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His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce!

Chapter 41

Chapter 41

Translated by Baddie
Edited by Baddie



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    “What are you thinking?” Tang Qi shook his hand twice before Meng You’s eyes.


    Meng You came back to his senses, and clinked glasses with him, then smiled after drinking it, and said, “Nothing.”


    Meng You hadn’t had such a comfortable life in a long time. There was plenty of wine for him to drink, but in order to prevent himself from getting too drunk for fearing that he would be despised by his crown princess, he instead pushed Tang Qi to get drunk with a tough attitude.


    Listening to the noise outside, Meng You rubbed at his temples, stood up, and said, “You guys play for a while longer, this meal is on me. I’m going back to accompany my Crown Princess.”


    Tang Qi pinched his chin. He couldn’t figure out how the two men didn’t fight. One mountain could not accommodate two tigers, unless one was a male and one a female*.

[T/N: *A metaphor that meant two men in the same place are bound to have conflicts, one kingdom cannot have two kings]


    How could these two male tigers get along, so safe and sound?


    Tang Qi pushed at Meng Han, who was lying down on the table next to him. In the past three years, Meng Han’s originally short hair had grown to become long.


    He was still prickly towards him, but at least, with the exception of his very ‘unique’ behaviour towards him, he had become more friendly to other people.


    Tang Qi said, “Why doesn’t your brother fight with Yan Ke?”


    Meng Han had drunk a lot of wine, and pushing away Tang Qi’s hand that had been poking him, he gave him an unhappy look, and said, “What do you know, they probably only fight in bed.”


    Tang Qi thoughtfully said, “I don’t think I’ve seen Yan Ke like that, he doesn’t look like he’s been cleaned up at all.”


    At the end, Tang Qi came to the conclusion: “Maybe your brother really can’t get it up?”


    Meng coldly said: “It’s your brother who can’t get it up.”


    Tang Qi: “I don’t have a brother…”



[T/N: *get out.]


    Tang Qi responded simply: “Okay.”


    Meng You returned to the Prince’s Mansion and walked towards Yan Ke’s courtyard. Seeing the candlelight still flickering inside, he opened the door and walked in.


    Yan Ke had just finished taking a shower, and only his upper body was clothed. The two of them froze for a moment, watching the person who’d suddenly broken in.


    Meng You quickly turned his back to Yan Ke, and Yan Ke dressed with a dark face.


    Then Yan Ke smiled as he watched the orange candlelight illuminate the blush on the crown prince’s face clearly, “We’re all men here, why are you so flustered? I have everything you have, maybe mine is bigger than yours.”

[T/N: (°ο°) ]


    Meng You sat on a chair. Feeling his mouth dry, he poured himself a glass of water. Yan Ke loved to take hot baths, and especially from late autumn to winter, he liked to soak in it, and the water vapor permeated every corner of the room.


    It seemed a little ambiguous.


    Looking at the person sitting across from him, Meng You held his face and looked straight at Yan Ke’s crimson cheeks, eyes misty, looking especially ethereal.


    Meng You looked a little silly as he stretched out his hand to squeeze Yan Ke’s face, and said, “I want to kiss you.”


    The smell of alcohol on him made Yan Ke frown. He guessed, was he a little drunk?


    Yan Ke laughed: “The moon is out tonight, shall we go outside to kiss?”


    Meng You’s eyes lit up, and he nodded again and again.


    Yan Ke: “Then let’s go?”


    Meng You nodded again and happily walked in front. When he’d just walked out the door, the door to Yan Ke’s room slammed shut, the door panel right against his back.


    Yan Ke narrated with a smile in his voice: “The other party didn’t want to play the kissing game with you, and threw you out of the room.”


    As bursts of cold wind blew over, Meng You stayed at the door, shivering from the cold wind.


    This was an embarrassment he’d never felt before.


    Meng You aggrieved: “But I want to play.”


    “F**k, go to bed and sleep if you’re drunk!”


    Meng You was even more aggrieved: “But I want to sleep with you!”


    “No! Roll!.”


    Meng You had no idea how he got from Yan Ke’s yard to his own yard, and somehow fell asleep on his bed.


    Before long, the steward brought him a bowl of hangover soup and woke him up.


    The steward said: “My Lord, the Princess made this hangover soup for you, and he said it was for you to drink before you went to sleep.”


    Meng You drank the hangover soup and lay back down on the bed again.


    Won’t let him kiss him, won’t let him sleep next to him, won’t give him his hand to hold, won’t give him anything. But then, why won’t he?


    Meng You had drunk some wine, and although not so drunk that he didn’t have control, he ended up having a hangover all night, and the look on his face was very poor when he got up the next day.


    The steward prepared water for him, and after letting him take a bath, he brought some hangover soup and breakfast.


    The steward: “All of this was prepared for you by the Crown Princess.”


    Meng You’s hand that moved to eat froze for a moment. He looked at the food, and said, “Has he been very good to you in these past few years?”


    Guan Shi nodded repeatedly: “The princess is a peaceful person. He never loses his temper, so he is especially easy to get along with.”


    A series of questions appeared in Meng You’s mind.




    Never loses his temper?


    Especially… easy to get along with?


    Were they talking about the same person?


    The steward smiled, and twisted the knife further into the prince’s wound caused by his Crown Princess, “I don’t know why it is so, but the Crown Princess does not seem to treat you the same.”


    “Does he despise me?”


    The steward said: “No, no, how could that be possible? When there was no news from the frontier a month ago, the princess would cook for you every day and write to you, and at home, he had no appetite, and often asked soldier Tang to see if there was any news from you.”


    “This Lord doesn’t believe it.”


    The steward threw away his conscience and promised: “How could this old slave lie to you!”


    Meng You was still doubtful, and asked, “Then tell me how he usually talks about this Lord at home.”


    The steward’s face became stiff. What he planned to reveal was only a little bit of every day, taking the essence and removing the rubbish, doing away with any words that were not conducive to the relationship between the prince and the princess, and even adding a few good words from himself to it.


    He hadn’t even come clean yet, but Meng You already wanted to know everything.


    All that ‘I’m going to kill Meng You’ and ‘Maybe your prince is impotent’ definitely couldn’t be said…


    Yan Ke, on the other side, was winning at the mahjong table. In life, you win some, you lose some, and no one was an exception.


    What he didn’t know was that the steward was on the other side in Meng You’s room. Of the master and servant pair, one listened with great gusto and the other spoke with the same enthusiasm. They seemed to have shaped Yan Ke into a man waiting at home for three years for the return of his husband from the battlefront; three years of constant visits to the temple to pray for the safety of his husband. Such an infatuated man was hard to find elsewhere in the world.


    If Yan Ke himself was present, he himself would’ve been moved by this epic story.


    The steward just picked up on what Meng You wanted to hear and told it. Was it really so? If not, he would just make do without it! All he needed was a few clues and traces.


    For example, if Yan Ke had coughed one day, the steward said that it was because he’d been overwhelmed and frustrated.


    Yan Ke accidentally cut himself with a knife another day, and the steward said it was because he’d been distracted from missing Meng You too much.


    Yan Ke didn’t know this, but at this moment, he’d become a Yan Daiyu* who was always crying, and missing the prince at every turn.

[T/N: *Lin Daiyu is a female character in The Dream of Red Mansions, who is a thwarted lover, with a tragic story full of tears and longing. Here, it is implied that the steward has basically told Meng You the story of Lin Daiyu and simply changed her surname to ‘Yan’ to match Yan Ke’s.]


    When it was time for dinner, Yan Ke called together all of Meng You’s brothers and made a large table of food waiting for Meng You, who hadn’t come out of his room for a whole day now, to come out for dinner.


    As soon as Meng You came out, he looked at Yan Ke who was busy at the table, and gathered him into his arms.


    Yan Ke: “???”


    “I’ll give you one f**king chance to explain yourself before I kill you.” Yan Ke looked at the people holding their faces and watching the show, and held his temper in, speaking in a low voice and leaving the prince one last bit of dignity.


    Meng You: “This Lord misunderstood you.”


    Yan Ke: “???”


    Meng You frowned and looked at Yan Ke: “I didn’t expect that you endured so much hardship at home for this Lord. If you don’t like kissing, I won’t kiss you. It’s okay. Your Lord will spoil you!”


    Yan Ke watched Meng You speak from the beginning to the end with a caring look intended for the mentally retarded, knocking on the table with his hand, and asked, “Say, was it not wine that you gave him yesterday?”


    The crowd shook their heads in unison.


    Meng You said: “The steward told this Lord about a few of the things that you did for this Lord when I was not at home, and I felt so sorry for you.”


    The steward covered his face, this… why did you say it? Meeting the princess’s smiling and inquiring eyes, the old steward blushed and went to help outside with a guilty conscience.


    Yan Ke looked at the steward acting so, and guessed that the spice he’d added was not lacking in the least. There was no doubt that the stories must’ve been amazing.


    Looking at the touched Silly Spore, Yan Ke sighed. Really, one dared to make things up and the other dared to believe it.


    Tang Qi whispered, “They haven’t even kissed each other, tsk.”


    Meng Han glanced at him and raised his brows: “Have you ever kissed anyone?”


    “No, I don’t have a wife, so wouldn’t it be weird if I had kissed? But they’ve been married for three years, and Meng You hasn’t even brushed against Yan Ke’s lips. How useless!”


    Meng Han: “…”


    Meng Han could feel his brother’s eerie gaze looked their way after Tang Qi had finished speaking. Meng Han coughed lightly and slightly turned to the side to avoid his brother’s increasing death glare.


    Yan Ke saw that wine had been brought to their table, so he made to go join the steward’s table instead. Meng You pulled him back, and he explained that he didn’t like the smell of wine.


    Meng You: “Move the wine away.”


    Meng You didn’t let go of Yan Ke’s sleeve, and ordered the servant who was serving the wine.


    Yan Ke sighed: “You sit here and drink with your friends, they’ve finally come to have a meal with you. Don’t poop the party.”


    Meng You glanced at Yan Ke and said, “Let the chef serve them at another table. Let’s move these to the kitchen to eat~”


    Everyone: “???”


    What was with this unwelcome atmosphere?


    In the end, Meng You strongly persuaded Yan Ke to stay. Yan Ke was ready to ask the old steward how many layers of beauty filters he had used on him in front of Meng You.


    After Meng You had gotten drunk last night, he had asked for a kiss, and the cold air that he’d withstood still lingered in his heart, so naturally, he refused to be filled with this stuff that makes one impulsive by Tang Qi.


    In the past few years, Meng Han had been following Tang Qi and the others, and the amount of alcohol he could intake had also increased a lot. Meng You waved his hand and said to Meng Han, “I’ll change seats with you.”


    Meng Han glanced at Tang Qi next to him, then shook his head at Meng You: “No!”


    Meng You’s eyes narrowed, and he stood up, directing people to move Meng Han’s chair away.


    Meng You nudged Tang Qi with a slight smile at the corner of his mouth, and asked, “This Lord heard that in the month when there was no news of this Lord, Yan Ke often grabbed you to ask for this Lord’s whereabouts?”


    Tang Qi nodded and said: “Yes, he would often ask me.”


    The corners of Meng You’s mouth raised more cheerfully, and said, “What did he ask you?”


    Tang Qi felt inexplicably baffled: “He just asked if there was any news from you!”


    Meng You: “What else did he say?”


    Tang Qi remembered what Yan Ke said, and looked at Meng You with some embarrassment, and said, “You really want to know?”


    Meng You nodded: “Say it out loud to this Lord!”


    I want everyone to see that although I haven’t kissed the princess’ lips, I am still someone he worries about.


    Tang Qi: “I asked Yan Ke why he was so worried, and Yan Ke said…”


    “If a pig that had been raised for three years suddenly stopped squealing, anyone would worry.”


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