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    Translated by NotBlueYet
    Edited by Kingavent


    Kakeru-kun has been troubled since his first day in his new job.


    He was about to explode, but just before he did, the vice principal, who was standing aside, shouted loudly.


    “This whole deal is void because it’s against the rules!


    Her voice rang through the schoolyard, and the students shut their mouths.


    The rules that were announced using the silence were surprising.”


    “To begin with, in the ‘Cheers Game’, there is a rule that if less than four classes refuse to make a toast, then the whole school must make a toast!


    Kakeru-kun is immediately on board.


    “I just remembered that there’s a rule about that, too!


    That’s the vice principal! She’s my trusty dealer, isn’t she?”


    “What?” They said in astonishment.


    ”Oh no! That’s too much!” said Monaka and Kotone.


    Onesco stepped forward to protect them.


    “‘Principal, you’ve just decided that because it was us four classes that refused to do so!


    “What? I told you in advance!


    “This game has some ●●●● rules!


    I just remembered a rule I forgot!


    And you make it sound like I’m cheating!


    If this game is invalidated, the 100 million I gave you will be ruined!”


    Not wanting to let 100 million go down the drain, the students downstairs agreed, “That’s …… right, right, right!’


    “This is a farce and I will not stand for it! Let’s go, Lady Kotone!”


    Tomoe says as she cuts him off, prompting Kotone to do the same.


    But the Principal quickly moved around in a crabby, crunchy sideways motion.


    “Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!


    And it’s a legitimate educational curriculum, designed by me, the principal, and approved by the school board!


    If you break that, you can’t complain about being downgraded!”


    “Guh ……, you cowardly ……!”


    Kakeru-kun smiles back at Tomoe, who bites her teeth.


    This game is designed to erase the memory of Leopin’s exploits and make him fall again.


    Aside from the rest of the little bastards, it wouldn’t matter if Monaka and Kotone didn’t make a toast!


    We’re gonna erase his memory from everyone but him. ……!


    Then he’ll be a sad hero that no one will recognize. ……!


    Suddenly, a hand went up from a female student below the stage.


    “Principal, I’m sorry.”


    “What is it?


    Kakeru-kun looks in the direction of the voice.


    Only the arm of the female student could be seen because of the large students in front of her.


    “‘That rule was just forgotten by Sensei, it wasn’t added later, was it?


    Once you say something, you don’t change it later, won’t you?


    For example, later on, it was not 100 million, but 1yen, so you should return it.”


    “Yeah, that’s a given!


    Because if I do that, then I, as a parent, will definitely win and there will be no more losses!


    That’s not really a game anymore!


    I may have forgotten something, but I’ll never change what I’ve said once, so don’t worry!”


    The female student says, “I see,” and pushes her way forward past the students in front of her.


    The girl with curly hair and gal makeup said, looking deliberately dull as she shoved her hands into the pockets of the mage woman’s robe.


    “Then I’ll stop toasting my class too.


    I don’t want to forget about the leopin.”


    The simulation in Carol’s brain was perfect.


    The new Principal and the new student council president are going left and right, and my imagination has already grown to the point where I’m being hugged by Leopin.


    –Yes! If Aashi’s class refuses to toast, there will be five classes: ……!


    Then Ah-So, we won’t have to forget about Leopin’s exploits: ……!


    Besides, if I make a decision like Kotone, Leopin might turn to me again. ……!


    Carol gulped and turned to the Principal, spinning his meticulous thoughts into words.


    “Well, ah …… ah dry …… class …… quit …….


    Because Leo …… forgot …… pin …… yadda ……”


    But it is as tattered as the scarf she once knitted.


    She’s usually sharp and blunt about everything, but when it comes to Leopin, she’s just mumbling.


    The girl had less than five seconds to show.


    Weiss, who was offstage, cringed at the sudden revolt of his classmates, but shrugged and stepped forward.


    “‘My goodness, Carol seems to want to forget about Leopin as soon as possible.


    Principal, it can’t be helped if this happens.


    Since we’ve already decided to toast the whole school, why don’t we have the remaining classes do it all at once?”


    “Yes …… yes!


    Let’s quickly finish this game before any weird interruptions come in!”


    However, that was not the case.


    Instead, an unexpected ambush comes forward.


    “Principal, we, the first three classes, refuse to toast!


    To the great tamer, Leopin-san, we salute you!”


    “Ha…… hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”


    The students of Class 1 and 3 all carry birds and small animals on their shoulders.


    Yes, the class of Tamers had finally risen up.


    They want to keep the memories of Leopin alive ……!


    Leopin was sitting with his back to the stage, not just out of the mosquito net, but as far away as the fire on the other side of the river.


    He finds that he can’t participate in the “Cheers Game” and is tired of watching and trying out his training taming on Alinco in the schoolyard.


    “‘Hmm, it doesn’t work.


    Arinco is not an animal, so the ‘training’ skill doesn’t work ……?


    I want to turn up the “charm” and give it a try, but I don’t want it to be like the last time. ……


    It would be bad if I ruined the game the Principal is playing to get to know everyone.”


    He doesn’t know.


    Even if he doesn’t do anything at all, the game is becoming a mess just due to his presence.


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