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His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce!

Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Translated by Baddie
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T/N: Sorry for the delay, guys, this New Year’s been a busy one for me. Hope you all have a lovely 2021~!




Yan Ke covered his face, helpless for a while, and looked at the steward: “Did you tell him that I was sick?”


    The steward nodded.


    Yan Ke returned Tang Qi’s ginseng to him. After sending him away, Liu Kang came next, and like Tang Qi, he also brought a letter from Meng You with him.


    Although the words were a little different, the meaning was the same.


    Once a brother, a brother for life.


    It’s time for you to show it.


    After Yan Ke sent Liu Kang away along with Shangguan Yang who stopped by the Prince’s Palace later for the same reason, he took out the letter Meng You had written to Tang Qi and compared the three, the corners of his mouth rising.


    Meng You…from now on, no one in the entire capital will probably ever dare to respond when you shout for your ‘brothers’.


    Yan Ke couldn’t return the things that were gifted by the palace, so he could only ask for it to be kept away.


    He assumed that that fool Meng You had probably sent a letter directly to the palace, otherwise, the emperor wouldn’t have sent him so many supplements.


    Yan Ke sighed. How could he even begin to describe this somewhat adorable yet mentally retarded crown prince?

[T/N: Aww, he finds him cute (๑>ᴗ<๑) ]


    Wouldn’t it ever occur to him that it may be because of the letter he wrote to Yan Ke?


    The steward looked at the piles supplies, large and small, and made for the gifts to be put into the warehouse. He glanced at Yan Ke, and whispered: “Crown Princess*, our prince is like this, so you must try to be tolerant.”

[T/N: *though it translates to something along the lines of ‘the crown prince’s wife’, it is used very often to address Yan Ke and would be awkward in certain sentences, so I’ll be translating it to ‘crown princess’ instead.]


    Yan Ke: “…”


    Steward: “Will you continue sending him food?”


    Yan Ke: “Did I ever say that I wouldn’t cook for him?”


    The steward looked at Yan Ke, and felt like he had been coaxed already, but in order not to hurt Yan Ke’s pride, he smiled and said, “No, no, you never said anything of the sort.”


    Although you said that you’d rather take the prince’s surname than cook for him, but…taking your husband’s surname was quite normal.


    Yan Ke laughed: “Old fox.”


    The steward also laughed, and after Yan Ke had left, he sent for people to prepare the ingredients for their prince’s favorite dishes.


    Since the new year had just passed, those who went to visit their relatives had returned, and Yan Ke, who had been deserted at the Prince’s Mansion for several days, finally gathered enough people to fill the seats at the mahjong table.


    Since the failure of his apprenticeship to Yan Ke, Meng Han had also begun using real money to learn some skills on the table.


    Right at the beginning of the game, he’d lost miserably to Tang Qi, even once offering to give up his entire palace to Tang Qi, his biggest creditor.


    Of course, Tang Qi didn’t dare to take him up on it.


    Yan Ke glanced at Meng Han and joked, “Just give me your palace, and I will pay off the money you owe Tang Qi in your stead.”


    Meng Han played a tile and said, “This little Lord was just being polite. The only reason I offered it to him is because he doesn’t actually dare to ask for it. If I ever tried that on you, I think you really would change my palace’s name to Yan.”


    Tang Qi: “…”


    Tang Qi didn’t dare to make a sound, and looking at the tiles played by Meng Han, he put his tiles down.


    Meng Han didn’t even bother sparing Tang Qi a glance: “I’ll give you one chance to take back the tiles you put down.”


    Yan Ke crossed his arms on his chest and watched Tang Qi’s humiliated and wronged look as he took back his tiles one by one.


    Yan Ke felt that he had to have a talk with Meng Han about basic etiquette at the mahjong table.


    He said, “Are you okay like this? Tang Qi’s taken all of your money playing against you, and it’s almost all gone. How can you still find the time to bully others?”


    Meng Han shot back: “Don’t talk big when you’re pretty much the same. Whenever you lose money, you get the steward to throw us out. Or are you telling me you haven’t done that kind of thing at all?”


    Yan Ke: “I’m not ashamed of it. Are you?”


    Meng Han: “No.”


    Tang Qi: “…”


    In recent years, as more and more people travelled to and fro in the capital, as soon as they arrived in the capital, they were pull strings* everywhere they went, wanting to come to the Prince’s Mansion to take a look at this new invention that had swept the whole circle of elite young masters in Beijing off their feet.

[T/N: *take advantage of their connections with important figures]


    After Yan Ke discussed it with the steward, the steward, seeing that Yan Ke liked the liveliness, did not object too much, but he asked Tang Qi and Meng Han to help raise the security of the Prince’s Mansion.


    Yan Ke didn’t have any rules for himself. The only thing he restricted himself on was playing too much, and usually he and Tang Qi played casually, because they knew each other well, and knew each other’s families, and their games were just little jokes among themselves.


    But on the first day of opening, Yan Ke received a very surprising guest.


    Looking at Tang Qi standing behind the emperor himself, Yan Ke trained his eyes on him.


    Tang Qi’s heart was also bitter. The emperor heard the news and came here himself, so he really couldn’t be blamed.


    And at this point…


    Yan Ke’s only thoughts were…


    Bro, you really are great! Pulling the emperor out to send money my way! With such loyalty, our brotherhood has been solidified!


    After Yan Ke led the servants from the Prince’s Mansion to perform their ceremonies to the emperor, he brought the emperor in.


    The emperor touched the novelty on the table and asked with a smile, “I heard that you have a new game here, so I came to see it.”


    Yan Ke rubbed his hands, faintly excited: “Would the emperor like to play it?”


    The emperor nodded: “Alright.”


    Who knew from where he’d got the news from, but Meng Han had come running all the way from his palace: “Father, I’m coming too, I’m coming too!


    Emperor: “You can sit beside me and teach me how to play, Tang Qi, you come too.”


    Tang Qi: “…of course.”


    Yan Ke looked at the pair of father and son who were arguing about which tile to play, and couldn’t help but laugh. What he found even more funny was that even after they’d discussed it for a long time, he finally played a tile of and did a ‘Hu’ (won).


    Everyone looked at Yan Ke, who even dared to win against the tiles the emperor had played. The steward was frightened out of his wits, and hurriedly tried to help Yan Ke get time to take back his tile again by forcing Tang Qi to start drawing tiles with a calm demeanor.


    Yan Ke: “I’m ‘Hu’ again.”


    Yan Ke dropped the tile again.


    Everyone: “…”


    The emperor looked at Yan Ke for a while, only to laugh in the end, and he ordered his servants to give the silver to Yan Ke.


    They played all morning. The other two people at the mahjong table dared not play a winning tile in front of the emperor, but Yan Ke was only too happy to ‘Hu’. Whatever money he’d lost to Tang Qi in the past few days was all won back.


    “Please take care, your majesty, the emperor must come and play with me again another time!” Yan Ke shouted at the emperor’s back as he finally left.


    Everyone: “…”


    After the people left, the steward walked over with a frightened face, sweating, and said, “Crown Princess, just now, you… you mustn’t win the emperor’s money.”


    Yan Ke was puzzled: “Why?”


    The steward sighed and looked at Yan Ke. This princess used to be a prince before he came here, shouldn’t he know at least this? : “The emperor is the 95th Supreme Emperor, you…mustn’t beat him.”


    Yan Ke laughed: “There is no such differentiation at the mahjong table.”


    The steward was about to say something, but he was interrupted when a messenger from the border arrived, bearing a letter.


    Yan Ke had won a lot of money and was in a good mood, taking the letter and opening it.


    : Don’t you know that you’re already in poor health, you should eat all those things they’ve sent you instead of making dishes for this Lord. Don’t do anything tiring, and remember what your Lord told you before – one who is married must always take the husband as the key link. Everyday thinking about divorcing and then not divorcing, what are you thinking, huh? I won’t really care about it this once, but don’t repeat it again.


    The manager looked at Yan Ke, who went straight to the kitchen after reading the letter, and thought with a smile that he must be cooking for their Lord again~


    In the afternoon, Yan Ke came out with five food boxes stacked on top of each other.


    The steward called for the messenger and was very happy to send it to Meng You.


    After a day had passed-


    Meng You observed the five food boxes sent by Yan Ke that were filled with various dumplings, the words ‘Divorce’ written on each of them, and looked at the letter from Yan Ke.


    :The prince is right. The husband really is the key. These are the dumplings that I made for the prince, withstanding all my pain and sickness. The prince must finish it all!


    Meng You sat in the military tent, looking one by one at the dumplings arranged in the food box, and poked at them with his chopsticks.


    With an expressionless face, he began to ponder about life, trying to think about what exactly he had done wrong to offend the ancestor* in his family.

[T/N: *way of venerating someone, used here to jokingly refer to Yan Ke]


    A lieutenant came in from the entrance of the tent and said, “My Lord, are you eating dumplings again today? Can you eat them all? If you can’t eat them, we can help you eat them.”


    Meng You raised his head and frowned, his voice suddenly raised: “Are you looking at this Lord’s food box?!”



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