do with you if I didn’t agree to accept a concubine, right?” Meng You frowned when he realized that Yan Ke didn’t care at all.


Yan Ke laughed: “The emperor is right. The king of a country without an heir will be laughed at. So, do you want to consider it again?”


“…Fine.” Meng You bitterly drank the wine in his glass.


Sitting next to Meng You, Yan Ke could clearly feel Meng You’s anger. Just as Meng You had pretended not to understand the emperor’s meaning, he also pretended not to know why Meng You was angry.


In fact, both people’s feelings mirrored each other’s like a limpid lake.


One thought ‘I know but I won’t say it’, and the other thought, ‘I know you know, but I won’t say it either’.


After finishing their meal, on the way back, Meng You took Yan Ke’s hand and let go when they reached the gate of the Prince’s Mansion.


Meng You said: “Go to bed early.”


Yan Ke: “Well, you too.”


Then the two went back to their respective yards, leaving the steward in a hurry, pulling aside the servants who’d followed them into the palace to ask what had happened, but the servants didn’t know.


The next morning, Yan Ke got up early to make breakfast. He made all the things that the prince would say he wanted to eat. After that was done, he sent the steward to send them to Meng You’s yard.


When he came out of the dining room, he saw the Silly Spore squatting at the door of his room, looking anxious, and wondered what he was thinking about.


Meng You glanced at Yan Ke coming outside, quickly standing up and scratching his head: “This Lord just wanted to know if you slept well…”


Yan Ke laughed: “I slept very well, thank you, Prince, for worrying.”


Meng You listened to his strange and alienating tone of speech, and walked over, leading Yan Ke into the room, and as soon as the door closed behind them, he embraced him.


The sudden hug stunned Yan Ke, and then the man who’d placed his head on his shoulder spoke.


Meng You said, “This Lord knows that I shouldn’t be angry, but I just can’t help it. This Lord wants to hear you say that you don’t like me getting a concubine.”


Yan Ke: “Let go of me first. Two big men cuddling and hugging each other like this is too greasy*.”

[T/N: *something only lovers do, or to put in an English way, ‘cringey’.]


“I won’t let go.”


Yan Ke sighed, “I think what the emperor said was right. Besides, the decision is yours to make. I can’t stop you if you want to marry one, and I can’t persuade you if you don’t want to marry one, isn’t that right?”


“No, it (the decision) is yours.”


Yan Ke snorted coldly, feeling that this sentence didn’t sound very credible, so he said, “So what if I want you to marry one?”


“I won’t marry.” Meng You refused without thinking, then pinched Yan Ke’s waist and let him go: “You have no conscience.”


Yan Ke rubbed his waist, stared at Meng You, and said, “Yes, I have no conscience, I even got up early in the morning and made food for you. I should tell the steward to throw it all away!”


As soon as Yan Ke had finished speaking, he saw the door opening, and the prince running away quickly to find the steward.


He smiled helplessly, and went back to sleep in bed.


Tang Qi arrived right after Meng You had finished eating, holding something in his hand.


Tang Qi said, “Let’s take Yan Ke out to have fun?”


“I won’t take him, there is no fun outside the house.” Meng You refused without thinking.


Tang Qi glanced at Meng You, finding him incomprehensible, and said, “No wonder you’ve only held hands in three years. Yan Ke hasn’t gone out for three years. You always keep him in like a canary in a cage. Listen to me. Take him out for a walk. When you come back, your relationship will definitely take a big leap, maybe the kiss in five years will shorten to one in four years.”


“Shut up.” Meng You thought for a while. What Tang Qi said was not unreasonable. Yan Ke had been in the Prince’s Mansion for three years. It was probably time to go out for a walk. Then he said, “Give me what you have in your hand, I’ll take a look.”


Tang Qi hurriedly laid out the drawing in his hand on the table in front of Meng You, while explaining: “Here, the scenery is beautiful, and I also had a friend recommend it.”


“It’s a little far, it would probably take two or three days.”


“It’s okay, just think of it as a sightseeing tour!”


“This Lord and Yan Ke will discuss it, and when we’ve decided, I’ll have someone come to your house and let you know.”


Tang Qi put away the drawing and said, “Then hurry up, we’d better be able to set off tomorrow.”


“Yeah.” Meng You got up, walked towards Yan Ke’s yard, knocked on the door lightly, and saw that there was no response from within the room. He opened the door and walked in, and saw Yan Ke lying on his side, sleeping, on the bed.


He whispered, “Yan Ke?”


Yan Ke didn’t move, his breath was gentle, and he hadn’t woken up.


“Yan Ke?”


Yan Ke’s eyes trembled slightly and then opened: “Mmm?”


“Tang Qi just said we should go out and have fun together, do you want to go?”


When Yan Ke heard that he was to go out to have fun, his drowsiness instantly vanished and he nodded vigorously: “I’m going.”


“Then let me send someone to tell him.” Meng You sighed at Yan Ke, looking at his messed up clothes. He walked over, reaching out to tidy up Yan Ke’s clothes, and then, the prince glared at Yan Ke with resentment, saying, “Can you just be a little attentive?!”


Yan Ke rolled his eyes and said, “I just opened the straps of my robes. Besides, we’re all men. Do you mind?”


Meng You took a deep breath, really wanting to press Yan Ke onto the bed and let him know exactly what he minded.


The next morning, Meng You ordered the servants to move things into the carriage early in the morning. Seeing that he looked like he was going to move the entire Prince’s Mansion over, Yan Ke nudged the steward next to him and asked him in a low voice: “Is he always like this before he goes out?”


The steward laughed: “Of course he isn’t. When the Prince travels, he usually takes nothing at all.”


Yan Ke pointed his finger at Meng You who was busy moving things, and said, “Then right now he’s…”


Steward: “It’s probably because he’s going out with the Crown Princess.”


“Does he need to take so many things to go out with me?”


Steward: “The reason why the prince took the princess to the palace in the wedding robes yesterday was because three years ago, when you got married, you should have gone into the palace to meet the emperor. At that time, the prince was relatively young and foolish and the princess was not in good health, so that matter was put on hold.”


“So, he is making it up to me after three years?” Yan Ke asked amusedly.


The steward nodded.


After Meng You had packed up his things, he saw that not only did Yan Ke not ask him about it, but instead even waited beside him very well-behavedly, so he walked over, and explained, “I’m afraid that there will be too many things that we will need on the road and it’s too late to buy things, so I brought some spare items.”


“Yeah…but, that box of silver is really unnecessary. Not only is it difficult to take, but it also attracts thieves.” Yan Ke looked at the box of silver that Meng You was preparing to take on the journey, and the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.


Meng You glanced at Tang Qi and said, “Isn’t he doing the same thing?”


Tang Qi took out a mere few full pouches from his waist, using actions to tell the prince that they were very different.


Meng You: “…Why are you so poor? Come, for the sake of our brotherhood, I will give you a little.”


Yan Ke and Tang Qi looked at each other, both helpless. Yan Ke took a pouch from the steward’s hand, and then stuffed Meng You’s money in it and put it in his hand.


“Take this, this is enough.”


The party was supposed to have consisted of six people, but in the end there were only four. The remaining two were unable to come because of some matters at home. Only Meng You, Yan Ke, Tang Qi and Meng Han remained.


When Yan Ke had travelled thousands of miles from the Chu Kingdom to Yue Kingdom, he’d vomited on the carriage for half a month. After three years of recuperating, his physical fitness had improved, and he could handle the sway of the carriage.


Meng You pulled at Yan Ke’s sleeve and watched Yan Ke who was looking outside excitedly and said, “You got up very early today. Do you feel like sleeping?”


Yan Ke waved his hand: “No, it’s rare that I come outside, I’ll regret it if I waste time sleeping!”


Meng You righted Yan Ke’s body, then rubbed his head on Yan Ke’s shoulder, and said, “Then I’m going to sleep.”


Yan Ke: “…You sleep for a while then, but sleep on the other side.”


“It’s too hard over there, I want to sleep on your shoulder.”


“So many issues.” Yan Ke refocused on the scenery along the way, and temporarily lent Meng You his shoulder.


Meng You really was sleepy, but when his forehead rubbed against Yan Ke’s neck, there was a cool feeling on his forehead. He opened his eyes irritably, but was reluctant to leave, so after opening them for a moment, he closed them again, pretending to be asleep.


After a while, Yan Ke felt a little pain in the shoulder which was being used as a pillow. He waved to Meng Han next to him and said in a low voice, “You be a shoulder-pad for your brother.”


Meng Han glanced at the person who was “asleep”, the corner of his eyes and mouth twitched slightly, and he said, “Hiss, my shoulder hurts, Tang Qi, you give me a massage.”


Yan Ke sighed: “Tang Qi, how about you?”


Tang Qi knew what the prince, who had no skin or face*, was thinking. He hadn’t been on the right track before, but this time he was very much on track, so he hurriedly said, “I’m giving the Seventh Royal Highness a massage.”

[T/N: *no dignity, no shame.]


Yan Ke glanced at the two people who were being greasy, and felt that he had been fed a mouthful of dog food*.

[T/N: *popular internet slang for a person being forced to watch other people being romantic or lovey-dovey, usually so much that they’re reminded of their own ‘single dog’ status, so such PDA becomes dog-food.]


For three years, he’d watched the two people from afar be like this for three years. Tang Qi really may not know, but…


Yan Ke looked at Meng Han, who had his eyes closed, enjoying himself, and reminded him: “By the way, your brother told your father yesterday that you should get married.”


Tang Qi, Meng Han: “…”


Meng Han pushed away Tang Qi’s hands and stared at Meng You, who was pretending to be asleep on Yan Ke’s shoulder, and then asked Yan Ke, “Why does he suddenly want me to marry?”


Yan Ke pointed a finger at Meng You’s head, and lowered his voice: “He said that you should quickly find someone to lay an egg with so that he can have an heir and inherit the throne in the future.”


Meng Han glared at Meng You again.


“Doesn’t he know how to make one himself? I am not the Crown Prince.”


“That’s right, I told him that too, but he just wouldn’t listen! Tsk tsk tsk, your brother is just so wicked!” Yan Ke put on a special look, sadly poking Meng You’s head. Of course, he didn’t dare to poke too hard, since he was afraid he might poke Meng You awake.


Tang Qi’s eyes brightened, and he said with a smirk at the corner of his mouth: “Let’s throw him out! Anyway, we only just left, so he can get back by himself.”


Meng Han went along: “This little master thinks that’s a very good idea!”


The two looked at Yan Ke, and Yan Ke shook his head: “No.”


Tang Qi said, “Why? Can’t bear to?”


Yan Ke: “I have been raising him for three years, after all. It would be such a pity to just throw him away. Let’s throw him in front of a gay brothel and sell him for some money!”


Yan Ke stretched his hand out and pinched Meng You’s face, and said, “Just with these kinds of assets, I guess–we could sell him as top-notch stuff?”


Tang Qi chuckled, and Meng Han, who had had a heavy face just now, couldn’t help but laugh.


Just as Yan Ke was taking advantage of the sleeping person like a thief, and was still feeling a little guilty, Meng You raised his head, then half-narrowed his eyes and asked Yan Ke, “What did you just say?”


Yan Ke looked at this guy who didn’t have a hint of sleepiness on his face but had still used his shoulder as a pillow for so long. He obviously hadn’t slept at all! The two people on the opposite side must also have known.


Yan Ke, with a kind face, said unhurriedly: “I said, we should throw your brother and Tang Qi in front of a gay brothel to make some money. I guess that for the two of them, though they may not be able to pass for first-class items, they can still be middle class, right?”


Meng You raised the corner of his mouth when he heard the words so full of desire for survival.


Tang raised his eyebrows: “Who said I’m not top class stuff? I’m telling you, it’s only because I disdain such places! Otherwise, if I really went to that place and hung out, the little boys there would probably starve to death (without customers).”


“Don’t you always say that you have to be kind. It’s not that I don’t have the potential to be first-class, it’s that I have a kind heart. I don’t want to grab their iron rice bowl*.”

[T/N: *way of livelihood.]


Meng Han slapped Tang Qi on the back of his head: “Since you want to be first-class so much, after getting off the carriage, this young Lord will send you there himself.”


Yan Ke tutted twice: “Qing Ben beauty, why would you become a thief*, do you actually want to become a duck**?”

[T/N: *Chinese phrase for indicating disbelief, translating somewhat to ‘You are a good person, why would you…?’, just like ‘You too, Brutus?’ is used to imply betrayal.

**slang for ‘male prostitute’.]


“Yan Ke, let’s go and be the top goods~ You be the big shot, and I’ll be your follower.” Tang Qi smiled.


Seeing the Meng brothers whose faces had sunk at the same time, Yan Ke smiled happily. Some people just never knew how to write the words ‘live well’*.

[T/N: *basically, shut their mouths and stay out of trouble, not offending people.]


After a while.


The coachman looked at Tang Qi coming out of the carriage, gave him a little room to sit, and asked, “Why did you come out, soldier Tang?”


“It stinks in there.” Tang Qi sniffed while the cold wind blew on him.


The coachman looked inside the carriage and was a little puzzled: “Stinks? It doesn’t stink at all.”


“You can’t smell it. It stinks of power, oppression, like rot! Some people, they look pretty on the surface, but their hearts are rotten! I’ve spent half of my life being cattle and horse* for those two brothers, and they still drove me out. Brother, if I can’t go back, you remember to tell my father to hide his thousand-year old ginseng, so that he doesn’t lose it and get it confiscated.” Tang Qi patted the coachman on the shoulder heartbrokenly.

[T/N: *working dedicatedly for someone.]


Inside, Yan Ke was laughing so hard he couldn’t even straighten his back.


Lunatics, they had so much drama.


Meng You sneered: “Don’t worry, we are brothers. If you are gone, this Lord will not just give back your father’s ginseng, but I will give him even more, so that he can rejuvenate his body, and then maybe you will have a younger brother.”


Tang Qi felt like he’d been shot in his chest with an arrow.


Meng Han went along: “No, brother, I still like this one, though he is a little stupid.”


Another arrow was neatly inserted in Tang Qi’s chest.


Yan Ke: “I have to ask, do you even have any conscience? Is it any good for you to force him to death like this?”


When Tang Qi heard Yan Ke’s words, he was about to draw the arrow from his chest and go to hold Yan Ke’s leg, confessing to him that he had misunderstood him before, that he was not a villain, and that he was a righteous gentleman!


Then Yan Ke said, “Before killing him, remember to get back the money he owes me from three years ago.”


Tang Qi hadn’t expected that.


While they were playing around, the carriage’ wheel fell into a pothole, and the carriage tilted to the other side.


Before Yan Ke had realized what was happening, Meng You had gathered him into his arms, and then he heard Meng You’s muffled grunt.


Meng Han quickly got out of the carriage and helped Tang Qi, who had been thrown down, up. He frowned slightly as he saw scratches on Tang Qi’s forehead, “How were you hurt so badly?”


This sentence happened to be heard by Yan Ke. He walked over and dragged Tang Qi up, and with some worry, turned him around and looked him over several times: “Where did you fall?”


Meng Han took advantage of the moment and pointed at the scratch on Tang Qi’s forehead: “Are you blind? Don’t you see such a big wound?”


Yan Ke: “…”


Yan Ke measured the small scratch on Tang Qi’s forehead with his hand, umm-wasn’t even as wide as his little finger.




Meng You was fine. He’d been holding Yan Ke, and bumped his head on the row of chairs Meng Han had been sitting on.


Yan Ke gave him some medicine. He hadn’t even reacted just then, but Meng You had already hugged him.


“Alright, don’t be greasy and let go.” After Meng You helped Yan Ke into the carriage, Yan Ke glanced at Meng Han’s still calm face, and covered his face.


“Let’s find a town nearby to rest, and this little lord will take you to see the doctor.”


Yan Ke, Tang Qi, Meng You: “…”


Meng You glanced at Meng Han speechlessly, and said, “This fool is not my brother.”


“Well, I also think your Meng family’s IQ is a little too low.”


Tang Qi pushed away Meng Han’s hand impatiently and said, “Brother, I really am fine. I’ll trouble you to find some other way to torture me. But don’t you think…your brother is hurt more than I am?”


“My brother only has a minor injury.”


Yan Ke looked at Meng You’s forehead, thinking indifferently: Oh, it really was only a minor injury.


When they arrived in town, it was lunch time, and the four of them found a small restaurant and ordered a few dishes. After a few bites, Meng You put his chopsticks down.


Yan Ke put down his chopsticks as well, glancing at Meng You, and said, “How about I use the kitchen of this restaurant to make you a few dishes?”


Meng You raised his eyes, then lowered his head and fell into contemplation.


Yan Ke glanced at Meng You, huh? How rare!


After thinking about it for a long time, Meng You raised his head tangledly, looking at Yan Ke, and saying, “Which dishes shall this Lord eat? You always make a whole table-worth for me at home. This table is so small, I’m afraid a dozen dishes couldn’t be served on it, could they?”


Yan Ke took his chopsticks and took a look at Meng You. In this kind of place, eating a little was good, but the prince was still tangled about the fact that the table couldn’t fit the dishes he wanted to eat?


“Then you can think about it slowly, I’m not making it for you anyway.”


Meng You frowned: “You just asked me if I wanted you to make a few dishes for me.”


“Right? Make a few. The “few” in that sentence, I will trouble you to make a note of for the test.”


“Then just nine.” The prince who strived to maximize benefits said unambiguously.


Yan Ke smiled.


“The golden egg you fried last time was delicious, and there was also that fried chicken, and the hot and sour sliced ​​fish…”


While Meng You reported the menu, Yan Ke put down his chopsticks and went to borrow the kitchen from the restaurant before listening to it.


After discussing these dishes with the shop owner and giving them the price of one of their dishes, the shop owner did not hold him back, and asked his man to set up another stove for Yan Ke.


It wasn’t as good as back at home here. Even if Yan Ke wanted to cook the dishes he’d said he would for Meng You, there were many missing ingredients, so he simply made five dishes and a soup, enough for the four of them to eat.


After eating, looking at the gloomy sky outside, the few people found an inn, preparing to wait for the rain to stop before leaving.


“Guest, this shop has only three rooms.”


Meng You took out the silver: “Just three then.”


Yan Ke wondered how the five people would sleep in three rooms. The Meng brothers could sleep in one room, and he and Tang could sleep in the same room, and the coachman who drove the horse could sleep in the other room, and it wouldn’t be very crowded.


After the few people went upstairs, Yan Ke was about to go and pull Tang Qi away, but Meng Han was a step ahead of him.


Yan Ke glanced at Meng You and walked towards them, a little helplessly, and said, “You haven’t got married yet, isn’t this bad?”


Tang Qi turned his head and smirked: “Isn’t it even worse if you are married and don’t sleep together?”


Yan Ke: “…”


Tang Qi, let me tell you, you will be ruined if you go on like this!


Meng You carried Yan Ke and threw him into the room, then closed the door, and glanced at Yan Ke with a gloomy look, saying, “Are you okay sleeping with Tang Qi?”


“I’m not, I’m not, don’t be ridiculous.”


“This Lord saw you go to take his hand! You actually want to sleep with Tang Qi, and you don’t want to sleep with me!”


Yan Ke sighed.


It was over. He knew that the prince knew he had misunderstood his meaning, and he kept silent. Yan Ke only felt that whenever the prince’s standing at the top of the pyramid suffered a blow to his self-esteem, the prince wouldn’t do what you wanted him to and instead would do the opposite.


On the contrary, if you didn’t want that, he would want just that.


Yan Ke said, “I didn’t. I just wanted to see if the injury on his forehead had gotten better.”


“Don’t you think you should be more concerned about the injury on this Lord’s forehead?”


“…I should!” Yan Ke’s desire to survive was almost overflowing the room. Them lonely men, being in the same room, and with an identity enabling them to roll around on the sheets at will, in case this prince took advantage of the darkness of night to do something unknown, he could only be used like a shit stick* would, and he would have no place to reason!

[T/N: *ancient chinese custom of using a stick of wood to wipe their asses after doing their bizznezz, equivalent to toilet paper, except…a shit stick.]


“What are you doing sitting so far away from me? Come and change this Lord’s wound dressing.” Meng You had suffered many injuries that were much heavier than this. On the contrary, this kind of injury was really just as Meng Han had said – a minor injury.


However, when Yan Ke had changed the dressing on the road, he especially enjoyed the serious look that Yan Ke had on while giving him the medicine.


He’d only seen that kind of look on him when Yan Ke was cooking. For the first time in his life, the crown prince, who had always been aloof and inexhaustible, was happy because he was a little more important than food to someone.


Yan Ke glanced at the prince who had just had the dressing on for less than three hours and then yelled for it to be changed, and said, “You aren’t this squeamish, right? When you get hurt during war, do you still have to tell your enemy, ‘Excuse me, this Lord is injured, I must go back and get medicine before I fight you?’”


Meng You laughed: “This Lord has never been injured! I am invincible.”


The corner of Yan Ke’s mouth raised slightly, and he did not continue the topic. There was no one who was invincible. On the battlefield, the sword had no eyes. Would anyone still look at your handsomeness and decide to poke you less with their sword?


After changing the medicine for Meng You, Yan Ke yawned, sat on the edge of the table, propped his face up, and watched what Meng You was planning to do.


Meng You sat on the bed, patted it, and said, “Come, sleep with this Lord.”


Yan Ke covered his face: “…!”


The time had finally come!




Yan Ke hugged the table tightly and said, “No! Didn’t you say that you would take it slow? I knew that you had bad intentions in letting me sleep with you, I thought you were a gentleman!”


Meng You: “It’s just taking a good night’s sleep. Why would this Lord force you? Besides, why would us two sleeping together make us ungentlemanly?”




“What are you thinking of in that head of yours? If you keep doing this, this Lord should doubt if you are playing hard to get and seduce me.”


“Bah!” Aren’t you just trying to provoke me into proving that I am not playing hard to get or seducing you, do you think I will do what you want me to!


“Hurry up, I’m so tired today, I just want to take a nap, I won’t do anything to you.”


“…” Yan Ke wanted to say, even if you wanted to do something to me, you’ve made it seem like I’m the one who would be happy.


Finally, after thinking about it, it seemed that there was nothing wrong with it. When it came to ‘that’, he’d even said that he was impotent.


Coming to the bed, Yan Ke crawled to the innermost corner, almost submerged into the bed to sleep. Meng You carefully hugged the person in his arms, and for the first time he held him to sleep. Meng You could only describe this feeling with one phrase: Fluttering in the air.


While Meng You was sleeping in a daze, he felt that he’d been kicked. He frowned slightly. Then, he felt something cold on his neck for a while, and that feeling—


It was as if a knife was resting on his neck.


Meng You suddenly opened his eyes. It was dark at that moment, but Meng You could make out Yan Ke holding a dagger to his neck with a cold face.


When Yan Ke exerted force, Meng You reached out and grabbed Yan Ke’s hand, his eyes frowning. The killing intent that was bursting from Yan Ke’s eyes now wasn’t fake.


Meng You threw the dagger away casually, and said, “This Lord spoils you because he likes you. What do you mean by poking a knife in his heart like this?”


Yan Ke sneered, pulled Meng You’s collar, pulling him towards himself, and he said, “Do you really like me? How much do you like me? Can you do anything for me if you like me? Then I want you to die, will you? “


Meng You’s eyes were cold and he couldn’t tell what was wrong, but this was very different from the Yan Ke he knew, completely different!


It was almost like… he was a second person.


“Yes, this Lord wants to be a romantic ghost, I want to kiss you, I want to sleep with you, will you do that?” Meng You squeezed Yan Ke’s chin, not daring to use any force.


“Yes, but kill yourself first.”


Meng You looked at the face that was exactly the same as Yan Ke’s, and touched Yan Ke’s face up and down several times. It was not a disguise.


The flaw of disguise lay in the ears, it was impossible to have this kind of disguise without a trace of a flaw.


So, this really was Yan Ke.


“Did you send me food for three years, just to kill me at this moment? You had so many chances, you could’ve poisoned the food you sent me, and this Lord wouldn’t have suspected you at all.”


“Don’t you think that torturing the enemy is more enjoyable than killing him? You like me, don’t you? How much do you like me? Would you give me Yue Kingdom’s city defense map if I wanted you to?” Yan Ke suddenly smiled, and it was obviously the same smiling face, but Meng You looked at it and felt extremely cold.


Something felt very wrong. If Yan Ke really had wanted to kill him, how many opportunities had he had in the past three years! As long as Yan Ke wanted it, he would have died eight hundred times over.


As for the city defense map, he’d obviously had the opportunity to take it away, three years ago.


“Zigui, are you not awake?” Meng You grabbed Yan Ke’s hand and patted Yan Ke’s face lightly.


Yan Ke opened his mouth and bit Meng You’s hand, as if he wanted to eat Meng You’s flesh.


Meng You endured the pain, but did not let go. Looking at Yan Ke, his chest ached dully. The city defense map hadn’t been sent out, and he’d sent meals to him for three years. Was it all just a conspiracy to make him tempted by him?


“You’ve won.” Meng You said weakly, it was the first time he’d liked a person this much, and no one had told him what to do in this situation, and even the old bachelor steward probably wouldn’t know.


What should he do now? Let him go?


“How can anyone be so easily tempted, you people, your hearts are made of stone, one is harder than the other, and you say you like me? Then go to hell!”


Meng You let go of Yan Ke, left the bed, and walked out with a calm face. He explained the situation to Meng Han and Tang Qi and let them watch over Yan Ke, and stepped out of the inn into the night.


He didn’t know how to face Yan Ke now, all that he was so proud of, all the good things Yan Ke had done for him was false.


Walking all the way from the end of street to street, Meng You walked back and forth until late night, passing by the inn countless times. He couldn’t go in.


For the first time, the prince, who had always faced difficulties, wanted to choose to escape.


Meng Han and Tang Qi sat in Yan Ke’s room, watching Yan Ke sitting on the bed with blank eyes, not saying anything, as if he had lost his soul.


Tang Qi nudged Meng Han: “I’m so sleepy, can I sleep first? When will your brother come back? These husband-quarrels, quarreling with each other in bed, and your brother isn’t very typical, running away after a fight.”


Meng Han said blankly: “You go to bed first, this little Lord is here to wait for him to come back.”


“Forget it, I’ll wait with you.”


By the second half of the night, Tang Qi leaned on Meng Han and fell asleep in a chair. The sound of the collision of weapons directly awakened the two.


Meng Han quickly opened his eyes when he saw Yan Ke standing indifferently in front of them, holding a short dagger in his hand, and that dagger had been stolen from him.


Tang Qi rubbed his eyes and said, “I said Meng You, things can’t be that bad, why are you taking out the knives? Quarrels are just quarrels, and you’ll move on from them in the future.”


Meng Han said in a low voice, “Don’t you see, he was using that dagger to try and kill us.”


Tang Qi’s eyes opened sharply: “Meng You, I never thought you were this kind of person!”


Meng Han frowned and stared at Tang Qi, “Idiot, it’s Yan Ke who wants to kill us!”


Tang Qi became sober in an instant, and looked at Yan Ke: “No… you wouldn’t?”


Meng You looked at Yan Ke and said to Tang Qi and Meng Han, “You guys go back to sleep, we’ll return tomorrow.”


Meng You’s hands were clenched into fists, and his chest was pressed with anger. If he had come back a moment later, Meng Han and Tang Qi would have become two corpses.


Meng Han pulled Tang Qi away, shoving Yan Ke hard.


Yan Ke threw the knife in his hand away, walked towards Meng You, and said, “Do you want to kill me? Come on then.”


Meng You endured the anger in his chest, and said coldly: “When we return, this Lord will give you the divorce papers and send you back to Chu Kingdom.”


Yan Ke obviously didn’t expect Meng You to agree to let him go so soon, and then said, “I hope that the prince will keep his word.”


Meng You sat in a chair, sleepless all night, and the next day, before dawn, he saw Yan Ke wake up.


Yan Ke sat up abruptly, clutching his chest, and when he remembered what the original owner had done, he was full of despair, exuding despair from the inside out. When he woke up, he felt like he was in the Shura field*. How would he survive this danger?

[T/N: *a term originating from Buddhism referring to battlefields. The particular battle fought is one due to jealousy.]


The emotionally wounded expression on Little Princess Meng was really sad to watch. He glanced at Meng You who was lying on the table, and Yan Ke’s eyes slightly frowned. How would he explain this to Meng You?


Whatever way it was explained, he would first make him a meal to cool down the prince’s anger.


Yan Ke sighed, tiptoeing out of bed, and put the quilt in his hands on Meng You’s body. When he was about to leave to cook for Meng You, one hand was caught by Meng You.


Meng You threw the quilt back onto the bed expressionlessly, and said, “Since I am awake, let’s set off.”


Yan Ke stood beside him like a kid who had made a mistake, grabbing the end of Meng You’s shirt as he was about to leave, and said, “No… aren’t we going out to have fun?”


“Going out to have fun? And give you another chance to kill this Lord’s friend and this Lord’s younger brother again? Yan Ke, I like you a lot, but these things have nothing to do with them.”


“I know… if I told you, that it wasn’t me, I don’t know if you would believe it.”


Meng You was silent and looked at Yan Ke.


“It might be a little incredible to say this, but, have you ever heard of two souls sharing a body?”


Meng You shook his head blankly, he had never believed in these things.


“Sometimes, I can’t control my body.” Although Yan Ke couldn’t tell why the original owner had come out to kill Meng You last night, anyway, he was very annoyed now! Especially when he saw the indifference and depression on the face of Little Princess Meng.


“Stop talking, let’s just go back.” Meng You smiled slightly.


Yan Ke covered his face, hitting his head with his hand. According to Meng You’s temper, he probably really liked him if he hadn’t killed him already.


“Meng You, let’s not go back~”


“Meng You, you haven’t eaten anything since morning, do you want me to get some food for you?”


“Meng You–“



Yan Ke whined all the way, he obviously felt that Meng You was tempted, but he still had a cold face on. It didn’t make any sense.


Yan Ke couldn’t keep up, following behind Meng You, but his clothes were suddenly caught.


“Does this son want his fortune told? If you want to drive away that soul, this old man can do it for you!”


T/N: Oooh, mystery magician makes an appearance! Yan Ke and Meng You are getting so cute I can barely handle it.

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Baddie's notes:

T/N: Oooh, mystery magician makes an appearance! Yan Ke and Meng You are getting so cute I can barely handle it.  On a side note, come join our discord and have a chat! I'd love to meet you guys!  If you like my work, please consider supporting me on Ko-Fi to keep me motivated!    

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