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His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce!

Chapter 39

Chapter 39

Translated by Baddie
Edited by Baddie



T/N: I was planning to post earlier, but this chapter is extra long and I didn’t break it into three parts or anything because I believe in continuity (this chapter is nearly 10,000 characters long when the previous chapters have usually been only 1500 characters each approx), so I hope that makes up for it! Enjoy~!




Of course, Yan Ke couldn’t escape in peace. The steward thought he was just anxious to see their prince, and ordered people to follow Yan Ke carefully. In recent years, due to the war, many people had been displaced, and the streets weren’t safe.


    The old steward followed Yan Ke every step of the way, for fear that something would happen to him. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to make it up to the prince even if they died ten thousand times over.


    Yan Ke sighed as he looked at the old steward following him. He laughed and said, “I won’t run, just go work if you have anything left to do.”


    The monk could run away, but the temple wouldn’t run with him*. He had to get the divorce papers from that fellow Meng You first.

[T/N: *idiom which meant that even if he managed to escape, he would have to come back sooner or later]


    The steward didn’t really need to watch Yan Ke all the time, anyway. Even if he didn’t, there were shadow guards to watch him.


    The steward said: “Actually, this old slave feels the same as you, Princess. Ever since the day that I heard the prince was coming back, I’ve been feeling a little anxious. However, it is estimated that the army will be back in a mere three or four days. We’ve been waiting for the prince’s return for three whole years, so it’s not too bad to wait for these few three or four more days, am I right?”


    Yan Ke looked at the steward with a heavy gaze, but couldn’t speak.


    Our feelings were extremely different!


    Yan Ke said, “I’m not…I don’t…don’t talk nonsense! Who said I was waiting for him!”


    The (divorce) documents that that guy has been refusing to give me and let me go is obviously what I’ve been waiting for, okay!


    The steward smiled and nodded, pretending to agree with Yan Ke, but had an expression of ‘I understand everything’ on his face.


    Yan Ke looked at the steward’s back as he left with a smile, and stretched out an Erkang’s hand* towards him. He felt that he had to explain clearly anyway!

[T/N: *a popular chinese meme from the movie ‘My Fair Princess’. I’ll leave a picture down below.]


    “I really am not- I’m really not waiting for him, don’t you go talk nonsense in front of him!”


    The steward continued to nod.


    He thought in his heart, ‘the crown princess likes to talk in riddles of irony, so when he says not to say this in front of the prince, he is definitely hoping that I would mention it in front of the prince.’


    Yan Ke watched the steward leave helplessly, a little confused about the old and fatherly smile on the old fox’s face.


    Ever since Yan Ke had come to the Prince’s Mansion, he would sleep for two hours at noon everyday.


    There was no exception to this in the spring, summer, autumn or winter.


    While he was sleeping, the steward who was sweeping the fallen leaves in the yard looked at the young man at the door and walked over.


    The steward said: “What can I help you with?”


    The young man said: “My young master asked me to send a message to the Prince’s Mansion that the Prince has returned and is now in the Tang House.”


    The steward acted calm on the surface, but after sending away the young man, he quickly threw away his broom, and asked the people who were playing mahjong in the backyard to leave, and closed the back door. Anyway, there normally would’ve been no chance for them to have visited this backyard even once in a century.


    This mahjong hall development had been too sudden, the prince would have to be enlightened later, very gradually…


    On the other side, at the Tang House.


    Tang Qi looked at Meng You, who had just finished washing at his house. He hadn’t seen him for more than two years, and laughed: “You’ve changed. You never cared about these things before.”


    Meng You shaved his beard, tied his hair, and stood up: “Even if I had cared about it before, there wouldn’t have been anyone to see.”


    Tang Qi said again, “I don’t think Yan Ke is the kind of person who appreciates this kind of thing.”


    “In the past few years, while this Lord wasn’t at home, it seems you’ve become quite familiar with this Lord’s princess.”


    Tang Qi said, “Didn’t you say it yourself that I should go and play with him more so that he wouldn’t get bored?”


    Meng You laughed: “Okay, I’ll be going home first then, maybe I’ll be just in time to catch dinner~”


    Meng You’s voice was floating. Tang Qi, as his friend for many years, could see that the prince was very happy. He knew that Yan Ke was uneasy about Meng You’s return because he had opened a mahjong hall in the Prince’s Mansion, and thinking about it, Tang Qi felt that the Prince’s Mansion would soon have a big show to watch.


    So he walked to Meng You’s side in two or three steps: “I’ll go with you! I’ll freeload dinner!”


    Meng You looked at Tang Qi with a calm face, and said, “You weren’t this annoying before.”


    Tang Qi: “…”


    Meng You: “Come back tomorrow, I have a lot to talk about with Yan Ke today.”


    Tang started scratching at his head: “I’m just coming to freeload a meal, not to make trouble in the bridal chamber*!”

[T/N: *or, as the English saying goes, not to make trouble in paradise]


    Meng You staggered when he heard the word ‘bridal chamber’, and said, “It’s okay to make trouble in the bridal chamber, but it’s not okay to freeload a meal! You didn’t eat too much of the food cooked by Yan Ke while I was away from home, did you? You’d better go die in the future. All the food he cooks is for this Lord to eat only.”


    Tang Qi: “You’ve changed, you really have changed. I won’t eat anymore then! I’ll just go to have some fun, and I’ll leave when it’s time for dinner!”


    Meng You finally nodded helplessly, and gave Tang Qi a once-over several times, and said, “You’ve changed, too. You really weren’t quite so annoying before.”


    Tang Qi: “…”


    Having received Tang Qi’s prior notice, the steward saw two people appear outside the door just after he’d finished clearing all the incriminating evidence from the backyard.


    The old steward immediately greeted him, kneeling down at the door with the rest of Prince’s Mansion’s servants.


    “We have seen the Prince*!”

[T/N: *greeting which is similar to ‘Greetings to His Highness’]


    Meng You’s lips curled, and he smiled and said, “At ease. Where is the Crown Princess?”


    The steward stood up, letting the maids go do their own duties, and was about to order people to wake Yan Ke up, but Yan Ke had already come out of his yard.


    Meng You seemed to have sensed it, so when Yan Ke came out, his eyes looked over. The hands hanging at his side tightened, and his breath caught as he looked at the beauty who seemed to have come out of a painting.


    Especially when the beauty smiled at him, Meng You was rendered speechless.


    Then the beauty spoke.


    “This handsome guy looks kind of familiar! But he probably hasn’t played mahjong before, has he? The mahjong hall is in the backyard. 25 taels of silver is the monthly subscription, and if the boss accompanies you to play, you’ll be charged extra. Do buy a lot~”


    Yan Ke looked at the person standing at the door, and for the first time in three years, he spoke to him with a whistle.


    The steward: “…”


    Tang Qi: “…”


    Meng You: “???”


    Though Yan Ke was a little dense, he could perceive the subtlety of the atmosphere. His questioning eyes turned toward the steward, and he asked in a low voice, “Isn’t he here to play mahjong?”


    The steward shook his head without a word.


    Yan Ke looked back at the man standing in front of Tang Qi, and coupled with Tang Qi’s dying laughter behind him, Yan Ke looked helplessly at the steward: “Is that…”


    When the steward made to speak, Yan Ke stopped him.


    Yan Ke covered his face: “Don’t say it, let me gather myself!”


    Damn it! There wasn’t any need for such excitement, alright?!


    Wasn’t it understood that it would take him three or four days to return?! He’d just fallen asleep, had this guy come back on a flying horse? Or was it that he’d slept for three days straight?


    Meng You, even from a distance, could perceive that Yan Ke had not wanted him to come back, and he frowned and grabbed Yan Ke’s wrist: “This Lord, in order to come back and see you, came back by myself on a swift horse.”


    Yan Ke glanced at Meng You. The opponent’s momentum was too strong, causing him to have a guilty conscience about everything he was doing.


    Yan Ke took two steps back and pulled his hand away, stiffly saying, “You’ve worked hard…”


    Meng You smiled: “It wasn’t hard. Come here, this Lord has something to show you.”


    Meng You stretched his hand out to hold Yan Ke’s sleeve, and pulled him into the room, then closed the door.


    Everyone stood outside the door and watched for a while, and then with a tacit understanding, they all went about their own business.


    No one could hear Yan Ke’s internal cry: Someone, please save this Lord!


    Meng You pinched Yan Ke’s chin and looked at him carefully for a while, with a smile at the corners of his eyes.


    “Look at what this Lord has brought back for you!”


    Yan Ke looked at it, honestly curious, and saw a large packet made of greased paper on Meng You’s palm. He patiently watched the prince open the greased paper, and then Yan Ke couldn’t help but roll his eyes in his heart.


    Meng You peeled one off and put it to Yan Ke’s mouth, smiling: “Try this~”


    Yan Ke said thank you, took it, and put it in his mouth.


    He hadn’t eaten lychees in a long time.


    Seeing that Yan Ke liked it, Meng You placed the whole bag into his hands: “Does it taste good? I was afraid that they would be spoilt, so I rushed back with it.”


    For Yan Ke, a modern man who was tired of eating it, this really wasn’t a rare thing.


    But as Yan Ke thought about it for a while, it seemed that these fruits were really rare now…


    This silly spore* came all the way back by himself just to give him this?

[T/N: *as mentioned previously, refers to a weak or useless person]


    “Meng You, you know…I am telling you this now. This isn’t personal, but I think we have been delaying it for so long, don’t you think we should solve that matter?”


    Meng You’s face reddened slightly: “Look at you, you can’t tell the difference between the south, east or north if someone is good to you. Do you want to do this in broad daylight? This… this kind of thing, who doesn’t leave it for the night!”


    Yan Ke: “…”


    Yan Ke then roared, “I was quite accurate for calling you a Silly Spore, I’m talking about the divorce!”


    Meng You’s heart was stilled in an instant, how could he forget that there was this problem!


    Meng You then said, “Don’t leave me, this Lord doesn’t agree to it.”


    Yan Ke: “…why?”


    Meng You raised his eyebrows and pulled Yan Ke to sit on the table, as if preparing for a long talk.


    Yan Ke waited for a long time and didn’t pester Meng You for the reason, but as he waited quietly for Meng You to speak, Meng You had already peeled all the lychees for him to eat.


    Meng You: “Well, the one who eats the Lord’s food is this Lord’s person.”


    The corner of the prince’s mouth curled up, and he dusted his hands, stood up, and looked at the way his crown princess gnashed his teeth and glared at him, in a good mood.


    Yan Ke: “I can’t leave?!”


    Meng You shook his head: “You can’t.”


    Yan Ke: “Why?”


    The heat that had just receded from Meng You’s face came up again: “Actually, even back when I was in the barracks, this Lord had made up his mind to be with you, but when I came back… I even saw that this Lord’s princess was this beautiful…”


    Yan Ke interrupted directly, indifferent, “So you’re surprised? Can’t you have a little more dignity? Can you not be so superficial?”


    Meng You shook his head like a rattle, and said, “This Lord isn’t! Whether you look good or look sick and crooked like you used to, I’ll still like you!”


    Yan Ke collapsed: “I recall that you didn’t like men before. Tell me, how did you bend* yourself, and I’ll bend it back for you! Also, tell me, what do you like about me? I’ll change it!”

[T/N: *turn gay]


    Meng You smiled and said, “This Lord likes the fact that you saved my life. If you want to change that, you’ll have to kill me~”


    Yan Ke: “??? When did I save you?”


    Meng You: “Won’t tell you.”


    When Yan Ke was about to say something, he was interrupted by Meng You. Meng You flicked him on the forehead and said, “Go cook for this Lord~ I’m hungry.”


    Yan Ke moved away the hand rubbing at his hair, and looked at Meng You innocently: “This life-saving grace of mine you speak of – even if you weren’t going to repay the favor, how could you return it with revenge! You are so wicked!”


    Meng You raised his eyebrows, squinted his eyes and said, “This Lord is ready to repay your grace with his body. To repay my benefactor, this Lord will wash up tonight and wait for you.”


    Yan Ke slapped a palm on the table and stared at Meng You fiercely, “If it wasn’t for the fact that I can’t beat you, you would have been thrown out.”


    Meng You raised his eyebrows: “Fortunately, you can’t beat this Lord. If you could do martial arts and wouldn’t listen to this Lord, it really would’ve been quite difficult for me.”


    “But this Lord spoils you too much. Even if you aren’t obedient and can’t do martial arts, it is still difficult for me. I can’t do anything to you~”


    Yan Ke angrily smiled: “I beg you to do something to me – please throw me out, throw me out of Yue Kingdom!”


    Meng You pretended to be serious: “I refuse.”


    Yes, he was very cheap!


    He didn’t like him, but he couldn’t beat him either!


    Yan Ke felt like he was going to explode in a few minutes, explode!


    Meng You touched Yan Ke’s head, his hand following his hair downwards, and then chuckled softly, “Hey, go and get some food for your Lord. Your Lord was so anxious to come back to see you that he hasn’t eaten anything all day.


    “Did I tell you to come back in a hurry? Did I tell you not to eat?” Yan Ke slapped Meng You’s hand away and laughed angrily.


    Meng You pushed Yan Ke out, and then guided Yan Ke, who was unwilling in every possible way, into the kitchen. He gently placed his hand on Yan Ke’s shoulder, and then put all the vegetables on the chopping board and said to Yan Ke: ” You’re probably not as proficient with the knife as your Lord, so you are responsible for frying, and your Lord will be responsible for the chopping.”


    “…I have to give it to you. Can’t you wash the vegetables before cutting them? Roll*!” Yan Ke snatched the green pepper from Meng You and kicked him out of the kitchen to avoid more trouble. The ingredients had already been spoiled.

[T/N: *roll is slang for ‘get lost!’]


    After he drove Meng You out, he remembered in a daze that he had wanted to find Meng You to divorce him.


    He hadn’t wanted to cook for Meng You, and looking down at the food he was holding, his emotions could be described in a single word: F**k!


    Yan Ke made five dishes and a soup, and he sent them to Meng You. Thinking that Tang Qi was also there, he guessed that he would probably stay for dinner. The two of them hadn’t seen each other for a few years, so he felt that they had a lot to say. .


    So, he took a bowl for himself and ate in the kitchen.


    Meng You glanced at Tang Qi, who was sitting at the table. Thinking that he hadn’t seen him for several years, he had let him eat this meal. But even after waiting for a long time, he didn’t see Yan Ke coming over to eat, so he turned his head and frowned, asking the steward: “Where is the princess?”


    The steward replied: “The princess is eating in the kitchen.”


    Meng You’s expression turned ugly then, and he looked at Tang Qi coldly: “How did you bully this Lord’s princess in the past few years when this Lord wasn’t at home? Are you so lawless that when you eat in this Mansion, he doesn’t even dare to come to the table?”


    Tang Qi: “…”


    Tang Qi: “???”


    Tang Qi: “He is totally fine in front of us, though!”


    It was Yan Ke who was lawless in front of them! Prince, please open your eyes and take a good look, the one in your house wasn’t such a good person!


    However, Tang Qi didn’t intend to argue with Meng You. He decided to just wait for Yan Ke and Meng You to fight over the cruel words Meng You’d spoken just now.


    “So, what do you have to say for yourself?”


    Tang shook his head. He didn’t want to say anything.


    “Steward, throw him out.”


    Tang Qi: “…”


    It was the same scene, and even the one who threw him out was the same. Tang Qi kept staring at Meng You full of resentment, and then shouted at the Prince’s Mansion.


    “Meng You, you can consider our brotherhood as over. Don’t come to me crying that the family raised a male tiger in the future ! “


    “Get lost! Our brotherhood was over 800 years ago!”


    Yan Ke, hearing the noise outside, had come out to watch the big show of the brothers killing each other holding his bowl and as a result, though he had only watched from the side, the pot came from the sky.

[T/N: *pot means blame.]


    It was amazing how he could eat melon seeds* and become a male tiger in the mouth of the sprayer**.

[T/N: *idle around

**a sprayer is someone who spreads hate in internet slang]


    Yan Ke was holding a bowl, standing in front of Tang Qi who had an aggrieved face, and asked with a smile: “Don’t you often tell me that you and Meng You are as brotherly as real brothers? Would a loving brother drive you out during dinner?”


    Tang Qi said, aggrieved: “He saw that you didn’t come to the table for dinner, and he thought you wouldn’t even dare to come to the table if I was there. No – Yan Ke, I remember you weren’t this hypocritical before!”


    Yan Ke laughed: “Your brother’s brain-supplementing* ability is superb! I just saw that you guys hadn’t seen each other for so long, so I wanted you to have a good talk.”

[T/N: *ability of the brain to fill in the gaps of missing parts in situations, assume things with no evidence]


    Tang Qi glanced at Meng You who was leaning against the door and said, “See? Yan Ke says you’re overthinking it!”


    “Will you die if you don’t provoke us husband and wife’s feelings? No wonder you didn’t send this Lord to this Lord’s princess’ room when I was drunk. If you don’t have a sweetheart in your own family, you won’t understand when other people are being gentle to theirs .”


    Because it took too long to understand, Tang Qi didn’t react for a moment. After he understood, he defended himself: “I did send you! Yan Ke wouldn’t let me!”


    Meng You sneered: “It was this Lord’s loss that I thought you were a gentleman before, and that you didn’t take advantage of my drunkenness to take revenge on this Lord. Bah, what a hypocrite.”


    Tang Qi was expressionless: “…”


    Yan Ke was eating his dinner as he watched the excitement next to him. Hearing what Meng You said, all of a sudden he had to spray his food out.


    He looked at Tang Qi with some sympathy.


    You are a little miserable, Brother Tang.


    When others play through a clearance game, there is always one right door and one dead end, but you are amazing. You have two dead ends to choose from, and any answer you come up with is wrong.


    Tang Qi: “I’d rather take your surname than ever come to your Prince’s Mansion again in the future!”


    Meng You looked at Tang Qi sternly, and his thin lips opened, saying lightly: “Well then, Meng Qi, roll*.”

[T/N: *get lost.]


    Tang Qi: “…”


    Yan Ke: “Hahahaha…”


    Tears came out of Yan Ke’s eyes as he laughed while holding onto his bowl, and Tang Qi left the Prince’s Mansion in shame.


    Meng You dragged Yan Ke in, and spoke as he walked, “Next time, no matter who is at home, no one is allowed to move the chopsticks unless you are at the table.”


    Yan Ke looked at the serious Meng You, and smiled: “Really, I just wanted the two of you to talk.”


    “This Lord and him, what is there to talk about? If anyone was to talk, it should be this Lord and you talking over wine.”


    Meng You’s thinking has always been very straightforward, his brothers were like clothes* to him, but the princess was family.

[T/N: *disposable lol]


    Yan Ke pushed Meng You’s hand away and said, “That’s easy. If you want me to talk and drink with you, just give me the divorce papers first, and I will accompany you to do whatever.”


    Meng You touched his chin, bit his lip hesitantly, and finally said, “Then to sleep… will you accompany me to sleep?”


    “Ow—that hurts.”


    Right as he finished speaking, Yan Ke stomped hard on his foot.


    Yan Ke smiled and withdrew his foot: “Life is precious, it is better you cherish it. If you don’t want to divorce, then don’t, but don’t come in front of me. I’m telling you, this rabbit will bite you if you keep acting cheap!”


    As soon as he finished speaking, Meng You rolled up his sleeve and placed his arm in front of him.


    Meng You looked at the pissed off Yan Ke, and smiled: “Come bite~”


    Yan Ke felt that Meng You was causing his blood pressure to rise sharply.


    Could he be killed? !


    The steward watched this cheap prince who was flirting with the princess, and then looked at the princess’ face that was obviously about to explode in anger, sweat shining on his forehead.


    He only hoped that the prince hadn’t come back just to have the Crown Princess have people throw him out, so that they subordinates wouldn’t have a difficult time.


    Throwing him out wouldn’t work, neither did not throwing him out.


    Yan Ke, at this moment, was almost like a pufferfish. The meal (in his stomach) was not stable, and he felt a little queasy. He decided to go outside and take a walk.


    Before his hind foot had even stepped out of the door of the Prince’s Mansion, Meng You’s front foot had already followed.


    Meng You draped some clothes on Yan Ke, and said with slight reproach: “You’re an adult now, it’s so late and so cold, and you still don’t know how to add a few more clothes when you go out.”


    Yan Ke turned his head and looked at Meng You’s expression of concern, which was kind of like he was looking after an old man.


    F**k, what kind of weird picture was this?


    Yan Ke: “Thank you.”


    Meng You scratched his head: “You don’t have to thank this Lord.”


    Yan Ke quipped, “Doesn’t the prince always say that ‘your great kindness should not be forgotten’?”


    Meng You said, “I’m being obedient now. Why can’t you listen to your husband when this Lord tells you something?”


    Yan Ke took the initiative to shut up.


    The generation gap that spanned thousands of years really was insurmountable.


    Yan Ke originally wanted to go for a walk to digest his dinner, but as a result, he brought Meng You, this stupid spore, along, and it felt completely different.


    Yan Ke: “Tsk, is the road not wide enough for you to walk? Why do you always bump into me?”


    Meng You snorted: “Don’t tell me that you have no idea what this Lord wants to do! I’ve stretched my hand out four times, and each time you’ve been hiding yours away. This Lord wants to hold your hand!”


    Yan Ke is indifferent: “Oh, and why do you need it? Am I a f**king dog that needs to be led?”


    Meng You continued to snort coldly: “The dog raised by Meng Han is much more obedient.”


    Yan Ke laughed: “Does the dog follow her husband?”


    Meng You: “…”


    Yan Ke looked at Meng You who was silent, and raised his eyebrows: “Dogs are so obedient, but they don’t follow their husbands. Why do you ask me to follow my husband?”


    Meng You was helpless to Yan Ke: “Dogs can’t be compared to us since they don’t marry.”


    “Meng You, I find your specieism* to be a little serious! If a dog doesn’t mate, how can it breed offspring?”

[T/N: *discrimination based on species]


    Meng You was flushed by Yan Ke’s blunt words, and took a look at Yan Ke: “We are outside! You… shut up!”


    Yan Ke felt a little amused looking at the quite old-fashioned Meng You blushing from behind.


    Was this prince so innocent? He just teased him with a few words, and he was already blushing?


    After the two walked back and forth along the street for a few rounds, Yan Ke got tired and turned back to the Prince’s Mansion.


    Usually, at this time, the maids and subordinates of the Prince’s Mansion should all be playing mahjong. This was Yan Ke’s rule. They could play as long as they had nothing to do at night.


    However, since Meng You had come back, everyone in the Prince’s Mansion began to go back to the life of step-by-step, conscientious work.


    Yan Ke dragged the steward and walked to the backyard, and said as he walked, “Come on, we need two more people, or I will go to bed even later.”


    For a moment, Meng You thought he had never felt as superfluous as he did now, as he followed Yan Ke. He didn’t know what Yan Ke was going to do, but watching Yan Ke being in such high spirits, it was hard to disturb him.


    The steward was forced onto the mahjong table by Yan Ke.


    Yan Ke said, “Usually shouting to play another game, you all come running faster than rabbits. How come there is no one to play today?”


    Everyone looked at Meng You, who had an ugly look, and was afraid to speak.


    Yan Ke glanced at Meng You, who was standing next to him like a door god*, and coaxed: “Prince, you seem like you’re having a hard time staying awake, shouldn’t you go to sleep first?”

[T/N: *’門神’ – ‘mén shén’, a god worshipped as the spiritual guardian of the entrance, keeping evil spirits from approaching.]


    Meng You snorted coldly: “Don’t think I don’t know you’re trying to distract this Lord. I won’t leave.”


    Yan Ke frowned and said softly: “If you’re here, they won’t come, can you go to bed?”


    Meng You glanced at the several maids standing next to him, with the kind of temperament that was not angry and prestigious that was innate to him.


    Meng You said, “Didn’t you hear the princess asking you to play with him?”


    Several maids walked forward in fear, frightened by Meng You’s words.


    Their hands that drew the tiles trembled slightly.


    Yan Ke looked at Meng You, who had just seated himself next to him on a stool, and said nothing.


    Later, a certain shameless person drew closer and closer, and his hand directly wrapped around Yan Ke’s waist, after which he could no longer endure.


    I don’t think I’m gay, so why the hell do you think I’m gay?


    “Take it away yourself, or I will cook you salted pork knuckles to eat tomorrow.”


    Meng You rubbed his head on Yan Ke’s shoulder twice: “This Lord is sleepy, I want to sleep.”


    “Go to bed then. You are this old, do you still need someone to accompany you?” Yan Ke pushed away the head stuck to his body, frowning at Meng You.


    “I want to sleep with you.”

[T/N: screaming internally]


    When the steward heard this, he coughed slightly, then yawned, and said, “Or… Crown Princess, shall we end it here today? It’s already this hour, and these old bones can’t hold up for too long. “


    Yan Ke was helpless. He guessed that the others were also uncomfortable with playing while Meng You was there, and then nodded, “All right, good night then.”


    Meng You was kind of drowsy at first, but hearing Yan Ke agree, his spirit suddenly came back. He followed behind Yan Ke, wanting to follow him into his room.


    Yan Ke: “You… isn’t your room on the other side?”


    Meng You frowned: “Us two people still sleeping in separate rooms, so far apart, how decent we are!”


    “You’re not going to sleep with me, are you?” When Yan Ke realized this problem, he felt that the sky was about to collapse.


    So, should he cover the front or the back?

[T/N: pffft, Yan Ke, we all know which one you should cover (^艸^) ]


    “We should have been sleeping together in the first place.”


    “No! No! I refuse!”


    Meng You sullenly retracted the hand that blocked the door, glanced at Yan Ke, and said solemnly, “If you don’t want it, I won’t force you.”


    Suddenly, such an obedient and unbothersome Silly Spore made Yan Ke a little uncomfortable. He explained in an unprecedented move: “Meng You, we have no feelings for each other, and we have been apart for so many years. To be honest, this should be regarded as our first official meeting…”


    Listening to Yan Ke’s explanation, Meng You smiled and said, “I know, so take your time.”


    Yan Ke nodded: “Alright.”


    Meng You gently touched Yan Ke’s face with the hand that was covered in calluses from holding a sword all the time, and said, “Then cover yourself properly with the quilt at night. It’s colder now, don’t freeze.”






    In the early morning of the next day, Yan Ke was woken by Meng You’s roar.


    “Who told you to come to the Prince’s Mansion so presumptuously? Come and arrest them all for this Lord! This Lord would like to see who is so unafraid of death!”


    Yan Ke looked at the Silly Spore that was trying to be all majestic again, covering his ears, turned around irritably, ready to go back to sleep.


    It didn’t take long for the steward to sneak over and knock on the door, saying: “Crown Princess, the prince is angry now.”


    Yan Ke hummed. It would only be strange if the grumpy prince wasn’t angry.


    Seeing that Yan Ke didn’t respond, the steward said, “The prince has arrested all the guests in our mahjong hall…”


    Yan Ke’s eyes shot open and he sat up.


    “Is he so idle that he can’t sit still? What is he arresting people for?”


    The steward reminded Yan Ke: “Princess, he still doesn’t know about the fact that you opened a mahjong hall…”


    One after another, huge waves of a suffocating sense of despair rushed over Yan Ke…


    Yan Ke saw that Meng You didn’t ask him about it yesterday, and thought that he’d escaped, but it was actually because he didn’t know about it at all?


    Yan Ke got up from bed, opened the door, and glanced at the steward.


    Yan Ke sighed, “If I die, ask Meng You to bury me with my boxes of dowry.”


    The steward quickly said, “Although our prince has a bad temper, he rarely does anything harsh. Not to mention, towards the Crown Princess, he is exceptionally kind.”


    Yan Ke covered his face: “On the contrary, I think I might never return.”


    Yan Ke walked towards the backyard. At this time, his head was full of heroic and tragic phrases, the likes of “The strong man is gone and will never return*“, and “He will be a hero in two thousand years**.”

[T/N: *from the quote, ‘the wind is weak and the water is cold, and the strong man will never return’, used to describe a person leaving tragically with a perilous journey ahead.

**a phrase usually used by a dying hero, which implies that he is not afraid of death in the least, as he will be remembered as a hero in the future.]


    Seeing Meng You coldly interrogating people in the hall, Yan Ke cleared his throat: “Senio-…my Prince.”


    Hearing his light voice, Meng You looked back at Yan Ke. The sinister look on his face was swept away immediately, and he walked forward with a wholesome smile and said, “Why did you wake up? Did this Lord wake you up? Do you have a cough?”


    Yan Ke pulled on a fake smile.


    Seeing that he’d come, the people behind the prince who had been caught, inexplicably cast their eyes to him for help.


    Yan Ke said, “Let them go.”


    Meng You: “No, they were being too lawless. Are you treated like this when your Lord is away? Are the secret guards of the Prince’s Mansion completely useless?


    The innocent shadow guards who had been implicated pretended not to have heard.


    Yan Ke sighed. Dear brother, can I trouble you to f**king fill your terrible brain hole*?

[T/N: *slang for huge misunderstanding]


    If he stretched his head, there was a knife, and even shrinking his head back, he was still met with a knife, so he decided it was better to just have a good time.


    Yan Ke said, “These people are here to play mahjong. I invented it. I opened up a mahjong hall in the backyard. It’s the game you saw us playing last night. But I’ve paid money, and now the daily expenses of the Prince’s House are paid from my wallet, so I’m out of money, so—”


    Yan Ke walked over and whispered against Meng You’s ear, “If you want to fight, let’s find a place with no one else around, and I’ll let you fight me, okay?”


    Meng You fell silent: “…”


    Yan Ke’s warm and moist breath hit his ears, making his heart itch. He’d never felt this strange feeling before.


    Yan Ke: “Hmm?”


    Meng You: “Okay, we’ll find a place with no one else around. Shall we go to your room or go to this Lord’s room?”


    Yan Ke covered his face.




    Meng You waved his hand to indicate to the steward to release the people, and followed Yan Ke into his room with a light smile at the corner of his mouth.


    Yan Ke stood in front of Meng You, waiting for Meng You to start (beating him up), only to see the Silly Spore sitting down.

[T/N: I guess Silly Spore has become Meng You’s official endearment lol]


    Meng You rubbed his shoulders and whispered, “Why does my back feel so sore?”


    Yan Ke: “…”


    This trick was very familiar to him. Yan Ke would never forget how he’d enslaved Meng Han to massage him and pour water for him when he’d wanted to learn mahjong three years ago.


    Sure enough, the net of the sky has large meshes, but it lets nothing through*, and justice would be late but never absent. He played the younger brother three years ago, and three years later, he was struck by thunder** by this elder brother.

[T/N: *idiom from Lao Tzu, meaning that heavenly will seems to be non-existent, but bad deeds will be punished eventually.

**probably struck by thunder as in went through ‘heavenly tribulations’ (punishment) for his mistakes, seeing Meng You’s unconsciously pulled the Uno reverse card on him pffft-]


    Yan Ke was silent for a while…


    “Prince, is this force enough?”


    “Prince, have some tea.”


    “Prince, what would you like to eat today? I’ll make it for you.”




    Meng You closed his eyes, smiling, a look of enjoyment on his face.


    Of course, what he enjoyed wasn’t Yan Ke’s massage full of killing intent, but with an intensity so light it felt like playing with cotton.


    What he enjoyed was Yan Ke’s words!


    His princess was so cute!


    Yan Ke’s hands were sore from massaging, and finally gave up the struggle. He sat down heavily on a chair and said, “It’s not a big deal to turn around (and give up) after all. If you want to chop me to death, f**king hurry up, will you—”


    Yan Ke had stopped abruptly because… Meng You was giving him a massage.


    Meng You asked softly, “Does this hurt?”


    Yan Ke shook his head sluggishly.


    Meng You kneaded and pressed Yan Ke for a long time, and Yan Ke the frog was slowly boiled in warm water*.

[T/N: *a saying which comes from the fact that a frog does not perceive the warmth of water gradually increasing, and does not jump out. It implies a feeling of comfort even in a dangerous situation, and this here is a very dangerous situation~ (♡´艸`) ]


    Yan Ke lay his head down on the table comfortably and closed his eyes, enjoying himself, finally being lulled by Meng You to sleep.


    Seeing Yan Ke didn’t respond even after a long time, Meng You glanced at him and found that he had fallen asleep, so helplessly, he carried Yan Ke gently to the bed.


    He didn’t stay for long and went out, looked at the steward and said, “He has fallen asleep now, don’t let anyone disturb him. Order the kitchen to prepare breakfast first, and this Lord will visit the palace.”


    The steward nodded.


    After Meng You left, the steward said to the maid next to him: “Prepare bath water and the best medicine for our Crown Princess. After the princess wakes up, go and change all the sheets and covers in the princess’s room. “

[T/N: *its seems the steward has had a huuuuge misunderstanding.]


    The maid didn’t know why, but she still nodded.


    Yan Ke slept until noon before he woke up. He felt a lot more comfortable after he’d been massaged by Meng You. When he opened the door, the maids who had been waiting outside for a long while started to move.


    Seeing the maids put a wooden bucket in his room to pour him water for a bath, holding medicine and changing the sheets, Yan Ke had a blank look on his face.


    The steward smiled and moved a heater in as he spoke, “It’s late autumn now. It won’t be too cold if there’s a heater.”


    Yan Ke: “???”


    The steward thought Yan Ke was embarrassed about the matter, and so tacitly didn’t mention anything more about it.


    Yan Ke: “I don’t have the habit of taking a bath at noon… steward, what are you doing?”


    The steward smiled: “The princess must take a shower. The prince is at the palace now, and he will probably only be back very late. This is medicine for your injuries.”


    Yan Ke touched his own body and said, “Did Meng You, that grandson, poke a hole in me?”

[T/N: That’s blunt lol]


    After listening to such explicit words, the maids froze for a while, and then pretended they hadn’t heard anything, blushing and moving on with their work.


    After the maids in his room had all left, Yan Ke looked at the bucket of water and the medicine on the table. Even now, he didn’t know why he was taking a shower, or why he had to take the medicine…


    When he got out of the shower, he saw the steward’s apprentice waiting outside with him.


    The steward: “Did you not see the princess come out? Don’t you know that you have to support him?”


    Yan Ke: “…”


    The steward leaned in front of Yan Ke again and said, “Crown Princess, you should rest in bed for today, and I’ll have the servants bring you your meals in bed.”


    A string of question marks appeared above Yan Ke’s forehead, looking at the people who were taking care of him, and he couldn’t help but feel amused: “I’m not pregnant, what are you guys doing?”


    The steward said: “The prince does not have experience in these things. Maybe he wasn’t careful enough, but don’t blame him.”


    Yan Ke smiled and squeezed his (massaged) shoulder, and said, “No, it was quite comfortable.”


    The steward’s complexion became stiff and said, “That…that’s good, then.”


    While Meng You hadn’t returned, Yan Ke ate a meal and spent some time in the mahjong hall in the backyard for a while. When he was about to make a pot of healthy wolfberry tea for himself, he heard two little maids squatting in the corner and gossipping.


    He wasn’t really interested in listening to what the little girl had to say, but after hearing the words ‘Crown Prince’ and ‘Crown Princess’, he stopped and sharpened his hearing to listen.


    One little maid said, “Our prince and the princess were in the same bed today, so it seems… that ‘that’ isn’t impotent.”


    “Yes, who was wicked enough to spread such false rumors!”


    “The Crown Princess even said it was very comfortable…”


    Yan Ke: “…”


    A bolt from the blue sky smashed down on him.


    So… what the steward word’s earlier had really meant was, ‘this was the prince’s first time, and you might’ve been hurt, so take care of yourself. ’


    And he’d actually said that no, in fact, it was actually very comfortable…


    It was actually… very comfortable.


    Yan Ke found a place with no one around and bumped his head against a tree, roaring aggrievedly in his heart: What a terrible line! It obviously meant two completely different things, but it still matched! Moreover, there really was no f**king error in the slightest.


    Yan Ke caught the steward alone and whispered, “What nonsense has Meng You been telling you?”


    The steward shook his head: “None.”


    Yan Ke smiled evilly: “I’ll trouble you to show him to my room when he comes back.”


    I am going to kill him! As soon as he’d returned, his innocence was already destroyed!


    Meng You stayed in the palace until evening before he came back. As he entered the Prince’s Mansion, he thought that it was so late that Yan Ke should have already fallen asleep, and didn’t intend to disturb him, but in the end, was stopped by the steward.


    The stewared: “Master, the princess has been waiting for you for a long time.”


    Meng You frowned: “What is he waiting for?”


    “Maybe he is angry that you were out for too long today, my Lord?”


    Meng You: “???”


    “Anyway, the Crown Princess is very angry…so you should be careful.”


    Meng You was even more confused: “Why is he angry?”


    The steward shook his head: “First he said you made him feel very comfortable… and then he said you were spewing nonsense…”


    “I made him feel comfortable, and he is still angry?”


    The steward whispered: “Just… maybe that’s it.”


    “How undisciplined!”


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