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His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce!

Chapter 36

Chapter 36

Translated by Baddie
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In one day, the people had finished vacating the backyard of the Prince’s Mansion, and Yan Ke had done all his calculations. As soon as this novel thing came out, word would definitely travel from one mouth to ten.


    If he ever got divorced in the future, he would give this mahjong hall to Meng You, almost letting him go through the back door and pick up a leak*.

[T/N: *to stumble upon a great deal, gain a lot for a low cost. Yan Ke means Meng You is getting the long end of the stick by acquiring the valuable mahjong hall without spending any effort, thus ‘through the back door’]


    Of course, money was still required.


    The next day, as soon as the notice was put up, a few people who had been waiting for a long time had already lined up to enter outside.


    Since the last time the city defense map had been lost and Yue Kingdom was almost trapped in fire and water, Yan Ke had asked the steward to find a few more people to guard him, to make sure the people coming into the backyard wouldn’t run into the Prince’s Mansion.


    After taking care of matters, Yan Ke rolled up his sleeves and walked into the kitchen. After a while, Meng Han followed in.


    Meng Han smiled and poked Yan Ke, looking a bit cheap: “Sister-in-law, there’s something I want to discuss with you~”


    Yan Ke looked at Meng Han’s ill-intentioned look with a sneer at the corner of his mouth. He had no curiosity, so he didn’t want to know anything about Meng Han’s so-called discussion, and he indifferently refused: “No discussion, no discussion. Don’t even think about borrowing money from me, you still haven’t repaid the fifty taels you owe me from last time, so you can borrow some to repay me that. It isn’t very difficult to borrow again.”


    Meng Han frowned, glanced at Yan Ke who was wary of losing money, and said angrily: “Isn’t my brother’s Prince’s Mansion enough for you to spend freely? Does it even need such diligent housekeeping? I owe Tang Qi infinite amounts of money, and I only owe you two or three taels, what’s the big deal?”


    “Go away, don’t stand in my way.” Yan Ke sighed, looking at Meng Han’s face which had the appearance of an Old Lai* trying to reason with him, and pushed Meng Han who was in the way aside.

[T/N: *refers to people who owe money to others and haven’t paid it back]


    Meng Han buzzed around him like a fly and leaned over again, smiling, and said, “You could also just bring this (food) out to eat ourselves~”


    Yan Ke glanced at the dishes in the pot, thought about it, and then shook his head: “No, what if it’s not enough for your brother.”


    This is what he was using to butter up Meng You. He was afraid that if one day the grumpy prince came back and saw that his prince’s mansion had become like this, he might fight him to his death.


    In order for the Prince to remember the food he ate and eat soft in the mouth*, leaving him a way to survive when he finally comes back, Yan Ke had decided to stop making dumplings for the prince, and stop being such a demon. At the very least, he wasn’t kicking up a fuss about cooking food anymore.

[T/N:*a saying which basically means that if you receive a favour from someone else, you will be embarrassed to refuse their requests in the future, so Meng You would leave Yan Ke alive when he comes back because of the food Yan Ke sent him]


    Meng Han took advantage of Yan Ke’s distraction, stealing a piece of ribs from the pot and running away.


    Yan Ke rolled his eyes as he looked at his running back. The sight was quite different from the character of the prince in the palace drama at 8 o’clock in his impression!


    At least, he had never seen such a ‘promising’ prince on TV.


    Meng Han put a piece of spare ribs on Tang Qi’s mouth, and said arrogantly: “Help this little Lord see if Yan Ke is trying to poison me!”


    Tang Qi glanced at Meng Han and was about to turn his head away, but after being glared at by Meng Han, he aggrievedly bit down on the rib.


    It wasn’t the first time he had eaten Yan Ke’s food, but every time he ate, Yan Ke’s cooking skill would always amaze him.


    Looking at Meng Han who was still waiting for him to tell him whether it was poisonous or not, Tang Qi covered his chest, fell to the ground, and tremblingly stretched out a hand toward Meng Han, saying: “There is… poison. Your Highness …run!”


    Meng Han’s face instantly became cold, he took a look at Tang Qi, and said indifferently, “Why couldn’t it just poison you for real!”


    Yan Ke wrapped a large banquet full of dishes and handed it to the steward, then turned to go back into the kitchen.


    In the past few months, he’d been playing mahjong as a pastime with Tang Qi, and they played at the mahjong table every day. They were a little tired of playing now. It was better to spend time with the pots and pans in the kitchen for a while.


    The steward took advantage of Yan Ke’s moment of rest and poured a cup of tea for Yan Ke, and the old steward’s heart began to fret again.


    He said, “Princess, you should take a break.”


    Yan Ke took the chicken soup and poured a little bit into a bowl, tasted it, and finally licked his lips.


    Yan Ke poured a bowl for the steward. He looked at the old steward who was busy with work even at this age, knowing that telling him not to do it was equivalent to stealing his job. Therefore, he could only help by his side and relieve some of his burden.


    Yan Ke said: “Try it~”


    The steward took it with a smile. For most of the past half year, the princess had been in charge of being the chef. He hadn’t been able to persuade him otherwise, seeing  that the Crown Princess also seemed only too happy to do it. In addition, the prince had said that he must let the princess do as he liked, so he didn’t try to stop him anymore, and just assisted him and lent him a hand.


    After tasting the soup, the steward did not hesitate to boast: “The chicken soup our Crown Princess stews is the freshest! If the prince comes back, he might probably clamor for the princess to cook for him every day.”


    The spoon in Yan Ke’s hand paused, and he glanced at the kind-hearted old steward with a smile, and a touch of helplessness pulled at the corner of his mouth.


    If the grumpy prince really returned, he should leave.


    As soon as Meng You was mentioned, the mouth of the steward wouldn’t stop: “Our prince has been picky about taste since he was a child. After he grew up, he grew even more picky. I don’t know how many times we have changed our chefs at the Prince’s Mansion, and still the prince was never satisfied.”


    The old steward’s voice changed, and he turned to Yan Ke, saying: “However, I think the prince must be very fond of eating the food made by the princess. The prince did not say even a word (of complaint) even after the princess made him only dumplings for three months straight.”


    Yan Ke laughed. The old steward, this old fox, was always recounting anything good about the prince: “Come on, don’t think I don’t know that he’s been writing to you for the past three months.”


    The steward who’d been found out wasn’t annoyed at all, and simply continued to praise their prince Lord to the sky without room for anyone else: “The prince was just talking to this old slave. More oftenly, the prince asks this old slave about how the princess’ health is and how your mood is.”


    Yan Ke laughed: “I don’t think I have really seen him yet, really. The first time I met him should have been that night in front of the tower, but it was too dark to see anything.”


    The steward sighed: “It’s all because that Ming Country decided to pick a fight at that time. The prince was forced to leave you at home. However, our prince’s looks – that is what is really called being handsome!”


    Yan Ke looked at him with a smile, and said: “In your eyes, he is good at everything.”


    Though Yan Ke said this to the steward, he really wanted to see the legendary thief, who was so handsome, and such a powerful warrior, the prince Meng You.


    Just as the two were chatting, the door of the kitchen was kicked open. Yan Ke didn’t even have to raise his eyes, he already knew who it was without even having to look.


    Meng Han sat down on a stool and said angrily: “Yan Ke, are you sick? Isn’t my brother’s Prince’s Mansion enough for you to eat and drink happily? Why did you even have to open a mahjong hall?”


    Yan Ke glanced at the steward, and the both of them understood that the little brother had lost money.


    Yan Ke smiled and asked him, “Who did you lose to?”


    Meng Han said with a sullen face: “Tang Qi! He drank alcohol at dinner and played mahjong with me, then he actually threatened me that if I didn’t give him his money when he was drunk, he would beat me up! Were you the one who gave him the guts? It’s your fault, why open a mahjong hall in the first place?”


    Yan Ke touched his chin with a smile on his face, it must be that since this kid usually bullied Tang Qi so much, he must be afraid that the drunk Tang Qi would really end up beating him up, so he’d come to him to show off his power. (and pretend he wasn’t really scared of Tang Qi)


    Yan Ke said, “Shall I tell you a story?”


    Meng Han refused uncomfortably: “No, I don’t want to hear it.”


    Yan Ke laughed. Even if you won’t listen, I’ll still tell it.


    He said, “There was once a general who was seriously injured, and the people called a doctor to treat him. There was a little guard beside the general, whose expression grew worse and worse, and then, the little guard stabbed the doctor and said tearfully. “I’m sorry, but I’m an undercover enemy spy, and I can’t let you save him.” Then the doctor covered his chest and, trembling, said something.”


    “Guess what he said?”


    Meng Han stared at Yan Ke: “How would I know.”


    “The doctor said, ‘then you stab him, not me!’”


    Meng Han: “…”


    Yan Ke patted Meng Han on the shoulder: “Similarly, you should probably go find the one who took your money to stab.”



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Baddie's notes:

  T/N: I love how Meng Han is treating Yan Ke like family now, and how close he’s gotten with the steward. Can’t wait for Meng You to come back! If you like my translations, please consider buying me a coffee to keep me motivated!

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