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His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce!

Chapter 40

Chapter 40

Translated by Baddie
Edited by Baddie



T/N: Exams are starting soon, so I wanted to post before things got too busy! Here’s another one~!




Meng You walked into the courtyard of Yan Ke’s room and knocked on the door.


    Yan Ke had been angry for a long time today, and after finally falling asleep in bed, he was woken up by the knocking on the door.


    Yan Ke opened his eyes and gritted his teeth, pushing away the quilt and opening the door.


    He came back neither early nor late, but only chose to come as soon as he’d decided to go to bed.


    This Silly Spore was doing it on purpose!


    Meng You stood at the doorway with a displeased face. He pushed the door open and entered, glanced at Yan Ke, and said, “I heard that you were very comfortable when I served you but you still got angry that I didn’t stay back to accompany you?”


    Yan Ke: “…”


    Yan Ke said, “What do you mean that I was so comfortable when you served me and got angry when you didn’t accompany me? I’m asking you to explain, we just massaged each other’s shoulders in this room, but what did you go tell the others?”


    Meng You looked at a loss, tilting his head and asking, “What did this Lord say?”


    Yan Kehou: “How do I know what you said! The steward thought I ‘put it’ in you!”


    The steward was initially only standing outside in wait, but the two masters inside spoke too loudly, causing it to pass through his ears without missing a word from the moment the prince had entered through the door.


    He, as a habitually rigorous person, quietly corrected the Princess’ words, and said: “Crown Princess, the order is reversed…”

[T/N: That’s what we’re all thinking, steward]


    Yan Ke felt a headache coming.


    Old steward, who taught you such techniques to destroy people?


    Meng You laughed out loud, reaching out his hand to squeeze Yan Ke’s face, and quickly pulled them back before Yan Ke’s face went dark.


    Meng You said: “If this Lord really had done it with you, do you think you could still get up so quickly and jump about like this in front of your Lord?”


    Yan Ke glanced at Meng You. He was afraid that this guy had forgotten how he’d knocked on his door and shared the little secret that he was impotent, or had he?


    “Who told you to be impotent?”


    Meng You was silent. He felt like Yan Ke was provoking him!


    Then he stood up abruptly, picked Yan Ke up and threw him onto the bed.


    After a while, Yan Ke’s screams came out of the room. The old steward thought silently to himself – this time, it would be right to prepare the bath water and medicine…


    Yan Ke was pressed onto the bed by Meng You, and except for being able to shake his head, his limbs were tightly clasped by Meng You, unable to move.


    Meng You’s deep laughter could be heard above his head.


    Meng You: “Am I really?”


    Watching Meng You use force to solve the problem, Yan Ke scolded Meng You as a rogue in his heart, but he had to listen to Meng You to solve this momentary crisis. He said, “Okay, okay, okay, you’re amazing!”


    Meng You laughed: “You haven’t even tried it yet, how do you know that this Lord is amazing?”


    Blue veins were raised on Yan Ke’s forehead, and he said, “Roll*! If you don’t get out of here, you won’t f**king eat tomorrow!”

[T/N: *get lost]


    By the faint moonlight outside the window, Meng You could see Yan Ke’s sullen face, and with a smile at the corners of his mouth, he stretched out his hand and rubbed Yan Ke’s face twice, keenly noticing that Yan Ke had already changed the position of his leg to kick him in anger, so he rolled over and got out of bed, walked out the door, leaving a parting sentence: “Remember to cover properly with the quilt.”


    The whole process was done in one go and was extremely natural.


    Yan Ke, who hadn’t slept enough, had made such a ruckus with Meng You, but now he wasn’t drowsy anymore, so instead he lay in bed with his eyes wide open, not knowing what to do.


    He had been here for so long, and he didn’t know if anyone had discovered his body in the 21st century.


    They would have, right? When his body began to rot, someone would smell it, and maybe they would call the police? And in the end, he might even appear on the local news…


    However, after his death, he didn’t know if Yan Zhiwei would continue to give money for grandma’s follow-up medical treatment.


    Thinking of his grandma, the only surviving tenderness in Yan Ke’s cynical bones felt like it had been dragged out by hand.


    He turned over and lay on his stomach, burying his face in his pillow, tears streaming down his face and wetting the pillow.


    At noon the next day, even after Meng You had finished his breakfast, he didn’t see Yan Ke come out. He frowned and glanced at the steward next to him, and asked, “Is he usually like this? Doesn’t he get up even to eat so he can sleep?”


    The manager was also puzzled, and shook his head: “No, the princess usually gets up very early, and only after eating breakfast does he go back to sleep.”


    “But ever since you came back…”


    Meng You’s face turned dark, and the steward sensibly stopped there. That is to say, ever since he’d returned, Yan Ke had started to sleep in?


    Meng You walked toward Yan Ke’s yard, gently opening the door, and looking at the person on the bed. He was about to tell Yan Ke to wake up…


    But in the end, seeing Yan Ke’s quiet sleeping face, he squatted at his bedside, hoping that Yan Ke would sleep a little longer.


    Yan Ke frowned, and when he opened his eyes, he saw a magnified face of a man in front of him, smiling foolishly, he quickly opened his eyes, and his fist subconsciously flew over.


    “Hiss–” Meng You was unprepared, and Yan Ke struck right at the centre of his target, punching him square in the face.


    “Whose wife do you think has been sleeping in until now, and not waking up?! Do you have a good reason for punching this Lord?”


    Perhaps because his conscience was guilty at being caught peeking, the prince made the first strike.


    Yan Ke quickly helped Meng You up from the ground and asked, “How long have you been sitting here by my bed? Don’t blame me for punching you. It was a reflexive action.”


    As Meng You stood up, he looked at Yan Ke who was wearing only a thin undershirt, and reached out to take the clothes on the shelf, putting it on Yan Ke’s body, and clothed him while nagging, “Can’t you be a little more careful? Is your body made of iron*? What happened to your eyes?”

[T/N: *”is it so invincible that you won’t catch a cold?”]


    Yan Ke touched his eyes. Probably because he cried too hard last night, his eyes were now a little swollen.


    He said, “It’s fine.”


    “Did you cry?” Meng You held Yan Ke’s shoulders and forced him to look at him.


    Yan Ke laughed, “Why would I cry? Okay, get out of here, I’ll wash up and come get some food.”


    Meng You looked at the unfolded quilt on Yan Ke’s bed, frowned and walked over, reaching out to fold the quilt, and walked out.


    Leaning against the door outside, he looked at his own hand.


    While he was tidying the quilt, he’d touched the pillow, and the pillow was still a little damp…


    Had he cried because he’d pressed him on the bed yesterday? Was he that sensitive? Even if he tied Tang Qi to a tree, Tang Qi wouldn’t cry!


    As Yan Ke walked out, he saw Meng You, leaning against a tree. He frowned and didn’t know what to think of it. After looking at it twice, he turned back and went into the kitchen.


    For the dishes, it seemed he had developed a habit over the past three years, cooking all Meng You’s favorite dishes.


    After he’d prepared the dishes and the steward had put it on the table, the Silly Spore was still standing under the tree pondering about life.


    Yan Ke shouted, “Meng You, do you want to come eat?”


    Meng You came back to his senses. He’d heard him clearly, but pretended he hadn’t, and continued to stand under the tree, looking furtively at Yan Ke.


    He thought in his heart: Come and bring me to the table!


    While he willed in his mind for Yan Ke to come over and pull him away, he saw Yan Ke turn around and enter the front hall. After a while, he came out with a bowl, watching him as he ate…


    Yan Ke looked at Meng You who was walking over to him unhappily, and smiled, “I thought you didn’t want to eat.”


    Meng You didn’t say a word, simply taking a bite of half of the potato that Yan Ke had just picked up with his chopsticks.


    Yan Ke: “…”


    Looking at his empty chopsticks, Yan Ke gritted his teeth and said, “I ate from that!”


    Meng You seemed to be in a much better mood. He snorted, picking up another piece of potato, took a bite of it himself, and then caught Yan Ke who was about to escape, and stuffed it into his mouth. Meng You smiled and said, “Now you’ve eaten from mine, too~”


    Yan Ke looked at Meng You, silently putting down his bowl, and faced off against Meng You who was a yard taller than him, and he realised he couldn’t use the phrase “Come at me, I challenge you to a fight”. Finally, he huffed angrily at Meng You, saying those ruthless words: “You won’t eat tonight! I won’t make anything for you!”


    Then he took his bowl and picked a spot a thousand miles away from Meng You to continue eating.


    Meng You smiled and looked at Yan Ke, sat at the table, and began to mumble: “Let’s save a little bit of this to eat at night, and a little bit of that. Steward, go and get some bowls for this Lord, and save these for me to eat at night.”


    Yan Ke: “…”


    The steward: “You could ask the chef to cook…”


    Meng You said, “No, I’ll only eat what he makes, let him eat what the chef makes!”


    Yan Ke raised his eyebrows: “Why do you think I won’t cook for myself?”


    “Then you can keep a little bit of that aside for this Lord at night, I don’t actually want to eat leftovers.”


    “Have some dignity!”


    “No, this Lord has always been shameless.”


    Yan Ke was speechless. This was probably the world’s highest level of shamelessness and invincibility.


    After they’d eaten, Tang Qi and some other people came to visit Meng You and Yan Ke.


    Yan Ke looked at Tang Qi, who was hesitating at the gate of the Prince’s Mansion, and with a playful glint in his eyes, beckoned to Tang Qi, shouting: “Tang Qi, come on in, I have something to tell you. What are you doing standing at the door? Are you trying to be a door god*?”

[T/N: *mentioned earlier, a god worshipped as the guardian of entrances to keep away evil spirits.]


    Perhaps, in Tang Qi’s heart, Yan Ke was not as bad as Meng You. After three years of eating his cooking in the Prince’s Mansion, he had come to trust Yan Ke quite a bit, so he walked in and asked Yan Ke: “What’s up?”


    Yan Keren smiled: “Hello, Meng Qi.”

[T/N: if you remember, he said he’d take Meng You’s surname if he ever stepped foot in their yard again]


    Tang Qi: “…”


    Starting today, he swore to sever his brotherhood with this pair of husbands Meng You and Yan Ke!


    After they’d played around in the Prince’s Mansion for a while, Yan Ke went to bed, and Meng You went to drink with a couple of his friends.


    As they sat at the wine table, the few people who hadn’t seen each other for three years had endless stories to tell.


    Tang Qi asked Meng You about what he hadn’t mentioned since he’d come back: “Did something happen in the barracks about a month before you came back?”


    Meng You stopped for a while, then shook his head: “No.”


    “Were you injured?”


    Meng You: “No.”


    “It was quite bad, wasn’t it?”


    Meng You became impatient: “I said nothing happened.”


    Tang Qi smiled and stopped pestering him. He was afraid something had happened, but now that he was back safely, the injuries he suffered before were nothing more than words of emotion.


    Meng You held the wine glass and his eyes darkened.


    Not only did Tang Qi not guess wrong, but he’d guessed too accurately. He had indeed been injured, so seriously injured that he’d been unconscious for more than half a month.


    And that’s when the life-saving grace from Yan Ke came…


    When he’d been in a coma for so long that the military doctors were at a loss, a lieutenant came up with an extremely unwise method.


    The lieutenant general: “This is a letter from the Crown Princess to the Prince. They, as  husband and wife, have such a good relationship – shouldn’t we read out the letter from the princess for him?”


    He’d woken up immediately.


    Meng You had originally thought that he’d stepped into the gate of the underworld with both feet, but when he heard that they wanted to read the letter out to him in public, and that the love of Yan Ke for his husband that he’d carefully built for three whole years in the barracks was about to be ruined, he woke up. He felt that even the ghosts in the underworld might not have gotten past him.


    How the f**k could he not wake up? From top to bottom in these barracks, who didn’t know that he and Yan Ke were deeply in love? As soon as the letter and the words ‘divorce’ on it were read out, they might even drag him out and put him to death by Lingchi*.

[T/N: *a method of capital punishment where the victim’s body is cut a thousand times alive so that he dies a slow and torturous death, one of the worst sentences in ancient China. Poor Meng You, should’ve thought twice before spinning all those lies, even I would kill you after being force-fed all that ‘dog-food’ for nothing.]


    Meng You couldn’t even think of anything else at the time – the only thing he thought about was that he would bring Yan Ke’s letter into the grave with him – bring it in, and bury it!


    When he snatched the letter, he could barely open his eyes, but looking at the few words on the letter, he had never felt as tender as he did at that moment.


    : I haven’t received any news from the prince for many days. Are you well?


    Then, Meng You gave the letter to the lieutenant, his voice slightly hoarse as he said, “I can’t see it clearly, read it out for this Lord.”

[T/N: ⊂(♡⌂♡)⊃]



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Baddie's notes:

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