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His Royal Highness, Wants a Divorce!

Chapter 31

Chapter 31

Translated by Baddie
Edited by Travis


T/N: Long time, guys, I’m sorry for the delay, but the website was going through some maintenance. Poor Travis probably hasn’t had a good rest in a while. On a good note, I’ve drafted out a good number of the chapters already. Rest assured, the plot gets cooler by the chapter, I can’t wait for you guys to read it. Also, support the author on jjwc if you can for her hard work!


Blinded by the sun hanging high above his head, Yan Ke’s could barely open his eyes. Before he could take a clear look at the culprit, he heard him talking.


   “My brother is fighting at the front, and yet here you are relaxing!”


    Of course. With a voice that was just as overbearing and arrogant as Meng You’s voice, who else would it be besides Meng Han!


    Yan Ke: “Your brother is fighting at the battlefront, and you’re here being quite the jerk, huh, specifically picking the time when your brother isn’t free to come meet me privately.”


    Meng Han kicked the chair and glared at Yan Ke.


    “Hmph, if it weren’t for you being my brother’s man, this little Lord* would have killed you long ago.”

[T/N: *originally means ‘this Xiaoye’ as in this boss or this lord]


    The corners of Yan Ke’s mouth rose, he teased: “If it weren’t for you being Meng You’s younger brother, this hot temper really is quite my type!”


    Meng Han flushed with anger at Yan Ke’s barely veiled words.


    He became angry and said, “Be a little more serious, will you!”


    Yan Ke laughed again: “What makes you think I’m not serious? I’m only talking about it. If I really were fooling around, I’d have made a move long ago, don’t you think so.”


    Meng Han couldn’t refute and clearly knew that he wouldn’t win even if he did, so he could only bring up his brother: “I will tell my brother about this! I’ll tell him that you are fooling around at home all day long thinking about how to seduce me!”


    “Sureeee, then I’ll also go tell my husband, and I’ll tell him that his little brother, who has nothing better to do, runs to the Prince’s Mansion every day, trying to seduce me out of the house.”


    Meng Han: “Nonsense!”


    The last note was so angry that there was a slight tremor at the end.


    Yan Ke couldn’t help it anymore and laughed ‘haha’: “What matter did you come to find me for?”


    Meng Han stared at him, and it took quite a while before he explained his intentions, awkwardly, like a girl.


    “This lord just wants to borrow your mahjong to play it in the palace.”


    Yan Ke: “Sure, no problem, you can find the steward for it. I’m sure he’s back by now.”


    “No, this lord wants you to teach me.”


    Yan Ke listened, with a pair of slightly hooded eyes, looked at Meng Han with a smile, daring to think that this guy hadn’t come to borrow mahjong, but to steal the teacher.


    Yan Ke: “Aiya, I wonder, how come my shoulder hurts so much?”


    Meng Han: “……?”


    Meng Han looked at Yan Ke who was slowly lying down on the chair while indicating to his shoulders and winking at him, completely dumbfounded.


    Yan Ke: “Ah~ I wish there was someone who could massage my shoulders right now.”


    Meng Han couldn’t believe it: “You don’t even have someone to massage your shoulders in the Prince’s Mansion?”


    Yan Ke: “If someone would help massage my shoulders, I would definitely teach him how to play mahjong, you know.”


    Meng Han gave up: “This little Lord asked you to teach me, and here you are, pretending this little lord is simply a fart in the air. Now, you’re saying you’ll teach just anyone who massages your shoulders?”


    Yan Ke sighed helplessly. His brain circuit really was similar to Meng You’s.


    They were definitely biological. He didn’t need to do a paternity test to know that these two goods were definitely brothers.


    Yan Ke said directly, “I asked you to massage my shoulders, and in return, I will teach you. This is me giving you a chance, boy.”


    Meng Han exploded again and asked incredulously, “You actually want this little Lord to massage your shoulders for you?!”


    Yan Ke: “Hmmm, I’m afraid I don’t have the strength (to teach you) anymore; perhaps, the Seventh Prince can try coming again another day?”


    After a while…


    “Is this force appropriate?”


    “It’s too heavy.”


    “…How about this much?”


    “I can’t even feel it. Did you not have lunch today?”


    Meng Han: “…”


    Meng Han stared at Yan Ke, who was enjoying himself with his eyes closed, and he stored this grudge against Yan Ke in his heart. When this little Lord was done learning, this little Lord would throw you into the most smelly manure pit in the capital, and would throw you personally!


    As Yan Ke messed with Meng Han for a while, Tang Qi and the others arrived.


    Tang Qi looked at the person kneading his shoulders and pouring tea for Yan Ke and wiped his eyes with some disbelief. Was this… really the Great Demon younger brother of the Great Demon King?!


    After he was shocked, he turned his attention to Yan Ke, who had made Meng Han submit himself to him.


    Yan Ke accepted the admiring eyes of brother Tang Qi and then stood up.


    Tang Qi: “He lost so much to us this morning. So now, let us give the princess a chance to come back.”


    Hearing these words, Meng Han glared at Tang Qi: “How much did he lose this morning to you?”


    Tang Qi: “Three hundred taels.”


    Meng Han stretched out his hand to grab Yan Ke but was blocked by Tang Qi.


    Tang Qi glanced at Yan Ke, who was smiling happily behind him, and then at Meng Han, who was stomping his feet, and asked, “What’s wrong?”


    Meng Han pointed his finger at Yan Ke: “Just this half-assed (at mahjong), and you still want to teach this little Lord to play mahjong? You’ll only teach me how to lose money, you shameless scammer!”


    Yan Ke shrugged, “Weren’t you talking about learning from me earlier? How come you say that I was the one that wanted to teach you now?”


    Meng Han: “Yan Ke! I will kill you!”


    Yan Ke: “Hahahaha.”




    The New Year came by in a flash. It had been half a year since Yan Ke had come to the Yue Kingdom. On New Year’s Eve, Yan Ke allowed all those servants from the Prince’s Mansion who could return home to go back home.


    The huge Prince’s Mansion instantly became empty.


    The steward lit the fire in the front of the temple, especially carefully and prepared to keep it burning all night.


    In the Prince’s Mansion, he and Yan Ke also had a few secret guards. As soon as it was time for Yan Ke to eat, he began to get busy in the kitchen.


    He didn’t know why, but he hadn’t taken this day seriously during the Chinese New Year in the past, but now these were ancient times. Giant red lanterns were hanging in front of the house, and the little dolls on the street were dressed in red robes. When he saw the liveliness, he felt a bit lonely in his heart.


    The steward put the food prepared by Yan Ke on the table, and the dishes and chopsticks were all set.


    Yan Ke brought up the last bowl of dishes and smiled as he watched the steward and the shadow guard waiting for him to start eating.


    Yan Ke: “Eat, you don’t need to wait for me.”


    The steward rubbed his hands: “This old slave is going outside to set off some firecrackers. Although the prince is not here, we still have to eat this New Year’s Eve banquet.”


    Yan Ke: “Yeah.”


    There was a burst of crackling firecrackers. The steward took out a letter and handed it to Yan Ke, saying, “When I was outside, I happened to spot a messenger, so I brought them in for the princess.”


    Yan Ke put down his chopsticks. He had made a table of food for Meng You yesterday, and it should have reached by now.


    Taking the letter, as soon as Yan Ke opened it, a piece of a jade pendant fell out.


    : The Chinese New Year is coming soon, and this Lord can’t make it back in time. This jade pendant is still in good condition, so this Lord will give it to you. By the way, I will also gift you something you have always wanted.


    : In this new year, I hope you will be well and not meet with disease nor disaster.


    Yan Ke pinched the envelope and found that there was still a piece of paper inside. When he pulled the paper out, his eyes suddenly widened looking at the words “Letter of Divorce” on it.



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