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His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce!

Chapter 32

Chapter 32

Translated by Baddie
Edited by Travis



T/N: Since you dearies have been waiting so long, here’s another one!



Yan Ke pulled out the paper with “Divorce*” written on it, his corner lips couldn’t help rising excitedly.

[T/N: *Letter of Divorce’]


   Forcibly suppressing his thumping heart, he opened the letter.


    : As long as this Master isn’t dead, you will always be this Lord’s princess, don’t even think about it, hahaha.

[T/N: Oh Meng You, you tease, you almost had us there (つ﹏<)・゚。]


    Yan Ke: “…….”


    Yan Ke cursed in his heart: Dammit, this b*tch!


    Yan Ke instantly washed away the small traces of hesitation and anxiety that had just sprouted out of him, and he even had the appetite to finish up two bowls of rice.


    At night, while staying up to see the old year off, a few people gathered around the bonfire and chatted once in a while. It was quite comfortable.


    On the other hand, after he’d finished eating the food that Yan Ke had sent over, Meng You read Yan Ke’s letter back and forth another several times, and then he put the letter under his pillow with a smile.


    He wasn’t sure whether Yan Ke was used to spending the New Year alone in the Prince’s Mansion.


    “My lord, supplies and troops are coming in and out of Ming’s border over there again.” A lieutenant walked in from outside.


    Meng You recovered and said, “It’s been more than half a year. It’s not so much a war with Ming, as it is a war with Chu.”


    “Yes, if it weren’t for Chu Kingdom’s support, how could this small Ming country hold on for so long! Especially in these past two months, their materials and people have been pouring into Ming endlessly as if they’d never run out of supplies.”


    “Let’s prepare for tonight. I will take some people to set some fire on Ming.” Meng You stood up and put his sword around his waist, “Pick a few people with good Kung Fu to go with this Lord.”


    “Master, please let me go in your stead.”


    “No, listen to me. They say that if you’ve eaten the food cooked by your family, you will come back just as you left. You haven’t eaten it, but this Lord has, so I will go.”

[T/N: Aww Meng You’s referring to what the steward said a few chapters ago, what a precious family man ╥﹏╥]


    The lieutenant looked at their prince with heartache, and the prince had a straight face when he spoke, but he could hear the tone of pride in it.

[T/N: (♥ω♥*) Double meng-attack!!]


    Well, he hadn’t eaten the food delivered by his family, so maybe he really wouldn’t be able to come back if he went out. That would be miserable.


    Meng You took a nap for a while, and when the lieutenant told him that everything was ready, he rubbed at his bleary eyes and walked out of the military tent.


    With the eight shadow guards carefully selected by the lieutenant, he went straight to the supply tent at the rear of the Ming barracks. The eight shadow guards neatly set fire to the barracks, while Meng You prepared to go to the Ming commander’s tent.


    As he approached the largest tent, he saw a faint orange light flickering inside, and voices traveled out from the inside.


    “Thank you, General Su, for sending us so many supplies. If I don’t bring Meng You, that dog’s, head to the General myself, this commander will be embarrassed.”


    Hearing these words, Meng You’s eyes narrowed slightly. This General Su… couldn’t be General Su he was thinking of.


    “In any case, our two countries have a good relationship, so we are supposed to help each other anyway. However, I really do want to get Meng You’s head.”


    Meng You: “…”


    Why was Su Yu here? Wasn’t he imprisoned in Yue Kingdom’s cell? It shouldn’t be him.


    “Of course.”


    After more than two months of recuperation, Su Yu was no longer as embarrassed as back in the time when he had come out of Yue Kingdom’s cell. That time, all he could think about was how he could wash away his shame. He even went to this little Ming barrack personally, ready to claim that he’d personally cut off Meng You’s head with his own hands to swallow the insult of being captured alive by Meng You.


    And then, Yan Ke would be next.


    He thought he would always follow him and would never betray him, but he’d actually given him a fake city defense map to put him to death.


    Obviously in his opinion, if Yan Ke dared to show up in front of him, he would kill him directly. However, back when he’d just returned, his sister had asked him why he’d lost the battle. Without even thinking about it, he had said that it was because he hadn’t led the troops well, and the fact that the city defense plan given by Yan Ke was a fake was kept a secret.


    Even the several lieutenants whom he had trusted and knew the inside story were killed by himself on the road.


    Su Yu thought his life seemed to be a joke.


    “It’s getting late already, I’ll go down and rest first.” Su Yu stood up after a moment of silence.


    “General Su, please be careful.”


    Su Yu had just walked out of the military tent. Looking at the gloomy sky without any moonlight, he suddenly thought of Yan Ke.


    In the past, Yan Ke would stay in the palace to see the old year off, and when it was over, he would immediately rush out of the palace to give him gifts. Those days, in the middle of the night, his eyes would hardly stay open, and he would be dragged out by Yan Ke and scolded.


    But now……


    Even if he wanted to get gifts from Yan Ke, he had no right to ask for them anymore.


    Su Yu felt that he hadn’t liked Yan Ke that much – he’d even disliked Yan Ke – and ever since he’d lost the battle, he’d hated Yan Ke’s guts while he lay in Yue Kingdom’s cell, so much that he even wanted to slash him to pieces.


    But people were always cheap. Back when Yan Ke loved him more than his own self, he felt that Yan Ke was cheap.


    However, now that Yan Ke cared about himself and may not even like him anymore, he wanted to regain his sense of existence in front of Yan Ke again, wanting Yan Ke to continue to follow him, crying and crying for him to like him back. He thought it might soothe the sense of loss in his heart.


    “Not good! The water supply is leaking! The granary is on fire!”


    Su Yu recovered from his thoughts, looking at the granary that was blazing to the sky, and his eyes were stained with a cold light, and he gritted his teeth and shouted in a cold voice: “Meng You.”


    Meng You walked out from behind the military tent, a handsome face with a wide smile on it, making Su Yu’s teeth itch.


    Su Yu: “Who gave you the courage to appear here so openly?”


    Meng You: “Of course, it’s General Su. I came here to talk to an old acquaintance. Why? Were the prison meals in my Yue Kingdom not delicious?”

[T/N: Oof, savage]


    Su Yu, who was poked in his sore spot, resisted the urge to draw a sword, and instead smiled mockingly: “The wind and sand on this frontier are heavy, and the prince has come out so. You must remember to wear a hat.”


    Meng You: “…”


    Su Yu said again: “The princess and I have had a deep affection since we were young. In order to refuse his marriage with you, he hit his head on a pillar of my house and almost couldn’t be saved, so although this time he gave me a fake city defense map, but – don’t you think so too? That as long as I beckon to him and say a few good words, he’ll immediately crawl over to me like a dog.”


    Meng You: “…”


    Su Yu: “Not only would he crawl over like a dog, but if I wanted him to do something to wrong you, he would also immediately lie under me without thinking twice about it.”


    “Last time I almost….”


    Before Su Yu could finish his words, Meng You’s sword was already placed at his neck.


    Meng You laughed: “HAHAHA, If you were really smart, you would use your mouth’s kung fu to call for help. General Su, your fault is that you lack self-awareness. You should know that your cheap trick of a kungfu can’t beat anyone. How dare you even try to provoke this Lord.”


    “It just so happens that I was afraid I might not be able to retreat after burning the granary. Thank you, General Su, for lending us a free ride.”


    Meng You pressed his sword against Su Yu, and the people behind him did not dare to take action, so they could only keep a certain distance behind.


    Meng You: “General Su, have you ever eaten the Crown Princess’s rice? Have you ever tasted his carefully made dumplings? I have eaten them every single day for the past few months.”


    “Even when this Lord was on the first day of the expedition, I received a letter from the Crown Princess addressed to his Laozi* as soon as I was out of the door. Tsk, what you said is not wrong. The princess is good at everything, but he’s just too clingy.”

[T/N: *still only means ‘lord’ or ‘ancestor’, but the fact that he called himself the princess’ Laozi means everything to me hahahah]


    “This Lord has been away for half a year and he never stops sending letters here. And if this Lord does not reply to him, the next day, he’d definitely try to play some trick on me.”


    “My Princess is really clever, huh. Last time, he really did steal the city defense map. But guess who he gave the real copy to.”



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Baddie's notes:

T/N:  Meng-meng is super savage this chap, lol. Also, wow, but for a moment, I actually thought Su Yu had pulled his head out of his arse, but like Meng You said, all he knows is to use his ‘mouth’s kung fu’ for the wrong things. If you like my translations, please consider buying me a coffee to keep me motivated!

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