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His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce!

Chapter 42

Chapter 42

Translated by Baddie
Edited by Baddie



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    The person who was serving them dinner looked at Tang Qi with a smile, with some sympathy.


    The Crown Prince and the Seventh Prince always crowded him into a corner.


    The smile at the corner of Meng You’s mouth was too awkward because the one in front was smiling too wide, and it wasn’t easy to take the smile back, so he simply sat upright with his mouth stiff.


    Tang Qi: “I asked you if you wanted to know, and you wanted to, don’t you be mistaken about that!”


    Hearing these words, Meng Han glanced at Tang Qi and cursed in his heart: Idiot.


    Meng You sneered, stood up and said, “Throw him out.”


    Before Tang Qi had the time to run, he was caught by the shadow guards. He looked at Meng You’s back as he entered the kitchen emotionlessly, and said, “You’re throwing me out again!”


    Meng Han steadily caught Tang Qi, who was thrown out, and glanced at Tang Qi in disdain, and said, “Who should he throw if not you? Would you die if you say something nice without some conscience?”


    After Tang Qi stood up, he walked side by side with Meng Han. The kid who used to be a head shorter than him is now half a head taller.


    Tang Qi turned his eyes to Meng Han, “Anyway, you brothers are just against me, so you target me all the time.”


    “Why would we target you, don’t you think you have an issue yourself?”


    Tang Qi said blankly, unable to express his aggrievance: “How would I know, all I know is that the very first time I met you, you wanted to throw me into a pit, and then I met Meng You because of this, and Meng You, with that “Don’t forget the great grace and virtue this Lord has shown you” card, enslaved me for more than ten years.”


    “What a fate.”


    The corner of Meng Han’s mouth curved as he looked at the person next to him complaining about life. Seeing the hawker selling candied haws on the street preparing to close his stall and go home, he took out some silver from his sleeves and bought a bunch of candied haws from the hawker, stuffed Tang Qi’s mouth arrogantly, and said, “Shut up, you.”


    Tang Qi opened his mouth and took a bite. The sweet and sour taste spread in his mouth. He glanced at the direction he and Meng Han were walking, and quickly said, “Don’t come to my house. Every time you come, my father thinks your brother is going to do the ginseng thing again.”


    “This little master shall send you to the door without going in.”


    Tang Qi shook his head: “Why would you send me to the door? It’s fine for me to go back by myself.”


    “Is the food not enough to block your mouth?”


    Tang Qi said vaguely, “Can’t block it.”


    Meng Han: “…”


    After throwing Tang Qi out, Meng You angrily went to the kitchen to find Yan Ke. He watched Yan Ke at the door with his back to him, smiling and chatting with the steward, his eyes curved slightly.


    Why did he never smile at him like that?

[T/N: Aww]


    In sudden bafflement, Meng You recalled a certain someone who he shouldn’t be thinking of at this time. In the last battle, Su Yu took the remnants of the Chu army and fled Ming Country in a hurry. When they’d arrived at the capital of Ming, it was already empty.


    Meng You walked in. As soon as he entered, the steward immediately greeted and bid the maid beside him to leave, leaving the dining room to Yan Ke and Meng You.


    Yan Ke glanced at Meng You and asked, “Weren’t you drinking?”


    Meng You glanced at Yan Ke. He went to speak and then stopped, and finally grabbed his hair a little irritably and got up to leave.


    Yan Ke reached out and grabbed at Meng You’s clothes: “You aren’t the kind of person to hold back if you have something to say.”


    Meng You frowned: “I can hold it back.”


    “Just say it.”


    “No, what if saying it makes you sad?”


    Yan Ke touched his chin for a moment and said, “Is it about Su Yu or the Chu Kingdom?”


    What he was thinking of being so easily guessed, Meng You, defeated by the single blow, frowned and looked at Yan Ke, inevitably feeling a little sour in his heart.


    No, it was very sour*.

[T/N: *jealous]


    Meng You: “You knew it was about him without this Lord even having to say anything?”


    Yan Ke smiled: “You have the words written on your face, and I’m not blind.”


    Meng You coughed slightly, his face slightly uncomfortable, and as he was about to speak when Yan Ke interrupted him.


    “Su Yu is worth two whole cities, why didn’t you catch him this time? If you catch him a few more times, I’m afraid the kingdom of Chu will have to change his surname to Meng. Tsk tsk tsk, the steward kept praising you for your bravery, defeating hundreds all by yourself.” Yan Ke’s words were naturally said jestingly. He knew what Meng You was about to say, so he used this half-joking manner to dispel Meng You’s unrealistic thoughts .


    Meng You obviously didn’t react. This was different from what he’d thought he’d hear. He only thought that Yan Ke would say he didn’t see Su Yu in that way.


    But… he didn’t expect his princess to directly compare Su Yu to a cornucopia*, and even ambitiously wanted to change his motherland’s name to Meng?

[T/N: *metaphor; a cornucopia is a greek symbol for plentifulness, an ornamental container, meaning Su Yu was simply uselessly wealthy, which is pretty accurate.]


    “When I’d gotten to Ming, he’d already run away.”


    “Be more persistent next time! Come on!” Yan Ke looked at Meng You with a smile, patted him on the shoulder in encouragement.


    Seeing that Meng You had not expected the script to go in such an evil way, he held back his smile and walked out.


    After getting a safe distance away from Meng You, Yan Ke laughed unbridledly.


    He was really easy to fool.


    However, Yan Ke had wondered a lot about Su Yu. Three years ago, after he’d been fooled so, why hadn’t he seen him come back for revenge? He wasn’t the kind of person to break his tooth and then swallow it into his stomach*.

[T/N: *not the kind to take an insult lying down.]


    This would always be a hidden danger, and Yan Ke was frightened every time he thought of the possibility. According to Su Yu’s retributive temper, it would only be suspicious if he didn’t retaliate against him.


    Yan Ke sighed. Well, he was cheap enough himself.


    That man, when he showed up, he was annoying, and when he didn’t show up… he was even more annoying.


    The next day, Yan Ke was woken up early by the steward. With sleepy eyes, he was thrown about before he’d even completely woke up. Yan Ke felt that even if he had woken up, the maids would have turned him dizzy anyway.


    Turning his gaze to the steward, he asked, “What day is it today?”


    The steward chuckled and put the water for his mouthwash in front of Yan Ke, and then explained: “Today, the emperor has called for a family dinner.”


    Yan Ke sighed. In the past three years, the emperor had set up many family banquets.


    He’d gone there once before, and probably because the emperor had seen him sitting there like a fool, he was very considerate and didn’t ask him to go again when he next called for a family dinner.


    And although he didn’t go, this invitation was indispensable every single time.


    After washing up, Yan Ke simply ate something for the sake of it, and after the steward had tossed him around enough, he let him go.


    Yan Ke glanced at the red clothes on his body, and with rows of black lines hanging down on his forehead, he said, “This… how come this looks like the wedding robe I got married in three years ago?”


    The steward nodded: “The princess has a good eye, this is the wedding gown you wore when you married the Crown Prince three years ago.”


    Yan Ke frowned and said, “And for a family dinner, you want me to wear this?”


    The steward nodded again.


    The corner of Yan Ke’s mouth twitched, why did he find this hard to believe!


    As soon as he left the mansion, he saw Meng You, who was also wearing a red robe, standing outside the Prince’s Mansion.


    Seeing him coming, Meng You stretched out his hand and smiled, preparing to hold his hand. Yan Ke didn’t even think about it, and slapped it away.


    Yan Ke, who often dealt with knives and pots, didn’t look particularly thin and small, but his hands were still surprisingly strong, and Meng You frowned.


    Meng You said, “Although today’s family banquet is just a family banquet, it is actually a reward for the generals. You have to be more loving to this Lord!”


    “Why should I be more loving to you?”


    Meng You sighed. He couldn’t say that his generals would all be there at the banquet today.


    “Anyway, you must hold hands with this Lord.”


    “I won’t hold it.”


    “Can’t you just hold it?”


    Yan Ke turned his head away and directly got into the carriage.


    Meng You looked at his empty hand and then at the decisively leaving back. He sighed and followed him into the carriage, intending to persist until Yan Ke agreed.


    Yan Ke was distracted by Meng You all the way. He was a little annoyed by the nagging, and refused many times. From the initial, ‘Don’t even think about it’ and ‘Go away’, to the final, ‘Don’t be bother this Laozi*’ his determination gradually waxed.

[T/N: *generally means ‘ancestor’, a form of referring to yourself as someone above the person being spoken to.]


    Meng You grasped the opportunity to grab Yan Ke’s hand, and the two hands under the red sleeves were tightly clasped together.


    Yan Ke glanced at Meng You and said helplessly, “If you want to hold it, hold it. What are you doing drilling your fingers into my hand?”


    Meng You was also unhappy and said, “Why are you tugging your fingers away so hard?”


    “If you didn’t drill into my hand like that, would I tug it so hard?”


    “Then I won’t drill anymore, so don’t pull it so tight, it’s hard for me to hold on.”


    Yan Ke rolled his eyes: “You have so many conditions just to hold hands.”


    As soon as he let go of his hand, Meng You took advantage of the gap and interlocked their ten fingers.


    Yan Ke raised the hand held by Meng You, and then looked at Meng You again.


    Meng You put down their clasped hands, and the prince’s head was still facing the other way, his ears slightly red.


    Meng You said: “They-….they all hold it like this.”


    Yan Ke had mixed feelings. This way of holding hands gave him a kind of feeling that he’d felt when he used to see the little girls in the school jumping around holding hands in the canteen.


    And the Silly Spore next to him, as soon as he got out of the carriage all the way to the palace, he was always greeting a minister of civil or military affairs.


    “Are you Lord Zhao?” Meng You grabbed a man in court uniform and began to greet him.


    Yan Ke was speechless for a while looking at the hand that Meng You was still holding as he talked.


    He felt that holding hands would turn the Prince Meng next to him into a little Princess Meng.

[T/N: I think he means that Meng You is as petty and boastful as a little princess, like a peacock flaunting his feathers.]


    Their posture was almost as if he was afraid that others would not know that they were holding hands…


    “Tsk, I don’t want to pretend to be with you.” Yan Ke stopped and stopped again along the way like this for a long time. Tang Qi had been moving stuff to and fro several times, and every time he saw Meng You who was pulling him to say hello to others, the look as if he was pitying the mentally retarded on his face was simply too obvious.


    Meng You: “Lord Qi!”


    Yan Ke covered his face.


    The “Lord Qi” opposite them dressed in court uniform smiled at this prince who had never spoken a word to him before and said, “Crown Prince, Crown Princess.”


    Then he said: “Prince, this official’s surname is actually Lin…”


    Meng You’s face stiffened, and said, “Oh, Lord Lin, aren’t you supposed to be at the barracks?”


    Lord Lin: “???”


    “Crown Prince, this official is the Minister of Public Records.”

[T/N: *minister in charge of writing down the happenings in court or the life of the royalty, recording history]


    “Oh… Minister of Public Records.” Meng You thought for a moment, his eyes lit up, and then said: “Very well, Minister of Public Records! You can write something about this Lord.”


    Yan Ke: “…”


    He really wanted to know where this uneasy feeling came from.


    Meng You did not even wait for Lord Minister-of-Public-Records-Lin to reply, directly ordering: “You write a sentence in the annals of history for this Lord: In the first year of the forty-seventh year, October 21st, the Prince held the Crown Princess’ hand for the first time, and the two of them attended a family dinner together.”


    Meng You shook their tightly held hands in front of the shocked and sluggish Minister of Public Records.


    Yan Ke covered his face, and Little Princess Meng began to move again.


    “Crown Prince, we should probably leave now.”


    “When this Lord is finished we will. Don’t make a fuss.”


    Yan Ke pulled Meng You’s head over with a smirk, pressed his lips against Meng You’s ear, and whispered: “You’ve had enough! I hold your hand and you act like you’re on drugs? Hurry up and roll! Don’t be an embarrassment.”


    Meng You was dragged away by Yan Ke, and shouted to the Minister of Public Records: “Lord, I will come back to give you a pamphlet tonight. Write it down for me.”


    The minister: “…”


    It was at this moment that a rebellious idea popped up in the minister’s head, and that was that he didn’t want the prince to succeed.


    If the prince succeeded the throne, would his annals all become “for how many years and days, what did the prince and the princess do together?”


    The minister took out the book in which he recorded every change in Yue Kingdom from his sleeves, and sighed, hoping that the prince was presently just playing with him on occasion since he was still young and vigorous.


    Tang Qi had been waiting at the gate of the hall for a long time, and seeing the two people dawdling, his teeth felt so sour that they might as well have fallen. Tang Qi glanced at the dark-faced Yan Ke, and laughed hahaha: “Maiden Yan, what exactly is going on here?”

[T/N:…’maiden’, since they’re acting like little girls hahah]


    “Tang Qi, would you drop dead if you didn’t speak?” Yan Ke looked at Tang Qi and pulled his hand away. After wiping away the sweat from his palm, he couldn’t help but stretched his hand out to Meng You again.


    Meng You put their hands in front of Tang Qi, shaking it to and fro. When he dangled them to the left, Tang Qi looked to the left, and when he dangled them to the right, Tang Qi’s eyes looked to the right. Rubbing his sore eyes, he glanced at Meng You displeasedly, and said, “Okay, what’s with all the blinding? You’ve only held hands after three years of marriage, I don’t know what’s so great about that.”


    Meng You’s smirked scornfully: “Then you should get married first.”


    Tang Qi was completely wounded by Meng You’s words, turning his back to them and opting to stare at the eunuchs doing things, not intending to talk with Meng You anymore.


    Yan Ke looked at Tang Qi with some sympathy, but this was Zhou Yu’s fight against Huang Gai*.

[T/N: *an idiom meaning one person is willing to abuse and the other, to be abused. It originates from ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’, where Huang Gai is Zhou Yu’s subordinate, who spies on the enemy for Zhou Yu, but in order to gain their trust, Zhou Yu has him flogged in front of the enemy to clear suspicion.]


    Tang Qi was that kind of person, but once the scar was healed, the pain was forgotten. He didn’t know how many lessons Meng You had taught him, yet he still didn’t remember it.


    Meng You looked at Meng Han, who was walking towards them, and his eyes lit up, walking over.


    Meng Han greeted them: “Royal Brother.”


    Meng You hummed lightly and stood in front of Meng Han, not allowing Meng Han to pass.


    Meng Han blankly looked at Meng You and Yan Ke up and down twice: “???”


    The corners of Meng You’s mouth were raised slightly, “Don’t you think there’s something a little different about this Lord today?”


    Meng Han looked at Meng You several times carefully, and then shook his head.


    Nothing seemed to be different…


    If there was anything different, it was the red robe on his body.


    Yan Ke moved his thumb on the hand held by Meng You, pinched Meng You’s tiger’s mouth*, gritting his teeth and glaring at the man who was spouting nonsense everywhere he went.

[T/N: *the web between the thumb and the forefinger of a hand.]


    Meng You glared at Meng Han and said coldly, “You have no eyesight to see it.”


    Meng Han: “???”


    After Meng You and Yan Ke left, Meng Han patted Tang Qi on the shoulder, pointing at Meng You’s back, and saying, “What happened to my brother?”


    “What else could’ve happened, come, hold it out.”


    Meng Han stretched out his hand.


    “Open it.”


    Meng Han obeyed instructions and opened his hand, and then Tang Qi’s hand was placed on the palm of his, and their ten fingers interlocked.


    Meng Han: “…”


    The temperature from the palm of their hands rose directly into his head, and his head buzzed and exploded. There was no response from him for a long time.

[T/N: Ohoho]


Tang Qi glanced at Meng Han and said, “You understand now? Tsk, it’s no wonder that they’ve only held hands after three years of being married.”


    “If I were Yan Ke, why would I sleep with him if just holding hands could solve the problem? This matter tells us this – with some people, it is better to have a little more demand, like with Meng You, like old men pinching fingers* – hold hands thrice every year, kiss once every five years, sleep once every ten years. Tsk tsk tsk, pitiful, so pitiful.”

[T/N: *an amount so small that even a senile old man could count it on his fingers.]


    Meng Han yanked his hand out of Tang Qi’s, looked at Tang Qi in disbelief, and then exploded: “What nerve you have! What do you mean by holding this little Lord’s hand while you speak?”


    Tang Qi blinked twice, and said blankly, “Huh?”


    “Who told you you could hold this little Lord’s hand? Believe it or not, I will chop your paw right off!”


    Tang Qi looked at Meng Han who was angry, and their fun of pointing at mountains* and laughing at Meng You was gone. He said, “I was wrong…”

[T/N: *faraway things, matters unrelated to them.]


    “In the future…you, you…should wait for this little Lord to initiate it!”


    Tang Qi: “…Oh.”


    Meng Han entered the hall with a blushing face. On the other side, Meng You was with Yan Ke, and after taking a round, he also took Yan Ke into the hall.


    As soon as he’d sat down, Meng You looked at the generals who were about to come over to offer a toast to him and held Yan Ke’s hand tighter.


    As Yan Ke looked up, he saw a few people in military clothes approaching, and after nodding politely, he handed the formalities to Meng You.


    “The relationship between our prince and princess is really good!” A lieutenant said with emotion. He was the one who’d said he wanted to read the letter out loud to the prince when the prince had been seriously injured. The letter hadn’t even been read yet, and the prince had woken up.


    He hadn’t seen the Crown Princess before, and he’d wondered what kind of man it was that was more effective than a panacea. Wasn’t he really more effective than a panacea! He also looked so beautiful for a man. It was no wonder that the prince had been thinking about him for three whole years.


    Meng You: “…”


    “Yes, the prince often talks about the princess in the barracks. In the barracks, from one end to the other, there is not a single person who doesn’t know that the prince and the princess have a good relationship!”


    Meng You didn’t say anything, but two drops of cold sweat dripped down the back of his head.


    Meng You’s hand holding his wine glass tightened, and sure enough, after telling one lie, he had more lies to tell to round it up.


    Yan Ke smiled vaguely, but how come he could not understand the meaning of these words in the slightest! He’d really only given Meng You three years of food, right? What did it mean that the whole army camp knew that they had a good relationship? What kind of relationship was so good?


    Yan Ke thought for a while. Did the steward do something to promote the relationship between the two of them? He looked at Meng You, who was calm and did not speak, and ignored the lieutenants. Yan Ke thought he’d wait for all the lieutenants to leave, and then ask him clearly.


    After the lieutenant left, Yan Ke opened his mouth and said, “Does your lieutenant have any misunderstandings about us?”




    “I think they must have misunderstood something.”


    “You gave this Lord meals for three whole years. Even if there was nothing, you might’ve sparked something. Don’t blame this Lord for it.” Meng You was ready to clear all suspicions that Yan Ke’s head had preconceived.


    After all… this secretly poke-in-the-back, self-directed, completely-pretend kind of relationship, he couldn’t let Yan Ke know.


    He wanted some dignity too.


    “So, now you’re pushing the blame onto me?” Yan Ke squinted at Meng You.


    “That’s not it.”


    “Have some dignity.”


    “From now on, you can just watch them and keep silent about this, lest they use previous matters to tease you, got it? They’re all five big and three rough* guys, they love to make things up, don’t believe all of it.”

[T/N: *usually used derogatorily to describe men, as rude and tacky, with no brain – simple-minded but with well-developed limbs and thick necks.]


    Yan Ke nodded. Even if Meng You didn’t explain, he couldn’t reach these generals with even the length of eight poles*.

[T/N: *completely outdone, not at the same level.]


    Everyone was waiting for the banquet to begin. Before it was served, Yan Ke and Meng You were called by the emperor to meet at a side hall.


    The emperor glanced at the two people wearing lined robes, one after the other, eyes narrowed, and he said, “You don’t need to stand on ceremony. Shu Li, you wait outside first. I have something to say to Yan Ke.”



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