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His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce!

Chapter 37

Chapter 37

Translated by Baddie
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Meng Han looked at Yan Ke with his hands on his hips, and after a long time, he s

hapter 37

Translated by: Baddie

aid, “If this little master could actually stab him, would he still be prancing around alive in front of this little master for so long?”


    Yan Ke shrugged: “All I see is you trying to act cocky.”


    “Yes… That’s right! It’s you, you little bastard.” The vague voice of a drunkard drifted over. Yan Ke looked at Tang Qi’s red face, so drunk he was barely able to open his eyes.


    Yan Ke turned his head and gave Meng Han a thumbs up: “This drunk and he can still beat you. You’re pretty great yourself.”


    Meng Han sneered displeasedly: “He couldn’t even see the tiles clearly. When he sees this young master playing a tile, he just flips it, he also puts down tiles without a ‘Hu’, and then he doesn’t give the money he played against this little master.”


    Yan Ke ​​laughed.


    This matter was probably like a spring that had been suppressed for so long that when it was finally released, it had rebounded.


    A drunk Tang Qi was not easy to mess with.


    Tang Qi staggered over and grabbed Yan Ke by the shoulder.


    Yan Ke watched as the shadow guard came from his hiding place at who-knows-where and had already moved to Tang Qi’s side, taking the initiative to enter a defensive state.


    He waved his hand, dismissing the secret guard, and looked at Tang Qi’s sorrowful expression, wanting to hear what bitterness the drunk would pour onto him.


    Tang Qi cried: “Let me tell you, Yan Ke, Meng Shuli* really is inhuman! He teamed up with his brother – one bullied me, and the other saved me, and after saving me he’s been using the ‘don’t forget this Lord’s great kindness’ card every day since. These two brothers always charge at me together and make me give in, it really is inhumane!”

[T/N:*If you recall, Meng ShuLi is Meng You’s given name]


    Yan Ke looked at the dark-faced Meng Han next to him, suppressed a smile and agreed: “Yes, yes, it really is inhumane.”


    Tang Qi continued to cry: “You should quickly get away from here. I will cover for you because you are good to me. Go, run far away, and get away from this sea of ​​suffering. I will take care of the rest.”


    Yan Ke smiled and said, “Okay, then you have to cover for me. Meng You is probably on his way back with a knife.”


    Tang Qi hid his face and wept bitterly, and said, “I guess I can’t cover for you after all!”


    Meng Han laughed angrily. He grabbed Tang Qi’s shoulder and prepared to send him back. Tang Qi turned his head back and said mysteriously, “Tonight, open the window and wait for me.”


    Meng Han sighed: “A friends’ wife must not be coveted*.”

[T/N: *he uses a saying ‘朋友妻不可欺’- ‘péng you qī bù kě qī’ here]


    Tang Qi burst out laughing: “Bù kě qī (friend’s wife)?”


    “Bù kèqì (you’re welcome)*.”

[T/N: *不客氣- ‘bù kèqì’, homophone to the ‘bù kě qī’ of ‘must not be coveted’. Tang Qi is mishearing Meng Han because he is drunk out of his wits]


    Yan Ke: “…”


    Meng Han was angry: “Don’t you call my brother your brother? So Yan Ke is your sister-in-law*!”

[T/N: *pronounced as ‘sǎozi’]


    Tang Qi laughed: “There is nothing more delicious than dumplings, and there is nothing more comfortable*…well.”

[T/N: *refers to the idiom ‘there is nothing more comfortable than lying down, and there is nothing more delicious than dumplings’ which generally means that a stomach full of dumplings makes for a happy heart. Tang Qi mishears Meng Han’s ‘saozi’ for sister-in-law as ‘jiaozi’ for dumplings….he really is pretty drunk.] 


    Meng Han chopped at the back of Tang Qi’s neck and directly knocked him unconscious to prevent him from talking any more nonsense. Then he looked back at Yan Ke gloomily.


    Yan Ke laughed: “Take him back. If you mention what he said just now in front of him when he is sober again, you can be sure that he’ll be obedient to you in the future.”


    Meng Han continued to stare at Yan Ke gloomily.


    Yan Ke sighed, “Don’t take it seriously, he was drunk! And more importantly…don’t let your brother know about this.”


    Yan Ke cautioned him because he had seen how careful Meng You was. If he ever happened to hear Tang Qi’s words, it could be assumed that the violent and petty prince would drag him around in the prince’s mansion for a lifetime to solve his hatred for being cuckolded.


    Therefore, Yan Ke couldn’t let Meng You hear about this.


    Meng Han glanced at Yan Ke, his little eyes almost about to spit fire, and finally, under Yan Ke’s gradually unkind stare, he led Tang Qi away.


    Yan Ke stretched, looking at the leaving backs of the two people, and smiled.


    Unexpectedly, Tang Qi was a huge drama queen!


    Even a stage with several plays couldn’t fit him.


    The steward watched this farce playing out next to him, and he let go of his burdens, feeling especially reassured!


    If the door does not go out, the second door does not move*, and every day in the Prince’s Mansion, Yan Ke only either cooked meals for the prince or played cards, of course he was worried.

[T/N: *idiom which means ‘to never leave the house, have little contact with the outside world, live a sheltered life’.]


    But Tang Qi would not rest easy for long.


    While cleaning up the mess on the table, the steward recalled what Tang Qi had said today, and his creepy smile made Yan Ke shudder.


    Yan Ke looked at the steward with a face of cold sweat.


    Yan Ke said, “Tang Qi was drunk. People who are usually bullied by His Highness the Seventh (Meng Han) are no longer like adults, so they start talking nonsense as soon as they drink.”


    The steward laughed: “Our prince is so nice, the prince would never bully him.”


    Yan Ke snorted, “Come on, don’t you of all people know what Meng You is like? Forget about Tang Qi, even I have heard the phrase, “don’t forget this Lord’s great kindness.”


    “Doesn’t Tang Qi actually owe a repayment for our prince’s kindness? Our prince is just gently reminding him of it.”


    The steward said in a serious manner, and added: “As for the princess, with you…I guess the prince just teases the princess for fun. Between you two, there is always a little boudoir fun*, is there not?”

[T/N: *chinese slang for teasing between a loving couple, a show of playful intimacy]



    Yan Ke looked at the steward with a shocked look: “You actually know about that?!”


    The steward smiled and said, “The basics of the masters, including their food, clothing, shelter, and transportation, all have to be taken care of by us servants. These are things we should know.”


    Yan Ke couldn’t bear to fight this single old steward. Actually, in these things, practice and theory were totally different.


    Who doesn’t understand classroom knowledge.


    But if he really wanted to do ‘that’, Yan Ke was afraid he wouldn’t even be able to. Yan Ke didn’t know why but his thoughts were getting more and more out of hand. Looking at the steward, he mysteriously asked, “Your prince’s issue, haven’t you found a doctor to see to it?”


    The steward’s smile gradually disappeared, and he looked at Yan Ke with a shocked expression on his face and asked in a low voice, “Is the prince really not okay?”


    Although he had heard some little maidservants in the Prince’s Mansion who did not fear death talking about it before, the steward did not expect the matter to be true.


    Yan Ke’s face froze for a while: “You don’t know the truth?”


    The manager looked embarrassed and said, “The old slave doesn’t know… how can this old slave possibly know…”



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Baddie's notes:

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