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His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce!

Chapter 38

Chapter 38

Translated by Baddie
Edited by Baddie



T/N: I’ve been meaning to post earlier, but I got caught up with irl things. I’ll dedicate this chapter to @Pastry Pirate for being such a darling! Also, I would have kept up my streak of two chapters per update, but the next one is much longer than the usual ones, so it’ll be up later. Enjoy~!



Since the day the steward brought up Meng You’s issue, after both of them had registered the blank look on each other’s faces, the two people had created a tacit understanding with each other about skirting the topic. They kept quiet, carrying out the ‘I don’t know anything’ act until the end.


    Spring had passed, and autumn had arrived. Since two winters had passed, it was now the hot summer season.


    Yan Ke could vaguely perceive that the war at the battlefronts was coming to an end.


    He could often see large quantities of supplies being shipped out of the city.


    After three years, he had also understood the reason why Ming Country, a mere subject country, could have lasted so long. It was because of the Kingdom of Chu.


    But even if Chu was a big country, it couldn’t afford this war.


    It was time for a truce and to rest.


    The steward saw Yan Ke looking at the door of the Prince’s Mansion with an anxious expression, and he smiled, walking to Yan Ke’s side and placing some ice in front of him, and said with a smile: “The Prince hasn’t replied for two months. It seems to me… the war at the front lines is getting tight.”


    Yan Ke nodded.


    Three years.


    It had been three years! Meng You, that grandson, had ate and drank his food for three years, but he still hadn’t let go of him!


    He was extremely annoyed at him!


    Seeing that the crease between Yan Ke’s eyebrows had only increased, the steward sighed and tried to divert Yan Ke’s attention.


    He said: “Princess, shall this old slave play two rounds with you?”


    Yan Ke turned his head, looked at the gradually melting ice, and nodded: “Okay, let’s play. Is anyone watching the back*?”

[T/N: *the mahjong hall]


    The steward nodded: “Of course, there are cashiers and waiters to serve tea to the guests.”




    The yellow sand was flying, and the scorching sun was shining. Meng You wiped the sweat from his face and ordered people to count the supplies. He frowned when he saw the decreased amount of supplies sent.


    A lieutenant by his side also sighed and said: “In the past three years, things have probably become tight, and the imperial city might have had to struggle for this.”


    Meng You asked the others to figure it out. He also knew that it couldn’t be dragged on for long, else they wouldn’t last long.


    Meng You walked into the military tent and wrote a long letter to be sent to his guards in the palace, and another to be sent to the special messenger accompanying the army.


    “Help me send this out, if it happens… that I can’t go back, you can give this letter to my princess.”


    The messenger was frightened. After all, he was with the army and was prepared to receive the last letters to family from the soldiers who were ready to fight back with their lives.


    However, he hadn’t expected that the very first letter he would receive to actually be from the prince.


    The messenger panicked: “My Lord, no! You are the military spirit of the first army, you mustn’t write this.”

[T/N: Of course, it is inauspicious for the leader of the army to even consider a scenario where he might die]


    Meng You looked at the letter in his hand, stuffed it into the messenger’s hand, and muttered, “If this Lord doesn’t write it, if it happens that this Lord can’t go back, that guy will be trapped in the Prince’s Mansion for the rest of his life.”


    After Meng You had finished speaking, he flung his sleeves and left.


    The news that he had written a letter for the messenger to send had gradually spread, and the lieutenants, all with the determination to die, wrote their final letters of doom.


    The final war was imminent, and the drums of war had been beaten for three months.


    During these three months, Yan Ke had no mood to do other things, only concentrating on waiting for news at home. It was a strange period in the middle – the person who he used to send food and letters to in the past hadn’t replied for a whole month, when before, it used to be as frequent as once every three days.


    He was afraid that something had gone wrong, and he asked the messenger’s companions, but they had no idea.


    He didn’t know what had happened to that stupid bāozǐ*.

[T/N:*as mentioned in the last chapter, ‘孢子’ means dumpling, but used figuratively, refers to a weak or useless person.]


    Tang Qi shook his hands twice in front of Yan Ke and tapped him on the shoulder, wanting to catch the attention of the absent-minded person.


    He said: “What’s the matter with you? You have been dazed for a while now.”


    Yan Ke sighed and asked him, “Is Meng You okay?”


    Tang Qi touched his chin: “He should be okay. The news has been broken for more than a month. That is, no good news has come back, but no bad news has come back either. The emperor had sent people to gather information but, it has been a month, and none of them have returned.”


    Yan Ke nodded heavily: “Yes, the messengers who used to send letters to the Prince’s Mansion (from the battlefront), without even a single face repeated even after a whole month save for one or two, but now they are all new faces.”


    Tang Qi was scared by Yan Ke’s heavy expression: “Are things not okay after all? If there really is something wrong, a message would definitely have been sent back!”


    Yan Ke said: “Maybe there is nothing wrong with the situation (at the fronts)… but what if something is wrong with a certain someone instead?”


    The front hall of the Prince’s Mansion, which had still been lively, immediately fell silent. Tang Qi frowned and looked at Yan Ke.


    This seemed to be a reasonable explanation.


    On the front lines, who had the sole ability to hold back the emperor’s messengers? Besides Meng You, who else could there be?


    Tang Qi glanced at Yan Ke and asked, “Have you received any other letters from Meng You?”


    Yan Ke shook his head: “I haven’t received a letter from him for months. Now this pompous foodie has become so increasingly arrogant that he doesn’t even say a thank you.”


    Tang Qi watched the chattering Yan Ke, who was talking quite a lot today, and said, “Don’t worry too much, there will always be news. Let me go to the frontlines myself. I will enter the palace and talk to the emperor about it later.”


    Yan Ke: “Oh…”


    After he nodded, he sensed something wrong in Tang Qi’s words, frowned and looked at Tang Qi: “Who are you saying is worried? After raising a pig for three years, anyone would be worried if it stopped crying all of a sudden!”


    Can Holy Mother’s* halo shine so brightly all over the earth that even life and death was indistinguishable? ?

[T/N: *internet slang for someone who is a hypocrite. Tang Qi implies that Yan Ke is a tsundere, and with this, Yan Ke and Meng You make the ultimate tsundere couple]


    Tang Qi: “…”


    Tang Qi didn’t stay for long. After making up his mind to​ ​go to the frontier, he was ready to enter the palace (to ask the emperor for permission). Then, as he was leaving the Prince’s Mansion, he saw the steward bringing a letter and ran back in.


    He stopped at the door and looked inside.


    The steward was waving the letter and shouting happily to Yan Ke: “Crown Princess! The prince has won the battle and the Lord is coming back!”

[T/N: *internet slang for someone who is a hypocrite. Tang Qi implies that Yan Ke is a tsundere, and with this, Yan Ke and Meng You make the ultimate tsundere couple]

    Tang Qi heard the news and laughed.


    Well, it seemed that they were worried for nothing.


    Yan Ke almost cried when he heard the news.


    He was done for!


    Converting the Prince’s Mansion into a mahjong hall, and the maids all throughout the Prince’s Mansion had neglected their original duties to instead play mahjong…


    Would he… be hacked to death by Meng You?


    Influenced by the strong desire to survive, Yan Ke pretended to be calm and said, “Steward, help me pack some things up.”


    The steward, who didn’t understand what was going on, said: “Crown Princess, the prince should be here in a few days. You don’t have to pack anything up for him.”


    Yan Ke roared in his heart: I’m packing for myself to avoid the winds*!

[T/N: *avoiding a potential confrontation]


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