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His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce!

Chapter 33

Chapter 33

Translated by Baddie
Edited by Travis



T/N: Sorry for being so late, and Merry Christmas everyone! I bring good tidings, don’t worry. From now on, I’ll be updating more frequently, now that I’ve decided to compromise on thorough editing. I do my best to fine-TL things myself, so it shouldn’t be a problem. But again, any mistakes are completely mine and not the author’s! 





“That’s right, it is exactly as you think it is. He sent the real city defense map to this Lord. He is indeed truly this Lord’s princess~” Meng You said in excitement, especially when he saw Su Yu’s wide-eyed look, who had to hold back because of the knife resting on his neck, unable to vent his anger, and his look of endurance made Meng You happier.


    “Crown Prince, let’s just arrest this man, so that no one will be left to lead the Chu army’s troops.”


    Meng You shook his head: “We can’t.”


    He didn’t know what was going on in the capital right now, about whether the Chu Kingdom had pressured them or exchanged benefits for him, so he had to find out the situation in the capital first.


    As for Su Yu, this wine bag*, if he could catch him once, he could catch him a second time.

[T/N:*one who only eats and drinks and does not do productive work, an incompetent person]


    After reaching a relatively safe place, Meng You let go of Su Yu, and said with a smile: “Thank you, General Su, for coming to see us all the way. I can’t thank you enough. If you have the time, General Su is welcome to come taste Yue Kingdom’s prison meals again!”


    The hold on Su Yu’s neck was loosened, and finally, taking back possession of his life, he stood there like a block of wood,  staring at Meng You with his sinister eyes.


    He already hated Meng You thoroughly in his heart, and only hacking him to pieces could relieve his hatred.


    “Su…General Su, are you okay?” the Ming commander, who hurried to him from behind, looked at Su Yu and asked nervously.


    The general that was sent by Chu to support them was arrested by the general of Yue in their very barracks, and they would become a joke when the news spread.


    Su Yu: “Now that the granary has been burned to the ground, you can figure out your own solutions. The remaining food must be given to my Chu soldiers first.”


    Su Yu’s expression was not good. Although the Ming commander was dissatisfied in his heart, he could only nod and reply in the affirmative.


    It was only one night in, and this year was already terrible for Su Yu.


    He returned to his tent, and stayed up until dawn, thinking for a whole night unable to figure out, whether he was angry because Meng You caught him a second time or because of what Meng You said.


    He never knew that Yan Ke could actually cook.


    On the first day of the new year, Meng You asked the military cooks to start preparations early in the morning. Last night, he burned all the stock in Ming’s granary. Maybe this in itself was a matter to celebrate. In addition, today was the first day of the new year. Meng You ordered for the supplies delivered a few days ago to be distributed among the soldiers, and then he went into the military tent and began to eat the food that the messenger had sent over from Yan Ke this morning.


    Yan Ke had made him two small dishes and a soup. Since he was often asked to cook for Meng You by the steward, he drew a picture of a lid and asked someone to find a place to make it. It would be good for storing soup and preventing it from spilling.


    Meng You ate the dishes that the chef had heated up for him. While satiating his appetite, he pondered a little bit in his heart. Even if he had married a young lady, she wouldn’t have been this capable, would she have? The ladies nowadays hadn’t even touched the spring water*, and they were too squeamish, not like Yan Ke, who could make a large feast for him casually.

[T/N: *idiom for those who lead a pampered life, unable to fend for themselves]


    It seemed that this arrangement wasn’t all too bad anymore. Apart from that evil look in his eyes and that bad temper, there seemed to be nothing to fault about that sick little thing.


    Thinking in this manner, Meng You felt that Yan Ke was much more pleasing to the eye, and his determination to destroy Yan Ke’s positive opinion about Su Yu, that scumbag, grew. Meng You wrote Yan Ke a long letter which followed along the lines of the husband being the key link*. The general meaning was that ‘this Grandfather is better than Su Yu that grandson**, aren’t you bullshitting.’

[T/N: *part of the three cardinal guides: the ruler guides the subject, the father guides the son and the husband guides the wife, so Meng You is ‘guiding’ Yan Ke as a dutiful husband lol]

[T/N: *Meng You refers to himself as Laozi, meaning grandfather/ancestor, as way of expressing his rank over others, also referring to Su Yu as grandson and thus demeaning him]


    After receiving Meng You’s letter, Yan Ke sneered angrily, and analyzed the letter back and forth for another several times.


    Isn’t that exactly what he meant?


    Did he want to parade his husbandly qualities in front of him? The fact that he looked better than Su Yu, that his martial arts was better than Su Yu, and that his temper was better than Su Yu? No matter how he looked at the letter, there was a feeling that the grumpy prince was trying to sell himself.


    Stressing on his husbandly qualities this way…


    Yan Ke touched his chin. Most of the time Meng You panicked about stupid things when he was full. Maybe he should starve him for a few days. See if he could overthink things then.


    The steward had begun to prep the ingredients for the dishes that Yan Ke was going to prepare for Meng You tomorrow. Just when he had moved everything into the kitchen, he saw their princess standing behind him with a cold face.


    The steward: “…what are you doing here, wife of our Crown Prince?”


    Yan Ke: “Well, I think it’s not good for the prince to have this kind of private canteen out there all by himself. Thinking about it, I often only prepare his portion alone. I feel like the lieutenants by his side may have misgivings. So… forget about this, let’s just let him eat from the military barracks.”


    Looking at the indifferent Yan Ke with a sweaty face, the steward thought to himself, was he really afraid that the lieutenant by the prince’s side would have opinions? Wasn’t he just picking a fight?


    In the beginning, although the prince was quite picky, the issue hadn’t developed to the point that he needed the family to deliver food all the way from home. But after eating such good food for so long, to stop serving it all of a sudden…


    The steward can already imagine the scene of his being overwhelmed by letters from the prince.


    So, the steward began to intervene for Meng You again: “How about we take it slow?”


    Yan Ke: “No! We will start today! I’d rather take his surname than cook something for him! Still obsessing over husbandly qualities’? See if he can do it now.”


    The manager smiled, carefully comforting the princess who was furious, and said thoughtfully: “Crown Prince’s Wife, you shouldn’t have had time to rest these days, and the weather is so cold. Why not… return to the house and warm yourself.”


    Yan Ke: “If he asks you about it, just say that I am sick – no, don’t say I’m just sick, say that I am terminally ill, let’s see how crazy he can get then!”


    Steward: “Pah, the crown prince’s wife shouldn’t say such unlucky things, it’s not auspicious to say it on the New Year!”


    As soon as Yan Ke retired to his room, he had the maid pour him a cup of hot tea. In the past six months, Yan Ke had been taking care of his body quite well, except for a few times he got sick in between, his body that had been all bones also had a little meat on it now. After getting rid of the morbidity, the beauty of his body gradually emerged.


    The steward glanced at the vegetables piled in the kitchen and sighed. He altered Yan Ke’s words himself, changing Yan Ke’s ‘terminal illness’ to a mere slight discomfort, wanting to appease the one at the border and hint that the prince should not wait for food to be delivered by his family.


    Three days later, Yan Ke received various high-end supplements from the rich families of the city and the palace.


    Yan Ke looked at the servants who were constantly moving into the Prince’s Mansion with a blank face. He grabbed the steward who was just as sluggish and unable to figure out the situation, and asked, “What is with this situation? What festival is it today?”


    The old steward shook his head blankly: “Even if it was a festival, receiving a reward from the palace is normal, but…why did Tang Shiwei and Young Master Liu have to send things here?”


    Yan Ke was about to ask the little eunuch who was bringing things in again. But before he could go out, the voice of Tang Qi crying out reached his ears first, announcing his arrival.


    The corner of Yan Ke’s mouth twitched, looking towards the doorway.


    Tang Qi walked in holding an old ginseng, covering his face and said, “Crown Prince’s Wife, this is the thousand-year old ginseng that I have stolen from my father so that you can make medicinal wine. You… put it away safely.”


    Yan Ke: “…”


    “Excuse me, you’re…?”


    Tang Qi covered his face and wept bitterly. He took out a letter from his arms and gave it to Yan Ke, saying, “Shu Li is too inhumane. I only mentioned to him in passing three years ago that my father has a thousand-year old ginseng root, and even I almost forgot about it myself, but he actually remembers!”


    Yan Ke: “…”


    Yan Ke opened the letter and looked at the familiar handwriting, his face was so black it could be any more black than it already was.


    : Hey, remember your family had a thousand-year old ginseng root? If it is convenient, can you let me borrow it for a use? This brother here thanks you in advance for all your love – once a brother, always a brother for life. But if you refuse to lend it, think about how this Lord rescued you from Meng Han’s hands that one time.


    God, this f**king Meng!



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