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His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce!

Chapter 35

Chapter 35

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T/N: Since the previous one was short, here’s another! Enjoy~




The lieutenant quickly shook his head: “You usually cover it (the food box) up like it’s a baby, how could we* even look at it? It’s just that once, when we passed by your military tent, we saw you eating a dumpling before…”

[T/N: *lieutenant is referring to himself as we as a sign of respect to royalty.]


    Meng You looked at his lieutenant suspiciously, and asked, “Then how do you know that this Lord is eating dumplings today?”


    The lieutenant smiled: “The other dishes made by the Crown Princess are quite aromatic! We didn’t smell much of it today, so we wondered if you were eating steamed dumplings.”


    Meng You glanced at the lieutenant, thinking that there really was nothing good to eat in this frontier.

[T/N: He thinks the soldiers are so deprived of delicious food that they are jobless enough to go sniffing around his tent and know what he ate every day]


    However, it really distressed him…


    When he turned his gaze to the plump and white buns, having no faults save for the words printed on them, he covered the food box with the back of his hand.


    Then he refused very neatly: “No! They’re all mine!”


    The lieutenant was a little puzzled: “You haven’t gotten tired of dumplings even after having eaten them for so long?”


    Meng You said, against his own will: “No!”


    After the lieutenant went out, Meng You faintly heard him saying: The prince once used to share things with us.


    Meng You opened the lid of the food box and stared at the steamed dumplings in it, thinking helplessly: It’s really not that this Lord doesn’t want to give it to you, but looking at the words written on these dumplings, can this Lord give it to you? Wouldn’t that be like slapping his own face!


    He had no idea where Yan Ke had picked up all these messy tricks.


    Meng You pondered for a moment in the military tent, and suddenly, his eyes lit up. He washed his hands, and began to peel off the skin on the dumplings layer by layer, until he couldn’t see the word ‘He Li*’ written on it by Yan Ke.

[T/N: *divorce]


    Meng You took the dumplings he’d peeled, and, walking out with a smile on his face, put them in front of the lieutenants, and said, “Eat!”


    The lieutenants looked at the undressed dumplings, then looked at Meng You who was still smiling, and stepped back together.


    All the lieutenants said in unison: “We are full, thank you, Prince.”


    Meng You frowned: “Didn’t you want to eat them? I was peeling them in the tent for a while, just so you could eat them.”


    Everyone shook their heads together again.


    Meng You stuffed the dumplings into everyone’s hands one by one, and while stuffing them he nagged: “This Lord is giving you the dumplings made by your Crown Princess because it’s not easy for you to endure the winds and rains with this Lord.”


    A lieutenant gave the dumplings back again with difficulty, and gathered his courage to ask Meng You: “Crown Prince, if someone brings a naked woman and sends her to your bed, will you go to her?”


    Meng You didn’t even have to think about it: “No, who would be so desperate, daring to send a girl to this Lord?”


    The lieutenant said again, “This is how we feel.”


    After hearing this, Meng You still didn’t understand, and frowned, “What are you trying to imply?”


    The deputy sighed: “This dumpling is like a woman.”


    Meng You understood, his face suddenly became cold, and he said, “This Lord hasn’t used these!”


    The lieutenant: “…”


    Meng You was a little annoyed and put the dumplings back in the hands of the lieutenant, correcting the indecent verbal error just now: “This Lord hasn’t eaten these. Who knows where he learned it from, but the Princess engraved words on the dumpling, so I peeled the skins off of them.”


    The lieutenants looked at the dumplings in their hands suspiciously, and when they saw that there was no bite mark, they laughed and bit into them.


    Although Yan Ke was a prankster, this dumpling was still very delicious and full of filling!


    The lieutenant looked at Meng You, boasting from the bottom of his heart: “With our Crown Princess having such craftsmanship, it’s no wonder that the prince always gets this kind of private meal by himself.”


    Another lieutenant echoed: “Yes, it’s too delicious, but what kind of words did the crown princess engrave on the dumpling? Why can I see a faint Chinese character on my dumpling?”


    Meng You became impatient: “Just eat, you, and stop asking so many questions. The princess just hopes that I will be happy with him.”


    “There seems to be a ‘Li*’ on mine…”

[T/N: *’Li’ means to leave]


    Meng You’s face couldn’t be stretched anymore, and said, “He hopes I won’t leave him.”


    Yes, that’s it.


    This is not the case but, it is the same!


    The lieutenants said with emotion: “The Prince and the Princess really do have a good relationship.”


    The tips of Meng You’s guilty ears were red, and he said with a shy face: “That…it is.”


    The lieutenants once again cast envious eyes at Meng You: “This is the first time someone’s delivered this kind of food from such a distance!”


    Meng You: “…”


    Meng You froze and returned to the military tent, rolling his eyes as he thought of the still dazzling characters ‘He Li’.


    When this Lord went back, he would make that guy Yan Ke cry for his dad and his mom!


    At this very moment, Yan Ke, who had been relaxing in the sun, suddenly shivered and opened his eyes slightly.


    Eh? Just now, he seemed to feel a sense of foreboding, as if his life was in danger…


    He asked himself if he had pissed anyone off recently, who was thinking of him so?


    The steward came in with the imperial decree, looked at Yan Ke, and reminded him in a low voice: “Princess, an imperial decree is here.”


    Yan Ke stood up and knelt with his servants to receive the decree.


    Yan Ke could roughly guess what it was about. He had gone to the palace yesterday and asked to see the emperor to discuss about opening a mahjong hall. After opening it, he would divide his earnings into three – one would be the tax and one share would be for the steward to hold onto, and the share held by the steward was to be charged to the Prince’s Mansion’s account.


    This was the rent he owed Meng You.


    The remaining share was naturally his own.


    After listening to the imperial edict, it seemed that not only had the emperor not refused, but he’d also given him a plaque declaring it as the first mahjong house


    Yan Ke looked at the plaque and laughed.


    At first glance, there was a scent of Meng Han mixed in the whole affair. If Meng Han were not involved, the emperor would probably not bear to give him his precious son’s Prince Mansion to toss and tinker about with.


    Therefore, Yan Ke wisely avoided the yard where Meng You lived. He was a princess. Though he was male, this was still an ancient era. He also avoided his own yard, and just got people to set up the backyard as the mahjong hall.


    While they vacated the place, Tang Qi and Meng Han dropped by.


    Meng Han tugged Tang Qi along and walked in, smiling with a ‘hehe’: “Quickly praise this little Lord. If it weren’t for my dealing with it, Yan Ke definitely wouldn’t have been able to convince my father.”


    Tang Qi said indifferently, “Wow, Your Highness the Seventh is so great.”


    Yan Ke turned his head and glanced at Tang Qi with a complicated look, not wanting to disturb the two of them.


    Meng Han grabbed Tang Qi’s ear, frowned and said unhappily, “Give this little Lord a little sincerity!”


    Tang Qi covered his ears, feeling aggrieved.


    Since the time Meng Han didn’t throw him into the pit and he was rescued by Meng You, he was always particularly ‘cared for’ by Meng Han, and tortured by Meng You’s phrase ‘Don’t forget the great kindness this Lord showed you’.


    If he could turn back time, he would rather be the shame of the capital, and die!


    Tang Qi smiled stiffly: “Wow! Your Highness the Seventh is awesome!”


    The tea that Yan Ke had just drunk spurted out of his mouth, and he choked, coughing twice and said, “You two, haven’t you had enough? What are you doing, lurking around over there.”


    Meng Han’s face instantly turned into the color of pig-liver (dark), and he glared fiercely at Yan Ke: “Can you just mind your own business? This little Lord has only helped you to deal with my father. My brother is much worse to deal with than he is. You’ve turned his yard into this, he’s definitely going to kill you when he comes back.”


    Hearing this, Yan Ke frowned and asked Meng Han, “I’ve paid him money, so is he going to kill me for giving him money?”


    The corner of Meng Han’s mouth raised, and he thought Yan Ke was quite brave.


    Meng Han said, “That’s not it.”


    Yan Ke stood up, patted Meng Han on the shoulder, and threw the pot* away neatly and completely logically.

[T/N: *blame]


    Yan Ke said: “If I didn’t have your help, could I have made the emperor give me an edict?”


    Meng Han proudly said, “Naturally, you couldn’t have.”


    Yan Ke asked again, “Would I have dared to set up this mahjong hall without receiving the edict?”


    Meng Han snorted, “You wouldn’t dare.”


    Yan Ke laughed: “So, isn’t this your fault? Little brother, I’ll try holding your brother back, but just tell me – what’s wrong with you, that you’ve just messed up your brother’s Prince’s Mansion with such a bad idea? Come on, tsk tsk, once the bear child* gets into trouble, no one can stop it!”

[T/N: *a child who is raised with no discipline or boundaries, spoiled and pampered, misbehaving at will]


    Meng Han frowned and looked at Yan Ke and roared, “Yan Ke! I’m going to kill you!”


    Of course, they were in the Prince’s Mansion, so he could only run his mouth off. Looking at the few people who were holding back their smiles, he stared at Yan Ke unable to speak. Finally, the soft persimmon that had been squeezed* turned his angry eyes towards Tang Qi.

[T/N: *from the idiom ‘people choose the soft persimmons to squeeze’, meaning that it’s the weak who get picked on; bullies pick soft targets]


    Meng Han said, displeased: “Tang Qi, you can try smiling again!”


    Tang Qi immediately closed his mouth aggrievedly.


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