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    Translated by Darkapta
    Edited by Darkapta


    As Everything concludes ~

    Inside the Room with Leo Reche.

    With the cards dancing around them.



    Okay ~

    “So ~ next is my turn” (Reche)

    Brushing away her crimson like fiery hair sideways, Leo Reche pointed to a certain card which was dancing above the ground:


    “That one!” (Reche)

    The first card she turned over was a white card.

    And as the second one also turned and happened to be the same, a pure white card.


    Fei gasped.

    “Ah!” (Fei)


    I’ve been had.


    The card Leo Reche happened to upturn. It was the same card which even Fei was aiming for.

    This cannot be a coincidence.


    A wildcard.

    A card which happens to be similar to the Joker in the Game of Trump(s).


    The person who gets this card, that is, a card which does not contain any form of self-introductions type written on it, a pure white card. That person, by the rule of the card, is allowed to ask any type of question whatsoever;


    Any and that too



    “Hehe, I’ve always wanted to get one of these ~.” (Reche)

    She happily showed Fei those pair of wild cards she won.



    “Now ~, what shall I ask you?” (Reche)

    “Ah right ~, human, you do remember our first agreement, right?” (Reche)

    “…… Well …yes.” (Fei)


    To Answer all questions asked till the best of one’s knowledge.



    A promise made before starting the game. An agreement made to make this game more acceptable.

    An assurance which was taken before starting the game.


    An assurance which prohibits either of the player to tell a lie.


    “So, my question to you, human, will be: ~”


    “To meet what purpose did you approach me, Human.”






    A feeling like being stabbed across the spine with an icy cold knife.

    The same feeling now was being felt by Fei.


    Was it hallucination?

    She is right in front of him.



    As she began speaking those words, almost instantly, the whole atmosphere around her became fiery hot.


    The innocent eyes that she used to turn towards him until a while ago was now replaced by the eyes of the Dragon.

    The eyes of a being that transcends humanity.


    What emerged now was no longer the eyes of a human girl’s. It was the eyes of her true being. A prying gaze.

    A Dragon’s prying gaze.


    The girl with crimson haired continued…


    “Answer me, human. I will not tolerate any falsehood towards my questions.”



    From her voice alone, a voice so tremendous that, any normal human could hallucinate themselves turning into speck of dust. That too probably in an instant.


    Do-ku – Do-ku. Do-ku – Do-ku


    Fei was no exception. Even though he possessed the spell Arise of immortality, he was unable to stop his heart from palpitating.

    If it were anyone other than himself, (s)he would have definitely collapsed right at that very spot, being unable to breathe.





    This was the reason why the Mystic Court  judged this very being to be someone who is “uncontrollable”.


    …… What do you mean by ‘A former Goddess?! . Took a form of a human being?!

    …… What I am witnessing before me is Absolutely A Goddess In Entirety!!


    Fei had already defeated three Gods before in the “Play of the Gods” in the a Game of wits.


    But even for Fei, who had defeated those three Gods successantly, this was the first time he felt intimidated.


    …… From the very beginning, her and my aim were the same.


    …… The aim of us both, while playing, enjoying and joking with ourselves. Both of our aim was actually just one. To get our hands on ‘that’ wild card…


    Fei remembered all the pairs of cards that were once upturned. Their respective places too.



    Of course, she would probably remember too.


    Among them, the one to draw out the wildcard first was purely a showdown of luck.

    [TL note: since both had yet to upturn any wild card, can be a probable argument for this sentence.]


    That was exactly why ~

    “Hahaha, both of us are cut from the same cloth huh! Hahahaha” (Fei)

    Fei couldn’t help but burst out laughing.


    “I’ve been trying to get that wild card for a while now, to think even you were aiming for that ~ ahahaha.” (Fei)


    “Hue?” (Reche)

    The Dragon Goddess was in astonishment.


    How can this human even continue to laugh after witnessing the prying eyes? These eyes of divinity?



    “Oh well, it seems that the aim of head manager Miranda was all to visible in the first place to the eyes of a God ~.” (Fei)

    “Well, due to that, I was able to enjoy an interesting game. So I will not complain ~” (Fei)


    The question asked from this God questioned about the real purpose behind Fei approaching her.


    If Fei was asked frankly and directly, Fei could had just replied with,

    “I was told to be your mentor.”

    However, the moment it was asked in this game, a game where the rules bound him to say the complete truth were accepted, the circumstances became a lot more different.


    “Then let me answer your question. …… About my purpose heh… well to be very frank, it is to observe you.” (Fei)

    “A God from the spiritual upper world suddenly descending upon the Earth. That in itself is a phenomenon yet to be understood by humans.” (Fei)

    “Thus, I was told to absolutely make sure of what your true intentions were, and your nature.” (Fei)


    “――――” (Fei & Reche)


    Will my whole body now be torn apart?

    The words he spoke can easily incur the Wrath of Gods. Knowing that in mind, Fei still unraveled those true motifs in front of her.


    It’s no wonder that this girl, this Dragon God doesn’t comprehend that. [TL note: This is what Fei thinks perhaps]

    Because if she could comprehend that, she would just look at him constantly without batting an eye, nor even moving a finger.



    “Also …the way the Mystic Court treated you, you might understand by now; they, the Mystic Court meant you no harm. I hope you understand that they were only concerned about humanity as a whole. Since they are one of those organizations which shoulders the fate and weight of human race” (Fei)


    “…………” (Reche & Fei)



    Brushing off her fiery crimson-like hair, Leo Reche said


    “Well, I asked you because I more or less had the feeling about that being the case ~.” (Reche)

    The girl in front of Fei rather smiled happily.



    “All right ~, thank you ~. You answered me honestly. You also accompanied me and took this game seriously. I am now absolutely sure. You are a good human.’ (Reche)


    “Even if you say that so suddenly like that…” (Fei)



    “I said it from start right ~, that I personally like you. Else, I wouldn’t had asked you such a question. It’s not even a question you can just ask to anyone in the first place, but only to those you can trust.” (Reche)

    The dragon’s eye which just until recently gazed him, softly and verily disappeared. It was as if it were melting ‘back’ into the sun.

    What remained in place was the previously innocent girl.

    The girl named LeoReche, who was smiling, softly.




    It was not the disappearing of those eyes which surprised Fei.


    Witnessing a sudden change of her approach towards him, made Fei, skip a beat.


    [TL Note: since it was impossible to tell this change of addressing, I thought of skipping it. Actually, Earlier, LeoReche addressed him as “Omaye” (お前) but after this exchange, this changed to “Kimi” (キミ). Well, why did she do it and why did Fei skip a beat is all to your imaginations XP .]


    “I will call you Fei from now ~. Ah right! that’s why, you should also call me as Reche ~. Also, Being respectful, or polite speech is is a no go. Playing games without worrying the sense of distance makes it all the more fun ~.” (Reche)


    “…… Somehow … the distance closed almost instantly. …will it be really okay to be so friendly with me?” (Fei)


    “Yes of course! You have lived up to the expectations of this game.” (Reche)

    As she says, she throws away the pair of wild cards from her hands.

    On the other hand, she went and picked up the pair of cards that was arranged in Fei’s side of the table.


    “The cards you were aiming for were ‘gender’, ‘origin’, and ‘hobbies’. From the very start, you weren’t thinking of winning right ~” (Reche)

    [TL note: winning by the number of cards]




    “…… Precisely so ~.” (Fei)



    Fei’s main objective was not to win by having the greater number of cards in the first place.

    He understood the silent truth behind this re-developed game.


    ‘Even if one knows the location of a pair card. Once should not draw it out. Till it meets their objective’


    This was because, this game was no longer the same memorization game where you had to memorize the pairs and grab it when your turn comes.


    The moment from when the added rule was implemented. It denied a second opportunity which comes after successfully pointing out the correct pair of cards.

    This in itself completely changed the essence of the game which previously followed.


    It was now about what to choose, and what to forsake.


    For example ~, For the said card : ~  ‘Name’.

    This was one of those cards which should never be taken by Fei. For him, it’s useless since he already knows her name in the first place.

    Since the game did not run by its previous rules. Using a turn to take this card would only mean the wasting of a turn for him.


    …… All because of the addition of that “one turn absolute system” rule into the game.

    …… The rule which disregarded the previous common knowledge of collecting the greater number of cards can lead one to victory; After the rule’s addition, that type of common theory became completely useless.


    It was now necessary to assess whether it’s worth consuming one of your turns and take up that respective pair of cards.


    The game now became an information sorting game in which you are forced to judge every turn, weighing every card you remember and according to the information decide whether you want the said card in the first place.

    A game where you have to sort out between which information you seek, and which to leave.


    As soon as Fei understood this. He only had his eyes on the cards which had the information he seeks, the information he wants in the first place.


    So much so as to forsake the thought of winning the game by collecting the greater number of cards.


    “…… Ah, right! I wanted to ask you something ~” (Reche)

    “Weren’t you also aiming for that wild card ~” (Reche)

    “What was the question you were planning to ask me?” (Reche)

    “Will you answer that question……?” (Fei)

    “Ahh, since you are telling to not use my polite manner with you, I will speak normally.” (Fei)


    “I will speak the reason for why I was aiming that card but, only if you answer to the reason, the question that you are asking me to tell.” (Fei)

    “I will answer, but well, only depending upon the question you would have asked.”


    and so Fei asked

    [*Perhaps the most cliché line in any world history.]

    [*The most important line of All Protagonist]

    “Why me?”




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    Darkapta's notes:

    I hope you like the Translation. Also, if there is any issue, please contact in the discord server. Travis Translations. [*sentences like this is basically my own way of ending. So please don't roast me]

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